Pirates of Caledonia II: Learning the Ropes
Chapter 1: Tara and her visit

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Historical, FemaleDom, Spanking, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1: Tara and her visit - John is retained as a Cabin Boy and sets sail once again with the crew of the Sedna - an all-female pirate boat. Bad weather forces them to stop at an unusual little island with a strange custom.

The sight of the Sun rising majestically in the east was a fascinating sight from my room window. I had a good view on the third floor, and the orgy of bright reds, shimmering oranges and incredible yellows reflected gloriously on the choppy sea and the still harbour. The ship bobbed up and down gently as I watched in awe as the Sun came into view.

It was inevitable for me to wonder how I had managed to be the first guy in over a century to make it on a pirate boat and be allowed to stay there, and really did believe that Tara had spoken to Rhona. Either way, it was slightly academic as all I had to do now was not fuck up again.

I did ponder why the ship elicited such positive emotions for me. I certainly had never wanted to join the military before, and on the face of it, it was a dangerous occupation. I was hardly the sort of person who craved danger and an unemployed teaching assistant would hardly make a good pirate on paper, but I did think I could be good at it. Maybe, I had just managed to stumble onto my true vocation by accident. Being surrounded by 40-odd horny women helped.

The next three days flew by. Commander Penny, a veteran of numerous campaigns, was the Keeper of Portcullis House and ran the operations in the building. Responsible for the ground crew, I was quickly seconded into her team and helped clean the ship. I was surprised how dirty it had become, and using a complex array of ropes we managed to clean hulls, masts and even sails, as well as the decks and rooms.

Commander Penny demanded a good days work, and I witnessed a couple of young crew members get disciplined for slacking. I struck up a couple of good friendships and quickly learnt that most of the ground crew had narrowly failed their tests to get become a pirate and were hoping that they would be spotted by a Captain as a member of the ground crew before retaking them next year.

Lisa, a 21-year-old brunette from the country and Holly, a 16-year-old black haired girl from Hamilton became the closest things I had to friends and we often took lunch and dinner together. After sunset, I was alone as Commander Penny segregated myself from her girls and I was consigned to the third floor only.

I was glad when Tara appeared on the final day. I was polishing the brasses in the galley when she arrived from nowhere and made me jump.

'See someone let you stay then', she said when my heart rate returned to normal.

'Yeah. Gotta be trained, but I will be here for the time being. Thank you'

'Thank me?', Tara enquired. 'I did nothing'

'Hmmmmmmm. Why don't I believe you. Is the Captain here?'

'No. Everyone is coming down tomorrow. I've got the day off so I can go sightseeing in Hamilton but thought I'd drop in to say hello', she told me. 'But ummm ... I might just be nicking some of your bed tonight though'

'Of course. Anything', I told her and she smiled before skating off. To say I was looking forward to going back to the open sea was an understatement and for the rest of the day cleaned every nook and cranny I could find. In all the years of piracy, I don't think a ship left Hamilton cleaner and smarter than the Sedna.

Tara arrived at 9pm, just as I was saying goodnight to the ground crew girls. I think Tara had hoped to meet them but made do with my company instead and bounced upstairs.

The room was not really big enough for two people but we managed to squeeze in and after catching up on all the news at the base (and inevitable sexual gossip), we were ready to settle down to bed. Tara stripped naked in no time at all and was snug in bed while I was still doing my teeth.

'Budge up', I told her and she smirked at me.

'Gotta make it worth my while', she replied to a snort from myself.

'It's my bed ... what did you have in mind?'

'You know what I have in mind'. Tara threw back the thin red duvet and slid her legs up the bed. 'Now stop fucking about and get my tongue down there'

I didn't need telling twice and eagerly knelt at the end of the bed. She wiggled down a bit so her legs were resting on my shoulders and I began to slide my salivating mouth organ over her lubricated slit to settle down for hours of heavenly pussy eating.

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