Personal Convictions
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Josh Sanders, a third-year college student, finds his summer break turning very interesting as his two younger sisters turn up the heat and compete for his attention. Drama ensues between the entire family as he finds himself torn between being a brother and lover.

The week was off to an odd start. Josh had already been back from college for a few weeks. He deemed a summer job necessary to stay on top of the student loans and help ease his liability on his mom. Working as a bartender did pay quite well and allowed him to keep some social interaction while he was away from school, even if it was among half inebriated townies. Josh's mom, Elyse, had carried the burden of raising three children on her own since their father nearly drove them bankrupt between alcoholism and gambling debt. She'd put her foot down and gave him an ultimatum to choose addiction or family; that was the last they'd seen of him. As Josh grew older, he saw that had his father remained in their lives he and his sisters would've ended up very different people, for the worse.

Josh spent the first few days at home catching up with the few friends who still came home on their summer breaks. Many of his friends had opted for renting places of their own and seeking internships close to school over the summer. By the second week home, he was bored out of his mind. Bartending kept him busy at night and a few days during the week, but daytime at home was extremely uneventful. So to keep him company, there was Breanna. He'd affectionately shortened it to Bree ever since they were little kids and the name had kind of stuck. The two would play XBox together, watch movies and Josh would even help her out with laundry. A young college guy's definition of relaxation usually doesn't revolve around spending every waking hour with his younger sister, but to him it felt more like catching up with an old friend.

The awkwardness of being home began when Bree had been incessant upon sending their mom on a getaway with friends. It was a very selfless act for her to encourage her mother to take some R&R. Josh didn't mind looking after his two sisters while his mom was away. She really did deserve it; the only trips the entire family ever took were weekend ventures to the beach. Josh had no clue how long it had been since she had a vacation to herself. He and his sisters were all at the age where they could easily take care of themselves anyway. He felt pretty responsible for 22, Bree was turning 21 in a few weeks, and they'd celebrated Chloe's 19th birthday back in April. Just keep the fridge stocked with food, no crazy parties, and he knew they'd do fine.

Josh really didn't mind the attention; the degree of it was just a bit unexpected. Bree was one of the nicest girls he knew, her friendliness never surprised him. She had quite a bubbly personality, a lighthearted sense of humor, and he never minded the attention from a pretty girl. It was early in high school when he really began noticing her turn from a coltish adolescent into a pretty young woman. All the while he only had a couple inches on her and his voice was still awkwardly squeaking. Her fiercely competitive nature in both lacrosse and field hockey could be quite intimidating at times. Despite her petite stature at 5'4", she played one of the roughest cover points on the team; she was no less subtle as a midfielder on the hockey field.

Josh knew Bree well enough to get the impression that her involvement in sports was a strategic choice. Bree knew she was pretty, yet she chose to hide it. Dressing modestly at school, she usually wore her hair up in a ponytail. Her glasses also did little to earn her any positive attention. She said she wore them to help her see better in class, however given the choice Josh was pretty certain nine out of ten teens preferred contacts. No friends said it to his face, but he got the sense they thought of her as the nerdy girl. At home however, Bree was a completely different girl. She was flirty and fun, and she mostly wore her hair down, which gave her a wild, untamed look. She rarely wore glasses, and when she did it was only to enhance her already sexy appearance. Her dress code was noticeably more liberal, many evenings privileging Josh to copious amounts of eye candy.

Bree had her casual boyfriends, and Josh had his girlfriends. However, none of the relationships got serious, and Josh always felt he botched them up before they got too far along. It took him a while before he really understood why he caused their implosions. Journaling allowed him to see that he was comparing each girl to Bree. It was an enlightening moment as he methodically dissected the downfall of all those relationships, only to discover how each subsequent girlfriend was comparable to her. She truly was the embodiment of everything he wanted. Josh's dating life grew stagnant as he became extremely picky about prospective dates. His friends thought he was nuts for having such an intense criteria that was extremely meticulous if not downright impossible. He just didn't see the point in wasting his time on girls who wouldn't measure up. In the back of his mind, he wasn't sure there was a person that could mean as much to him as Bree. Even she teased him about lowering his standards.

Then there was Chloe. Josh's spunky youngest sister was quite the pistol. While Bree was the easygoing sister growing up, Chloe was inherently the bratty one. Always trying to one-up everyone and gain attention. Neither Josh nor Bree were really sure how that attitude came about. She received plenty of attention from her mom, so perhaps she was trying to get it from both of them too. Josh and Chloe developed this continually sarcastic dialogue with each other. They always knew where to draw the line with the prodding and pushing of each other's buttons. He just didn't know how to act around her after she ... developed.

It was seemingly overnight during middle school when she hit puberty, and puberty hit her hard. She became really moody, which was to be expected of an adolescent tween. Since her mother was a bit chester than Bree, Chloe leaned on her for support during their bi-weekly shopping for new bras. It was awkward for Josh to watch her go through all those changes. He had already gone through it once with Bree, but that only caused a brief fork in their relationship; Chloe's caused a bit more strife. She and Josh had remained estranged ever since. No guys like to deal with moody chicks, not even stacked ones like Chloe. Her blossoming body made dealing with her all that much harder, and Josh wasn't alone in the frustration.

What else is there to say about her? Chloe's a busty girl. Her breasts were naturally larger than any girl Josh knew; he could only guess that she was at least a D cup. The issue of her bust size probably wouldn't have been awkward if she was in a larger package, but she wasn't. Standing at an average height of 5' 6", she was thin where a girl should be and had supple curves where they count. Needless to say, she drew plenty of attention. Whether at the mall or out for a meal, pretty much wherever Chloe went, guys of all ages shamelessly ogled her. Summer trips at the beach were worse. Bree was left to compete with a bombshell younger sister, and Josh always wondered what to do with his eyes -- so he tried hard to look her in the face. He figured that was the respectful thing to do. It never seemed like a chore to him; he thought she had a very pretty face. Her slightly almond shaped eyes were a pale blue that reminded him of Caribbean waters. He found them quite striking against her coppery blonde hair and golden skin.

Of all the guys Chloe had encountered, Josh was probably the one she'd be least bothered by for checking her out, but he didn't -- or at least tried hard not to. She hadn't made it all that difficult on him at home. Much of the time she'd dressed more conservatively than Bree. She preferred wearing loose fitting shirts and baggy sweats – all in an attempt to hide her curvy figure. Contrary to Bree, she preferred to dress modestly at home, and be a vixen in public.

All the attention Bree showered Josh with felt bittersweet. He knew he couldn't have her as a girlfriend, but they were still as close as a brother and sister could be. That's why he was so persistent in finding out why she really wanted her mom to get away. With all the time at home spent together he had plenty of opportunity to ask, but the timing always seemed a bit awkward. Finally Josh just decided to flat out ask her before leaving for his evening work shift. Elyse was still at work, but Bree was in the kitchen prepping some dinner. She rarely made dinner for her mom. Josh felt something was awry; it was time to prod her about it. He sidled next to her at the counter, "Making dinner for Mom? You trying to butter her up for something else in addition to taking this trip?"

"Why does there have to be some ulterior motive? Can't I just make dinner for the family?" she guffawed.

He held his hands up in surrender. "Nothing wrong with making dinner for the fam, it's just you usually only do this when you want something. Seeing as you were so persistent to send her away on this trip and she's agreed to it, I'm just wondering what else there could be."

Her tongue was tied, and she shot him an impish grin. Sometimes she could be so easy to read. "I don't see it as sending her away. She's been so good to us over the years. You and I both know it hasn't been easy on her raising us without a dad. She hasn't even tried dating anyone else. It's always been about us. Don't you think she needs to treat herself?"

"I suppose. You've got to admit, your prodding her into going was out of left field. What gives? You're up to something else and I know it."

"Think what you want, but you're barking up the wrong tree, bro. Try this sauce for me?" She held a wooden spoon to his lips, imploring him to sample her dinner creation. It tasted like a creamy pesto sauce, and he thought it was delicious.

"When did you learn to be such a good cook? When Mom tastes this, she's gonna have you fixing dinner every night, you realize that?"

She giggled, "A girl learns a thing or two by vegging out on food network. You really like it?"

"I really do. I wish I was staying for dinner."

She looked genuinely disappointed by his news. "I didn't know you had to work tonight."

Josh felt bad for not telling her earlier. It's not like he could have called out that late on his shift, though. "I'm sorry, Bree. Promise you'll save me some for later?"

"Alright, I suppose I could save you a couple bites." She cracked him a slight grin.

"Bree, you're the best," he said, giving her a quick hug goodbye. "Later, sis."

The forlorn look in her eyes caused a twinge of guilt inside him as he left. Though she never said it, he felt like she was making dinner to impress him, not their mom.

Josh returned home from work around 12:30. Bree had left him a covered plate of leftovers adorned with a post-it note:

Heat me, eat me, think of Bree :)

He couldn't help but smile as he placed it in the microwave and went looking around the house to see if his ladies were still up. The TV was still on in the den and sure enough, Bree and his mom were passed out on the couch. Josh gently stirred Mom. Groggy eyed, she looked up at him and smiled. "Hey sweetie, how was work?"

"Mehhh, a bit slow, but still walked away with $100. Do you want some help up to bed?"

She sat up and stretched. "I'll be fine. Bree left you some dinner in the fridge."

"I saw it. I've got it reheating."

"Alright, baby. Well I'm heading up." Elyse softly cupped his cheek and kissed him before giving him a warm hug. She buried her head against his chest as she softly whispered to him, "I've missed you, Josh. I feel like with our schedules I don't even get to see you while you're home."

"I love you, Mom," he said, squeezing her tightly. "I know it's hard with us on different shifts, but I'll try to spend some time with you before your trip in a couple weeks."

"Alright, if not it's okay. Night, sweetie."

Josh grabbed his dinner and returned to the den, taking a vacant seat on the sofa. Jimmy Kimmel live was mildly entertaining; as he expected, Kings of Leon put on a decent performance. The remainder of the guests didn't pique his interest, so he decided to quickly eat his dinner and head off to bed too. Bree's chicken pesto was good, even reheated. He briefly remembered that disappointed look on her face when he left earlier. If it really was meant to impress him, she'd still done that. After putting away the dishes and turning off the TV, Bree was still asleep. She tended to be a very heavy sleeper, so he just peeled back her blanket and carried her off to bed. She stirred enough to wrap her arms around him and rest her head against his shoulder, softly breathing on him. Her warm little body felt good against him, but he felt torn as he enjoyed these little intimate moments. While he would quickly dismiss the gesture as strictly brotherly, he knew his motivation went deeper than that.

Thankfully Bree was already in her PJs, since it would've been a bit awkward if he had to change her for bed. He couldn't help but notice the way her thin, pink tank top clung to her like a second skin. It was so threadbare that it was nearly transparent, clearly revealing the shape of her perky, rounded breasts. Offering an unmistakable outline of her protruding nipples, the sheer cotton even described their dusky color against her otherwise copper skin. Yes, they were just nipples, but they were hers, and like so many other things he worshiped about her, they couldn't look more perfect. The skin of her bare legs was soft and supple, her muscles firm and toned. Even though she no longer played competitive sports, she still exercised enough to keep her fit physique.

Setting her down on the bed, he pulled back the sheets and tucked her in. His gaze lingered on her longer than what was probably appropriate. He wasn't looking at her like the cute little sister he'd known all his life. He was admiring the gorgeous woman she'd become. Their mom was also very pretty, so as Bree got older he knew she would only continue to look more and more stunning. The fact that she was one of the sincerest girls he knew only made his heart pound for her.

Josh whispered under his breath, "Bree, why do you have to be my sister?" He loved her, but he wanted her. Grasping her hand and giving it a little pump, he whispered, "Night, sis."


He snapped his head back to see Chloe's silhouette at the bedroom door.

"Chloe, I thought you were in bed."

As he stood to walk out of the room, she crossed her arms and blocked his exit. Even though the little imp was only a few inches shorter than him, he played along with her dominance for just a minute.

"I was just up in my room. You seem jumpy or something," she remarked giving him a sly grin.

"I'm not jumpy. Just trying to get everyone settled in for the evening." She hadn't moved an inch. "Stay up if you want, but you gonna at least let me go to sleep, brat?"

"Getting pretty cozy with Bree lately, aren't you?" Then she attempted to change the subject. "You never carry me off to bed."

Josh wasn't in the mood to conjure deep emotional explanations of why he connected more to one sister than the other. "You probably wouldn't let me even if I tried," he deadpanned.

"You could try sometime and find out. I see how the two of you act around each other. I just feel ... left out. We all know I was an unintended child." There was that bullshit excuse again being pulled out like a trump card to get her way.

"Do not start with that 'I was a mistake' bullshit. Being unintended and being a mistake are completely different." His voice grew a little louder than he intended, so he pulled Chloe out into the hall and continued as he shut Bree's door. "Chloe, I'm sorry if you feel like the odd one out. I don't intentionally do that. It's difficult making time for you, Mom and Bree on top of this summer work schedule."

She furrowed her brow in the dim hall light spilling from her room. "Josh, you make time for the things that matter most to you. I know Mom and Bree have missed you, but so have I. I just see how close you and Bree are with each other; it's always been that way as long as I can remember. I want that kind of brother too you know." Her words were inconveniently true.

He found her honest sentiment surprising, yet refreshing. She usually hid behind sarcasm, only rarely saying how she really felt. Josh was guilty of doing the same thing, especially with Chloe. He was pretty sure she could be just as sensitive as Bree or Mom. "Why do I have to live in a house with so much fucking estrogen?" he wondered to himself.

"Come here, sis." Josh pulled her into his chest for a hug. "I'm sorry I've been treating you like this. Like I said, I didn't mean it. If I'd known it made you feel that way, I would have been acting differently a long time ago. You want the Bree brotherly treatment from now on?"

She nodded against his chest.

"Alright, you got it from now on. Just do me a favor," he implored.

She pulled back and looked up at him with soft eyes. "What's that?"

"It's easier to be nice to you when you don't act so impish." He smiled warmly at her.

"I'll work on that," she replied, flashing him a mischievous grin. "Night, Josh."

Despite Josh's promise to both Chloe and their mom to spend more time with them, it was difficult to manage due to his work schedule. Cursed as the closing bartender, he was consistently getting home at 2:30 for the entire weekend. He'd wake in the morning, do some chores around the house, get ready for work and continue the vicious cycle. His break from the drudgery came on Monday when he swapped his evening shift for a double, where he'd be home by 9:00 at the latest. He was still exhausted on Monday; lack of sleep was taking its toll. His mom was working a late evening herself, but Josh had managed to muster enough energy after work to have a movie night with his two sisters.

When he rapped lightly Chloe's door frame, she took a break from typing on her friend's Facebook page to turn back toward him.

"Hey there, squirt," he said. "We're having movie night. You in?"

She grinned, "I thought we were working on the name calling, ass."

He rolled his eyes at her and tried again. "My dearest Chloe, we're having movie night. Are you in? There, is that better?"

"Much better," she giggled with a warm smile. "I'm in, as long as it isn't one of Bree's chick flicks."

"It's my pick tonight, The Hangover."

"Thank god." she chirped, as she went back to typing. "I'll be down in a minute."

Bree was seated on the far end of the couch with her legs folded up and a bowl of popcorn in her lap. He thought she looked really damn cute as she was plucking single kernels of the most buttered pieces to savor. Josh laughed to himself as he flipped off the lights and took a seat at the opposite end, cuing up the movie.

"Josh, what gives? Have I got cooties or something?" She had a dramatically sad look and was patting the vacant spot next to her.

He wasn't sure whether or not to look cozy with her after Chloe's comment from the other night. However, she did have the bowl of popcorn and he figured he could probably appease both of them if he was in middle. He shifted over and looked across the room just as Chloe entered. Josh's eyes widened when he saw that she was dressed in significantly less than what she'd just had on only a few moments earlier. A little less clothing wasn't totally shocking in their house. His mom usually wore her plush robe in the evening, and even Bree was showing a bit of skin in a tight baby tee and cotton shorts. This however was the least amount of clothes Chloe had ever worn in front of him. She had on a wispy tank top and black lacy boy-short panties. Josh probably wouldn't have even been shocked by the tank had it not been two sizes too small for her. Her oversized breasts stretched the very confines of her top. He thought at any moment if she took a deep breath it would literally rip. Then his eyes traveled down to her legs. He'd only seen that much of her legs at the beach in a bikini, and even then she was wrapped in a sarong most the time. While not quite as toned as Bree, Chloe's legs were still gorgeous pillars of tanned, tone flesh.

"Got room for one more, Josh?"

"Ummm -- yeah, sure," he stammered. Sitting down, she folded her legs beneath her and molded her body against him. He felt his face go flush as he could distinctly feel the protrusion of her nipples digging into his side. Baseball. Grandma. Hockey. He was trying to think of anything but Chloe's body against him.

Josh wasn't the only one noting her lack of apparel. Looking to his left, he noticed Bree was also quite shocked at what Chloe was wearing. "Comfy enough, sis?" she asked, with a twinge of sarcasm.

"Quite," Chloe cooed happily. Josh shot Bree a look of surprise, and there was an unmistakable flash of anger in her eyes. Attempting to play mediator, he pulled her closer to him and whispered,"You alright?"

The flash of anger was gone as she looked up into his eyes. "Yeah, I'm alright. Go on and start the movie."

The two coeds curled up against him kept his blood flowing, as he eventually felt comfortable enough to rest an arm around Chloe. He kept exchanging glances between the girls in attempt to stave off any catty behavior. Twenty minutes into the movie, they both seemed to be behaving themselves, though Bree was periodically glancing over at Chloe.

"Josh, can you let me up a sec?" He pulled his arm back as she sat up to pull of her tee. "You're a pretty good snuggler, but you're making me a bit toasty," she added.

He felt a surge of warmth as his eyes feasted on her bare skin. He sighed a mixture of relief and disappointment as she was still clad in a white sport bra. He was unsure where to rest his arm as she curled back into him, so he just kept it resting atop the sofa. "You more comfortable now, Bree?" he asked nervously.

"Almost," she said, looking up innocently. "You can put your arm back around me though."

"Umm, I don't want to make you uncomfortable," he answered.

She stared at him without flinching, "You won't." She reached around to place his hand on her back. "There. That's better. Will you scratch my back for me too?"

"Yeah, sure," he replied quickly. He noticed Chloe casting jealous looks Bree's way as he grazed fingernails on her skin. "What the hell is with these two?" Josh asked himself.

"Josh, a little scratchy scratchy for me too?" Chloe requested in a baby-like voice.

"What do I look like here, a massage parlor?" he nervously chuckled.

"Puh-lease," she cooed, batting her eyes.

"Alright." He conceded and began lightly scratching atop her shirt.

Chloe purred, "Under, please."

Her request made him a bit nervous, but he complied anyway. While attempting to reach in the collar, he found there was barely any room to move his hand. Pulling back out and going up the lower hem seemed equally difficult. "Umm Chloe, I don't think it's gonna work. Your shirt's too tight."

"No worries, I'll just take it off," she casually remarked.

Josh turned to Bree in a bit of panic. They both knew she was nude underneath. She flashed her eyes at him as if asking, 'Aren't you going to stop her?'

Bree realized he was frozen and decided to caution Chloe. "Uh sweetie, are you sure it's a good idea to have your udders hanging out if Mom comes home?"

"Gawd Bree, don't act like such a prude!" she scolded playfully. "I can still cover up with the shirt, silly. Or even better! Handbra!" she exclaimed, turning to them as she squeezed her breasts while strategically covering her nipples. Bree looked like she wanted to slap her.

"Besides," Chloe continued, "you're one to object just chillin' over there in your little training bra."

"Sport bra, Chloe," she spat.

Josh had enough, "Girls, seriously!?" his voice boomed sharply, "Please just chill out, and quit acting like such divas."

"Fine, whatever," Bree scoffed, pulling away from Josh. Returning all her attention to the movie, Josh was a bit surprised by her brief snap.

Chloe folded her arms across her chest and lay down on Josh's lap as she went back to watching the movie. "Scratchy scratchy, Mister," she cooed over her shoulder at him.

It was all getting to be too much; his half naked baby sister on his lap. He felt her firm breasts crushing against his thigh, her nipples digging into him. "Think pure thoughts, dude," he told his conscience, yet, the devil was winning this battle as his cock stiffened.

With Chloe's hand dangerously close to his swelling cock, he had to come up with some kind of diversion before she went any further. "Do you girls think it's a bit hot in here? I think I'm gonna turn down the thermostat a bit," he nervously announced.

"Josh, if you're hot you could take your shirt off too," Chloe remarked without turning her head.

Josh looked down at Bree as if asking what she thought. She just rolled her eyes at him. "I'll turn it down," she huffed. "It is a tad warm in here."

Life seemed so much easier when he was only concerned with making Bree happy. The attempt to appease both of them was quickly proving itself nearly impossible. He couldn't figure out why Chloe was suddenly being so forward. "So Chloe, what's with the act tonight?" he asked casually, leaning down.

"Act?!" she gawked coyly. "I thought you said I'd get the Bree brotherly treatment?"

He leaned back again and mumbled, "I didn't think I was bargaining for this."

As Chloe sat up to face him, Josh instinctively glared up at the ceiling. "I know, consider it a bonus. You can look me in the face, dork," she giggled.

"Are you covering yourself yet?"

"Yes, now look at me for a second." Chloe was covered, but only by using her forearm.

His cock felt agonizingly uncomfortable in his pants, and he groaned softly. The way she held her breasts up only made them look bigger.

Josh could see it in her eyes, she was enjoying this teasing all too much. "Chloe, can you please put the damn shirt back on, you're killing me here," he said, his eyes darting between his crotch and her chest.

Looking him intently in the eyes, she shot him a wicked grin as she placed her hand on his bulge. "What's wrong with looking? I sure don't think your cock minds."

It was all becoming just too fucking weird for him. "Dear God, please send me deliverance from this temptress of a sister," he thought silently.

"Josh, I think this thing is broken or something," Bree yelled from the kitchen.

"What's wrong with it?" Josh yelled back.

"It's set to seventy-four, but the temperature says it's eighty-two. What does that mean?"

He whispered a quick "thank you" under his breath and went to check the thermostat himself. "Chlo, you can probably stop the movie, I think date night is over. And seriously, put your damn shirt back on."

"Whatever, spoilsport," she giggled as she turned her back to him and put her tank-top back on.

As he walked into the kitchen, Bree still had a look of annoyance."Chlo is acting a bit strange, isn't she?" she said softly.

"Tell me about it," he said, glancing up at the thermostat. "So is this thing really not working, or were you trying to get me away from Chloe?" he asked.

"I wish I would've thought of that on my own, but it's seriously not working," she giggled. "She really did a number on you didn't she?" His cheeks flushed as he glanced down at his tented pants.

"Yeah, she's terrible." He changed the subject to avoid further embarrassment. "I'm gonna head outside and check the condenser."

Bree walked back in the den and sat back on the sofa. "Glad to see you finally put some clothes back on," she wryly remarked. "Thought I'd have to watch you flaunt your big ol' titties all night long."

"Whatever, don't be jealous of 'em," Chloe joked with a twinge of annoyance in her tone. "Is Josh going to try and fix the thing tonight?"

"I don't know. He just mentioned checking some thingy outside."

Moments later, Josh came back in the den. "Well, I think a fuse is blown on the condenser, but it's too late to head out to Lowe's for a replacement. Get used to it being a little warm in here. If you girls want to watch the rest of the movie go ahead, but I'm lying down in my room for a bit."

"Awww, no more movie night?" Chloe pouted.

"Like I said, I'm done for the evening. G'night, girls," he said, excusing himself. As much as he wanted to stay with Bree, Chloe was just making it too uncomfortable.

"Well, I guess I'm heading up too. Night, Bree."

"G'night," she said unemotionally. Bree turned off the TV and sat in the quiet of the den for a few minutes, staring at the floor. She was crestfallen by the way things ended so early, and it was all because of Chloe. If she didn't have to be such a tease, they could have still been enjoying a 'normal' movie night. What was with her incessant need to vie for his attention? She sighed at the memory of stress-free evenings where she simply enjoyed sitting close to Josh. She turned off the lights and was headed to her bedroom, when she paused at Josh's door. "Maybe it doesn't have to be over yet," she thought. Pushing it slightly ajar, she poked her head inside. "Josh, can I come in for a bit?"

He was lying down on his back staring up at the ceiling, completely motionless. His desk lamp provided the slightest illumination to the otherwise dark room. "Yeah, Bree. Come on in," he said without even turning toward her.

She closed the door behind her as she walked in and sat next to him on the bed. "You look like you're deep in thought. Wanna talk?"

"Why does she have to do that, Bree?"

She could tell he asked rhetorically and sat silent as Josh continued, "The other night she said she wanted the kind of relationship we have. I had no clue what to say, except 'yes.'" He sat up on his elbows and turned to her. "But it wasn't enough to be around me, she had to fuck with the comfort zones. She had to make both of us uncomfortable to be around her. I mean, why do that?" he huffed in frustration as he flopped back down.

"You're asking the wrong person, Josh. I'm just a girl too, and sometimes things in my head don't make sense. You've seen how she's been acting attention-starved recently. Maybe she's just acting out to get you to notice her, as a woman." She looked up at him tentatively. "Josh, do I make you uncomfortable, like Chloe?"

It was a simple question, but even Josh didn't completely understand how he felt about their relationship. They were siblings who happened to be really close with each other, and he enjoyed that. It wasn't like they were crossing any lines of decency though, were they? Perhaps those kissing lessons with each other during their tween years was a little out of the ordinary. However, they couldn't have been the only siblings to have done it. Over the years, Josh reasoned with himself that their special relationship was appropriate.

"No, you don't make me uncomfortable, Bree. Not like Chloe anyways. Was she making you uncomfortable earlier?"

Bree shook her head at the memory, "I'm not sure what that was earlier."

Chloe's teasing really bothered her, it felt threatening, and it fueled a jealousy she could usually restrain. She didn't know why the possessive feelings were so intense with her sister. Bree may have acted differently if she only knew what Chloe's motivation really was. If Chloe truly wanted that special bond with Josh, she sure had a fucked up way of showing it. Bree certainly didn't go around flaunting her body for Josh; she didn't need to. She knew their comfort zones and respected them.

How difficult could it be to share Josh as a brother though? The thought caused a rising jealousy in the pit of Bree's stomach. For a long time, Bree had felt her looks were inferior to her sister's. She held on to that special bond with Josh, because it was the one-up she had over Chloe. Even though Chloe received plenty of attention without trying, she thought she could just waltz in one night and have the same thing with Josh. "The audacity of her," she thought.

Bree could glam up just like Chloe, but she chose not to. She could have stripped naked for him, gave him a raging boner, and made him want to crawl out of his skin from embarrassment. But would he actually be embarrassed, or turned on beyond his wildest dreams? "Damnit, that could have been me," she cursed herself. A hard cock doesn't lie. There was no doubt from his erection in the kitchen that he enjoyed Chloe's display.

"Really, Bree. If Chloe was making you uncomfortable too, I can say something to her about it," Josh said, snapping her back to reality.

"No!" she quickly interjected, surprising Josh. "I mean, I don't think it's necessary. Besides, if someone should talk to her about modesty it should probably be me or Mom."

"I suppose you're right," he shrugged.

"Do -- do you mind if I stay with you just a bit longer?" she asked softly, casting him a tiny grin. "I just wasn't ready for movie night to be over."

He smiled back, "I don't mind. Have a seat, kiddo."

Turning on the TV, Josh handed the remote to Bree as she slipped under his arm. She flipped it to Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"Yay, one of my favorites," she brightly chirped, and Josh smiled at her youthful enthusiasm.

Though he really couldn't stand watching ninety-nine percent of her chick flicks, this was one he honestly enjoyed. They'd watched it together on many occasions since they were little, and he'd completely deny any enjoyment of the film to anyone, including Bree. He had ulterior motives. Bree was always quite the romantic at heart, and being a wise individual Josh realized she enjoyed intimate contact with whoever would tolerate watching her chick flicks.

So as they were listening to the sporadic ramblings of Holly Golightly, Josh began grazing his fingernails on her shoulders. Bree always loved a good back scratch.

"Mmmm, you can scratch a little harder, Josh," she purred.

He was surprised when Bree began lightly scratching his chest. She noticed immediately that he tensed up, "Alright, what is that?" she sat upright, turning toward him. "Why is it you can touch me, but you get all flustered when I start touching you?"

"I don't know," he shrugged, "I'm sorry?"

She searched his face with those big brown eyes of hers. "Try something with me for a second. Close your eyes for me."

She waited until his eyes were closed. "Now don't freak out here, Mister. I'm gonna touch you like before, but you're not allowed to tense up on me. Got it?"

"Got it."

She grazed her fingers daintily across his chest, waiting for him to flinch or tense up. He didn't, though. "Not so bad now, is it?" she whispered.

"Feels nice," he replied with a smile.

It wasn't often Josh let his guard down like that, his naturally protective instincts wouldn't let him. That's probably why he had such a difficult time putting aside their sibling relationship and enjoying their little game that had gone on for years. Bree kept up her playful exercise for a few minutes. She'd touch a new place, he might tense up, then she'd work at it for a bit until he relaxed; rinse and repeat.

After a few minutes, she drawled, "Soooo why is it you freaked out earlier when Chloe took her top off, but when I took off mine you didn't seem that bothered?"

He opened his eyes and looked down at her. "Well it helped that you at least had a bra on. Besides, I'm used to seeing you like that, Bree. I mean, Chloe doesn't usually dress like that around us. You on the other hand have been prancing around in that same sport bra and shorts since high school," he laughed.

"Whatever," she giggled, darting her eyes back to the movie. "They're comfy. You're sure that doesn't bother you though?"

"No, it doesn't bother me. Like I said, I'm used to seeing you like that."

"I know, but when I started dressing like this I didn't ask if it bothered you. My memory isn't the best, and for all I know you could have been freaking out just like you did with Chloe tonight. I'm just curious if the way I dress has the same effect now that it did back then?"

"More or less the same effect, but I think you've filled out a bit more since then."

"You're saying I'm fat?!" she guffawed.

"Why does that always have to be a girl's first assumption?" he thought. "No. You are definitely not fat, Bree. I'm just saying you've developed some feminine curves," he added with slight reservation.

She slowly beamed at him, "So do you mean I'm like ... sexier?"

"Choose your words carefully," he told himself. Telling your sister she's cute is one thing, but saying she's sexy seems inappropriate. What's the worst that could happen by admitting it, though? She could take it as a compliment.

"Yeah, Bree. I guess that's the best way to put it." He cracked a grin, attempting to look as nonchalant as possible.

"You sure know how to flatter a girl, bro," she muttered dryly. Bree had pulled teeth getting him to admit he found her sexy. Placing words in his mouth and receiving agreement was a distant step from saying, "I find you sexy." Still, she'd take what she could get.

She began gently stroking his toned abs, when she looked up and saw the discomfort in his face. "Alright, there it is again; that hesitation. I see it in your eyes right now. What is that?"

He attempted to change the subject. "What is this, Bree?"

"This is nothing different than what we've always done. You make me feel special when you hold me close and we cuddle. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and because I feel comfortable with you I want to be able to touch you too. Can't you see that?"

"Yeah, I see it. It's just--"

"No! Stop with the excuses, right now!" she sternly interrupted. Josh had never seen her so frustrated with him.

"I don't understand why you feel bad about this. I enjoy this time together way too much for you to spoil it."

He returned her a weak smile, as if unconvincingly saying 'I'll try'.

"Really, Josh. What is it that holds you back?"

He conjured his safest answer with slight hesitation, "Other siblings don't do this stuff. I've got to draw a line somewhere and I'm just scared, Bree."

"What's there to be scared of? We aren't hurting each other!" she cried.

"I don't know exactly what lines of decency you intend to cross, but it changes things. It's not just a game. This isn't truth or dare, and there are relationships beyond ours that get fucked up." He paused. He'd said too much, and took a moment to regain his composure.

"I like holding you too. I like it when we touch each other. We can share that because we trust each other, and we know each other's comfort zones. Sometimes I just don't trust myself. I mean, what if I go too far?"

"Then I'll tell you," she said, looking pleadingly at him. He looked scared, but Bree was confident of where she wanted to go...

"That's it, Mister. I'm laying down Bree law." She sat back up and cleared her throat, as if preparing to read a court order. "Ahem. Mandate number one: Josh shall not feel guilty about touching his little sister. Nor shall he feel guilty about his sister touching him. Do you understand the terms, Sir?" She had trouble keeping a straight face, and Josh cracked a smile as he nodded.

"Ahem. Mandate two is, umm..." She bit her lower lip in the most adorable way. "Alright, I've got no mandate number two right now," she giggled. "So we'll just work on number one."

"If you weren't so freakin' adorable, I wouldn't let you call the shots on me like this," he warned, but both of them knew who had the upper hand.

"You know you love it," she smiled without looking at him.

Josh had to admit, Bree's playful banter was easing his troubled mind. She was fearless. She trusted him, and he knew she wouldn't cross any lines like Chloe had earlier.

Bree lazily traced her fingers across his chest as he draped his arm over her shoulder. He didn't move as she caressed him underneath his shirt. She thought he'd take it as an invitation to touch her liberally, but he seemed content just holding her. The tenting in his shorts made her smile with a deep sense of satisfaction.

"Is that from me?" she asked in the coyest fashion, and he just nodded and smiled.

"I'm flattered."

"I warned you, Bree. Going down this road changes things." He glanced down at his crotch.

"I knew what I was asking of you, Josh." She looked up at him with the sincerest smile. "I trust you." He watched as her eyes went back down toward his lap. "I like the fact that you respond to me like this," she hotly moaned. "It makes me feel sexier." Her words made his cock jump.

"Damn, and I thought Chloe was the twisted one," he chortled.

"I can be just as sexy as that little tart," she said with a slight annoyance in her tone.

"Whoa, down girl. No need to get riled up again because of her. You know you're my favorite." She smiled ear to ear. "Just don't tell that to Chloe, alright."

"Mum's the word," she giggled.

The movie ended, but neither of them wanted to move. Josh noticed it was almost eleven and figured it was time to call it a night. "Our personal movie night wasn't so bad, now was it?"

"I couldn't have asked for better." Bree stood to stretch and began walking out.

Josh protested, "Hey, don't I get a proper hug goodnight?"

She turned back and smiled warmly, "Sure, come here." As she wrapped her arms around his chest, she drove her hips against his bulge. "You'd better be careful with that thing, you could poke an eye out. G'night, handsome." She pecked his cheek before turning to leave.

"Night," he said softly. She turned to leave, and he watched her close the door and flip off the light. As he lay back down in blackness, his mind swirled with thoughts from earlier. The image of his topless youngest sister was forever seared into his brain. He forcefully rubbed his temples, trying to rid the image from his head. It was bad enough how he felt about Bree, and now Chloe was beginning to cause him equal confusion. He spent forty-five minutes trying to fall asleep with no avail.

He couldn't stop thinking about Chloe's words, "What's wrong with looking? Your manhood sure doesn't seem to mind." As uncomfortable as that notion was, it was true. He didn't really want her to get dressed, and worse was the fact that she wanted him to look. She wanted him to get aroused by her body. For so long he denied himself of looking at her, out of respect. Maybe Bree was right after all; Chloe wanted to be noticed as a woman.

'Chloe gets plenty of male attention, so why me?' he asked himself. Maybe Chloe was just playing a game with him, just to screw with his head. Could she really think of him that way? It wasn't an impossible notion to grasp as he and Bree had been flirting for ages. He wondered if Chloe ultimately wanted the same thing. Putting aside all shame and guilt for the moment, he surrendered to the thoughts consuming his mind.

As he closed his eyes, fantasies of his half naked sisters filled his mind. If it was wrong, it didn't matter as he began stroking his cock back to full attention. What if he would have just surrendered to touching Chloe without hesitation? She wanted him to, after all. He relived the sensation of his fingers across her smooth flesh. He imagined fondling her heavy breasts as she lay on his lap. He wanted to touch them; feel their pliant texture. He wanted to roll her nipples between his fingers, to feel them harden as her arousal built.

More than that, he wanted Bree. The intimacy he felt with her was what he longed for. He never connected on a soulful level with any of his past girlfriends the way he had earlier with Bree. He wanted to feel her as his hands roamed over her body. He imagined peeling off her shorts and taking in the sight of her gorgeous, naked bottom. He wanted to feel each supple curve, kiss each marvelous inch of her body; the body of the girl he'd adored for so long.

Envisioning the sight of her most intimate folds sent his brain into overload. Perhaps she had a triangular patch of hair, a little landing strip, or maybe shaved completely bare. He felt so stupid. He probably could have touched her to his heart's content. She gave him permission to.

The image was so real. He could see her perky breasts bouncing as he drove his shaft in and out of her. He could almost hear her cries of pleasure, the squelching of her sodden love nest. He was sharply drawn back to reality as thick ropes of hot cum spewed across his belly. He panted in exhaustion as he whispered to himself, "Forgive me, Bree."

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