My Wife Abroad
Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Appreciative of the attention of horny, foreign men towards white pussy, a husband encourages his British wife towards her first encounter.

I remember my wife holiday abroad. It was to Turkey with my girlfriend and her family. We stayed together at a Villa outside Bodrum and made almost daily trips to the Beachside towns and the lovely stretches of sand. I remember her mother Josie was a particularly lovely woman with shining blonde hair, light skin and beautiful, full breasts. Despite a reluctance to bask in the sun she used to wear some splendid Bikinis that did little to cover her cleavage. I was not alone in my private adulation. As I know now, Turkish and Greek men have a particular reputation when it comes to bedding, white, British women on Holiday. I found it hard not to notice the attention Sam used to get from other men, even if her husband seemed unmoved by it. As I grew older I leant that sex can be more adventurous and emphatic when staying in a different country with a contrasting culture and set of beliefs. Depending where you go, the focus of local men seems more intense and demanding, particularly towards white, western women who are often perceived as rich and unattainable.

Nowadays I am married and have two young kids Zoë and Thomas of my own. I've been with my thirty-five year old wife Rachel over ten years and we have a close, steady relationship. At just under 5'6 with brown, shoulder length hair, blue eyes and a toned, shapely figure Rachel can easily swap dinner for swim wear. She has lovely legs and her 32DD's in particular are natural and have drawn the eye of many horny waiters in the past. My kids are at that young age when they get bored easily and need beach holidays to keep them occupied. So for years family resorts in Greece and Spain have been amongst our favourite places to visit. They are just so family friendly with plenty of activities on offer at all hours. As with Sam in my early years, I began to notice a similar focus on my wife. Be it in a restaurant or just browsing in a market. The first time it happened was on holiday in Greece and it excited me greatly to have my lovely wife openly admired by another man. She seemed unaware for the most part but it brought back such erotic memories from my teenage years.

Rachel is a respectable woman from a good family. We are not rich ourselves but have a comfortable life. I suppose you could say I am a contented husband and proud father. My desires were simple: to have my wife flirt openly with a foreign, eager stranger and for their relationship to move quickly towards sex while I watched. When I approached my wife with this subject she was partly shocked and more than a little horrified I had such visions in my head. Lets just say it didn't really fit with our idyllic little family. Over time though and with gentle persistence from me, the fantasy, at least began to grow upon her. When I started with poor health our sex life suffered. Rachel has always had a strong drive and I know frustration in the end contributed to the inevitable outcome. Still, she wasn't the type of woman to knowingly go out and just sleep with another man for her own benefit. I would have to be there, involved and consenting to what we were about to do.

Last year for our anniversary we left Zoë and Thomas at home with my wife's mother and booked a weeks holiday in Bodrum. Rachel had never been but if it was anything like my previous visit then I knew she would have no trouble attracting the attention of some local men. Despite being out of season the weather was very warm and the sights truly breathtaking. We stayed at a villa around ten minutes walk from the centre of town and with convenient access to a small, private beach. It was our third day as I remember and Rachel had spent much of the afternoon there sunbathing and relaxing with a book. That night we dressed up and went into town for our evening meal. It was a beautiful place. Very rural and with her hair swept down one side and sparkling eyes Rachel looked wonderful. She was wearing a long, stylish white dress. Ankle length, silky in texture and extremely classy. It fit closely to her figure and the wafer thin shoulders straps showed the discreet movement of her breasts as we walked amongst the white stone walls.

We strolled around for an hour or so then found a cheap but rustic restaurant on the edge of town and took a table on the upstairs balcony. Overlooking the sea it was romantic and as a gift for our anniversary I gave her a box containing a diamond necklace. Rachel, of course put it on for me and we sat holding hands across the table, the sea air blowing gently in from the bay. The waiter who served us was a handsome man of around 40. He had short, slicked back hair, dark skin and a little extra weight around his waist. A wedding ring was on his sun bleached hand

yet as he attended our table he seemed to be showed my wife particular attention. I picked up on it at once, excited as he laughed and joked with us while sneaking regular looks down my wife's dress. We were luckily the only people eating outside which surprised me for such a pleasant evening. Fortunate perhaps as I watched his behaviour with fascination and genuine arousement. He was very friendly indeed, introducing himself as Raul Saglam, not only the waiter but proprietor of the Restaurant in which we now sat.

Perhaps sensing my eagerness for him to stay and talk to Rachel, Raul sat and asked us were we were from and how long we were staying. He wanted to know everything and politely we responded. I couldn't help but smile at the way he was trying to flirt with my wife while she was sat right across from me. Eventually, he went inside and my wife reached across the table to take my hands. She said I looked distracted and was there anything she could do. Already I felt dizzy and my heart was pounding. The look on her face was one of sudden concern. Grinning re-assuredly I nodded and told her there was one thing: she could spend the night with Raul. As I said the words she gasped, putting her hand to her lips. Her eyes were wide and she looked around, alive with the possibility and completely taken aback when I told her of the Turkish mans clear interest. She just hadn't noticed it at all so new was she to all this.

Some more guests arrived and Raul emerged to greet them. He was gone a time but when he came back outside Rachel smiled and raised her hand lightly, drawing him to our table. My mouth felt dry as she smiled chatted to him, turning her chair and re-crossing her legs beneath the long dress, chin resting delectably on her finger. As she did so she leaned forward ever so slightly so that the neckline of her dress dipped an extra inch. The man's eyes widened and he eagerly accepted the look Rachel was giving him of her tits. For the next few moments I watched as she flirted quite openly with him. All right in front of me. I was amazed and incredibly moved. Raul was understandably surprised at first but adjusted in moments. I expected he was well versed in chatting to European women and had likely bedded a long string of them while he'd been living here. By now I was firmly erect inside my trousers and receiving gentle flirtatious looks from my lovely wife. His eyes confidently moved between her face and breasts, almost ignoring me completely. I have to say that Rachel seemed to enjoy it so much, all those prior frustrations coming out. This was a new and daring experience for her. A call from inside the restaurant and Raul excused himself and went hurriedly inside. Rachel turned back to me looking pleased with herself. We were both truly exhilarated by what was happening. I knew that I would love to watch this horny waiter screwing her senseless and she seemed to be thinking the same thing.

My throat was dry as I leaned closer and whispered if she wanted to go further. Her eyes flickered and she thought for a moment. Throughout our full ten years of marriage I had never asked her that. We have always been a very close couple though Rachel had of course, been propositioned before. Now, in this spectacular climate I could see she was contemplating it for the first time. I know she certainly found both him and the environment attractive to her needs but it was more the fact that she had only just met him that excited her the most. Raul came out again and though he began cleaning a table he gaze was never far away from us. Rachel was looking over at him constantly now and smiling her walked over to us once more. I could clearly see his cock standing up through his trousers as he talked and made Rachel laugh. That wasn't hard. Eager to resume perhaps were we had left off, his eyes moved between her face and tits some more. Confident and unashamed. He took a seat at our table, my wife flirting with him continually, until it had gone dark. By then the restaurant was beginning to empty and Raul already knew full well that he was going to end up fucking Rachel later. He seemed to know that was what we both wanted from him. The Turk had a brave, certain look on his face and she showed hardly any nerves as he told how stunning she was compared to his own wife. Hardly noticing me at all, he touched her hand again and told her how beautiful he thought she was. I saw Rachel stiffen, running her tongue over her lip as she felt his other hand began stroking her thigh beneath the table.

Eventually, Rachel took a deep breath and asked if he would like to walk back to the villa with us. Raul smiled and nodded, knowing full well what was being offered. He lowered his breath and whispered to me if he could fuck my wife while I watched. She clearly needed, he said, a 'real' Turkish man'. All three of us made our way along the road. It was exceptionally dark by then which made it easier for Raul to put his hands all over her. It was just as well that it was quiet at that late hour. Rachel was a little rocky from all the wine. Excited and looking forward to impatient, overdue sex. We had soon reached the short path down to the villa and I opened the gate for them. Pausing for moment as paused to fondle her tits in turn through the dress. Rachel glanced at me as he touched her. He couldn't wait to get her inside.

I fumbled and opened the door, feeling some relief at being back but knowing that our night was only beginning. Rachel wanted it too. She immediately led Raul through to the bedroom. I was in hot pursuit, closing the door behind me. With Rachel standing by the bed, he stopped and gazed longingly down her figure then stepping forward they shared a long and heated embrace. My wife's arms around his neck as their lips met. Then suddenly, the horny Turk began pulling out his cock. He was big and cut and I could see a look of amazement on her face as he bounced free erect. Expertly he stepped forward, a eager look in his eye. Rachel allowing him to gently slip the straps of her lovely dress down her arms. I noticed her tremble slightly as the dress fell over her breasts, dropping neatly to her ankles. Straight away he was upon her, touching and feeling. Making her gasp as he kissed and sucked her round flat nipples.

His hands where all over her and in no time he laid Rachel on her back and was parting her legs. Moments later he was slipping 8" of hard cock into my wife with rampant enthusiasm. He was a well hung man no doubt and the contrast of him stretching open my wife's white sex was terrific. Driving, desperate, pleading groans from her as he went. This was just what I wanted. Her breasts rolling on each stiff stroke. As Raul put a foot on the bed and began laying into her Rachel hard she gasped and groaned like a banshee. He dished out quite a deserved pounding so much so that one of her heels came flying off and clattered to the wooden floor. It is hard to say how I felt. The experience was tremendous. Gasping, his face wet with sweat Raul got onto the bed and laid on top of her, the bed smacking against the wall as he fucked her nice and hard. Rachel gasped in pleasure, enjoying his big cock as I simply stood at the base of the bed, determined to delight in what I was seeing. Her cunny was so wet. It was obvious to the eye.

The rickety bed, squeaked in familiar fashion as they went at it. My wife's nails digging into his back, milking his cock until she gasped out with the thrill of her first orgasm. Pausing, Raul lifted himself to his arms, driving his hips forward and making my wife groan and gasp in pleasure. The stickiness in the room grew as sex continued on and on, the heavy slapping of his balls loud and sure. He drove quite mercilessly, the look in his eyes staying the same and Rachel stammered and struggled to adjust to his size. Determined and confident he was. Grasping the sheet in her hand, she came again, a quite desperate, pleading moan erupting from her lips. Suddenly Raul joined her, gasping something in his native tongue. Rachel seemed to understand and encouraged him to finish. Her hands tight around his waist as he bounded up and down between her legs. Then in a series of sharp, deep thrusts the Turkish waiter came. Pouring his relief into my wife's body and collapsing on top of her in a heap.

Rachel and Raul worked the bedsprings for much of the night and every evening for the rest of our holiday. Though that first time was the best and most satisfying. It instantly changed my whole attitude to Rachel and likely her to me. Seeing me standing there masturbating while another man made love to her did that. In the morning he fucked her again and left. She was still wearing the diamond necklace I had presented her with the night before. A lovely touch. Then as he passed me in the kitchen Raul grinning that Rachel had indeed been the latest in a long string of conquests. A satisfied nod to me as I let him out. The whole event was something that, while not planned came about on the spur of the moment. Perhaps that is the best way such things can occur. We flew home happy and desperately excited about what we had done. Hoping that we might enjoy another event in the future. I knew there was no doubting it.

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