Homemade Movies Are Best
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Zoophilia, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Incest, Mother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Grand Parent, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Bestiality,

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A recently married open and honest couple find ways to continue their sexual excitement and it includes a little family fun.

Tom and Angie married young but had an open attitude towards each other and sex in particular; they promised to be truthful with each other in all things and tried very hard to do just that. So a year after their wedding it was with a sad heart that Angie confessed she felt something missing in their sex life.

An astonished Tom looked at his 24 year old wife and wondered what had brought this on, for he was still as attentive as he had been the night they wed; he loved her much more now he had adjusted to her Five foot seven frame and pear shaped arse. Why only last night he had almost slobbered over her great 38D tits as he sunk his six inch cock into her shaved excited pussy.

Calmly they sat down together and discussed Angie's revelation; Tom sat stony silent as Angie tried her best to explain that whilst there lovemaking was as frequent as when they first wed, she felt the excitement had begun to wane and sex was becoming predictable. She confessed she had gotten used to his prick and his style of lovemaking and now it lacked the edge which in turn made it harder for her to climax as powerfully as she had before.

Still shocked Tom asked her how she wanted to recapture the spark and dreaded hearing her solution for he thought that she would want to involve another man and have it happen whilst Tom was not present or even worse would want him to sit watching without taking part; but Angie suggested they try role playing to try to capture the feelings once more.

Slightly confused Tom asked what she had in mind and found himself becoming excited as she explained her plan. She suggested they install small CCTV cameras in the bedroom, one aimed towards the foot of the bed from the far wall, one pointing from the head of the bed towards the foot and two on each side of the room one high level and the other one about three feet from the floor. She suggested that all six cameras should be passive infrared sensor type so they would trigger with the slightest movement. Tom was even further excited when it was suggested they should be all linked to separate recording devices.

Angie smiled as she said, "Imagine the pleasure for ever more when we viewed the final edited DVD's where all the best footage from six cameras was properly mixed and edited into a full scale home porno film!"

The more Tom thought of the plan the more he thought it was a terrific idea and the more he began to imagine all the possibilities, PIR camera would automatically begin recording if any movement was detected by anyone; even if it was Angie's younger sister or cousins who sometimes changed in their bedroom when visiting them. Truthfully he asked Angie about those times and was a little shocked when she simply said, "What they don't know won't hurt them and besides it would be good to see his reaction to seeing his own sister in law semi nude or completely nude."

Tom took Angie's hand and led her down to the computer study and began searching the internet for suitable high density cameras with motion sensors, he began to list the equipment he thought he would need and was amazed to discover a spy shop in London could supply pencil thin cameras which reacted to motion and were wireless. He realised that he could set each one to a slightly different frequency and have his wireless laptop fitted with the frequency scanner would record each file separately. This would then allow him to edit and mix to produce a finished film which could be wrote to DVD. This equipment meant that he could turn off the cameras remotely when not required by turning off the frequency scanner and although a little more than he wanted to pay it was the best option for keeping his wife happy.

Next day being Friday he went off to town and found the shop quite easily; after experiencing a full blown demonstration he invented a reason as to why he wanted the six cameras and why they had to be on separate frequencies. He told the male shop assistant that he was having trouble with a family locally and wanted to observe their vandalism discretely before supplying the footage to the police for them to deal with.

The assistant seemed to believe him and worked out the full costing before apologising that the total package came to £1100; but they could do it for £1000 cash. Tom paid part cash and part cheque before collecting the boxes and heading rather excitedly back home.

That night he measured and re-measured the places he wanted to position the cameras, checked all the angles and distances from the bed and literally planned every detail of this installation. He tested one of the cameras on his garden and was amazed to see that the camera included an infra red mode which meant it did not matter about what light levels were available. The pictures from his garden after dusk were as clear as if he was there in broad day light; the detail on a straying robin redbreast was immaculate and so fine that he was glad he had purchased these particular high definition cameras.

He installed the editing software and began experimenting with the footage of this small garden bird and found it fairly simple to manipulate; so he was confident that he could make good use of six streams of footage and would be able to publish some excellent home movies later.

Just then Angie appeared and asked if he had managed to buy the stuff he wanted and was amazed at the trial piece of footage Tom showed her. She explained that so as not to get in his way tomorrow then she would go and see her mum and be back at seven pm; this suited Tom as he thought Angie's acting would be more natural if she did not know where the cameras were placed and therefore could not focus on them.

Tom had the weirdest dream that night; he dreamt he was sat at his computer and watching his wife with her sister making out in the bedroom; and they seemed all too familiar with each other's bodies. He dreamt he watched as his wife sucked and licked her own sister's tits while she fingered his wife's excited cunt, then climbing into a sixty nine position they hungrily devoured each other until their sweating heaving bodies were a mass of grunts and groans. Instead of being disgusted as he thought he would he found himself turned on and sporting a raging hard on, so much so that for some reason he woke from his dream to find his cock was in fact rock hard and a tell tale sticky patch was right beneath his right thigh.

He turned to look at his sleeping wife and thought how much he loved her and suddenly he saw her twitch, then in the dark he realised she was playing with her own cunt whilst still asleep, he slowly and carefully rolled the sheets down and as they both chose to sleep naked, he was treated to a close up personal display of her fingering her own cunt as little whimpers of delight escaped her lips.

As Tom watched his wife playing with herself he found himself turned on and watched in amazement that his penis began to harden once more. Usually he managed only one hard on each day so it was very unusual for him to have a second, the more he watched his wife in HER dreamy land of erotica the more he became fascinated by what she was dreaming. He made a mental note to ask her the next morning what her dream was about.

Suddenly Angie began to whimper in her sleep and her hips began to buck as her orgasm erupted, Tom could not believe how much clear liquid came from her wide open cunt. It seemed ages before she began to calm down and return to her peaceful sleep, it was Tom who now had the problem of getting back to sleep for his cock was so hard it was almost painful.

He slowly began to stroke his cock once more but this time his thoughts were about what his wife had been dreaming of and whom she had been imagining to be in her, he could not help but wonder if it was someone they both knew or was it a complete stranger.

Next morning John woke early and by the time that Angie came down stairs he was well into making breakfast, he brought her breakfast and made a big coffee before watching her leave and go to her mother's. Once alone he quickly gathered his tools and went to the master bedroom where he speedily fixed the cameras into the positions he had planned.

Quickly setting up they frequency scanner he began to check the image quality and field of vision, he had to make a few changes to achieve a desired camera fields, but soon all was set. It was now just after 2 PM so he calls his mother-in-law and spoke to Angie. Angie managed to tell him that she could not leave right now and would be back at 5 PM.

Not wanting to tire himself out Tom decided to go for a walk and planned to return at 4:30 PM, is walk took him to the local park where my chance he met his sister in law. Cindy asked what Tom was doing in the park on his day off from work, we could hardly tell her that he had set up the cameras and therefore was waiting for her sister to come home to be his porno slut. The pair of them wandered slowly around the park until they came to the cafe where ever the gent Tom offered to buy Cindy a coffee, he could not believe his ears! Had she just turned round and said she would prefer him to fuck her. No surely not, after all she never indicated in any way in the past of an attraction to him and she could not know that often he would slowly wank his cock thinking of her sucking it or even better taking it up her tight arse.

He decided to ignore what he thought he heard and stepped into the cafe to order two coffees, meanwhile Cindy found a shelter table and sat with her legs a little too far apart for decency; for Tom was treated to a great flash of her yellow lacy knickers as he carried their drinks over to where she was sitting. After drinking their coffees he glanced down as he looked at his watch and he was positive she had not only opened her legs wider but had managed to hitch up her skirt a little more; for now he could clearly see the wet patch on those yellow panties.

Trying not to think about anything sexually related; he made his excuse and stood to leave; Cindy also stood and stopped him dead in his tracks by announcing that Angie had arranged to meet her at their house at five pm so she would walk with Tom to their home. Quickly moving around the table she locked her arm through his arm and pressed her 36D bust into his for arm, the soft flesh told him this five foot six blonde minx was not wearing a bra and almost subconsciously he allowed his gaze to wander on to the swell of her tee shirt, he also gulped audibly as he noticed for the first time the size and hardness of his sister in law's nipples.

The walking action was being exaggerated by Cindy as she seemed determined to rub her breast against his arm and now every single movement felt electric to Tom; he even allowed his thoughts to wander about getting Cindy to remove her top in her sister's bedroom knowing that now it would all be captured on film for his amusement later. Although they had a really open honest relationship He was not sure how his wife Angie would react to his fantasies about her younger sister.

Tom was finding it harder and harder to walk normally as his cock was once more harder than a poker, and he was also aware of the bulge now showing in his slacks; more importantly he tried his very best not to show his aroused state to Cindy.

Eventually he secretly breathed a sigh of relief when he arrived at his front door and almost got away with it except Cindy suddenly giggled and as he followed her stare he found she was looking quite intently at his bulge. Hastily he turned and unlocked the door before entering the house; again he was slightly shocked because Cindy actually patted his arse as she followed up behind him.

Angie just emerging from the kitchen brought him some relief as he assumed that Cindy would not return to being the shy cautious sister of his beloved wife. Everyone exchanged pleasantries before heading to the living room where Cindy and Angie like typical siblings put their heads together and Tom never actually saw the sneaky glances both women gave in his direction for he was trying too hard to settle into his favourite chair and hide his boner.

Angie turned around and said, "Oh Tom, dearest, will you excuse Cindy and I as I promised to lend her a dress for a party she will be going to later; and she will need to try some on before she leaves!" Angie gave Tom a clear wink as she said this and began to lead Cindy out of the room; Cindy stopped in front of tom and leaned forward as if to kiss him but instead she dropped her hand down on to his still hard cock and whispered, "Maybe I will meet him later?"

No sooner had the two women disappeared than Tom was sat at his computer watching and waiting, within minutes the cameras kicked into life and Tom was able to watch as if in the same room. The first camera activated as soon as Angie and Cindy opened the door to enter the bedroom; Tom watched excitedly as the two females entered the room and stood by the foot of the bed, obviously talking. Angie was clearly looking around to try to find where the cameras were located but Tom's handiwork was so good she could not see them at all.

Cindy too was looking around as if checking but surely Angie would not have told her about the cameras, would she?

Just then the two women moved slightly apart and to Tom's astonishment they both began undressing; he watched eagerly comparing his wife's body to her younger sister's. Soon both Angie and Cindy were displaying their largish pear shaped tits and it seemed they were even comparing their nipples, when suddenly Angie reached out and began to fondle her sister's tits.

Then while locked in a passionate kiss they two women began exploring the exposed flesh of each other's bodies; their hands stroking the bare backs of each other. Cindy quickly dipped her hand inside the black panties worn by Angie and at the same moment Angie opened her legs willingly allowing free passage of the hand between her ass cheeks.

Tom could not believe his eyes as he slowly stroked his rampant cock for there was his wife and sister in law having an incestuous liaison with each other in full view of the all seeing cameras. Now as he watched and increased stroking his cock his own beloved Angie had her head buried between Cindy's stretched legs and it was clear she was licking at her cunt. Tom could not resist any further and he got up and hastened to join the fun in the bedroom.

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