A Hole in Time
Chapter 1

Caution: This Time Travel Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Harem,

Desc: Time Travel Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jake discovered something funny about the cave he found on the land he leased for hunting. He found a cave, but when he went out the back entrance he couldn't find the front one from where he was.

I was lucky and I new it. Not in everything, but mostly I was lucky. I'd been born to a well to do mother and father and I had it made growing up. I didn't have to worry about clothes or food. It didn't mean I got everything I wanted because I didn't, but I'll have to say I got everythig I needed, and then some.

My good luck lasted too. By the time I finished high-school and then a couple of years of trying out college I knew higher education wasn't for me. If I'd been a real go-getter it might have been, but I wasn't and I didn't really need it. My grandfather had been one and my father too. They'd been in the sawmill business and later my father started a retail business.

It was sort of like a general store, but supersized. I think he actually got the idea from running the sawmill commisary back when a mill was sort of like a small town. It was another way the mill made money, or earned back the money it paid its employees. They bought what they needed for life at the commisary, or the company store, as many of the employees and their families called it, and the money they were paid went mostly back to the mill.

Hell, it wasn't even really money they were paid with. It was company script. Of course it would only spend at the company store but then again where else did they have to spend their earnings?

That was neither here nor there, it was back then. Back befoe Wal-Mart, K-Mart or any of the other Marts. It was in the past as far as my father and family went. We lived in town by the time I came along and my Dad had left the compeny store and started his own store in town.

Of course I worked when I was going to high-school, in fact I started when I was in junior high. Hell, I had a wanter, I guess I was born with it. I wanted a horse, and I wanted a rifle and later a shotgun and then I got off into pistols. Revolvers, I guess they are more correctly called. Anyway, my father had never been interested in guns or hunting and if I wanted to own any guns or do any hunting I had to work.

All that came to an end when I headed out for college though. All the working that is. In fact, durig the second year I spent at college my working came to an end, literally. My aunts and uncles started dying off and leaving me things and they turned out to be really nice things. Like mineral rights.

In the old time sawmill business a lot of land ended up being purchased by the mill. People were funny about selling their timber and they always seemed to think they'd do better just selling the land the timber was on. I guess it was because they didn't know how to sell their timber. They didn't want to learn about it either. They didn't know a board foot from a kick in the ass and they didn't take the trouble to learn. They thought they understood what was happening when they got so many dollars per acre and they reasoned they would be better off without the land after the timber was cut off since they wouldn't have to pay taxes on the land any longer.

Hell, why would my grandfather or father or any of my uncles want to tell them different. They just bought the land, cut the timber off it and then held onto the land, including the mineral rights. The Arabs and their oil embargo caused me to give up on higher education, indirectly of course. When a company paid me fifty thousad bucks to drill over some of my mineral rights one of my dearly departed aunties had left me I decided I could do just as well riding horses and deer hunting as I could working. When the well came in and I got my first month's production check for eight thousand dollars I knew I had done the right thing.

Suddenly I forgave my father for his stingy ways with allowance while I was growning up. I was old enough now to live on my own and I bought fifty acres, sold off the timber, kept the land and the mineral rights myself, and built a little house on the place, and a nice barn to keep my horses in.

I didn't have a lot of horses, but they were nice ones. I had a three year old sorrel Quarterhorse stallion, and two bay Quarterhorse mares. I trained them myself, or at least I trained at them and we taught each other how to get along together.

I called myself Arab rich every month when the checks came in and the land, house, barn, and horses weren't the only things I spent money on. I bought some nice firearms too. Of course I had to have a saddle gun and I went for a Marlin 336c in .35 Remington. For bird hunting I bought a Browning 12 gauge automatic. I know, the really top of the line shotgun for bird hunting is an over and under double barrel, but I settled for the Browning automatic because I wanted to do a little duck hunting too.

With the duck hunting came a shock. I could train a horse with no trouble, but I couldn't train dogs worth a shit. I got up off the money for an already trained pair of black labs. At least I was able to encourage their aggressive behavior for when someone undesireable came around so I guess I did sort of train part of the way they acted.

The oil money changed my life and made me a man of liesure at twenty-two years old, and I didn't mind it one bit, but another thing changed my life and it was related to my newly acquired life of liesure, at least it was related tangentially. With my new bankroll I leased some land to deer hunt on in southwest Texas. That's where the other life changing event occured.

I loaded up my pickup, a 1976 Chevy four wheel drive short and wide. That means a short wheelbase fleetside. I had an extra fuel tank added in the bed, a one hundred and fifty gallon model and I also had a camper shell put on and a bed, or at least a mattress, put in the pickup's bed also.

I had hell getting the fuel tank vent lines extedned outside the camper shell, and there was also trouble getting the filler tube extended outside the shell, but I didn't want to be sleeping in the back with a young vapor bomb in there with me. Still it was worth the extra trouble. I could pull over and go to sleep when I got tired without the bother of dragging a camper trailer along with me. Besides, I needed to tow my horse trailer along and when I asked a Texas Highway Patrolman he told me I couldn't legally tow two trailers no matter if I did have a commercial drivers license with a doubles endorsement.

I'll admit, by now I was wishing I'd bought a long bed pickup instead of the short-bed model, but still, the short wheelbase made it easier to get out of serious mudholes, and I hated being stuck so bad I'd already added a Warn bunper and winch to the front just in case I got somewhere four wheel drive wouldn't get me out without help.

Anyway, deer season drew near and I packed up my hunting clothes and other things including my Marlin, my Super Balckhawks, and plenty of ammunition for both. I even took along my reloading equipment and plenty of primers, powder, bullets, and shot for the shotgun. I put my horses and my mule in the trailer and headed for West Texas to do a little hunting.

That's where I found the next big thing in my life, on my deer lease. I drove out to nearly the center of the five hundred acres I'd leased. About a hundred of the acres were tied up in a mini mountain range nearly in the exaxt center of things and damned if I didn't find a cave among 'em. It hadn't been mentioned by the real estate guy who leased me the land and I considered it a big bonus. Hell, was it ever.

It was large enough for me to pull my truck and horse trailer into and the horses wern't bothered a bit being unloaded in a cave. I put them right back in the trailer though, grabbed my best flashlight and took off looking around in the cave.

I found a sort of passage near the back and headed down it. At first I thought I might get lost if I fucked around and wandered too far so I promised myself I'd go back and get a roll of twine to unwind and mark my way if the passage branched off. It didn't happen though. The passage was long, but there was only one choice of a way to go so I couldn't get lost. Hell, I didn't have to go very far until I came to another opening to the outside. I did feel a little funny when I went outside though, I got a kind of queasy feeling in my stomach, but I got over it soon enough.

Things looked different going outside this new way. Hell, it mostly just looked more overgrown. The trees looked bigger on this side and the woods looked even more woodsy. I don't really know how to explain it, but things just appered to be even more backwoodsy than the front side had looked somehow. I walked around just taking it in for a couple of hours and since the day was coming to a close I went back to my truck, fed my horses and built a little fire to warm up some supper.

I debated with myselrf whether to lead the horses out through the passage and hobble them outside since there was a sort of pasture like area just outside over there but I decided not to tonight. I'd ride them out there tomorrow and look around more carefully, but right now I wanted some supper and my bed so I mixed together a can of Wolf Brand Chili and a can of Ranch Style Beans, ate my fill and hit the hay, or at least I crawled into my pickup bed's bed and went to sleep.

I woke the next morning but nothing unusual woke me. I'd just set my mental alarm clock and woke at seven AM. I built another fire, fried a couple of eggs and plenty of bacon. I didn't go to the trouble of making any biscuits though, I just slathered a couple of slices of bread with Country Crock margarin and gobbled it all down.

After I was fed I saddled my stallion, put on my double holster gun belt, tied my saddle scabbard onto the saddle and slid the Marlin into it. I led Red, my stallion, out through the passage I'd found yesterday, mounted up, and started exploring around for real. About ten minutes later I came across a road. It was a dirt one of course, the odd thing was I could see where it had been traveled, but the tracks didn't look like they were made by tires. There were hoofprints in it and narrow tracks which almost looked like old timey wagon wheels. Hell, I took off down the road to see where it went.

Damnation, it went to a town, sorta. There were wooden frame buildings with the road leading down what looked for all the world like a main street. I could see a few signs on the buildings, but they were hand painted and none of them were such a good job of it either. At least they got the idea across of what the place was. Two of them were saloons, one was a General Store, and there was a cafe. They even had hitching racks out in front of them so I tied Red up and went into the cafe.

It was a shock itself. Mostly I got the feeling it was just super old. The tables were old style for real and the place didn't look very clean though it didn't look really dirty either. Just sort of shopworn. I took a seat at a table and a woman walked over.

"What'll you have?" she asked.

I took a wild guess and said,"Two fried eggs, some sausage, and a couple of biscuits."

It must have passed muster since she turned around and went to a door, stuck her head inside it and repeated my order. I guess to the cook. She returned with a glass of water for me, but I noticed there was no ice in it.

Looking the place over I began to understand it was old style for real. The light inside it came from the windows and that was the extent of it. There were zero light fixtures and as I looked it over more carefully I could tell there wasn't even any electirc service at all.

The waitress came with my food a few minutes later and when she asked I ordered a cup of coffee too. She brought a cup and then went into the kitchen for a seriously old fashioned enameled coffee pot. I remember thinking it seemed like a labor intensive way to sell coffee. In fact I couldn't remember ever being in any type of cafe that didn't have at least a couple of coffee pots and coffee makers scattered around for easy service. Still, the coffee was good and it turned out the food was too. I swallowed it down, paid my way out, and went back outside.

Another oddity hit me when I made it back outside. There were no cars on the street anywhere. There were a few other horses tied up at hitching racks and I even saw a couple of horse or mule drawn wagons tied up in front of the big General store. What the hell, I didn't come here for a research project so I blew the oddities off, climbed back aboard Red, and headed right back where I'd come from.

I got my biggest shock when I made it back to the rear entrance of the cave I"d left from this morning. I decided to ride around and check things out more carefully and that's where the surprise came in. I intended to ride around the small mountain the cave was in, but when I did I couldn't find the front where I'd parked my pickup. I went all the way around the small mountain and even came back to the rear entrance from the other direction. No where did I cross the road I'd taken to find the place. I gave it up as being impossible and re-entered the cave from the back side, unsaddled Red, and put him back in the trailer.

What I thought of as the mystery started gnawing on me by now and so I packed everything back up, hitched my horse trailer back to my truck, climbed in my pick-up and headed back the way I'd come. I looked for a way to get onto the road I'd ridden over this morning and couldn't find a way to reach it. I'd found a mystery for real. I headed back to the last town I'd been to in my pick-up and stopped in it at another cafe.

This one was more normal to my way of thinking and since it was coming on to noon I stopped at a drive in and ordered a hamburger and fries and had lunch. The other, much older, town had me stumped now so after eating I headed right back out to the cave, parked my truck and let Red, and my pack mule, Mose out to graze in front of the entrance and hobbled them.

After I had the stock grazing I went back into the cave for another look see. It turneed out to be exploring for real.

Everything in the cave looked like what I'd expect a cave to look like. The only odd part of it was the rear exit. I went out to take another look around twice during the monrning and I noticed the same twinge in the stomach each time I went out, but it seemed to affect me less with the extra trips outside.

I finally decided to saddle Red again and make a determined search for the road that had brought me here. I spent the whole afternoon looking around and even though I went completely around the small mountain I never did find the road or the front entrance. It was as if it just wasn't there.

This just didn't make sense to me. How could I find a cave, go through it and not be able to find the entrance from the other side. I'd been calling it a mountain but it wasn't really one. It was just a large hill but it was mostly rocky. There didn't seem to be any room for a mystery here, but there was one. When I went out through the back entrance I couldn't find the front one no matter how hard I looked. If I went out through the front entrance I couldn't find the back one. Nevermind that I'd been completely around the formation, the only way I could get inside the cave was by going back into the entrance I left the cave from.

I kept at it until nearly sunset and then went back inside, built up my fire, broiled a steak, and warmed up a can of beans. After eating I cleaned up my dishes, crawled into my camper shell, and went to sleep for the night. It wasn't the best night's sleep I'd ever had but it was restful enough.

When I woke the next morning I built up the fire, fried some eggs and a ham steak and ate. After cleaning up I walked out the front entrance and set to work picking up some firewood. I carted it inside and stacked it the decided to ride Red out through the back and go back to the little town I'd found.

It was a real shocker when I started to leave this monring. It was raining out. It wasn't a turd floater or anything but it was a steady downpour. Funny, it hadn't looked like rain when I'd gone out the front entrance for the firewood.

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