Bit in Advance
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Anal Sex,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - When Jack comes home, he just can't resist the sight his girlfriend Allie gives him. Additional chapters depend upon feedback.

Jack climbed the stairs to the bedroom, tired from his long day and wondering if Allie was still awake. He could handle getting some ass tonight. His business dinner had run late and he was irritated by the hold ups and delays with this new account. With a deep breath, Jack pushed his thoughts away. Keep work at work, Jack!

As Jack walked into the bedroom, he saw a perfect view of Allie's ass. A big handful of curvy smooth ass, just waiting to be stroked, kissed, licked, and fucked. His cock twitched at the thought of sliding into her ass and pounding her hard until she came around him. But it'd been a while since Jack had been in her ass; he'd have to warm her up well. Allie was lying on her stomach, arms tucked under her torso, with one leg slightly bent to the side and her long hair all around her head and across her shoulder. Where were her hands exactly? Where had they been? Had she been stroking herself? Had she tried to wait up for a bit of nookie? Her poor deprived pussy, maybe he should wake her up, he wouldn't want her pussy to get sulky. Jack smiled as he started to strip as he planned on exactly how to wake up Allie.

Jack got the lube and the small vibrator before climbing onto the bed and kneeling between her thighs. Jack set them aside for now, looking at Allie's ass tilted slightly up and seeing her thick pussy lips peeking up at him. He reached forward and just cupped her mound in his hand, feeling her warm body. Gently squeezing, he started lightly rubbing her ass with the other hand. After several minutes of this and getting no response from Allie he started to stroke her pussy lips with two fingers. He drew swirls with his fingers and slightly parted her thick lips to stroke her inner lips then started all over again. After some time of this, his cock was hard, her pussy was wetter and there was still no response from Allie. Glancing at the clock, Jack noticed the mostly empty glass on the bedside table. Leaning over Allie's prone body he sniffed the glass. Ahh, so that's why she hasn't moved an inch. I wonder how much she drank. Well, damn. Allie would not be waking up anytime soon. Whenever she drank tequila she slept like the dead. It was a shame his dinner had ran late, tequila also made Allie incredibly horny. Some of their kinkiest sex came after she'd had tequila. And his girl was a naughty girl when sober. Damn! His cock was whining at the thought of losing out on what would have been a sure wild ride.

But maybe he didn't have to wake her up. She liked when he used her body to get off even if she wasn't in the mood; she might not get upset if he didn't wake her. He never had to use his own hand unless that's what he wanted. Granted, jacking off until he shot his cum on her tits or ass, or fucking her tits, or humping her ass crack was different than fucking her ass without her knowledge. But what she liked best was that it was her body that made him cum. She had interesting ways of expressing and handling her jealousy, but he didn't mind. Not when the end result was him getting to cum on her whenever he wanted. The more he thought of it the better it sounded. There was just something so kinky about fucking her without her explicit consent. His cock had perked back up at the growing certainty that it would be in her ass tonight. Jack wondered how turned on she'd get in the morning when he told her he'd fucked her while she slept. Maybe the extra kink would turn her on enough for a repeat.

His mind made up, Jack grabbed the thick wedge reading pillow off the end of the chaise and carefully raised Allie's ass up to slide it under her stomach. And saw the lovely surprise of Allie gripping her nipple in her sleep. Oh yeah, his girl was horny when she passed out. This was too good. Jack gently moved her hand from under her belly and slid the pillow under her. Sitting back on his heels, Jack surveyed her body spread for his pleasure. Her ass was just the right height for his dick. He spread Allie's ass cheeks to get a good look at her brown hole, gently tugging on the edges with his thumbs to make it wink at him. His cock jerked as if to say I'm ready. Picking up the lube, Jack put a fat drop on her puckered asshole. He spread the slippery lube around and around her hole gently easing the tip of his finger into her ass, just to pull it back out. Putting more lube on the end of this finger, he pushed back into her hole, rotating his finger and spreading it as much as he could. His cock was starting to ache, it wanted in her ass. Jack eased two fingers into her ass and started to scissor them, stretching her open. Allie's ass twitched and Jack pulled his fingers halfway out to squirt more lube directly into her asshole. He pushed his fingers back into her asshole, feeling the smooth muscle of her tube and spreading the lube by twisting his wrist.

After working enough lube in for his fingers to slide smoothly and easily, he decided it was time. Holding his dick in his hand, he slowly pushed into her shiny, slick, puckered brown star. Jack felt the slick smooth slide of Allie's asshole slowly spread from his tip towards the flared crown of his sensitive glans, pulling his piss hole slightly open. It felt so good he slowly eased out and did it again. And again he eased the head of his cock into Allie's hot, smooth ass. And then slid his dick into her ass, inch by inch until her ass was snugly caressing his entire cock and her pussy was kissing his nuts. Looking down at his cock lodged into her warm receptive ass, the illicit sight sent a tingle down Jack's back straight to his balls. Jack slowly slid in and out of her back hole, savoring the feel of her tight tunnel along the length of his dick. The thought of getting this bit of hot, snug anal action in advance of her enthusiastic participation was enough of a kinky thrill to eliminate his disappointment that Allie wasn't sliding her perfect ass onto his cock on her own.

Allie's ass was just too good. The warm, smooth, slippery sheath squeezing on his cock; the soft, plush ass cheeks cushioning his hips. Jack unwillingly began to speed up his thrusts. The occasional huff from Allie and the increasing anal spasms were wearing on Jack's restraint. Soon he felt Allie's cheeks bouncing as he began to push hard up into her defenseless ass. Allie's asshole loved it, squeezing and caressing his cock. She was out, not responding to his anal invasion with more than huffs, wheezes and occasional gasps. She's going to cum on my cock and she doesn't even know she's doing it!

When her ass started cumming around his dick, Jack tried to hold back. It was so kinky, that he made Allie cum from an ass fuck she didn't even know she was getting. Once her orgasm tapered off, Jack started to slam fuck her ass watching her face. He almost hoped she'd wake up to being pounded up her asshole. Allie was breathing fast and drooling, her ass tube contracting around his dick again; but completely unaware that he was shoving his cock up her ass. And I'll fuck her again in the morning, using my cum for lube! I won't tell her I fucked her. Just shove it up her hungry asshole! Oh god! With the thought of using her ass again in the morning, he pushed hard up into her feeling the cum bubble up from his balls and spurt deep into her ass.

After Jack came down from his cum, he looked at Allie and chuckled. She hadn't moved. He gently removed the pillow & lay down beside her. After all, there was no need to warn her what was coming in the morning.

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