Send in the Clones
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Science Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Space, Military,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - the normal brood of clones is 26 close to half male and half female. why did UNIFORM brood have only two males? why is there always something out there trying to kill and/or eat humans?

The Mayans were almost correct with their prediction of 21 December 2012 they just reversed the first numbers. On 12 December 2012 a comet blew through the solar system wreaking havoc as it went. One of Jupiter's moons was crushed and turned into asteroids and meteors. A large part of the asteroid belt was also turned into meteors when the comet passed through there. Earth was hit by several meteor showers ranging in size from pea to golf ball to the largest strike at about ten feet cubed that hit between Japan and Hawaii. Both were entirely submerged by a tsunami wave near a half mile in height and several miles across. The real damage was from the asteroids that hit Earth. The first hit near Moscow; the second right on top of Dingxi, China; and the third in the southern part of the Red Sea. The force on impact was more than 100 times the blasts in Japan from the Atomic bombs. Earthquakes in the magnitude of 9 or 10 lasting close to an hour along with volcanic eruptions and tornadoes at the F4 and F5 scale. The results were beyond description but the final outcome was earths equator changed as the whole planet was knocked around. The new equator goes from Alaska to Louisiana to Panama to Peru to Antarctica to Australia to Japan to Korea and back to Alaska generally this is the closest description that can be given. The only reason that Earth survived was the arrival of the Klathonians. The Klathonians are an advanced space traveling race so close to Humans you could not tell them apart if two stood side by side; but genetically they are different enough that they cannot mate with each other and successfully produce offspring even if their reproductive organs are compatible. Humans and Klathonians were the only known races that could be cloned. Darjanians being reptilian like reproduced by laying eggs and cannot be cloned successfully. Sartolasans were mammal like but like reptile or bird reproduced by laying eggs and could not be successfully cloned either.

I am Mike and something went wrong with our batch group which caused Victor and I to be the only males produced. 24 females and 2 males were not supposed to be even possible. It was usually 12-14 of one gender and the difference to total 26 of the other. Once in a thousand or so there would be twins so there would be more than 26. If you didn't understand by now we were clones. Every batch is identified phonetically Alpha to Zulu both for each clone and the whole brood. Our brood was Uniform.

Our whole batch would have been destroyed if it had not been for the fact that our females were faster and stronger than the drones trying to put us in the recycler. I didn't understand why they kept telling both of us to stay back and let them protect me and Victor. We looked at each other and found that they were telepathically talking to us and we could do the same. When I wished I had one of the guard's weapons as they came into the brood room one just flew through the air and into my hand. Right after that Victor had one as well and we were dropping guards with every shot.

You see we are taught as we develop so by the time we are ready to be awakened we already have learned all of the skills we require to function in the role we were created for. Our group was military/special tactics/black-ops trained to be the most lethal of forces. That is why they were surprised when there were so many females. Further when someone with enough authority put a stop to the advance on our group things calmed down and we were finally addressed in a civil manner.

Victor spoke for our group and I had no problem with that. He was taller more muscular and 30 or more pounds heavier than me. None of us were over 10% body fat in fact most of us were closer to 5%. The first thing that the people who made us wanted was to run some tests to see just what had happened to our group. The girls would not allow anyone to touch either Victor or me. They drew all the samples for the science types. The tests only showed that we were healthier than normal. It was also strange that we had an unidentified third blood cell for lack of any other description. It was determined that the extra cells assisted in our healing, growth and protection.

The scientists wanted more scans and tests. We agreed as long as two of us were allowed to supervise the one being tested. It was determined that not only did we have a third blood cell that would assist in healing but our bone structure was strangely different in composition making them three times stronger and our muscles ligaments and tendons were also stronger.

Our reflexes were faster and we had telepathy between us added to that Victor and I had some telekinetic ability. The normal clone was somewhere between 7% - 15% better than normal humans. Overall health strength intelligence reflexes speed endurance and healing. Out of a normal group of 26 at least half were less than 10% and maybe 5 or less were above 10%. Most female clones were 5'6" to 5'8" and 130 to 150 pounds while the males were 5'10" to 6'2" and 180 to 210 pounds. Our females were all 5'9" to 6' and 130 to 145 pounds and Victor was 6'6" 240 pounds to my 6'2" 190 pounds. So our females were about the same size of normal male clones but stronger faster better coordinated and smarter too.

The people calling the shots were suddenly wondering what to do with our group. Since clones were used mostly in the military and space exploration since their introduction to the human race by several alien races most of who were friendly. Some were favorable in greeting humans and exchanged knowledge. But, and there is always the 'but'; there are alien races that are not friendly and would rather eat humans alive and or are also willing to eat them dead.

So now you understand just a little of who and what we are. That will make where we are even easier to understand.

We are assigned to the Assault Scout Carrier 'Red Dwarf' and of course we were UNIFORM team typically there are 26 teams for the 20 Assault Scout Fighters 'RD' carries so the teams rotate duty on the main carrier and off ship missions on ASFs. But we had been in two major battles and lost four ASFs and two of the teams had also lost members leaving 20 full teams and 2 partial teams. It never works out to mix a team; however we can work together under certain circumstances such as running the 'RD' or fighting side by side to defend a position or destroy one.

We don't know why and the brains can't figure it out either. They simply call it pack status. So 16 ASFs ten with damage but still able to fight and an ASC that has a damaged engine preventing Faster Than Light travel at least a month or more from the nearest base or repair platform and an enemy that wants to extract some revenge for all the damage and destruction we have caused.

Because we heal so fast 'UNIFORM' was always the alert team. This was the third alert in the last day.

The enemy would send in fighters we would launch locate and attack their base ship and the fighters would return to defend the base ship leaving the 'RD' to slip away where we would meet up after the base ship retreated.

However this time we located the base ship and found two; one was launching an attack on the 'RD' and the other to launch a defense of both base ships. We reported this back to the 'RD' and they confirmed and reported launch of the remaining ASFs two would be joining us to attack both base ships and the others would defend 'RD'.

The battle was intense and our ship took several hits nothing severe but every hit causes damage and that does get worse with each additional hit. When both base ships exploded at near the same time our ship was thrown into what we suspected was some type of space distortion or wormhole. We had no idea where we were most of our power failing and some systems failing as well.

There was some debris with us but no sign of our fellow ASF. Our long range sensors were not working due to the damage we had taken and our short range sensors were not giving reliable information as they would shutdown without warning and took time to return to a reliable state long enough to get any valuable data before failing again.

What we did find out was there were several planets in this system and a couple might support life. We managed to limp to the closest planet and orbit long enough to confirm it would support us. There were signs of inhabitants but nothing to indicate if they were friendly or hostile.

The saying "Any landing you walk away from is a good one" might not be accurate for ours. We were fine coming through the atmosphere then multiple systems failed and we had to land blind. The ground were we stopped was very soft and our ship sank almost a meter.

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