End of the World
Chapter 1: - "Restaurants"

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: - "Restaurants" - Man goes to party only to find the world is coming to an end.

"Bruce, can you see that couple sitting in the corner booth from where you are?" Teresa, my date, asked. She took a sip from her wine glass and then carefully set it back onto the white linen table cloth.

Teresa, because she was sitting between the couple and me, was blocking my line of sight. I couldn't see and told her so. "No, you're obstructing my view."

We were in a small, family operated, Italian restaurant having dinner. Candles providing the only light, it was dark inside. There were two rows of booths which ran down a single long isle from the front to the rear of the restaurant. Our booth was near the back. Except for one other couple sitting in the very back of the restaurant, other than the employees, the place was empty.

It was our third date. The first one had been a movie and the second a concert.

I asked, "Are they celebrities?" I don't know why I asked.

"I'm not sure." Almost hypnotically, her eyes were transfixed on them. She started to say something, "They're ... he's ... oh my! You've got to see this."

She had me curious, "Why? What are they doing?"

Teresa moved to her left slightly.

"There, can you see them now?"

The couple's reflection appeared in the mirror. While I couldn't quite make out their faces, I could tell it was a man and a woman. He was Caucasian and she Hispanic. From what I could tell in the near darkness, they were kissing. It looked as if her tongue was in his mouth. "Yes, that's better."

"Is that his left hand on her breast?" Teresa inquired. She seemed fascinated

It was. "It looks like it to me."

I watched them for a few seconds. The show they were putting on was very arousing.

"What's that he's doing now?" Teresa asked.

It felt as if I were spying on them. "He appears to be lowering his left hand."


I wasn't sure. "I think so he can..."

" ... pull up her dress?" Teresa finished for me. Forgetting about our meal, like voyeurs we both continued watching the show. "Look! She's not wearing any panties!"

I could see but, did not respond. The man was moving his right hand between his date's legs.

"Now what's he going to do?"

I decided to be diplomatic and suggested, "Do you want to leave?"

"Not unless you do. We're all adults here. As far as I'm concerned, what they do is their own business." She paused. I assumed it was to give me time to consider what she'd said. "How do you feel about it? Do you want to leave?"

Grinning, I told her, "I think we got twice our money's worth."

"I don't follow you?"

I explained, "Not only are we having dinner but, we're got a couple of real swingers giving us a live action performance of 'Sex And The City' at the same time!"

Teresa looked at me strangely. It was a look that told me I'd said something that surprised her.

"Do you really think they're swingers?" She said almost expressionlessly.

I admitted, "I don't know. It's possible. If they were, they certainly wouldn't broadcast it though."

"Would you?"

When she asked it, I had been paying more attention to the couple in the corner than I was to our conversation and didn't understand the question. I asked, "Would I what?"

"Would you broadcast it? I mean, if you were a swinger, would you tell anyone."

There are critical times in a person's life when if they say the wrong thing, it can change their life forever. Something told me this was one of them. "Not in this day and age."

"Why's that?"

Trying to focus on our conversation, I explained, "Because this is the 'Land of the Free and Home of the Brave'. What it really means is that you're 'Free' to go along with the majority unless you're 'Brave' enough to do otherwise."

She said nothing. Just when I thought I'd offended her she began speaking again.

"Bruce, do you like to 'Party'?" Her eyes were upon me.

I looked at her and replied, "Sure ... but only with the right people."

"Do you think you would enjoy partying with me?"

I was ready for a night out on the town. "I'd love to." Then I asked, "Do you know any good clubs?"

"There is a 'European Style' club I go to for a little 'Fun and Games' every other weekend. It's not a commercial establishment or 'Party House'. It's a private club. This couple I know likes to 'Entertain' in their home. They have lots of amenities which they make sure are kept 'Safe' for everyone."

I grinned, "Better safe than sorry."

"Especially when sorry means dead or worse." She agreed.

About that time, the man in the corner opened his date's blouse enough to fully expose his date's left breast and began sucking it with complete abandon. Her head was tilted backwards and was resting against the back of the booth. With a look of pure ecstasy on her face she opened her eyes, looked directly at me and smiled. Feeling like a kid who'd been caught looking in his neighbor's window, I smiled and quickly turned my attention to what Teresa was saying.

"All the club's members are nice, 'Clean', friendly people. We're very selective and, we won't invite someone back if we find out that the drink too much or do drugs. If what you're looking for is a place to dance, play a few games and enjoy the 'Indoor Sports', then our club is the place to do it." There was a brief pause during which I thought I heard a woman moan several times. "Do you have any plans next weekend?"

To me, the way Teresa had described it, the place sounded like a nice place where friends gathered for conversation and relaxation. "I'm completely free. Who is driving whom up or, are we going separately?"

"Great! I was hoping you'd say that. It's way out in Harris County, I'll pick you up and show you how to get there."

I stole a peek at the couple in the corner. It appeared as if the woman was unzipping her date's fly.

"By the way, just so you won't be too surprised when you get there, a few of our members are into the 'Arts'. One of them, her name is Annette, likes 'Greek' and Cheryl..." Teresa raised her eyebrows suddenly. It looked to me like the man was getting a hand-job.

Not as distracted as Teresa was, I asked, "Cheryl from work?"

"The very same. She really loves showing off her 'French'."

'So Cheryl is bilingual!' I thought to myself and expressed my surprise to Teresa. "I didn't know that about her."

"Only a few people at work do."

It struck me strange at the time. The company paid good money to people who could speak more than one language. But, I didn't bother to ask Teresa about it.

I glanced back over at the impassioned couple once more. From what I could see, the man had moved and was sitting with his back in the corner of the booth. His female companion was bending down with her head between his legs.

Trying to keep up my end of the conversation, I said to Teresa, "I learned a little Latin when I was in high school. I haven't had much opportunity to practice it lately though. Clara, my ex-girlfriend, knew one language and that was English."

"That was her loss. I can promise you that you'll have plenty of opportunities to expand your Latin 'vocabulary' at the party."

Teresa went on to tell me that the club's owners were planning something really special this weekend and that she'd send me an email with all the details.

When we left the restaurant that night, the man in the corner booth was under the table with his face between his date's legs. I don't think I need to tell you what he was doing there.

My date with Teresa was Thursday night. That Friday I was to start my annual two week vacation. Teresa new this and she was very understanding when I explained to her that, in order to keep from having to come in on my day off, I had to be at work early the next morning.

I dropped her off at her apartment.

Thus ended our third date. Like our previous dates, it ended with nothing more romantic happening than an extremely enjoyable goodnight kiss, not counting the two love-birds in the corner that is.

It seemed like a good start. There had been a lot of communication and I thought I was beginning to know her. I was wrong.

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