You Are What You Are
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Heterosexual, Spanking, Humiliation, White Couple, Oral Sex,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A very rich and very bad guy takes another man's wife to do with as he pleases.

You are what you are. That's just the way it is. There's no changing it, there's no fixing it and there's no escape.

We all put on an act for the rest of the world, of course, and that usually gets us by, but the best of times are those when what we are really works, and right now, as I glared down at her and saw the fear in her eyes ... I was having a very good time indeed.

It had been easy to get in. Her husband had been all too happy to give up the garage opener.

"He's a fucking idiot and he's kind of got a gambling problem," my buddy Sammy had sarcastically informed me on the phone with giddy delight, "We're into him for a solid hundred G's plus we got him on tape with Gracie. Ernie roughed him up a bit, stripped him down and squeezed his balls, gave him the treatment. Gets em every time. He couldn't give it up fast enough, old lady and all."

There's another immutable fact of nature ... There's no accounting for taste. You like what you like and, as always, Sammy had my number.

"She's fucking perfect," he gloated, knowing he was going to soak me for some serious cash, "Just what you always wanted, blond, petite and cute as hell. She used to be a gymnast, championship caliber in fact, till her boobs got too big, and get this ... She's a PK married to a preacher. I'd bet a sawbuck she's only had the one stick in her whole life and all he's got is a twig. Doesn't get any better than that."

He was right of course, Sammy always did know his stuff and I was almost salivating just looking at her, but I had a job to do first. I had worn black just because it was more intimidating and I could have brandished a knife, but that would have been cheating, not that I would have minded, but in this case I didn't need to.

All I needed was to be myself, plus I was twice her size. She didn't stand a chance and she knew it, but she gave it a try anyway.

"Who are you!" she barked, halfheartedly, as she turned around from in front of the kitchen sink and saw me standing there.

"Jason Michael Wheeler," I gladly informed her, throwing her off guard and scaring her even more before delivering another little blow, "and you are Molly Blankenship."

"What do you want?" she asked, her head now spinning furiously, trying to figure out what to do.

"You know what I want," I answered, confirming her worst fears with my eyes as much as with my words.

"You'd better get out of here," she tried, for the last time.

"You know that's not going to happen and you need to be careful about your attitude," I informed her menacingly, although inwardly I was having to hide my enjoyment.

Now not knowing what to do, she was like the proverbial deer in the headlights as I walked around the center food preparation table and approached until I towered over her.

Slowly reaching out and taking a fistful of her hair, which she kept in a cute little pixie cut, also much to my liking, I bent her head back slightly, leaned close to her face and gained her final submission.

"Do we understand each other, Molly?"

Nodding her head slightly in assent, I wasn't satisfied and took it a step further.

"Say it!" I whispered.

"Yes, I understand," she answered, looking into my eyes as I held her there for a long moment before letting go.

"Good!" I cheerfully replied, again throwing her off, "Get you purse and your car keys, we're going for a ride."

"In case you're wondering, we're going to my place," I informed her after we were out of the house and on the road with me behind the wheel, "I believe we have until tomorrow evening late before your husband comes home. By the way, this car of yours is a real clunker, you deserve better. We're going to have to do something about that."

Not asking any questions, I could see she was thinking about ways in which she might facilitate an escape or draw someone's attention to her plight, but once again my confident and casual attitude made her think the better of it and we rode the rest of the way in silence, not speaking again until I had taken her into my house and carefully set all the alarms.

"Drink?" I asked casually, leaving her to look around as she pleased while I busied myself at the wet bar.

"I don't drink," she coldly and sarcastically informed me, but gave in when I offered her a soda instead, "You're ever so kind."

Her fear only somewhat subsided, I took a seat in my favorite chair and watched her as she walked about the room looking at the pictures and so forth for a while, knowing she was looking for clues and information and a possible escape route, but I wasn't worried.

I had all the bases covered. She was mine now. Her life as she had known it was over, she just didn't know it yet.

Waiting until she had satisfied her curiosity and finally returned to stand in front of me, I treated her to act two of her personal little drama.

"Alright, let's get to it, take off your clothes," I ordered, already almost beside myself with lust, but, nevertheless, fully in control and determined to extend my enjoyment to the fullest extent and in every detail, "all of them."

Knowing she had no choice and realizing simply by my demeanor that it would be even worse if she protested, she slowly and silently began to comply as my hormones inwardly raged.

Folding her clothes and neatly placing them on the arm of a nearby chair in order to delay as much as possible, she paused slightly as she was finally left with nothing on except her bra and panties, but looking into my eyes and receiving no reprieve, she slowly removed them as well, being very careful to cover herself as best she could all along the way with her hands.

"Put your arms down," I ordered, when she was done, "Let me get a look at you."

Waiting as a long moment passed in which she couldn't quite bring herself to do as I wished, I gave her a little bit of my special brand of encouragement.

"Look, I warned you before about making mistakes. Besides, I told you, come tomorrow night you're going to be safely tucked away in that cozy little home of yours, safe and sound and no worse for wear. Now do it."

Watching her eyes grow moist as she fought the urge to cry, I was enjoying myself immensely as she slowly lowered her arms and afforded me the spectacle of her total nudity, and once again I couldn't believe my good fortune.

I had to hand it to Sammy. She WAS perfect. It was easy to see why she had been good at gymnastics. She wasn't exactly a fireplug, but she was head to toe solid, which, as I said before, was much to my taste, and the rest of the package had me practically salivating as well.

Jutting out proudly from her chest, her boobs were of the classic teardrop shape and were adorned by the most perfectly round and perfectly centered areola's I had ever seen and her nipples were thick and long and pointed straight out.

Her beaver was thick and hid her pussy, but it didn't matter, I would take care of that immediately.

"The bathroom is down the hall, you'll find what you need to shave your pussy and don't dally, if I have to come get you, you'll be sorry.

Mixing myself a drink at the wet bar and feeding my lust with a couple of good shots of whiskey, I was pleased to learn she had heeded my warning and had accomplished her task forthwith, but I was more than amazed when she once again stood naked before me.

Without a doubt she had the biggest pussy I had ever seen, but also the most beautiful, again depending on what you like.

Her outer labia were at least three sizes too big for her and completely obscured her clit and inner lips, extending well out and well down between her legs, leaving only the crack between them which formed the cutest dimple where it met her robust and well defined pubis.

"Turn around, let me look at you," I ordered, forcing her to do so several times, first to simply enjoy her horror at having to exhibit herself, but even more than that, I wanted some time to simply marvel at her last, but not least important feature.

Not only did she have beautiful tits and more pussy than you could cover with your hand, without a doubt she had the perkiest most well rounded ass that the human genome is capable of producing ... and I couldn't wait any longer to put a paddle to it.

"Come on," I ordered, rising from my chair and putting one hand on her shoulder.

Escorting her through a nearby door and into another room, she immediately reacted just as I knew she would and flew into a full-fledged panic as she saw the hideous device in front of her.

Having formerly been a weight lifting machine, I had carefully modified it to fit my needs and now, to my delight and Molly's great dread, it was going to serve a quite different purpose.

Consisting of three simple horizontal bars, one for her ankles and one for her waist, there was also a third horizontal bar higher up and slightly forward for her wrists.

Both the ankle and waist bars were well padded while the high bar was bare, but the already attached leather wrist and ankle cuffs as well as the ping pong paddle hanging by a simple hook from the center of the high bar left no doubt about what was going to happen.

"NO! Please!" she cried desperately after she had figured it out and quickly tried to bolt, forcing me to once again grab her by the hair of her head and propel her briskly up against the waist bar and, in spite of her best efforts, I quickly had both her ankles and wrists securely fastened in place.

Now taking my time as she continued to plead, I carefully went about the most enjoyable business of adjusting her position to my complete satisfaction.

First moving the sliding cuff fasteners outward until both her ankles and wrists were at shoulder width, I then carefully adjusted the positions of all three bars with some hand cranks I had engineered myself, finally positioning her exactly as I wanted.

Stretched tight with her feet well off the floor and her body bent only slightly over at the waist, she was hanging by her wrists, with the waist bar only serving to push her bottom out a ways ... all the better to serve my purpose.

"No! No! No! Please!!" she continued to plead, much to my delight, as I finally removed the ping pong paddle from the high bar and prepared to use it, "No! Please! I'll do whatever you want! Please!"

Paying no attention to her cries for mercy, I took another long moment to admire the magnificent view of her pussy looming large between her legs before setting a small egg timer I had bought especially for the occasion to five minutes and went to work.

Administering only to her right buttock and with only enough force to sting, I adopted my favorite method of moderately paced strokes in perfect rhythm. I wanted her to know exactly when the next blow was coming and not be able to do anything about it, thereby greatly increasing her sense of helplessness.

Eliciting a yelp with each blow from the very first, within two minutes she was crying and begging, as much from the shock of it all as from the pain, but by the time the five minutes were up she was bawling and begging plenty so I had to give her about another ten minutes before she settled back down.

I did however, carefully hang the ping pong paddle back on its little hook so she would be well aware of it.

Her grace period over and seeing me once again retrieve the paddle, she also once again began to plead for mercy, but had to endure another five minutes of stinging pain as I informed her that what was good enough for one buttock was also good enough for the other.

Now having to give her a full quarter hour to recover, I used the time to enjoy the sight and sounds of her squirming and bawling from behind ... and what a behind it was, its fresh bright rose color only enhancing my enjoyment. I also took great delight in another few minutes to enjoy the show her big pussy put on from behind as it so closely resembled another set of buttocks below the first one.

I also resolved to one day take a paddle to it as well, but that would have to wait.

Satisfied she was ready to get some more, I was once more treated to her pleas for mercy, but there was going to be none of that and as quickly as I had ruined her whole day, I just as quickly began to change her whole life.

Using the same rhythm as before, I now made every blow a profoundly painful experience and her bawling and begging quickly transformed into absolute howling and abject pleas for mercy that, of course, also went thoroughly unheeded.

Unable to do anything more than squirm due to being so tightly stretched across the waist bar, the only release available to her was to lift her head and scream and howl and twist her feet and wring her hands and all of that she did in abundance.

Applying the paddle to every part of her bottom several times over, I enjoyed myself immensely, but the most exquisite part of all was when I took special care to concentrate on the most sensitive area where her cheeks met the top of her thighs, and it was during those times that her desperate howls filled the room with their piteousness and brought me a huge amount of pleasure.

Over and over again she howled and screamed and cried until she was exhausted, but even then the pain drove her to keep on doing so continuously for almost ten minutes until finally the inevitable happened and she was broken.

Restoring the paddle to its hook, I resumed my chair and enjoyed her misery for the next three quarters of an hour until she had once more settled down to the continuous whimpering and soft crying stage, whereupon I retrieved the paddle and promptly went back to work.

"No! No! No! Please! Please no! No more, Please! I'll do whatever you want. Really I will. Anything! Anything at all!" she begged and pleaded, but there was to be no reprieve as I had one more thing I wanted to accomplish.

"Of course you will," I calmly agreed with her, but I want more than that. I want enthusiasm. We are going to be very intimate, you and I, and I want to know that's what you want more than anything else in the world."

"I do! I will! I do! I do! I want to!!" she began begging, but by then I was already behind her and giving it to her as hard as ever.

Continuing on for another ten minutes until I knew the time was right, I finally hung the paddle up for the last time and gave her a full hour to recover and contemplate her situation before once again approaching her directly from the front for the first time.

Placing my hand on her cheek to comfort her, I was both pleased and gratified as she eagerly began kissing my hand and then, desperate for my approval, began licking my palm. Pushing forward with her head and turning it about however appropriate as I held it up for her, I let her continue licking my hand for a few moments before finally sticking my middle finger in her mouth.

Now as eagerly as ever, she immediately wrapped her lips around my finger and began stroking and licking it until her imagination kicked in a little more and she added sucking to her licking and stroking, all the while looking into my eyes, signaling her desire to please me.

"You're going to suck my dick," I informed her.

"Ummm Hummm! Ummmm! Ummm Hummm!" she eagerly agreed, now stroking and sucking even more vigorously.

"Have you ever sucked a dick before, and don't lie?" I inquired.

"Ummm Ummm!" she responded, almost in a squeal, afraid I wouldn't like her negative answer.

"But you're going to learn," I said.

"Ummm Hummm! Ummmm! Ummm Hummm!" she desperately agreed, also nodding her head as much as she was able while still administering to my finger.

"You're going to be the best cock sucker in town."

"Ummmmm! Ummmm Hummmm!"

Reaching forward with my free hand, I began fondling each breast in turn for a few moments as I went through a list of things.

"Theses tits belong to me now."

"Ummm Hummm! Ummm! Ummm Humm!"

"Your pussy belongs to me."

"Ummmmmmm! Ummmm Hummmm! Ummmm!"

"You're going to fuck like a little bunny."

"Ummmmm! Ummmmm! Hummmmm! Ummmmmm!"

"You're going fuck like a shameless little bunny."

"Ummmmmmm! Ummmm! Hummm! Ummmmmmmm!"

Finally removing my finger from her mouth I leaned even closer for my grand finally.

"From now on, you're going to exactly as I tell you to do and you're going to make my happiness the most important thing in your life."

"Yes! Yes! I will! I will! Everything! Exactly! I swear!" she responded, nodding her head emphatically as she did so, "Everything! Whatever you want! I swear!"

As I said before, the best of times are those when what you are really works for you, but there's also a little secret to it, you have to know when to not go too far.

I had broken her, but only to an extent, just enough to get what I wanted for now. The rest of what I wanted depended on her not being completely broken. That wouldn't be any fun whatsoever.

"Good," I offered, as we stared into each others eyes, "and listen to me now, Molly. If need be, there is always plenty more where that came from."

Receiving an involuntarily whimper as her response, I could see the gratitude in her eyes as I began turning the crank to release her from the machine and shortly thereafter I escorted her back into the living room, eager to get on with it. I was going to fuck her but good, but I was going to fuck with her first.

"I'm sure you saw the hot tub when you went to the bathroom," I pointed with my chin as I busied myself at the wet bar once again, "The water is going to be nice and cool. Go ahead and get in. It'll make you feel better, I'll be there in a minute."

Gratified to see her turn and head down the hall without protest, I went about the business of selecting a fruity wine suitable for a non-drinker and filled a bucket with ice for the little "getting to know each other" party we were going to have and then sat back in my easy chair to give both her and the wine time to chill.

I was certainly looking forward to getting my big dick into that big beautiful pussy of hers, but I knew that was going to have to wait for a little bit.

"Go ahead and drink it," I offered, as I joined her in the hot tub a few minutes later and handed her a glass of wine, "It's not really drinking if it's medicinal. Go ahead and drink it down, It'll make you feel better."

Taking the glass without comment, she surprised me by finishing off the wine in only a few big gulps and didn't hesitate when I refilled it.

"You know, I think you're just about the prettiest girl I've ever seen," I offered, after giving her a few moments to settle in.

"Thanks," she responded politely, but I could tell it was only out of her obligation to keep me happy.

"No, really," I insisted, now getting her to really look at me for the first time since we had gotten in the tub, "I mean it. I think you are an incredibly attractive and desirable woman."

"Is that why you're doing this?" she asked, challenging me, but I could tell she genuinely appreciated the comment, even though she tried to hide it.

"Yes," I answered, truthfully, "I couldn't help myself."

"Do you always just take what you want?" she asked.

"No, not always," I answered, "just the things I don't feel I can do without, things I can be passionate about."

"So I am just another one of your things?" she asked, now getting bolder and also scolding me, but I didn't mind as I knew she was also fishing for a compliment, something I realized she seemed to need.

"Don't get smart," I warned, "but it's a legitimate question, so I will answer it. Of course you are not a thing. You are what you are and I am what I am, and what I think you are is exquisite. I think everything about you is beautiful, the kind of beauty that comes from within, the kind of beauty that is an essence, if you will."

"You're teasing me," she declared, backing down, but still holding a little of her own ground, "You don't even know me. We've never even met before."

"No, we haven't," I confirmed, before proceeding with a big lie, "but I've been admiring you from afar for a long time."

"What do you mean?" she asked, "I don't recall ever seeing you before."

"Every Thursday night you and your husband eat at Mario's, seven o'clock sharp, always at the same table," I continued, having done enough of my homework to spin a good yarn, "I just happened to see you there once and I couldn't help myself, I kept going back. I kept hoping I would get to meet you, to talk to you, to steal you away, but I knew it was never going to happen by chance, that I had to make it happen, so I have."

"So you were captivated by my beauty?" she asked, now openly teasing me.

"Absolutely, totally," I answered.

"Evidently you don't feel that way about my bush," she quipped, making me happy because I knew I was getting to her.

"Touché," I offered with a smile, happy to let her feel good about herself ... to my own ends, of course, and then quickly capitalized on the opportunity after giving her a long moment to enjoy it, "So, did you go to college? Of course you did, I can tell. What did you study?"

"Anthropology," she answered.

"Well, do tell, cultural, physical, classical, forensic? ... no not forensic ... I'm going with cultural," I ventured.

"Cultural AND physical," she responded, finishing off the last of the second glass of wine I had poured for her and not objecting as I again filled her glass.

"No kidding!" I now eagerly began to engage her, "So what racial group has the most spherical cranial index?"

"Too easy," she quickly responded, "The Mayan Indians have the roundest heads in the world, and the Inca the largest chest cavities."

"Hummm!" I continued, "Well, then, Miss Smarty Pants..."

Using the next three quarters of an hour to not only genuinely enjoy her company, but also to fully engage her and make sure she enjoyed mine, I played the situation out to its logical conclusion before moving things along.

"Well, I think we've had enough wine," I declared, extending my hand and leading her to the shower.

Taking my time, and giving the wine enough time to do its work, not to mention the half of a sleeping pill I had slipped her, I carefully washed her hair, gave her a nice scalp massage and lovingly lathered her body with my hands.

I had also, of course, taken some time as I did so to treat myself to some more time staring at her big bare pussy, but the best part was when I caught her more than once taking a good look at my dick, with a mixture of both fear and fascination.

Waiting until it was her turn to lather me up and she had finally worked her way down to my package, I broached the subject and was pleased with the results.

"Am I bigger than your husband?" I asked as she cautiously went about the simple task.

"Yes ... lot's" she managed, in what I knew was a plea for mercy.

"Don't worry, Molly," I assured her, it'll fit and I'll make sure it doesn't hurt.

"Thanks," she offered, sincerely.

"Have you only been with one man, Molly?" I asked.

"A proper lady doesn't discuss such things," she teasingly informed me, the wine and pill now doing as much talking as she was.

"And so she shouldn't," I agreed, as I let her finish before leading her back down the hall and into my bedroom, all the while grateful I had been able to control myself, thereby, at least for now, making the prize that much sweeter when the time came.

Telling her to make herself comfortable on the bed while I attended to a few things, I left the room for a few minutes to prepare my extensive audio/visual system and upon my return found her fast asleep, just as I knew she would be. She'd had a rough morning and I wanted her fresh for the wonderful evening I had planned for myself.

Making a quick call to Sammy to confirm he was well on the way to having every room in her house completely wired for both audio and video, I then grabbed the remote, turned on the three big wide-screens on the wall and once again began to re-live and enjoy the morning.

I had four cameras just in the weight room and I thoroughly enjoyed the replay of Molly's paddling from the front and sides as I hadn't been able to do while actually doing it.

I especially enjoyed watching her muscles as she strained mightily against her restraints, and the bouncing of her boobs, but most of all, of course, I enjoyed the sight of her lifting her head to the ceiling and howling her head off.

Finishing off the video, I returned to the bedroom a few minutes before I knew she would be waking up and spent some more enjoyable time just watching her sleep.

Taking my time, I made a careful inspection of her every naked feature, her big bare pussy and her full breasts and big nipples. It was wonderful and she was wonderful, from her head down to her pretty little feet and toes. She was perfect, but what was even more perfect was that she was mine, or would be. I was going to see to that.

Opening her eyes to find me casually sitting in my chair, she slowly drew herself up against the headboard in an unconscious attempt to retreat from what she knew was coming, but she didn't have to as I offered her another little surprise.

Reaching for the remote, I turned on the big wide-screen and displayed the first of a simple set of line drawings of nude women.

"I want you to pose for me," I informed her, "and be sure to give me your prettiest smile."

Using the drawings as her guide as I flashed them on the screen one at a time, none of the positions were overtly sexual, but each one did display her tits and pussy, thus making it difficult for her to put on a happy face, but with some coaching and encouragement from me she managed to give me what I wanted without having to resort to any threats.

"Alright, now grab one of those pillows and come over here," I ordered after I had shed all my clothes and sat down again in my big chair, "I think you know what to do."

Knowing indeed what she had to do, she placed the pillow on the floor between my legs and used to it protect her knees as she knelt down, her face only inches from my dick.

"Okay, get it in there," I ordered, watching with delight as she gingerly used her thumb and first finger to guide my dick into her mouth before suffering her first rebuke, "Go on, you can get more than that in there, put your hands down on your thighs and be still, just hold it in your mouth for now."

Giving her no respite, I had to struggle mightily to control myself as I enjoyed her most profound embarrassment of the evening.

"Look at me," I ordered and watched with pleasure as the discomfort swept over her at having to look up into my eyes, her mouth full of my big dick and her rather full lips wrapped around it.

"There, that's not so bad," I encouraged her, producing my next weapon of humiliation from the little lamp stand drawer next to my chair and began gently combing her hair as she gazed up at me, horrified and helpless.

Taking the next ten minutes to amuse and enjoy myself at her expense I busied myself running the big comb through her hair, all the while treating her to her fate in the form of my instructions as to the treat she was going to give me.

"I like to have my dick sucked," I informed her, "I like it a lot, so you might as well get used to it. And I already told you I expect quality, right?

"Ummm, hummm," she murmured, softly, after I informed her that her little head nod wasn't sufficient.

"Good, now pull off a little until my just the head is in your mouth and start sucking, not too hard, but not too easy either," I instructed, before delivering the most awful news yet, "Now, whenever I tap you on the shoulder or in some other way signal to you I'm about to come, you're going to start sucking just like that until I'm finished and then you're going to swallow it. Do you understand?"

"Ummm, hummm," she murmured again, as the color drained out of her face for a long moment before she recovered herself.

"Good, now you can start the main course, just pretend it's a popsicle and that you love popsicle's. Use your imagination and don't be lazy," I ordered, watching with delight as she began slowly, but then picked up the pace until she was soon doing a very credible job.

Enjoying myself immensely, I let her spend the next fifteen minutes bobbing up and down on my dick until I felt she'd had enough and gently motioned her to the bed for the main course.

"Once again being gentle, I politely maneuvered her onto her hands and knee's and was promptly rewarded with the sight of her big beautiful pussy staring back at me from between her legs.

It was a beautiful sight and I had to work hard to keep from ramming her right them, but managed to restrain myself.

"Don't worry," I assured her, but still issued a caveat, "I'm not going to hurt you, but I don't want any complaining either. You're just going to get a good fucking, that's all."

Wanting her to experience the sensation of my dick filling her to the fullest, I availed myself of some lubricant from my little drawer, dabbed a little on and received my most enjoyable moment of the evening as I placed my hands on her shoulders to hold her in place and presented her with the whole enchilada in one easy stroke.

It was then that I realized that whatever Sammy was charging me, it was a bargain. I had been with a lot of women in my time, but I had never known any woman to put up such a fuss about anything.

"It's only nine inches, well, okay, a thick nine inches," I laughed to myself, but you would have thought it was the end of the world as she promptly went about grunting and squealing and moaning and groaning like, well, okay, I'm just going to say it, like a stuck pig.

Taking it easy, I simply massaged her pussy and gave her slow strokes for awhile, but it didn't seem to make any difference in the volume or frequency of her protestations, even though I could tell she was trying her best to be quiet.

I wanted to really put it to her, of course, but first I wanted her to get it slow, with no distractions. I wanted her to be fully aware and have plenty of time to contemplate the entirety of what was happening to her.

Taking most of the next five minutes to slowly build up steam, I finally began giving it to her at a moderate pace as she matched my intensity with the volume of her cries, but as the minutes went by I realized that her protestations were slowly transforming themselves into cries of pleasure and that's when I really went to work.

Paying close attention and using her louder and louder cries as my measure, I used the next ten minutes to maximize every move in the service of her pleasure.

Changing my pace as required to keep her on the edge, I was thrilled as she finally let go and began moving as best she could to get the best of what I was giving her.

Sometimes pushing back into me and sometimes moving her fine little ass back and forth, her loud cries were better than any music anyone ever made until she finally arched her back, lifted her head and gave it up with a loud howl and long groan.

Waiting until she settled down, I just stayed inside her until I knew she was once again fully cognizant before giving her the coup de gras.

Utilizing all my willpower and control, it only took me less that a minute of easy stroking before I finally sank my dick in as far as it would go and gave her my full load in such a way that there could be no doubt in her mind as to what had just happened and that our relationship had been fully consummated.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it?" I commented, a big grin on my face, as we both collapsed back down on the bed along side each other.

"Ass hole," she responded.

"Yes I am," I laughed, as I pushed myself up to a sitting position, my back against the big leather headboard, "and how does that fit into an anthropological paradigm?"

"Very funny," she growled, but the tone in her voice brought me a great deal of satisfaction as I could tell she wasn't nearly as pissed off as she could have been.

Settling back down along side her, I propped myself up on one elbow and again began working another aspect of my magic.

It was all part of the plan, of course, but the most enjoyable plans are those that work and the rest of the evening went well as I gave her my best shot, ordering out for gourmet Chinese and sweet talking her every chance I got until she finally warmed up and had a reasonably good time in spite of her resentment at what I had just done to her.

I also knew that in the back of her mind she was furiously thinking about what her future held and how she was going to handle everything, but, as always, I was three steps ahead of her.

Not taking any more liberties for the rest of the evening, we simply went to sleep and got a good nights rest and I even fed her breakfast in bed before we went for a nice dip in my indoor pool, but afterward it was back to business as I once again led her to the bedroom.

The night before had just been the preliminary, of course, and now I was determined to give her a fucking she would never forget, but it also turned into an afternoon I would never forget.

In spite of everything that could have gotten in the way, and certainly in spite of her desire not to do so, it was clear she wanted more. Easily falling into whatever position I put her in, she soon let go of any pretentions and responded eagerly to everything I gave her. To tell the truth, I fucked the holy hell out of her, but she was the only one who had anything left when it was over.

It wasn't that she liked me, of course, she didn't. For the most part she even hated me, but she certainly liked the sex. It was easy to tell her old man hadn't been much and now she was getting much and she definitely more than liked it. She loved it.

"So much the better," I thought to myself, "That has to work in my favor sooner or later.

"My husband will be home in a couple of hours," she informed me, after we had showered, dressed and finished another call-in dinner and I had used the time to again sweet talk her as much as possible.

"I know, you should be off pretty soon, but first I want to tell you what happens from here," I responded, "I have some big plans for us, plans I hope you will like."

"I suppose you plan to rape me again," she responded, coldly, finding some left over courage, which I reminded myself I had purposely left her.

"And I suppose you've already forgotten how I feel about attitude," I came back, not letting her get totally away with it.

"I haven't forgotten," she answered, but the tone of her voice clearly indicated her reluctant retreat.

"Your husband preaches every Wednesday night in Holdenville," I continued, "He leaves early Wednesday morning and doesn't return until late Thursday night. That means every Wednesday morning early you are going to come over here and we are going to spend that time together."

"What makes you think I'm going to do that?" she asked, defiantly.

"Well, for one thing, this," I replied, reaching for the remote and turning on the video of her and I together having sex, "and for another, if I took you once, I can take you again. And next time I might not be so nice."

"Now, there are a few other things," I continued, changing the view on the big screen to one which caused a visible shock wave to spread across her face, "As you can see, this is the inside of your house, I have every room covered, except for the bathroom, of course, since I'm not a pervert and all."

"My house!" she exclaimed, "You're going to watch me at home ... why?"

"Two reasons," I replied calmly, "The first is I like to watch you go naked and the other is so that I can make sure you don't have sex with your husband."

"But if I don't have sex with him, he will leave me!" she exclaimed again, now almost in a panic.

"No, he won't," I replied, again very calmly, "because whenever he wants' to have sex you're going to suck his dick, and I better see that going on at least two times during the week and two more times on the weekends."

"But, he will want to have sex too!" she pleaded.

"Tell him you can't, because you have an infection," I informed her, and that's why you're pussy is shaved and you have to always go naked from the waist down. You need the circulation or whatever. Tell him whatever you care to, but that's the way it's going to be and don't try to sneak into the bathroom to have sex either. If I ever see the two of you go in there together I will assume you have disobeyed my instructions."

"I have to go naked from the waist down?" she exclaimed again, almost crying.

"Yes, all the time, and I better not catch you with any hair on your pussy either, not even stubble, or you'll regret it."

Now crying, she looked about the room, completely unable to look at me until I spoke once again commanding her attention.

"There are some other things," I continued, but was relieved that she had already composed herself somewhat by her reply.

"I can't wait," she responded, as she wiped the tears from her eyes and cheeks with one hand.

"Take this envelope," I instructed, handing it to her, "It has some addresses in it of places I want you to go and things I want you to do. The first thing is to go to the 'Auto Multiplex' and ask for a salesman named Armando.

Pick yourself out a car. Anything they have on the lot you can have. If they don't have one you like, you can special order it. If they sell it, you can have it. Don't worry about the money, that's taken care of.

Next, every Tuesday and Friday morning at nine you will go to The Apollo Gym and ask for a guy named Nick, he will be your personal trainer. You are going to start working out."

"I don't have the money for that either," she protested.

"You won't need any," I informed her, "You will have to pay for the sessions, of course, but I'm sure you and Nick can work something out."

"How will I explain all this to my husband?" she asked.

"Tell him you got a job," I answered.

"But I don't have a job," she protested again.

"Yes, you do," I informed her again, "On Monday morning I want you to pay a visit to Jean Paul at his artist's school in Glenville. You're going to be a nude model. You'll be getting a hundred bucks an hour, so you'll have plenty of spending money. I don't care how much you work, as long as it's at least three hours a week."

"A nude model!" she exclaimed, "I can't go naked in front of a bunch of people! I can't! What if someone at the church found out!"

"It's fifty miles away and very exclusive," I assured her, "No one will know."

"Is that all?" she asked, trying to hide both her anguish and her anger.

"No," I continued, "You have an open account at Mai's. They can do your hair and nails and all. They also do waxing, so you might prefer that to shaving and there's also an address in there to a fine women's fashion boutique. I want you to buy three or four evening dresses with the proper accessories. They know you're coming so you can just charge it to me."

"I'm not going to do any of this," she informed me, finally openly defiant.

"Yes, you will," I calmly responded.

"I won't, you'll see," she insisted.

"Yes, we'll see," I answered, as I finally escorted her to the door and presented her with her car keys, "See you next Wednesday."

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