Rent Girls
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slow,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Landlord takes advantage of coeds kicked out of their housing. But only after the girls make a game of it.

It was like one of those random 'hit by lightning' stories that I recall reading on Penthouse Forum, written by some 20 year old sweaty gnome, fantasizing in his mom's basement. So formulaic, I didn't really believe it while it was happening and I don't expect anyone to believe it happened, either, but it's tucked safely in my memory bank and the proof is residing, at the moment, in Apartment D, 1623 Elm St. NE. They move a lot but always in the properties I own. I believe the legal term for our relationship is " ... and other considerations."

I had stopped into the Kwicky Mart on Market and Vine to get a pack of smokes and a cold drink and prepay for my gas. It was July and the temperature was typical for the Midwest.

As I approached the register I traded the usual flirting inanities with the homely chubby girl at the counter, she flirted back as usual and I thought nothing of it as I went back to my service truck and filled it up hoping that I was hitting the market right and the price per gallon wouldn't fall through the floor. That's a game we play nowadays, perverse as it is. No one TALKS about playing it, but we all do.

"You can do better than the fat chick!" It was a distinctly young female voice, somewhere behind me probably in the other pump lane, and I ignored it because of that. I'm 65 but my mind is still sharp and I know who and where I am ... most hours of the day, anyway.

"I mean it. For an old guy, you're pretty cute!"

Now, my curiosity raised, I turned and looked in the direction of the girl's voice. Indeed she was right across from me, on the other side of the pump and filling a late model Mustang.

She was young, brunet with brown eyes, about 5'3" with a really tight body, probably B cup breasts but buns to lick and bite all night.

As I realized that she was indeed speaking to me, I smiled at her.

"Thanks! Coming from you that makes my day." I winked. She winked back.

"Nah, man, I mean it. I'd let you buy me a beer any day."

I bet you would, I thought. She couldn't be older than twenty, which meant she was underage in any bar in town except, maybe, around the campus.

"Well ... I think I'd be more interested in buying your mom a drink, or maybe your grandmother. Is she free tonight, your grandma I mean?"

The girl seemed confused for a minute but she caught on.

"I don't know if either of them still fucks, but I do."

Now if that was meant to knock me back, it did. But I'd parried the unexpected before and I wasn't about to be bested by a stripling.

I looked her up and down. Her clothes, even if they were Tee shirt and cutoff jean shorts, were definitely not out of a discount store. Nor were her sandals, well worn but looked Italian.

I looked at her car's plates, the county sticker was a number I didn't recognize. Hmmm college kid.

"How much?"


"Which is for... ?"

"Sex, what do you think? Oh, you mean what do I need the money for.What do you care?"

"I don't use drugs. I don't buy drugs, not even indirectly."

"It's for rent. I don't use drugs, either. But I, or I should say 'we', did party too much and the landlord threw us out."

"Heh ... Sophomore, right?"

"How did you know?"

"Classic case of off campus life-learning. My kids almost got thrown out sophomore year. But it was in October, not the end of the year."

She laughed. "Not exactly what they did, probably, but it's a long story and I'm hungry. At least buy me lunch. Mickey D's will do fine"

We each drove down the street and went in, she ordered a double Quarter Pounder with cheese, biggied the meal and we sat down.

She ate the burger and fries with some restraint and finesse.

She told me her name was Jen, short for Jennifer and she was from a small town south of Toledo.

"Why me?" I asked. She looked at me quizzically.

"I mean I'm probably older than your grandfather ... why hit on me?"

"Grandpa's 58 ... he's older than you!"

"No, I'm 65."

"No shit? You look like mid-fifties."

"Thanks, again, for the compliment ... but, why me?"

"We had a dare. I mean we each have to peddle our asses to get the rent deposit, but to make it interesting, and less like we were whoring, we made up categories and drew them out of a hat and I drew 'Old guy, working man, over forty'".

'So you have an apartment lined up?"

"Yeah. It's a shithole and we have to pay $750 a month but we don't have a lot of choices, the old landlord won't give us references and our parents are pissed off and won't co-sign."

"We? I take it you're all girls, how many of you?"

"Three, would have been four but Wendy gave up school after the end of the year and moved back home. It was her going away party that got out of hand, too!"

"So all three of you are screwing for rent?"

She nodded. "But I bet Sallie's cheating. Her boyfriend's got money and I think she's gonna hit him up for her share."

"So you need at least a 2 Bedroom, right?"

"Yeah, and what we got is barely that."

"Maybe I can help you out."

"You know someone?"

'I own apartments"


"Yeah, I also do the maintenance on them."

She sat back. "So, you're still a working man. Technically."

I laughed.

She was interested, though and I gave her directions to a townhouse apartment that had just come empty.

As we walked through it, she was impressed. "This is older than the one we had, but nicer and it's got central air, too"

I told her that we might make some sort of deal, but the other girls would have to agree.

She got her cell out and while we were waiting, she finally introduced herself as Jennifer Adams, short moniker Jen.

"Glad to meet you, Jen. Peter Valdosta, you can call me Pete." We shook hands and as I released my clasp, she dragged her fingertips lightly across my palm. Flirty little minx!

Brenda and Sallie arrived together. Both were attractive, but Sallie was the classic statuesque brunet beauty who, if she wasn't the cheer captain, was probably the President of her class. Or maybe both. While Brenda was a strawberry blonde athletic type ... I figured soccer or field hockey from the muscle development in her thighs and calves. Not over pronounced but the kind of girl who could crack your head like a peanut shell, if you get get my meaning. And what buns! And not bad tits, the 'half-melon' kind that maybe bounced once when released from the bra and stayed as they were when encased.

I introduced myself and cut right to the chase.

"From what Jen tells me, you girls were all going to sell your asses to make one month's rent. What I've got in mind is better than that, and safer too."

They looked at each other ... I knew what they were thinking. One time would have been a lark, ongoing sex for rent was less appealing.

"For each of you spending a couple hours with me twice a month, the rent for each of you is $125. Any given month, you can opt out. All I need is the full $250."

"I've got a boyfriend." Sallie piped up. "I don't think he'll go for that."

"Why would you tell him?" I asked. "Besides, would he approve of your idea to raise the rent money?" She had no response, and I figured from that Jen was right. Sallie had planned to get the money from the boyfriend and lie about it.

Brenda had a different idea. "What if I take you on every week, is it free?"

I laughed. "Look, I'm not treating you like a discounter. Every week is too often for me, and probably for you, too. And I need to at least make the interest and taxes in cash."

Jen, though, had a plausible objection. "That would mean you're getting us for about sixty five bucks a screw. Seems to me we're worth more than that."

"Indeed you are, you're all certainly worth the two fifty you planned to charge."

I opened my hands, palms up.

"But I'm certainly safer than the random guys you were planning to pick up. And I don't want to brag ... not too much, anyway ... but I will try to make the sex fun for you, too."

The girls asked me to go outside while they discussed it. They called me back in a few minutes later, I had the lease and disclosures with me.

Jen had a counter offer.

"Once a week, rotating. Weekdays only. We girls work out the difference between us."

I thought about it. Jen was probably right, I didn't need strange more than once a week, anyway. I nodded my agreement.

"When do we start?"

I unzipped.

"Who's first?"

I expected Jen to raise her hand first but Brenda was quicker. I thought that was interesting, she was the one who wanted to know if she could get free rent by being a 'kept woman'.

We went up to the bathroom, as the rooms were all obviously empty. She pulled out my cock, got on her knees, and sucked with enthusiasm. I was impressed by her expertise and the fact she paid no attention as to whether I might cum in her mouth.

When I was ready, I pulled her up and she immediately Dropped her shorts and panties, then, assuming the right position for the facilities available, bent over ... her elbows on the counter of the lavatory. Nice Ass, I thought. Really nice ass.

I slid into her and she was tight, but not overly so, and very wet. I held her hips and sawed in and out, smoothly while pulling her to me with gradually increasing force. She liked that, her breathing sharpened and I knew she liked to be managed.

I came in her with more sensation than I thought I would feel and she gasped. I wasn't sure she came. But I didn't really care, did I.

When I went downstairs, while she cleaned up, I told the other two girls they could move in immediately and we would start on the next installment after they were settled in.

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