A Little Problem
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Mind Control, BiSexual, CrossDressing, Fiction, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Daughter, InLaws, DomSub, Group Sex, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A small endowed man begins to have problems with his wife and mother in law and ends up becoming a cuckold to a black monster cock.

Alan was a man in his mid-40s, with a loving wife and two daughters. However he had a little problem or maybe it would be more accurate to say his wife had a little problem, for Alan could only muster four inches of cock even when fully aroused. The wife of 22 years had initially assumed that all men are equal, however it did not take long to discover via the Internet that this was not the case and for the last 10 years Alan has become a bit of a joke in the bedroom department.

Sandy, Alan's wife had begun to recently just put him down, but now she actually ridiculed him not caring whether his daughters heard or not. In fact on a couple of occasions she had actually broached the subject of his manhood in the present of his eldest daughter Cathy and warned her not to settle for such a small thing. Alan's other daughter who was only 17 often heard these conversations and pretended not to know what the subject was about, although she was already sexually active.

Once a year the college which both Cathy and Sally attended would take their best students away for two weeks to pop Festivals as part of the reward scheme they ran. Alan thought that with this week long break from his two daughters he would finally get to settle a few things with Sandy. So you can imagine his annoyance when his mother-in-law turned up the day his daughters were supposed to leave, suddenly he realised that he was going to be outnumbered once again. What he didn't know was that his mother-in-law was here to help her daughter to put him properly in his place.

It all began six months ago when Alan had taken a little too much wine and had promised his beloved wife that he would make her sexually happy, he even boasted he would make her cum like never before. The problem was that in his inebriated state no sooner had he undressed and climbed between Sandy's legs, even before he entered his four inch weedy cock into her cunt; he was shooting his spunk all over the entrance to her cunt and no matter how hard he tried he just could not get a stiff cock to enter his wife.

Sandy jumped out of bed calling him all sorts of names and telling him if he could not satisfy her she would find someone who could. Of course she really did not mean it but she fled her home in tears and ended up at her mother's home. Without really meaning to she had told her mother of the marital problems and could not believe her ears as her mother laughed as Sandy described her husband's four inch cock that was almost pencil thin. All of this made Sandy even more upset as her mother described her husband's average cock as being six inches and two inches thick; suddenly it dawned on Sandy that her husband was inadequately endowed.

Brenda then shocked her daughter as she told her to undress; well that was not quite the case she demanded she undress and when Sandy did not move quick enough for Brenda's liking, she grabbed her arm and forced her over the side of the easy chair and laid into her arse with violent slaps to howls of protest from Sandy.

Very quickly Sandy learned that her mother was boss and she now carried her instructions without the merest hint of hesitation. Soon Sandy stood embarrassingly naked in front of her own mother; something she had not done since she was fourteen years of age. Then being told to stay put and not to move the mother left the room and returned five minutes later with a bag and a blindfold.

Quickly she put the blindfold in place and made Sandy sit in the easy chair, with her ass on the very edge of the seat and then ordered her to open her legs wide. Sandy knew better now than to refuse so she complied and suddenly these strange sensations invaded her cunt; it was a cross between tremors and electric shocks but it notched up Sandy's horniness even further and soon her hips were thrusting in unison as her own mother used a large fat vibrator on her cunt and not only that but she used her tongue on her clit at the same time.

Myriads of rockets and fireworks galore exploded inside Sandy's head as orgasm after orgasm exploded in her body and soon they merged into one continuous experience. Suddenly the blindfold was gone and as her eyes adjusted to the blinding light she looked down at what she thought would be her mother's head between her legs and discovered instead a strapping black man's head was eating her cunt whilst her mother was on her back on the floor sucking on the largest cock Sandy could possibly imagine.

Brenda managed to take a few minutes breather from sucking the monster ten inch cock to introduce Eduardo to her daughter and inform her that this was her father's replacement since her divorce seven years ago. Sandy wanted the cock inside her but still had pangs of guilt about being unfaithful; it was as if her mother sensed these feelings for she ordered her to accept this monster cock up any hole Eduardo wanted to use and if anything comes of it she could say it was because her mother made her do it.

Over the next half an hour, Sandy was in seventh heaven as her cunt was stretched like never before and she suddenly found herself becoming extremely vocal in her passions. Eagerly encouraged by her mother she watched as her daughter enjoyed her first black monster cock and she knew it would not be the last. Sandy even begged for Eduardo to fill her cunt with his spunk and he duly obliged before ordering Sandy put on her panties and making her watch as her own mother took the monster cock, which had never lost its rock hardness, up her well stretched and truly fucked arse.

During the next six months Sandy became a regular visitor at her mother's home and always on those occasions she stayed overnight. It was during one of these sessions that she and her mother hatched the plan, which was finally about to be brought to fruition.

It was with mixed feelings that he waved his two daughters of as they left and he had to welcome his mother-in-law, no sooner had the girls gone then he was called into the living room by his wife. When he entered he found his mother-in-law sat in his favourite chair and his wife sat in the middle of the sofa. "Alan my mother has something to say to you! ", declared Sandy.

Alan turned to face is mother-in-law when she suddenly burst out in a fit of temper calling him a useless wanking wimp. She quickly followed this up by demanding he remove all of his clothes, and actually slapped him across the face when he failed to begin to remove them. Almost in shock Alan began to remove his clothing and paused only when still wearing his boxers. He didn't quite see his wife move off the sofa and moved behind him; he only became aware of the presence when she gripped the side of his boxers and yanked them down. Instantly his mother-in-law howled with laughter as she reached forward and took hold of his tiny cock. With her free hand she held his balls and began to squeeze them tightly.

Alan began to tremble, he actually verbally winced a couple of times from her ball crushing grip and he was just about to tell her to let go when his wife made a comment, she said see mom what I have had to put up with since I married this wimp. His mother in law again began to laugh and said I'd bet you had fingers bigger than this cock. All the time we were talking his mother-in-law's hand wrapped around his cock was slowly wanking him and nature being as it was to get the hard on much to the mother in laws delight. Now in an exaggerated movement she held his tiny penis between her thumb and forefinger highlighting the small proportions of his cock. Her other hand was still tight around his balls and she gave a little tug on them to remind him she was in charge.

Sandy then produced a suspender belt and made Alan put this on, which he did with great difficulty and then she brought out a pair of black stockings and made him put these on. Alan found it hard to put these on whilst his mother-in-law still held his cock and balls, but as she was not prepared to let go he had to manage the best he could. The next thing he knew was that his wife hitched up her skirt and removed her worn panties and made Alan put these on. As he put them on she told him there was a special surprise for him a man she met at work had fingered her cunt through the panties and made them soaking wet for him to wear. Not only that but the same man was coming to their home tonight and would be showing Sandy how a real man fucks a woman and that Alan was going to do his very best to make the man feel at home.

So that Alan would not be a threat to the man he had to be dressed as a wimp and less of a man. Brenda, Alan's mother in law added that if Alan was really good he may even get to suck a real man's cock. Just to make sure Alan toed the line is mother-in-law was going to be present taking pictures and being in charge of Alan and as if to prove the point she ordered Alan to kneel in front of her. Meekly Alan complied and suddenly Brenda opened her legs and he was staring at his mother-in-law's panties which covered her cunt, again as if from nowhere his wife was suddenly behind him and forced his head between her mother's legs.

His mother-in-law now rubbed her panty covered cunt against his mouth and commented as she did so that he wasn't even a good licker. By now Alan had managed to pull his wife's panties up his own legs and could feel the wet patch against his balls, instead of disgusting him as he expected this actually turned in one even more although he was reluctant to admit it. The thought of him licking his mother-in-law's cunt also turned him on but again he would not admit it. From out of nowhere it seemed, his mother-in-law suddenly produced a collar and quickly fastened it around his neck; while he was reacting to this she attached a leash and told him from now on he was her bitch and he had better learn obedience quickly.

When he protested he was suddenly whipped with the free end of the leash and it only took three such strikes before he was howling like a baby for it to stop. Now Alan had to stand and watch as his wife and mother in law undressed and prepared for this surprise visitor. He was shocked that neither woman seemed embarrassed about being naked in front of each other but as he did not know they had been doing this every week for the last six month; it was strange for him.

Stranger things began to happen as both mother and daughter then began passionately kissing and feeling each other up and down. Then they turned to a black bag and began removing what to Alan seemed like shreds of cloth, but in fact turned out to be satin silk Basques and he watched fascinated as they put them on and then adjusted each other's attire before returning to the bag and removing matching short miniskirts. Now they were ready and as they moved around the room they flashed their shaved cunts and every time they caught Alan looking they would chastise him verbally by telling him he could look all he wanted but no way was his poor excuse for a cock ever going to get near to touching his object of desire.

Just then the doorbell rang and Brenda hurried off to answer it returning with a black man closely behind her; instantly Alan blushed bright red as the guy stared at him. Sandy told her husband not to be shy show the nice man what a little wimp you are! Alan stepped forward and to howls of laughter he did a pirouette and then he had to tell everyone present that he had a small penis which measured only four inches.

Eduardo roared with laughter as he casually undid his trousers and fished out an eight inch slack cock that was almost as thick as Alan's was long. Brenda then ordered Alan to kneel before the real man and his wonderful cock and beg to be allowed to kiss it.

Humiliated further Alan obeyed and was denied the right to kiss the black monster cock; instead Eduardo wanted to see his specimen of manhood. So Alan had to stand and lower his wife's panties exposing his rock hard mini penis; to make matters worse Sandy made him tell Eduardo all about the panties he was wearing. Alan explained that earlier that night his wife had removed her own panties and he had been made to put them on and how the wet patch on the panties had been pressed against his balls and he now knew that the cause of that wetness was his wife's anticipation of sampling such a wonderful monster cock.

Eduardo then reached down and grabbed roughly onto Alan's cock and laughed as he said that this weedy thing reminded him of a chipolata sausage and would be about as filling for any woman. Then holding his hardening and lengthening cock he said whereas this little beauty was a four course meal for any sex starve lady no matter what her age.

Once more Alan was made to kneel and place his face beside the black one eyed trouser snake; Eduardo rubbed his cock around Alan's face before ordering him to suck it hard so it could stretch his wife's little used cunt muscles.

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