Winter Retreat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A half frozen man shows up at my cabin door in the middle of a winter storm but things dont heat up until he is standing half naked in my kitchen the next morning making breakfast!

The city is filled with idiots who don't know the first thing about driving on winter snow covered roads. You would think that people would figure it out having chosen this climate to live in. Maneuvering my truck through the slush and snow filled expressway watching idiot after idiot careen into each other, the ditch or median, I made my way north to less lights, less noise, and my cabin escape. Duke, my ever faithful chocolate lab, stirred in the seat next to me sensing our closeness to the freedom not allowed in the city. Letting out a little whimper, Duke knows he will be able to run free in the snow soon.

Steering carefully through the deep snow covered country roads we made the last turn towards the cabin. Duke let out a low bark in anticipation of the rabbits he will chase. As I ease the truck into the opening were the cabin sits, the large barren oak and maple trees are covered in freshly fallen snow and there isn't a single track to be seen other than those made by the deer and rabbits. My headlights scan across the cabin to see the wood piled high on the porch that took an entire fall weekend to cut, split and stack for ensuring warmth during my winter retreats. Duke is unable to contain his anticipation and I stop the truck to release him to frolic in the snow. He is out of the seat in a single bound and out of sight in moments but his yelps of excitement are clearly heard. He like his mistress, are home in these woods and this place.

Trekking through the knee deep snow, I unload the provisions. The first order of business is getting the fire lit in the fieldstone fireplace. The labor of love in building this place is evident in every detail. Each stone came from this piece of land I bought 6 years ago. The mason hired created the most amazing fireplace that is open on both sides and consumes the middle of the great room separating the living space from the kitchen. The ceiling is open to the timbers that create the roof and frame. The bedroom loft is open except for the bedroom bathroom that is enclosed in part by glass blocks and timbers taken from clearing the space for the cabin. The large hot tub has spectacular views of the mountains and stream behind the cabin and to the stars that fill the night. The kitchen and living space below is modern but rustic in feel. There is a small bedroom and bathroom on the main floor just down the hall from the kitchen with a mudroom of the back entrance. This is my retreat, my escape from the insane city I live and work in during the week. I am truly home here and it keeps me grounded and able to face the city's chaos. Duke lets out a loud bark and I am brought back to the tasks at hand, fire in fireplace and dinner!

After getting Duke and I all settled in by making a simple dinner of potato soup, we lounge in the great room. I grab my current read and tuck myself into the couch with a fleece blanket. Duke curls up on his favorite rug near the fire. He isn't fond of the bear rug but it was from the black bear that kept getting into the cabin two summers ago. I didn't want to take him out but he was not afraid of either Duke's or my presence and was becoming a troublesome bear. The game warden was certain his behaviors would just escalate. There was no other option and his meat filled my freezer, his fur the beautiful rug on my floor.

I must have dozed off in the warmth of the fire and comfort of my favorite place. Duke let out a loud howl and raced to the front door! There was a knock on the door and we both were in shock. We never have random visitors here. Upon reaching the door, I checked to make sure my shotgun was tucked in the corner and close enough to reach if needed. With Duke at my side, I opened the door and found a half-frozen person standing there. Man or woman was not able to be determined but by the size, I figured man. He muttered something before collapsing in my doorway.

Clearly he was lost or stranded and somehow found his way to my doorstep. I dragged him into the room and closed the door. The snow had picked up and my tracks from arrival were completely covered as was the truck engulfed in whiteness. Slowly, I pulled him closer to the fire. His coat and boots were layered with snow. Unbuttoning his coat and opening it to take in warmth from the fire. The laces on his boots were frozen tight and it took longer for them to thaw enough to untie and remove them from his feet. Taking his socks off and exposing his toes continued the slow thaw of this half-frozen man. Lying on my floor, I knew he needed to be completely undressed in order to warm up and get his temperature back to normal. He moaned in his unconsciousness as I removed each article of clothing carefully. This was a fine specimen of man lying on my floor. As I came to his boxers, I knew I could not remove them so I wrapped him in a fleece blanket and went to the kitchen to make some tea. Duke sat vigilant over this stranger watching me with cautious eyes. Returning to the fire, I set the tea on the table and proceeded to check his extremities for frostbite. His toes looked good except for his little toe on his right foot. His hands and fingers seemed fine. I would have to watch that little toe.

Having completed my check for serious issues from exposure to the sub-zero temps and snow, I settled back on the couch for what could be a long evening. Drinking my tea and reading in front if the fire, I realized that I had no idea who this man was. A quick search of his clothing revealed nothing either. Placing his clothing in the mudroom to dry out a little before throwing them in the wash, I returned to find him moaning in his sleep. I sat next to him and tried to soothe his fitfulness. Checking his temperature, I sensed that he was still really quite cool to the touch and that his actual temp was lower than normal. I knew that my body heat and the fire would have to be enough to warm him. The thought of lying next to this man was appealing but not while he was out cold. Wrapping my arms around him to open my body heat to him, he mumbled, "warm, yes, soft, warm". Sometime during the night, I woke to add wood to the fire and snuggled back next to him, falling back to sleep easily.

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