Kimberly Steele`s Horror Ordeal
Chapter 1

"Really Craig I want this to be over!! It's over!!" Kimberly Steele sighed.

"What?? Wait?? Please tell me you're joking!!! This is a joke!! You couldn't have just called me all the way here to tell something like this!!" Craig Douglas whimpered, as if he was about to cry.

They were in the middle of the street, somewhere in Manchester!! People were passing by and they were standing in front of a H&M building.

"Craig I am breaking up with you!!! It's over!!" Kimberly Steele told him in a sharp tone.

Kimberly Steele and Craig Douglas were university students who had been going out for 3 years but they had been having lots of fights!! Craig Douglas was a tall well-built Blond guy with steely blue eyes and Kimberly was a tanned green-eyed Brunette!!

Craig rushed towards Kimberly Steele with quick speed, putting both his hands on her shoulder, looking as if he was about to beg.

"Don't do this to us!! I know we have our differences but we can work it through!!! Please I beg you not go through with this!!" he begged her.

The problem was that they have been having all kinds of arguments but it was Craig who normally started all the fuss, as he was moaning all the time if they did not do things his way eg like what show they should watch on TV or what film they should go see in the cinema, and that he often manipulated things to get his way ie sometimes telling her false stories so that she had to come over to his place or that whenever they bought a DVD together, he always brought it back to his place and whenever she wanted to borrow it and watch it together with some group of friends of hers he would then play a game by telling her emotionally that she was actually seeing someone else behind his back and maybe she does not really love him anymore and she would of course get emotional about that!!

He complained if she turned him down for anal sex or a blow job!! She also had her own life but that his life should be more important to her than even her own!!

In other words he was a possessive ambitious boyfriend who had a short fuse.

As for why she chose for them to meet up in the middle of the street was more because for her own protection, in case he tried something on her, as she had seen him beat up other guys before!! He did often go to the gym and worked out and so was a strong guy and she would not take him lightly on anything.

"Please let go of my shoulder!!!" Kim telling him sharply.

Craig then did something that she never expected him to do. He dropped down on his knees, grabbing hands and started kissing her hands, like the gypsy woman kissing Christine Brown's hands in that movie Drag Me To Hell.

She was shocked. Craig was a proud arrogant guy who always thought he was right and always got angry when people did not see things his way but now all of a sudden here he was on his knees, begging her not to break up with him!!

"Craig let go!! Let go!!" Kim screaming at him.

People who were passing by were watching and knew what was happening, that they knew they were a couple who were about to break up and that Craig's heart was broken.

Craig's grip on her hands were too strong and she could not break free!!

Craig then started crying, with tears running down his cheeks!!

"How can you be so cruel!! I thought we meant a lot to each other!!" Craig crying and gripping Kim's hands a lot stronger.

"Craig let go!!! Please you're hurting me!!!" Kim started screaming a lot louder!!

Kim was upset!! She knew this was a bad idea (to break up with him) but she couldn't stand him anymore!!

Kim saw that some guys wanted to come and help her out but were too chicken as most of them were skinny and not muscular or tall like Craig!!

Finally a cop came. A tall cop as well. He put a hand on Craig's shoulder.

"Excuse me is there a problem over here!!" the tall cop in his white uniform, black suspenders and black cap spoke in an authoritative tone.

Craig kept on gripping Kim's hands and still kept on crying.

"Sir I want you to let go of this woman now!!" ordered the cop.

Craig let go of Kim's hands.

"Really officer it's nothing!!! We were just having some personal argument!!" Kim trying to calm the situation down.

"You bitch!! You fucking bitch you humiliated me!!" Craig screamed towards Kim.

"Ok that's it!! You're coming with me!!! Get up!!" the cop holding Craig by his arm, forcing Craig to stand up.

"You are causing public nuisance sir!!" the cop told Craig.

Kim turned around and walked away!!!

"You won't get away with this!!" was the last thing Kim heard from Craig as she continued walking, never turning around even once.

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