Me and My Husbands Best Friend
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - We met quite by accident while we were both on business trips too Dallas. I was sitting in the hotel lounge relaxing with a drink, when my husbands best friend happened in. What happens next is anybodies guess

I had flown in for a five day marketing seminar and was sitting in the hotel lounge having a quiet after dinner drink, when a voice behind me said, "Christy, is that you?"

I turned so I could see the man behind the voice. Looking up I saw standing their, one of my husbands business colleagues, I said, "well my god Craig, what are you doing here in Dallas?"

"Well Christy, I was about to ask you the same thing. Are you here on business?"

"Yes, a five day seminar, Craig would you like to sit down, my neck is getting a kink from looking up. Craig is at least six foot three and I'd guess him to be around two hundred and thirty five, well toned pounds. Shaved head and skin a deep Ebony brown, My husband Paul and I have been friends with Craig and his wife Deloris for about three years.

We often go out to the bars together or take turns having barbecues. So we know each other quite well. As he sat down a waitress came over and took his order and of course he insisted I have another drink with him. We talked about whatever was going on at home, then our jobs and all the time we were talking, we were consuming more liquor. By now a band was playing and Craig asked me to dance. I was already a little tipsy as I got up and took Craig, s hand and walked to the dance floor.

When Craig took me in his arms, I more or less leaned my head against his chest. Him being over six foot and me being barely five foot five it must have looked like he was dancing with a kid, except I have 38d breasts and a rounded, protruding ass. Complimented with long auburn hair.

As we danced I felt Craig, s cock become hard and was rubbing my lower stomach. I'd danced with Craig many times when we were out and have felt his cock rubbing against me, but tonight it seemed larger and harder than it had before. Maybe he'd held it back when we were out with our spouses. Tonight we were alone and over a thousand miles from home. When this reality hit me, I felt my breath became short, almost like a gasp. What if Craig were to make a move on me? Should I give in to my hidden desires, or use our friendship as an excuse and politely turn him down. I'd wondered a few times, what it would be like to be with him, but never thought the opportunity would ever present itself to find out. So it had remained a fantasy, a hidden desire, that I'd used at times when Paul has fallen a bit short in the bedroom. Not that my husband is a poor lover, It's just he doesn't quite get it done every time and that leaves me somewhat frustrated to say the least.

I'd all but put it out of my mind until tonight, then it all came flooding back, as his hand moved up my side to caress my breast, causing me to gasp when he pinched my nipple saying. "Damn Christy, I've wanted to tease your nipples since the first day I saw you in a bikini. I love big nipples and yours are huge when teased like this, pinching it hard enough for me to moan out loud. You like that don't you Christy?"

"Oh my god yes Craig, I love having them tormented like you're doing now, I love having them touched the way you're touching them now and I love how it makes me feel, but if anyone were to find out, it would ruin everything."

"How would anyone ever find out Christy?" I'm not going to say anything and I'm sure your not going to either. Plus, were a thousand miles from home. I've seen you checking me out in my swim trunks Christy. I also know how curious you are to find out."

"What? I'm not. Hesitating, not wanting to say curious. I don't understand. What is it you think I'm curious to find out about Craig?" I said, slurring my words somewhat from the drinks I'd had.

"You're like most white women Christy. Once they become acquainted and get over the fear of black men and become friends, like we've done. They began to wonder if the stories they've heard are true. Then they start checking us out, trying to see how well we fill out our swim trunks, compared to there husbands. In our case, weather you realized it or not Christy. The more we danced together, when we went out, the harder you pressed yourself against my dick. You've wanted it for a long time, but the opportunity never presented itself until tonight. Christy, do you want to satisfy your curiosity or not? It's up to you."

"Oh god Craig, I'm scared we'll be found out. I know its crazy, but I can't help it. I've never cheated on Paul and I'm afraid he'll be able to somehow tell I've been with another man. Maybe I'll look guilty or something, I don't know.

"All I know Christy, is once you've had my big black dick in that tight pussy you'll never regret it. It'll feel better than you've imagined it would. Did you imagine it would feel a lot better than Paul's, while he was fucking you after you'd seen me in swim trunks. Did you compare the bulge in my trunks to the bulge in Paul's.

I felt myself become dripping wet listening to Craig talking dirty to me. "Yes I murmured, I did. Yours looked a lot larger than Paul's and I couldn't help thinking how it might feel compared to Paul's."

"How did you imagine it would feel Christy? Tell Me baby, how did you imagine my big cock would feel."

I became weak in the knees as he kept asking me, how looking at his huge bulge made me feel. Thinking back now, I said, "I thought about how it would feel stretching me as you pushed it deep inside me. I could only imagine how it would feel having a cock long enough to touch bottom in me. I'd guessed it would be everything Paul's wasn't." I knew I'd given in to him when I went on to tell him what I thought about his big cock. I told Craig about having fantasies of him, while Paul and I were having sex and how much better it seemed.

Leaning down he kissed the top of my head, saying, "are you ready to go find out what it feels like to finally get to feel what you've only been able to imagine. Think about it baby you're so close to making your fantasy a reality you can taste it. You'll be living out your fantasy of having my big dick in that sweet little pussy of yours. You remember the night of our company party, when Paul and I got so messed up you girls had to take us home. We were in the men, s room together, no one else was in their when Paul looked over at me, seeing my dick he said, damn Craig how does your wife take that. Christy could never take a cock like that, she's got the tightest pussy I ever seen. That's a real complement when a husband say's that about his wife. So if I seem a little anxious, it's because I can't wait to take that tight little white pussy and stretch it over my dick. I want to hear you begging me to keep fucking you."

"God Craig, you've got me so hot now, I can't wait to feel your big cock deep inside me."

As we got back to our table he said, "get your things and lets get out of here. What floor are you on? I'll go on ahead and meet you there."

"My room is 1202." When the elevator doors opened and I saw Craig standing their, my knees almost buckled. I'd never thought about cheating on Paul, except in my fantasies. Now I was about to open my door for a man other than my husband, for the sole purpose of having sex with him. I was about to commit adultery with one of my husbands best friends. My mind began racing. Maybe there was still time to call it off. To tell Craig it was a big mistake to even think about it.

But as soon as the door closed behind us and he put his arms around me from behind, I knew it was to late to call it off. He'd built a fire deep inside me that only his big black cock would be able to put out. As he moved up closer behind me his large hands cupped my breasts squeezing them, then he began pulling my nipples until I moaned and whimpered. "Damn," he groaned, "you got the best tits I ever felt Christy. So firm and full, You love your nipples played with don't you baby?"

"Whimpering, oh my god yes Craig, I love it."

I love huge nipples like yours Christy, with that he began to unbutton my blouse, peeling it off over my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor, leaving me with only my black lace bra. Being behind me, he had no trouble with the bra clasp and my breasts soon became naked. I stood looking down watching his black fingers tease and torment my huge nipples. Next he peeled his shirt off, then turned me around to face him, taking my head in his hands he put my lips against his Ebony chest. "kiss my black skin, suck my nipples Christy."

As I licked and sucked his man nipples, we moved slowly towards the bed. As we stood their kissing I reached behind me and undone my skirt and finished undressing and sat down on the bed. I was sitting on the edge of the bed naked, when he Unbuckled his belt and unsnapped his trousers, then pushed them and his boxers down around his ankles. I saw for the first time what I'd rubbed against many times. Swallowing hard I said, "my god Craig, its huge, I'm not sure I can do this."

"Of course you can Christy, women have babies all the time and they're a lot bigger than my dick. Once you feel it stretching your tight pussy, you'll love it, I promise. By the time we get through and go back home, you'll be wanting it every chance you get."

I sat looking at the huge black cock in front of me. I was thinking about all the things I'd heard about, being with a black man. I'd always heard, once a white woman's had a taste of black cock, she can't leave it alone, no matter how hard she tries. I did know a few white women who had been with blacks and as far as I knew, they weren't addicted to it afterwords. But then again, it could be they just weren't telling anyone they were addicted and were still seeing black men on the side. Lately I'd heard it was becoming more popular all the time for married white women, to have black lovers. But I was sure that would not happen to me, this would only be a one time thing. My fantasy fulfilled, it would be over.

As I sat there staring at his huge cock, he took it in his hand and rubbed the huge round plum shaped head, slowly along my lips, giving me my first taste of a black mans cock. Tasting the drop of pre cum as my tongue lavished over the swollen cock head, then opening my mouth, took in as much as I could. The cock head was so large and his cock shaft so thick, I could barely get it in my mouth. I worked it around fitting in as much as I could. Then I began to suck my first black cock. As I sucked, I wondered if he'd cum in my mouth, that was something I'd only done once, a long time ago. Paul never has cum in my mouth, although I had sucked him to completion many times. If he did come from me sucking his cock, I hoped he wouldn't be like Paul and not be able to fuck me once he'd cum. As I sucked and stroked his long thick shaft, the answer wasn't long in coming. Giving out a deep growl. He grasped my head in both hands holding it in place to make sure I couldn't pull my mouth off while his huge cock spurted it's load of thick slimy cum down my throat, almost choking me. But it wasn't over yet. "Oh god Christy," he moaned, "damn you suck good, keep sucking baby, get it hard again. I can't wait to fuck that pussy real good for you." he kept his cock in my mouth and I sucked, until it was once again rock hard.

Easing it slowly out of my mouth he Leaned down kissing me. Then whispered, "you're about to get the fucking of your life Christy. You're going to find out what a big dick really feels like Baby. Taking me by the shoulders he tipped me backwards onto my back. lifting my legs straight up into the air, he began pushing his long thick, black cock into my pussy.

Gasping, I cried out, "oh, ooh my god Craig, go easy its hurting me." I felt it stretching my pussy lips until I thought they would tear. Inch by inch I felt him sinking his huge black cock, into my married white pussy. With my legs straight up in the air and my fingers clutching at the bed sheets and my head against the headboard. There was nothing I could do to keep him from pushing the full length of his long cock all the way to the bottom of my pussy. In my fantasies, I'd always imagined him fucking me with every inch of his huge cock. I just never knew how big it was and how much it would stretch me to get it all in. Now that he was pushing his huge cock into me, all I could do was lay there and take what he was giving me, which was more than I had imagined. I could tell when we'd danced that his cock was large but this was almost to much. My god, I'd never felt anything like this in my life. It hurt as it stretched my pussy lips, but at the same time, felt wonderful as it was filling me. When the huge cock head rammed the bottom of my pussy, I couldn't stop myself from screaming. "Stop!! Craig, oh my god stop. I can't take anymore, please Craig, I can't take it. It's to big, it's hurting me. Oh my god," I screamed.

Chuckling he said, " It's to late now baby. You got ten inches of black dick in that little white pussy of your, s, Paul sure wasn't lying, when he said, you have one tight pussy.

I laid their panting for breath as he kept it buried all the way to his balls. I'd gotten somewhat used to the length and thickness of his huge cock, within a few minutes. We kissed as he started slowly thrusting his huge shaft in and out of my pussy using long, deep strokes. When I cried out, he would pull back then slowly fuck his big cock back inside me. I wondered if what I felt trickling down my crack was our juices or if he'd torn me. Slowly he began fucking in and out of me faster and harder. Every stroke, he would pull out a little farther and pushed it in a little deeper, until he was fucking me with almost the full length of his huge cock. My first orgasm started about fifteen minutes after we started fucking, and seemed like one long continuous, never ending orgasm and lasted until he'd cum in me for the third time, after which his huge dick went limp and slid out of my now stretched pussy, letting a stream of cum trickle out and down my crack, covering my ass on it's way to the bed sheet.

We laid there on the bed, both of us exhausted from the fucking he'd just given me. It didn't end with one time, as it did most of the time with Paul. It ended after Craig had cum in me for the fifth time that night. I have no idea how many orgasms I'd had. I know it was more than I'd ever had in my life in one night. Maybe more than I'd ever had in any three month period. All within a couple of hours. I'd never felt so totally satisfied in my life, as I did after Craig had fucked me.

Craig stayed the night and I sucked him the next morning and he fucked me until I cum three times and he'd pumped another huge load of black sperm into my womb. Then it was time to get up and get going. When he said he'd see me that evening, I knew it would be another night like the first one. I was wrong. Craig would show me a side of myself I never knew existed.

That night Craig was on his back and I was trying my best to take all of his huge cock in the sitting position. I was leaning foreword, my long Auburn hair hanging down covering my face, touching the dark ebony skin on his chest. My only thoughts being, how much I loved feeling his thick black cock deep inside me.

Grabbing my hips as I was rocking my pussy on his cock, he lifted me up so he able to thrust his huge cock hard and fast up into my pussy aahhh ooohhh nnooo eeasy, Craig its hurting me. He kept slamming his long thick cock deep into my cunt. I was begging him to stop, but my pussy was telling him how much it liked the fucking it was getting. The orgasms were once again non stop. Clutching my hips tightly he pulled me down on his cock and thrust into me as deep as he could, holding me their until I felt his cock jerking inside me. I knew he was spurting my womb full of black sperm and my juices flooded over his thick cock mixing with his cum deep inside me.

We were laying there resting, when Craig said. "Suck me Christy, suck my black dick so I can give you the fucking you want and need, the one you been dreaming about when Paul, s had his cock in you."

"Damn baby," I gasped, almost out of breath, "what more can you do? You've already given me more orgasms than I've ever had in my life. Smiling he looked at me and put his hand behind my head lowering it. Leaning over him I picked up his now flaccid cock and put it in my mouth. I began sucking and licking, from his balls to the tip of the huge cock head. It amazed me I was able to take this black monster in my pussy and how truly wonderful it felt. I began to wonder if I'd be able to go back and be satisfied by Paul. Or would I fall victim to the craving of black cock.

As he began telling me how much he loved fucking my tight pussy, his cock once again became hard. Getting off the bed he said, "now baby, get on your hands and knees and back over to the edge of the bed. I need to fuck that sweet pussy again."

I had my feet hanging over the edge of the bed as he guided the swollen cock head between my now very swollen, somewhat sore, pussy lips. Grabbing my hips and holding me, he began pushing into me. I gasped as he pushed the head and three or four inches of cock into me. Holding it their until I had time to adjust then sunk the other six inches into me. "Aaww my gawd yes, I moaned, ooh my god, yes, yes, Craig I love how good it feels, do it, fuck me Craig. Give me that big black cock. I love it. My gawd how I love it"

"I knew you'd love it. You love how this big black dick feels, don't you baby."

"Oh my god yes, I love your big cock in my pussy. I love how you fuck me, how it hurts so good I can't stop cumming. Do it baby, fuck me good, make it hurt aaaaaaghghghghghghg ooooohhhhhhhcccchhhhh. Yyyyyyyeeeeeesssssssss. Cummming."

Reaching out, he took my wrists pulling my arms up behind my back, grabbing a hand full of my long hair and pushed me face down on a pillow, holding me their. I was now helpless to do anything except let him drive his huge cock into me like a machine. I was about to orgasm when he slid his cock out of my pussy. "Nnnooo Craig noo, please don't stop now, keep going, I'm so close, oh god don't stop," I begged.

Gripping my wrists in one hand, I felt him rubbing his wet slimy cock head over my tight ass, I suddenly realized what he was going to do. "Noooo!!! please don't Craig, not their. I've never even let Paul take me their. I was still begging him when I felt him pushing, stretching. I screamed as the huge cock head stretched me until it suddenly slipped inside me. "ooohh my god Craig," I gasped. please don't do this to me.

Bite the pillow you little slut, you white girls all like a good ass fucking aaaaagghghghghghghghg nnnnnnnnnnoooooooooo oooooohhhhhhh, I felt his huge cock stretching and filling my ass. About the time I felt I may pass out, his stiff pubic hair rubbed against me and I knew he had all of his cock in my ass. Holding my wrists in one hand, he started fucking in and out of my virgin tight ass. Leaning over my back he grasped the back of my neck and pushed me face down on the pillow, holding me helpless. I have no idea how long he fucked my ass before I felt I was going to climax. I was confused, how could I have an orgasm, he's fucking my ass. Oohh my god, its going to happen I'm going to have an orgasm. "Yes" I screamed. "Do it Craig, Fuck my ass, fuck it hard aaaawwwwhgghhghghghghg. Cummmmmmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnnngggggggggg." I was having my first ever anal orgasm. When I felt his cock swelling in my ass and felt it jerking deep inside me. I knew I was being filled with cum. After he'd emptied himself deep inside me, he let go of my arms and I fell face down on the bed. Lying their I heard him say, "you liked that ass fucking didn't you, my little slut?"

I laid their Gasping for breath, my ass feeling like it was on fire, I choked out. "Yes, I liked being ass fucked by you Craig. I liked it a lot."

"I knew you would," he said smiling, "I always figured if you ever got rough fucked you'd love it and I was right. You liked it even more than I thought you might. You better be careful Christy, you may become addicted to being black fucked, if you haven't already."

I lay there thinking about what he'd just said. I wondered, could it be he was right? I was already feeling I couldn't get enough of him. What if I were to become addicted to having black cock. Could I go on living a lie with Paul? Or would I somehow have to try and explain to him I could no longer be truly satisfied any other way. that I had to be black fucked and hope he could except it.

The next night after sucking him off. Craig informed me he would be going home the next day. I think we fucked in every position known to man that night. The last time I got to enjoy his huge cock was in the shower the next morning, before we both had to leave. Craig for home, me to work. Before we parted I told Craig, being fucked by him was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me, but it would have to be the only time it could happen. We just couldn't take any chances. He said he understood, but hoped someday, we could get together again somehow, some place. I said, "no Craig, this has to be the only time ever. It was wonderful and I loved everything we did together, you're a wonderful lover. I've never felt anything like it, but it's goodbye, except for being friends. It has to be this way Craig. If we fool around long enough, we both know we'll be caught, so it's better this way.

I arrived home two days later. I was able to beg off having sex with Paul for the next five days, using the excuse, I was spotting a little blood. He thought I should maybe see our doctor. I told him if it persisted, I'd make an appointment.

After five or six days, I was ready to have sex with Paul. I'd returned pretty much to my normal size. Unlike most of the stories you read, its not a lasting thing. Being stretched by a large cock does not causes the pussy to stay stretched for more than a couple of days at the most. Unless of course it's stretch almost every other day by a very thick cock, then it will slowly stay pretty much stretched, to that size. In my case however, it was the size of his cock and the amount of times I'd been stretched in a very short time, that made me decide, maybe I'd better hold off having sex with Paul for at least a couple of days. I gave my pussy five days to shrink back to it's normal size.

Craig and I saw each other at the same functions as we always had, but things had changed between us. I could see the fire in his eyes and feel the heat in my loins, whenever our eyes met. We wanted each other again. I thought of all the times I'd heard about craving a big cock and becoming addicted to being fucked by black men, thinking it was all bull crap, I was now finding out how hard it was to stay away from Craig. I found it harder and harder, to not pick up the phone and call Craig to meet me somewhere. I needed more of what he'd given me, a lot more. I needed to feel his long thick black cock, once again stretching my tight pussy. During the day my loins ached for him. At night, when Paul and I made love, I ached to feel his huge cock, stretching, filling, fucking me. I was unsatisfiable, when it came to being fucked by Paul's much smaller cock. I was still able to have an orgasm with Paul, due mostly to the fact, that all the while Paul was making love to me. I was thinking about how good it had felt, being fucked by Craig, s big fat cock. I needed to be fucked harder, much harder.

It was three months after Craig and I had done the horizontal Tango for three nights, that I was in Denver for a conference. I was at a table in the hotel lounge, where I'd enjoyed a happy hour with my associates after the meeting. I was sitting there relaxing, when a stocky built black man around thirty years old, sitting alone at a table next to me, Smiled and introduced himself as Nathan, then asked if I'd like to dance. As soon as we came together on the dance floor, I felt his thick cock swell into a hard bulge against my white hot pussy. I knew I would have him that night.

Later that night my body shuddered and convulsed as huge orgasms exploded one after another from deep inside me, right from where the end of his thick black cock was spewing me full of his slimy white baby juice. I felt his ass quivering in my hands as I pulled him deeper into my pussy. He thrust himself deeper into my pussy, holding it their. Gasping he said, "soooo goood, so fucking good. Your pussy is so tight I thought I might not be able to get my dick in you damn your tight It felt so good when It was stretched around my fat dick. I knew you loved getting fucked by my big fat dick almost as soon as I started fucking you, most women don't have an orgasm almost as soon as she gets a dick in her pussy, but you did. I like a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to show how much she likes getting it. I love fucking cock hungry, married women like you.". I was in the throes of a huge orgasm when I gasped. "I love being fucked by a big black cock Nathan." When I was able to catch my breath I said, "you have no idea, how bad I've needed to feel a big thick cock like yours.

He stayed the night, we fucked again in the morning then went our seperate ways for the day, then met up again that night. By the end of the night he'd satisfied my craving for black cock, at least for a little while. He didn't have Craig, s length, but what he lacked in length, he made up in thickness and stamina. He knew very well how to use his thick cock to satisfy my cravings. I needed to feel stretched and used by him and he did both very well. It was the first time I'd experienced having my ass spanked as I was being fucked from behind. Each slap stung and filled my ass with a glowing warmth like nothing I'd ever felt. As I closed my eyes on the plane and thought about Nathan, the warmth once again filled my loins. I went home a very satisfied, happy woman.

It was four months after our first meeting, that Craig and I got together again. Paul was out of the country for at least three weeks, on a consulting job. Craig, s wife had went back east to visit her parents and attend a school reunion, for a couple of weeks. I couldn't believe how good his big black cock felt when it was balls deep in my pussy and ass, for the first time in a very long time. When he had all ten inches inside me and he began thrusting into my pussy deep and hard, it felt every bit as good as it had the first time I'd felt it.

It's been almost a year now, since the first time Craig and I got together. We still do whenever possible. I've never told Craig, about any of the black men I've been with besides him. I've heard most black men are into sharing there women, but I'm not willing to take that chance with Craig. I'd hate to lose him, I know anytime I start craving black cock all I have to do is call him. It's hard for me to understand, why he hasn't noticed even the slightest difference in the tightness of my pussy, but Paul is the happiest he's ever been. When I'm not out of town and he's home, it's up to poor Paul to try and satisfy me, which he's very happy to try and do. He has no idea why I'm so horny all the time, but never questions me about it. So I guess the old adage is true. What you don't know, won't hurt you.

There have been times when little innuendos, have been said by Paul or Craig, that have made me wonder if maybe Paul knows more than I think he does. I've even wondered, What if he and Craig have made some sort of agreement for Craig to keep me happy. It's really not that unbelievable, these things happen all the time. The husband senses his wife is becoming unhappy with his love making. He still loves her and doesn't want to lose her to someone else. So, he talks about it with a close friend. The close friend offers to help him out, He convinces the husband, once she's had a taste of his cock, she won't be out looking for anything else. She still loves her husband and now she's able to get fucked by a very large cock, any time she wants it. Life is good once again, for her and her husband. He knows she's not out screwing around on him and shes getting all the big cock she wants. If this is whats really going on. I'm certainly glad Paul picked Craig to be the friend he talked to about his problem. If It's so, I'm very glad Craig was able to convince Paul, he could save his marriage, by letting him fuck his wife with his huge cock, so she wouldn't be out screwing around on him.

The guy's I happen to meet and spend time with out on the road, are a bonus for me to enjoy until I can get back to Craig. So far I've not met another man with a cock the size of Craig, s. A couple came close, one was a little longer, but not nearly as thick, some were thicker, but so far, none have been both longer and thicker than Craig. Now I fantasize about what a longer, thicker cock, would feel like all the while Craig is fucking me with his nice, fat, black cock. Some day it will happen, I just know it will, just like it did with Craig.

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