The Call Girl

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Mystery, Rough, Oral Sex, Prostitution,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Preface - She lives the life of sex and passion, but deep down a secret exist. This is the tale of a wronged girl, her name is a myth, but her exploits are renowned. Left for dead in an alley, this poor girl had to sell her body to survive. But never has she forgotten what they did to her, so maybe destiny will give her the revenge she seeks.

I was but a girl when I started out, penniless and poor. I had nothing more than a street corner on the other side of town to call home, where I begged for money every day in the cold rain. Such is not a life a child should live, but such is the life that I lived.

I was young, very young when I lost my virginity, out of despair and hunger I sold the only thing I had left, my body. It was easy at first, finding men who needed company, and for some time I managed to survive. I had food and I had shelter, but life has taught me that nothing is forever.

The sick and twisted ones caught up on me one night. I was beaten, brutally. Raped, savagely, and robbed of all that I had. My shelter was destroyed and the little money I had was taken, I had become nothing again. How I survived is to me still a mystery, all I remember was that I crawled. I crawled for a long, long time through the thick rain while my wounds left their trail of blood on the streets. No one would help me, no one cared.

Life was slowly leaving me; I had no more energy left. The light within me was flickering away. All I could see were the faces of those who did not dare help me, and all I could feel was pain. But one face remained, and did not walk away.

Theresa, her name was Theresa. She saved me that night, not for compassion but for profit. She saw in me a young girl, she saw an opportunity. "Domina Theresa," was what we called her - owner of the Call Girl establishment, "Beauty Never Lies."

She healed me, took me in to her sanctum, and protected me. And through the years my name changed, frequently. For years she groomed me to become a man-trap, a seducer, and a work-girl. I trained in the art of sex to appease men and women of all kinds, until I was ready.

She wanted to own me, to think I was her tool. She trained me for her benefits, so that I would become the best Call Girl she ever made. She used me as much as I used her, and thanks to that, I did become the best. Thanks to her I grew strong and was given a second chance, a chance to live again, and a chance for revenge.

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