Lynn and Earl at Paradise Ranch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Lynn, wife of Ted, has gone to Paradise Ranch to make some money to catch up their house mortgage. This is a more detailed account of what happened between Lynn and her older neighbor, Earl My sincere thanks to SO author, Bobfr, for writing this Paradise Ranch story. What an awesome erotic write.

Lynn Martin, Ted's sexy 32-year old wife and the mother of their children, had been in her new "temporary" work at Paradise Ranch for two weeks when their older friend and neighbor, Earl, went to Las Vegas and made a specific trip out to the Ranch. He normally went there several times each year, but this time he wasn't interested in one of the lineups of all the available girls at the Ranch; he was only interested in his beautiful next door neighbor, Lynn, and he would wait until he could "party" with her.

Lynn's husband, Ted, had known Earl was going on a trip to Vegas and he'd asked if Ted would be upset if he saw Lynn. Ted had told Earl it wouldn't disturb him, but Earl wondered how Ted would feel once the trip was over and he'd returned to Portland where they all lived.

Earl requested a party with Lynn, and he ended up waiting two hours before the hostess finally brought Lynn to the waiting room to meet him. Earl could honestly say that when he first saw Lynn as she entered the room, her appearance far exceeded anything that he'd been able to imagine in the two weeks since he and Ted had discussed Lynn working there in an effort to raise some quick cash. Earl had always found his sexy young neighbor to be a very attractive and very sexy young MILF, but even when he'd known that she and Ted had come to Las Vegas to investigate her working there, he couldn't have believed what he'd see that afternoon.

Earl could remember every word he and Ted had exchanged in the day before he and Lynn came to Las Vegas to investigate the possibility of her working at Paradise Ranch. Earl felt a bit guilty when he recalled how he'd always noticed Lynn from afar as his next door neighbor, but he would never have acted on his lusty fantasies and desires concerning her. He could remember Ted calling Marsha long-distance and describing Lynn to her on his first effort to get information about Paradise Ranch. He remembered Ted saying his sexy young wife was 32, 5'5", with long brown hair and that she wore a 34B bra. Now, he was standing up from where he'd been waiting, and Lynn was taking him by the hand to take him to her party room. The stats Ted had provided could in no way do justice to the sexy young woman who was now getting ready to spend time alone with him.

When Lynn had walked into the room, Earl had felt his cock grow into an instant hardon. He'd thought about this day for a long time, and now it was going to become a reality. Lynn had come to the waiting area dressed in a black see-through negligee with a very sexy black lace bra and thong underneath it. Earl could see a small patch of dark brown pubic hair at the top of Lynn's crotch and her dark brown nipples also showed through the cups of her demi-bra. Her hair looked very sexy and Lynn looked great.

"Hi, Earl, I think you already know my name is Lynn," she laughed as she walked with him back to her room. "How have you been?" she asked him.

"Lynn," Earl said, "I think I should ask you how you've been, don't you?"

Lynn laughed, "I've been a bad girl in breaking lots of the rules while I've been here, Earl, but it's been the most amazing two weeks of my life."

"Broken the rules? And you're still here, Lynn?" Earl asked, eager to hear what she'd been doing that she shouldn't have.

Earl walked with Lynn, holding her hand like they were lifelong friends, but he knew they did this with all of their customers. They got to her room, and Lynn showed him through the door.

"Yes, Earl, there are lots of fairly clear-cut rules that I'm supposed to abide by, but I've been breaking some of them. Like no kissing, no letting my men use their fingers in me, and no cocks in mouth, pussy, or ass without being covered with a condom."

"Before we start, Lynn, if this is at all uncomfortable for you, I can go back and select another woman. I don't want to put you in an uncomfortable spot, but I did want to request you by name, and I know you didn't know who the request came from until you walked in and saw me waiting there."

"Earl, I am very flattered that you've requested me and that you actually waited patiently for two hours. Not only that, but we need to be honest with each other from this point, and make sure we both enjoy this time together. I am so happy to see you, and you don't make me uncomfortable at all, Earl. Not one bit," Lynn said. She'd tell Earl more but the time didn't seem quite right under the circumstances. At that point, Lynn went into the normal steps she took with each of her customers and when she'd taken Earl's credit card to have it processed and returned to her room, he was naked and fully erect, waiting for her.

Earl had requested a half-and-half and when Lynn was back in the room, Earl had removed his clothes and he was sitting there completely naked with a large thick hardon jutting from his groin. She'd gone through all of the procedures for checking him physically, and then she'd washed his cock and balls with the antiseptic lotion. Then, Lynn faced Earl and slipped her black negligee off, and then followed it by unfastening the front closure of her black bra, and peeled back the bra cups to reveal her 34B breasts tipped with large dark brown nipples. She then slipped her black thong down off her shapely legs, and before she reached for a condom to put on Earl's hard cock, she leaned forward and kissed him tenderly on his right cheek. Earl reached up, cupping both of Lynn's rounded breasts and his hands could feel both her nipples as hard as little pebbles.

"Mmmmm, yes, Earl, touch me and play with my breasts," Lynn said, as she felt herself growing very wet and horny for her sexy neighbor to fuck her. Lynn wanted to let Earl continue their foreplay, but she also knew that the rules required him to wear a condom before he could slide his cock in her pussy. She let him caress and feel her breasts for a couple of moments, and then she turned, opened a condom, and placed it in her mouth. She bent over and let the tip of the condom cover his cockhead and then unroll downward as she took his cock in her mouth. Just as it had the first time Lynn had taken a customer, when she took Earl's hardon in her mouth and covered him with a rubber, she began to orgasm. She finished covering the rest of his large thick cock with the condom, and Lynn could hardly believe the length and thickness of Earl's hard cock. Then she moved closer to Earl and let him kiss her on the lips. Their kisses were moist and very loving, as Lynn felt safe and comfortable in her neighbor's arms, and Earl was relishing every moment of realization that he was finally living out a long-time sexual fantasy of making love to Lynn. Earl meant to make love to his sexy young neighbor, even if for her it might be just another fuck for her in the middle of a busy day.

Earl kissed Lynn with passion and hot lusty desire for her. Her kisses were sweet and feeling her soft young lips on his made his cock even harder. Lynn had him so turned on that he finally could not wait any longer to be inside her. He broke off their kisses and his movement towards the bed let Lynn know that he was ready to fuck her. She let him take her by the hand and lead her to the bed where she sat on the edge, and bent over, taking his condom-draped cock in her mouth and she bobbed her head up and down a few times as she wrapped her hand around his shaft and stroked him, kneading his large round balls, too.

Lynn positioned herself in the middle of the bed and spread her legs, pulling them up slightly so her heels were close to her body. She was ready for Earl to mount her and she looked him in the eyes and smiled warmly as she looked again at the very impressive large cock jutting proudly from his groin. She'd already fucked several men during her two weeks working at Paradise Ranch who had very large thick cocks like Earl's, and she knew this was going to be a wonderful sexy fuck.

Earl moved up over Lynn, and he leaned over her naked body, kissing her left and right nipples and sucking each of them firmly between his lips. Then, he leaned back, and guided the head of his cock in between Lynn's spread thighs, his cockhead touching her wet swollen pussy lips and then he pushed forward, entering her pussy. His cockhead spread her pussy and he thrust two inches inside her cunt.

"Yesssssss, ohhhhhhhh, give me your big hard cock, Earl, fuck me, sweetie, fuck me," Lynn moaned. Lynn felt Earl's hard cock spreading her tight pussy, and he pulled out slightly after he first mounted her and then thrust back inside even deeper. Earl quickly had his entire cock inside Lynn's pussy and then he began to slowly and smoothly thrust his ass back and forth, moving his cock in and out of her horny young cunt.

Lynn threw her legs up over Earl's back, using the leverage to thrust back and forth in unison with his urgent in and out motions. Earl loved Lynn's aggressiveness in fucking with him, and he reached up, cupping both of her sexy rounded breasts and squeezed them firmly, loving the very lusty feeling of being naked with Lynn and having his occk inside her hot wet pussy. Earl knew what to do with his big cock and he fucked Lynn like a lover with tremendous experience, bringing her to multiple orgasms as he continued to steadily thrust his ass back and forth.

"Yes, ohhhhh, mmmmmmmmmm," Lynn moaned as she climaxed and she pulled her legs down from Earl's back and spread her legs further apart to give him even more room to fuck her. Earl noticed how hotly Lynn was cumming, and he was ready to really throw a fuck into her. He picked up the tempo of his in and out thrusting and Lynn began to cum again as he felt his own orgasm rapidly approaching.

When he knew he was about to shoot his jism, Earl bellowed, "Ohhhhh, Lynn, I'm going to cum," and he pounded her pussy hard and deep a few more times before burying his cock deep inside her and let him cock fill the tip of the condom with his thick cum. Lynn began to orgasm with Earl, realizing that he was finishing his first fuck with her and shoot his seed deep inside her pussy. Earl lay there inside Lynn's cunt after he finished cumming for a few moments, kissing her nipples and her lips, and telling her how much he had enjoying making love with her.

In a few moments, Earl pulled his cock out of Lynn's pussy and she could see the large amount of cum he'd spurted inside it. She removed the condom from Earl's cock and then she got up and got a fresh washcloth and came back to wash his cock and balls clean from his cum and her pussy juices, too.

"That felt so wonderful, Lynn," Earl said as she lovingly wiped his cock clean, and then he reached over, taking her naked body in his arms and hugged her close to his chest. "I love you, Lynn," Earl said, and then he realized that didn't quite sound like he'd meant it to come out.

"I mean I care about you in a very very special way, and I want only the best for you and Ted, Lynn."

"Earl, I think I knew what you meant, and it is so special for you to tell me that. Can I tell you that I love you, too, Earl, and I mean that in a very special way that I wouldn't tell anyone else but you," Lynn replied.

"Thank you, Lynn. Are you going to be OK here? Have you been doing all right away from Ted and your kids?"

"Yes, Earl, I'm doing much better than OK, and I am so flattered that you came out to see me and be here with me this afternoon," Lynn said.

"Thank you, Lynn. I hope this won't be a problem between us when you came back home to Portland."

"I don't know why it should be, Earl. You and I both know Ted knew you'd try to come out while I was here. You know how this whole idea of me working here three weeks came about, and you know that Ted would have loved to be here in the room watching you and me fucking this afternoon. Am I right? So, it should never be a problem, Earl, OK?"

Earl leaned over and kissed Lynn on the lips, "Thank you, Lynn, for a wonderful afternoon and for making my trip out here so wonderful. I guess I'd better get my stuff and get out of here now," Earl said.

"Oh, no, Mr. Earl, you are not going anywhere yet. I am not even close to being finished with you. You paid me for a half-and-half, right? That's a blowjob and a fuck. Did you get a blowjob? No, I don't think so. We have some unfinished business."

Lynn got Earl to lie back on the bed, and she laid down so she could reach his groin and she wrapped her hand around his flaccid cock and began stroking him up and down, before she leaned over and took his cock in her mouth without a condom this time.

Lynn pulled her mouth off his cock and said, "I know what you're thinking, Earl. Keep quiet, and enjoy this," and she took his hardening cock in her hot wet mouth and began to bob her head up and down on his cock as he quickly grew back into full hardness. Lynn stroked his cockshaft up and down a few strokes, and then she got up and quickly moved over his groin, using her right hand to guide the swollen hard head of his cock up into her waiting pussy lips.

Lynn quickly had Earl's cock inside her pussy and she settled downward on his erection, moaning hotly as she felt her older neighbor's cock slide up inside her and fill her pussy from the lips to the mouth of her womb. Lynn quickly began to ride up and down on her horny lover's hard cock as he reached up, playing with her rigid nipples and caressing her sexy rounded breasts.

"Ohhhhhh, yes, give me all your cock, Earl, give me this big fucking cock and fill my horny pussy with all of your manly load, baby," Lynn said, as she rode high up and down on his hardon and began to orgasm from the hot eroticism of fucking him bareback and letting his cock fill her pussy completely. She began to cum and she heard him moaning too and she continued to thrust her pussy up and down on his hardon as he moaned he was going to shoot and his hot cum spurted shot after shot deep inside her bare pussy.

"Now, Earl, I hope you feel you've gotten your money's worth, baby," Lynn said.

"Can I come back tomorrow, Lynn?" Earl asked.

"I'll be very mad at you and there will be a problem when I return home if you don't come back tomorrow, honey."

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