Ted and His Best Mate
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An engaged couple and a friend turn their relationship into a ménage a trois

I had been going with Chrissie for two years before I took her virginity. By that stage we were both 19 years old and both working.

It was a rather planned initiation into the world of sex, nowhere near as impromptu as one would normally want, because Chrissie insisted on being on the Pill before we had intercourse. She had an abhorrent fear of condoms and I wasn't that keen on using them anyway.

Our build-up to the 'big event' was slow, but probably not that unusual. It took a couple of dates before I got to give her a chaste kiss goodnight. Several more dates with chaste kisses that led to slightly more passionate kisses on the next few dates.

After we had been going together for six weeks or so we graduated to cuddling, holding hands and even, around the three month mark, being able to hold her close as I kissed her goodnight, letting our groins touch lightly as we stood at the front door.

Once I had a car and could take her parking after the movies, I got to cup her firm round breasts, but only outside her blouse and bra. It took another six or seven weeks before my hand was permitted to wander inside her bra, which stayed firmly on.

One fine sunny day, sometime after we had been going steady for more than six months, we were lying on a blanket in a secluded spot on the banks of a small creek. It was a picturesque spot and perfect, with the only sounds the running water and the chirping birds. Chrissie was dressed in shorts and a halter top, while I just had my shorts on.

Suddenly, after we had been kissing and canoodling for almost an hour, her halter top disappeared and she was braless. For the first time I got to see these two globes of desire; round, firm, milky white orbs the size of medium oranges, topped with 'bite-me' nipples.

I simply gazed at her for endless minutes, until, almost a little frustrated, she coyly asked "aren't you going to kiss them?"

That woke me from my reverie and immediately I began fondling, kissing, sucking, licking and just generally enjoying the pleasures she was offering with her naked top. I was so happy and enjoying myself so much that I didn't even consider trying to go further south. The only interruption to my breast fixation that I allowed myself was the occasional move back to her face to exchange passionate kisses.

Over the next five months or so, I must have spent nearly 100 hours sucking those glorious globes; I never seemed to weary of them. It's a wonder that her nipples weren't twice as long with the amount of sucking they had been given.

While the lower half of our bodies remained completely clothed, I often ended up lying between her legs, her naked breasts pressing into my bare chest as I kissed her. Frequently I would rub my erect penis against her groin, but it was separated by at least four layers of clothing, so she never objected, as if pretending she didn't notice.

Eventually, though, I went to the next stage. She was lying topless in a short skirt, with me sucking on her breast while her hand held the back of my head, pressing it against her chest. I let my hand wander slowly up her bare leg until it was touching her panties. She even facilitated me to cup her mound through her panties by parting her legs. But as soon as I moved to the top of her panties and tried to slide under, her hand quickly found mine and restrained me.

But at least all she did, as she lifted my hand from where it had strayed, was place it back on top of her mound on the outside of her panties. Touching her was now permitted providing a layer of cloth remained.

This scene was repeated on numerous occasions thereafter, my hand even getting more aggressive as it rubbed firmly on her mound and I would press the heel of my hand hard against the apex of her sex, rubbing vigorously. I'm sure she enjoyed more than a few gentle orgasms as she either kissed me or put her mouth against my neck, while emitting a stifled moan and contracting her muscles.

My fingers were also permitted to trace the outline of her vaginal lips, provided the panties remained and there was cloth between us, albeit sometimes that cloth was buried in between those lips.

I decided that it was time she reciprocated a little and after several attempts, I managed to get her to stoke my erection, even if it was between two layers of clothing. After one particularly passionate encounter, during which she had enjoyed an orgasm from my attentions and we had French kissed repeatedly, she started stroking my penis outside my shorts. But I was rather aroused and soon was humping back against her hand and for the first time I climaxed from her attentions. Sure I had masturbated frequently after sessions with her, but only after I had gone home by myself.

Fortunately, Chrissie understood what was happening and didn't stop until my throbbing has ceased, but then we both saw the telltale signs on the front of my shorts. Luckily, for me, she didn't get angry or scared or offended; she merely laughed and said "you can't go home looking like that".

Being a practical girl, she quickly got up, went to the car and got the box of tissues and handed them to me, then turned her back so I could clean myself up.

"We'd better not do that again" she said gently.

"Oh but Chrissie it felt so good. Please say you'll do it to me again" I implored.

"Well aright, but I guess you'd better take 'it' out of your pants next time so you don't make a mess of your clothes" she told me.

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard, I was over the moon. She had offered to stroke my bare penis and give me another climax. I couldn't wait.

After I had cleaned up, I took her in my arms and kissed her tenderly, with feeling then told her for the first time that I loved her.

It was a couple of weeks before we got another opportunity to repeat our passionate embraces. This time, after she had experienced an orgasm from my hand outside her panties assisted by my attentions to her breasts with mouth and hand, I put her hand outside my pants. After a few moments, I undid my pants and pulled them and my briefs down below my knees as Chrissie moved her hand to my penis and gently stared rubbing up and down. I noticed that she was watching, wide eyed.

Soon I was thrusting up against her hands as her finger tightened on me. It felt wonderful and I reached up and fondled her breasts at the same time as I lay on my back. All too soon, my penis started throbbing and I groaned how good it felt as my sperm ejaculated onto my tummy.

I was especially pleased that Chrissie didn't stop immediately after my penis started climaxing. She kept up her rhythm until I had finished, my throbbing subsided and even then held me gently as she bent down to me and kissed my lips tenderly.

"Was that good" she asked quietly.

"It was fantastic" I told her "and I hope it's not the last time I get to enjoy such marvellous experiences with you, my darling".

Surprisingly, it still took another couple of months before I got my hand inside her panties, but it wasn't much later that I was able to remove her panties and, with her legs wide open explore her sex with both hands. Now her orgasms were no longer quiet and it was only a matter of a week or so later when I brought my mouth to join my hands in worshipping her sex. This new experience really got Chrissie going and she told me how good it felt.

It also led her to kiss my penis after I had climaxed and before long she kissed it as part of masturbating me. Soon I experienced the incredible pleasure of having my penis in her mouth. A couple of weeks later, while I was sucking her clitoris and fingering her vagina as she lay over me with her legs either side of my face, she was simultaneously sucking my very erect and throbbing penis.

I was able to bring her to orgasm twice and just as she was enjoying the second wave of pleasure, I exploded in her mouth. I couldn't warn her, because my mouth was full – of her.

Luckily she seemed to expect it and didn't baulk or pull away. She waited until I had finished, by which time her orgasm had well and truly subside, and then she turned around and kissed me deeply as we both experienced the taste of each other.

This was the first of many times we got to enjoy mutual oral sex, Chrissie pointing out that at least this way there was no mess. But Chrissie was also prepared to give me solo pleasure, because it was easy to undo my pants in the car as we were saying goodnight outside her parent's place and she could bend down and suck me.

After a few more months we discussed going all the way, but that was when Chrissie told me that she would, but only when she was able to get on the Pill. She told me she would see her doctor next week and as her period was due the following week, we could make arrangements for about six weeks time.

But she also told me it had to be done properly in a proper bed and overnight. She didn't want her first experience to be rushed and on the hard ground.

Fortunately, we were able to convince her parents to let us go to Sydney to see a stage play and stay overnight.

This was the first time we had both been completely naked together. She looked absolutely beautiful as she came out of the ensuite wearing only a negligee made from seemingly a thin wasp of gossamer-like material. She stood there with the light behind her for a moment as I gazed with unrestrained adoration.

She smiled at me as she saw the look on my face and came to me, removed her negligee slowly and got into bed next to me.

"I love you Ted" she told me, softly, sincerely, her voice filled with emotion.

"I love you too" I relied, with absolute truth.

Just as she wanted, I didn't rush. Ever so slowly I kissed her face all over, not missing a spot; her eyes, her nose, her forehead and cheeks, her ears and behind her ears, the corners of her mouth and her chin, until finally I brushed her lips with mine ever so softly. Then and only then did my kisses get more aggressive and more passionate, more demanding until we were both moaning in anticipation.

But there was another half hour of kissing, sucking, fondling and caressing her body before I was between her legs, with the head of my erection against the opening to her sex. I had spread just a little Vaseline on the head of my penis to make it easier for her as she spread her legs wide, opening her sex as far as possible and trying to relax her muscles to let me inside her.

I paused as I felt a resistance, but then pushed more firmly then harder until I broke through. She let out a muffled cry as she experienced the pain of her hymen breaking, but her arms wrapped around me holding me against her as she murmured her love for me and told me to keep going.

Naturally by this stage I had not the slightest intention of doing anything other than continuing. It would have taken at least two very strong men to pull me off her at that point. I was so aroused and so in love.

Exploding inside her was, I was certain, the highlight of my life to date.

We did get to the stage show that night, after showering, dressing and having a quick dinner, but both us could scarcely think of anything else other than what was going to happen when we got back to bed.

As soon as we were back in our hotel room, our clothes were hurriedly removed and we were once more lying naked in bed. Not too long after that and I was buried deep inside her welcoming vagina. This time I was able to ensure she experienced two orgasms before I had mine and we lay there in the afterglow of sex, holding each other as we whispered sweet nothings in each other's ear.

After cuddling for a long time, we must have dozed, but I woke up and saw it was almost 3am. I extracted myself from Chrissie's arms to use the bathroom and when I got back into bed, she turned to me expectantly, so I didn't disappoint her. Nor did I disappoint myself, as once again we both experienced the delicious pleasure of making mad passionate love.

The next time we woke up it was 8am, disturbed by our breakfast being delivered. We decided to enjoy our breakfast first and then each other's bodies second. Breakfast was nice, but what we had second was nicer - by far. We were both hooked on this love making thing.

My best mate, Arthur, was a couple of years older than me. We worked together in the same office. When I wasn't going out with Chrissie, I would hang about with him. A couple of times I slept over at his one bedroom flat when we had enjoyed a few too many beers. I was glad his lounge was rather comfortable.

Sometimes we double dated, going to the movies or out on a day's picnic as a foursome, but Arthur didn't have a steady girlfriend. Fortunately he and Chrissie got on real well, so quite a few times there would just be the three of us on a picnic. We'd found this great little pond on a creek in the national park and loved having picnics there. We had never seen anyone else there, probably because it was rather off the beaten track and a bit of a walk from where we had to park the car. Being fit and young, that didn't worry us, of course, and the spot was worth the effort.

It was a great place with a small grassy area under big shady trees and the water was clear and placid. We often swam here, Jill in her bikini and Arthur and I in our swimmers, then lay on our towels getting some sun, but when it was hot we'd move under the shade.

Sometimes we took a picnic lunch and spent several hours on a summer Sunday enjoying the nature. It was always peaceful and serene.

Chrissie and I had managed to spend a few more nights away together but also quite a few times Arthur would lend us his flat for a few hours while he went to the movies. She still wasn't keen on hurried couplings, preferring the luxury of a comfortable bed in which to enjoy making love.

She didn't seem too concerned that Arthur knew what was happening in his flat while he was out. In fact, twice we fell asleep after making love and when he came home he walked into the bedroom. He just said 'oops, sorry" and walked back out, shutting the door so we had the privacy to dress.

When we came out of the bedroom, Chrissie merely smiled at him unashamedly, even though she knew he had seen her naked body. She gave him a small kiss on the lips before saying "thanks for the loan of the bed, Arthur".

One day, almost a year after Chrissie and I had spent that wonderful night in Sydney, the three of us were enjoying one of our picnics. We had enjoyed a swim but were now lying side by side on a travel rug, with Chrissie in the middle of course, chatting away.

"Don't you ever keep quiet and lie still, Chrissie?" Arthur asked with a laugh.

"What do you mean, I don't talk too much" she replied almost a little indignantly, but still jovially.

"I'll bet you can't lay there without moving or speaking for ten minutes" he challenged her.

"What's the bet?" she inquired.

"If you move or speak in the ten minutes, you have to give me a big kiss" he told her, still smiling at her.

"Oh? So what do I get after I haven't spoken or moved for ten minutes?" she asked.

"In the unlikely event that you last ten minutes, then I'll shout you and Ted to the movies" he told her magnanimously.

"Why should Ted benefit?" she asked indignantly.

"OK, so I'll shout you twice then and Ted can pay for his own ticket" Arthur compromised.

"Sounds like a good bet. I'll just lie here quietly while I figure out which movies I'm going to see" she replied as she lay on her back with her hands behind her head as a cushion.

After a minute, Ted slowly ran his fingers up her side and under her arm, tickling her gently.

"Hey that's not fair" Chrissie complained.

"See, I've won already" Arthur stated.

"Looks like you owe him a kiss" I said with a laugh, thinking how sneaky Ted was.

"No I was just clarifying the rules. The ten minutes can start now" she replied.

"OK, I'll accept that, but no more bending the rules, love" I told her, although Arthur glared disappointedly at me. He thought he had now lost the advantage of surprise.

I could see her grit her teeth to try and prevent her self laughing or moving when Ted tickled her again, which did, but only very briefly. Now he got even cheekier and more daring. He reached up and untied the knot behind her head and ever so slowly pulled the top of her bikini down until the start of the swell of her breast was just visible.

"Now you'll move, or this is coming all the way down" he told her firmly.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, almost pleading with me, but she knew she wasn't allowed to speak. But I just smiled at back at her and said "you made the bet. You should have established the rules better."

I saw her breathe deeply and then relax, determined that she was going to win this bet. After all, I figured, she knew that Arthur had seen her naked before, so what would it matter if he saw her breasts, especially as I seemed to be happy for that to happen and she was right.

So Ted slowly, tantalisingly pulled her bikini top right down past both breasts and still she didn't move. He knew he needed to do something more drastic. He glanced at me, saw I was smiling, then brought his hand back up along her side tickling her, but she remained motionless, so he slowly brought the tips of his fingers up across her naked breast, gliding them across to her other breast and back to the first breast, but still she didn't move or complain.

Ted could see he wasn't winning, so cupped and fondled a breast and when this didn't work, brought his mouth down and gently kissed her breasts before taking her nipple into his mouth and sucking.

I watched, fascinated and even aroused, but then looked up at Chrissie's face. She was looking intently at me, waiting for my reaction. I just smiled lovingly at her and she returned my smile. I could see her relax and her smile deepened as if she decided to enjoy the attention.

"That looks like good fun. Luckily she's got two" I said, lowering my mouth to the breast nearest to me which was unattended and started kissing and sucking it. After a few moments I trailed my kisses up her throat to her ear, whispered "I love you" and then kissed her on the mouth with all the passion I felt.

Arthur was continuing to kiss and suck her right breast so I returned my attentions to her left one. Chrissie finally decided to move, but it was only to put a hand on the back of each of our heads as she held us against her breasts.

"Looks like I won the kiss; she moved" Arthur said softly, huskily as he followed my example and ran his lips along her neck and face until he was kissing her mouth. Chrissie accepted and in fact returned his kiss and I could sense that she was enjoying a very passionate kiss, which wasn't surprising seeing that Arthur was still fondling her right breast while I was kissing and sucking on her other one.

Chrissie's hands had stayed behind our heads, so she was holding him against her mouth, permitting the kiss to go on for much longer than was required by the bet. But I wasn't complaining. In fact I was quite aroused by the situation and was happy to share my girl's breasts with my best mate.

Soon that's what we were doing again as Arthur brought his mouth back to her breast. Chrissie sighed and moaned and I could tell she was enjoying what was happening to her and why not. I decided it was time for me to give her another kiss and she returned my kiss with so much passion I was amazed. Clearly she too was very turned on by what was happening.

I moved to suck her ear lobes and blow into her ears, which I knew she really liked and would turn her on even more. Then once more I whispered into her ear how much I loved her and how proud I was of her.

"I just hope you know when you want this to stop" she whispered very softly in my ear.

After thinking about it for a brief moment, I whispered back to her "I don't want it to stop."

Soon Arthur and I were back sucking, kissing, licking and caressing her breasts as she held our heads against her. But then Arthur decided that it must be his turn for another kiss and Chrissie obligingly assisted him to enjoy another deep and passionate kiss.

I noticed Chrissie flexing her thighs and clenching her buttocks as if she was getting very turned on by all this. Arthur slid one hand gently down along her tummy and all the way down the top of her leg as far as he could reach and then slowly brought it back up, his fingers now on the inside of her thighs, which Chrissie had parted slightly as his hand went along her leg.

At this point I moved back up and kissed her again, but I felt her flinch slightly as Arthur's fingers reached her crotch and his hand cupped her mound outside her bikini bottoms. After pausing briefly, he slid up along her tummy continuing back to her breast.

As our kiss ended, Chrissie again whispered in my ear "I hope you know what your doing, darling, but please remember I love you."

I realised that she was putting the onus on me, which was right and proper. After all, I was encouraging her. She was letting me know that she would do what I wanted, but not to blame her if things got out of hand. I didn't really know what I wanted, but just knew that what was happening was very exciting and giving me a lot of pleasure. I also realised that I was so pleased that my best mate was getting pleasure as well, as I knew he hadn't had much of that lately with a few things that had gone wrong in his life.

Arthur had always been very good to me, especially at work and he had got me out of more than one fix at work. I knew Chrissie liked him too, so I was happy to just see what eventuated.

As I tried to examine my feeling about seeing my darling Chrissie being fondled and kissed by another man, the only thing I knew for sure is that I wasn't jealous, because it was Arthur. I was actually enjoying the pleasure he was getting and I was fairly certain that even though she would never have initiated this, Chrissie did seem to be enjoying what was happening. It seemed to me that her only concern was what I may think later, when the heat of passion had passed.

When I thought about it like that I could see why she might be worried that I would end up blaming her. But the more I thought about it the more I was convinced that tomorrow I would feel the same way I did now, albeit a little less aroused. Right now I knew that I felt pride in my girl, enjoyment from voyeuristically watching her with Arthur and delight from seeing them both getting pleasure from each other. Yes I was very content with proceedings.

As I came back to her beasts and suckled again, Arthur felt it was his turn to kiss her again and Chrissie seemed to happily accept his passionate kiss. When it ended I could hear him whisper to her "you are so beautiful and you are giving me so much pleasure I just can't believe it. This is bliss. I hope you won't, but please stop me as soon as you think I'm going too far."

"Just don't blame me tomorrow and I'm hoping that Ted won't either" she whispered back to him.

Then he kissed her again and I could hear her moan into his mouth. I saw his hand leave her breast and slide down over her flat tummy and then slowly insert his fingers under her bikini briefs. I felt her twitch and heard her slight gasp as his fingers pushed all the way down until, from the bulge in her briefs, he must have inserted a finger or two inside her. Once more she moaned into his mouth.

I got up and moved to her hips, placed a hand either side of her bikini and pulled it down below her knees. She had lifted her bottom slightly to facilitate this and then let me take it right off. As I glanced at the junction of her legs, which were now quite wide apart, I could see that Arthur did have two fingers inserted into her vagina and his thumb seemed to be rubbing on her clitoris. I watched for a moment or two longer then moved up to kiss her mouth as Arthur moved back to kiss her breast.

Chrissie was whimpering with pleasure as I kissed her, but then I felt her really stiffen and as I glanced around I saw why. Arthur had moved down between her legs and was using his mouth as well as both hands on her sex. Now she was no longer whimpering, she was crying out in delight, with bliss and contentment written all over her face. I moved back to kiss her again and her reaction was almost savage as she bit me, her arms around my back squeezing me tight.

She didn't need much of this from Arthur to send her over the top and she cried out loudly as her orgasm flowed vigorously over her "yes, yes, oh, yes, please don't stop, oh, oh, oh that feels so good. Ooooooooh".

Then Chrissie took my face between her hands and looked me in the eye. "Do you want this to go any further, darling?"

"Yes, please" I said simply, realising that I did want to watch my darling being made love to by Arthur.

"Then not here, please. Can we go back to Arthur's flat and you can both make love to me if you are sure that you really want that to happen" she told me softly, the arousal clear in her eyes and voice.

"Oh darling, will you really let us? I want so much for that to happen but only if you promise that you will enjoy it too. I love you so much" I whispered lovingly.

"And I love you more than anything. I just hope this doesn't change the way you feel about me, but yes, I know I will enjoy it. You also know that I really like Arthur, but of course I never entertained the idea of doing anything like this before and I'm only doing it now because it seems to be giving you so much pleasure, even though I too am getting pleasure from what you are both doing to me. But please, darling you will still love me tomorrow, won't you?" she pleaded, the fear of rejection tomorrow evident in her voice.

"Of course I will, even more than before, if that's possible. I guess going back to his place at least gives us the opportunity, especially you, with the arousal a little subsided, to make sure we are both happy to continue, though" I said, hoping that although by then we shouldn't be quite so turned on, that she would still be happy to make love to us both.

While this whispered exchange between her and me was occurring, Arthur had his head firmly between her legs, continuing to suck and kiss and lick and nibble and finger her sex, so he couldn't hear what we had been whispering to each other.

But also by this stage his continued attentions were starting to bring Chrissie once more to the brink of satisfaction. Soon she reached down to hold his head hard against her as she lifted her hips up while pulling his head almost inside her. She almost smothered him, but he made sure that she got over the precipice and screamed out in delight as wave after glorious wave of bliss constantly rocked her whole being.

When he finally surfaced, gasping for breath, his face covered in her juices, he came up and she took him in her arms and kissed him gently at first then with increasing fervour.

"Let's get dressed, boys and leave" she said and I could see the disappoint on Arthur's face, but of course he didn't say anything, just reluctantly extracted himself from her arms and stood up. But the change in expression on his face was priceless, when a moment later she said to him softly and sexily "can we go back to you place Arthur, so you can both make love to me?"

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