Lana Finds a New Job
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lana is a very sexy MILF who is not only gorgeous and big-chested, but she loves sex. She finds a new job and realizes what she's doing is just right for her and for her customers.

Lana and Larry had gone to Las Vegas and thoroughly enjoyed the multi-day visit, especially the time they spent at the Red Rooster. Their evenings there had opened both their eyes to new experiences and new pleasures sexually that they had never thought of enjoying before. Shortly after they returned back home, however, Larry and Lana both experienced serious financial reversals which may it very clear that if they didn't find some other source of income soon, they were going to be in serious danger of bankruptcy.

"What can we do, Larry?" Lana asked one evening as they sat watching television and things on their minds usually got discussed.

"Lana, I don't know. It's going to have to be something radically different than anything we've been doing, I'm sure."

"Larry, I've got one idea that probably won't work but I'd like to run it by you, OK?"

"OK, babe, shoot," Larry answered.

"One of my girlfriends secretly went out to Las Vegas a few months ago, and she had a job out there that made her a wad of money. She told me about the experience, but asked me not to breathe a word of it. She was working at a place called Paradise Ranch, and she worked as one of the girls for the whole time she was there."

"One of the girls?" Larry asked. "Do you mean, she was working there as a hooker, a whore, a prostitute, or whatever they call them?"

"Yes, I believe that's exactly what she was doing. She told me all about it; and she's been back several times for different 2-3 week stints doing the same kind of work."

Larry sat silent for a moment, not thinking about Lana's friend and what might have gone on with her, but he was suddenly reveling in the images of his sexy wife, Lana, there at the Paradise Ranch, doing something that he thought she would be absolutely great at, and loving every minute of it.

"Larry? Larry?" Lana said as she could see his mind was somewhere else.

"Lana. When do we leave?" Larry asked. "I don't have any doubts about this, Lana. I'm quite sure you've thought about this a lot, and I think you would be awesome, baby," he said as he reached over and took his sexy wife in his arms, kissing her passionately.

"Am I about to get fucked by my husband, Larry, or one of my first customers at the Paradise Ranch, baby?"

Lana and Larry had one of the hottest fuck sessions they'd ever shared, and then they got serious about her investigating the possible openings in Nevada.

"Larry, if you come to see me at the Ranch, you're going to have to pay the going rate, OK?" Lana laughed, and hugged Larry with all the love and caring she'd ever felt with her husband.

"Mmmmm, let me think about that, baby. I might just wait until you come home, and claim what you've got for free. I'll give that some thought," Larry said.

The next week Lana had made inquiries by phone with Paradise Ranch, and she and Larry hopped a flight to Las Vegas and then rented a car to drive to the site.

Once they were inside, Lana and Larry met with Joyce, who took care of interviewing and bringing new girls into their program. Joyce already had a folder made out for Lana, and some basic information she'd gathered over the phone; now she needed to finish the process, send Lana for the required medical clearance, and then show her where she'd be living and how things worked.

Three hours later, Lana was in. She'd finished the necessary paperwork, gone to visit the doctor who gave the medical clearance, and now she was back at Paradise Ranch, and Joyce was going to show her around. They excused Larry and he went to the waiting and bar area while Lana got the final instructions before she started work – that afternoon.

Larry went to the waiting area like a lot of husbands/boyfriends did when their ladies game to work a shift at the Ranch. He noticed three other men who were waiting and then he heard chimes play and out of the back area of the Ranch building came seven ladies, obviously the working babes who were available for a lineup so these two new customers could pick a woman to play with – to fuck and have their cock sucked – in the next hour or so.

Larry felt his cock grow instantly hard, and when he saw the sixth of the seven women walk out of the doorway and line up, that one took his breath; it was his own wife, Lana, and she looked good enough to eat. Larry could believe how Lana had changed since he seen her earlier with Joyce. They had touched up her makeup, done something with her long hair that made it look sexier, and Lana had, of course, taken her regular clothes off and exchanged them for a very sexy outfit, including a knee-length negligee, and black lace bra and matching French cut panties. Some of the other girls were similarly dressed or in only bra and panties or a couple had on "merry widows." There was no question Lana was the best endowed in the breast area with her 44DD size breasts. Larry knew he was biased, but he felt Lana was the hottest looking woman standing there to be chosen from, too.

Larry sat watching as the three men each made a selection, and his heart leaped when he heard the first man, a large muscular fellow who looked like he reguarly worked out, say, "Lana's the one I want." Larry loved the smile he saw sneak onto Lana's face, and she walked forward, taking the man's hand and they went through the door leading back to her bedroom.

Joyce had shown Lana the basic procedures the girls went through with each customer, and Lana thought she was ready to go. She introduced herself to her first customer, and he told her his name was Mike. After she'd gone through the process of taking his payment and checking him out physically, she placed a clean bedsheet on the bed and asked him to lie down on his stomach and spread his legs so she could massage his back and begin the process that would lead to their fuck.

Lana had noticed when she'd returned to her room that Mike had removed his clothes and he had a very large thick hardon jutting sexily out of his crotch. She'd noticed he had been fully hard when he'd picked her out of the lineup and walked with her back to her room. She loved that her first paying customer at Paradise Ranch not only had the freedom to pick any of the ladies in the lineup, but had picked her, and she was so glad that she already knew he had a very large thick cock and in only minutes, she'd be feeling that big hardon shoved deep in her pussy and fucking her.

She began rubbing Mike's naked back and then worked her way gradually down his body, and then she pressed her body against his, whispering, "How does this feel, baby?" as she had her naked 44DD breasts pressed firmly against his back.

"You feel very hot, Lana," Mike said, as she reached down, cupping his large balls in her hand. Lana got Mike to roll over on his back, and then she reached over and grabbed a condom to put on his cock. "Sorry, Mike, but every hard cock has to have a sexy condom on it," and then she tore the package open, and put it in her mouth in order to place it on his hardon. Joyce had explained that most men loved that way of having a condom draped on their cock since it had to be done.

"Lana, an extra $300 if I don't have to use the condom," Mike said. "I really want to feel your sexy wet pussy wrapped around my cock, not some latex condom."

"You mean you don't want to experience my sexy method of putting a condom on your cock?" Lana laughed. She thought for a moment if she was ready to break that rule. She was. She certainly was for Mike's extra $300. "OK, baby, you owe me $300 and no condom. And, Mike, do not breathe a word of this to anyone, or I'd probably lose my new job here." Lana didn't dare tell him that if he had only asked, she would have skipped the condom for free.

Lana settled down on the large bed beside Mike, reaching over to take his large thick hardon in her hand and she began to stroke his hard meat up and down, as she also used one hand to caress and work his balls. She knew men loved having the balls and cock caressed and played with, and it would make Mike intensely hot to fuck her, and probably also hasten his orgasm. Lana knew from Joyce's orientation that they sold orgasms, not time, but that excessive time spent before the man finally climaxed was money.

Lana's pussy got increasingly wet and horny as she enjoyed the intense foreplay of stroking Mike and then she shocked him by leaning over his groin, and took the head of his hardon in her mouth and sucked up and down on the head of his erection for a couple of minutes. By then, Mike was so horny to have his cock inside her, that he stopped her giving him head, and motioned for her to lay back and spread her legs so he could slide in between her thighs and fuck her.

Lana was probably hornier and hotter to fuck than Mike, but he was the customer and she was allowing him to feel that he was in control of their session together. She lay on her back, spreading her shapely thighs, and pulled her heels back until they almost touched her ass. Mike moved on top of her and Lana reached down, taken the shaft of his cock in her hand and guided his cockhead straight into her cunt.

Mike pushed his ass forward, allowing Lana's guiding hand to help him mount her and when he felt her tight wet pussy taking his cock inside, he began to thrust in and out a few inches at a time until his large thick cock was fully lubricated with Lana's ample pussy juices and then he began to thrust his cock fully inside her hot pussy until his balls were smacking firmly against her naked ass as he penetrated her all the way.

"Ohhhh, yes, you feel so good inside me, Mike. Yes, yes, fuck my pussy, you horny man," Lana moaned. She was loving the feel of his large hardon spreading her pussy and he was really shoving his cock to her nice and hard. Lana loved a sexy hard fuck, and she loved it when a man seemed to be fired up to really do her because he was so aroused. Mike leaned over, kissing Lana's left and right nipples as he continued to hotly drill his hard cock in and out of her body. He was pumping hard, and Lana knew she should let him fuck her at whatever tempo was best for him. She secretly knew that she didn't want him to finish too fast; she was horny to get off and she was loving how lustily he was nailing her cunt.

Lana began to cum as Mike leaned up slightly and really started to pound her tight wet pussy, and then within just a few more in and out strokes into her horny cunt, he moaned loudly and then he buried his hard cock inside her and began to ejaculate. His thick hot spurts of cum shot deep inside Lana's pussy, and she knew that even though she was supposed to have draped his hardon with a condom, the thick hot cum felt super sexy splashing inside her pussy. "Oh well, maybe I can get him to wear a condom the next time," she thought to herself.

After Mike finished cumming, he finally withdrew his cock and Lana used a fresh damp cloth to wash his cock and balls off, and then he got dressed and she escorted him back to the front entrance.

"Thank you, Mike," Lana said. I'll hope you'll come back soon," and she watched him wait for them to let him out the main entrance. As Lana walked back to her room, she heard the chimes and she soon headed back down the hallway for the next lineup for new customers.

The lineup was timed just right for Lana. Her first official "party" at Paradise Ranch had only gotten her super horny. She needed some more action and soon.

This time, Lana was picked second, after a sexy young blonde with medium-sized breasts. But, the next person to get to choose the woman they wanted was actually three guys who wanted a foursome with the woman of their choice—and that was Lana. The three guys—Eddie, Lon, and Randall—had gotten together and agreed that they wanted to get one sexy woman and see what it would be like for all three of them to play with her at the same time. Lana was going to be the lucky one who would find out what it was like along with the three horny men.

Lana took the hands of two of the three guys and they all walked back to her bedroom there at the Ranch. She introduced herself to them and welcomed them, and when they arrived in her room, she settled up with the three of them money-wise, and then went to the office with their payment while she urged them to make themselves comfortable. Lana was hardly ready for what she found when she returned from the front office – three hot sexy naked men sitting there, each with his cock jutting hard and ready for sex from his groin.

Lana grabbed three condoms and said, "Guys, I know you may not like using condoms, but it's the house rule. So, which of you is first?" Eddie was the biggest of the three guys and he volunteered to let her put the condom on his cock first, then Lon and Randall had their hardons condom-covered. Lana found herself imagining the scenario she and these three horny guys were going to do so all of them could achieve at least one orgasm. But, she realized, with what these three well-hung studs had already paid, who was counting orgasms at this point?

Eddie climbed on the bed, while Lon and Randall stood by to see how things unfolded, and Lana took Eddie's movement as an indication he wanted her to get on top and ride his cock to a strong cum. She moved up on the bed with Eddie, bending over to place her mouth down over his condom-wrapped cock to suck on him. She had to admit that sucking a horny cock with a condom on it was not her favorite method; but it was the rules and she'd abide by them this time. Lana quickly had her mouth wrapped over Eddie's cock and she was stroking his hardon with her hand. She simply wanted to get him fully hard for her to climb on his cock and fuck him to orgasm.

Getting Eddie hard enough for her to fuck him was obviously no problem. Eddie, Lon, and Randall were all so hot to fuck Lana that they needed no help in getting fully erect. With Eddie's cock covered, Lana moved up above Eddie's naked body as he lay there on the bed, and she guided the tip of his cock straight into her wet pussy lips. Lana moaned as she felt Eddie's cock spread her cunt lips and he moaned too as he felt her horny tight wet cunt taking his cock inside her pussy sheath.

"Ohhhh, baby, yeah, ride me, girl," Eddie moaned and Lana quickly moved up and down on his hardon until she had all of his large cock inside her and then she was riding him hotly. The other two guys were standing by, and within only a matter of minutes, Lana had fucked Eddie and he moaned loudly and spurted his huge cumload into the receptacle of the condom.

Lana dismounted from Eddie and then Lon indicated that he'd like to take Lana from behind doggy style. Lon moved in behind Lana as she got on her hands and knees and her guide the full head of his hardon into her pussy slit and quickly mounted her. As soon as he had the head of his cock buried in Lana's wet pussy, he began thrusting in and out, and Lana almost immediately began to orgasm. Being taken from behind always got her off and she climaxed almost continually while Lon hammered her cunt good. At one point, Randall moved in front of Lana and he slid his condom-covered cock in her mouth and she sucked him and caressed his big balls as Lon stroked in and out until he moaned and buried his cock deep inside her and then let his orgasm finish.

Finally, Randall had Lana lay down on her back, and he pushed her legs up towards her ass until her heels were nearly touching her butt. He lay on top of her, guiding his cock inside her and while Lana was stroking and sucking both Eddie and Lon, Randall started sliding his hard thick cock in and out of Lana's pussy until he filled the receptacle tip of his condom, too.

Satisfied with their orgasms, all three men let Lana clean their cocks and balls off and then she walked them out to the main entrance of the building.

Lana sure was enjoying her new job, and she could hardly wait for the next lineup to see who would select her.

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