Hi, all. It's me, again...

This is the rewritten Sparks. Once upon a time, it was really highly regarded/scored here. I've substantially rewritten it, starting in a different location, and with a different focus. Readers of the original version will recall how I found my 'groove' writing it; this version starts right off as well-written as I possibly could.

Not much sex survives in this version - you know it's happening, we see people starting to engage each other, and we see people in this story (and it's sequel, which will post in it's entirety in 28 more weeks) in amazing intimacy.

This is a work of historical fiction, and it's setting the stage for (whenever I get the time to write it) a series of real events, that really happened, in as real a manner as I can depict it, cleaving very close to the real, historically-recorded events. It's pretty broad in scope, and you meet a lot of people along the way - and just like real life, people die, people you don't want to die.

This isn't a perfect romance story, because it's not.

What it does have is really, really good characterization. You will feel like you know these people, and you'll really like a few of them, while others will make you wonder. Some you won't like, and others will constantly have you reevaluate your judgment.

Lastly, the set of books - a trilogy with a fourth book in the same universe, and another two books set 48 years earlier - isn't complete. I've got a day job, one that fills my nights, and I've had no time to write, go to the gym daily, work 15-18 hours a day, and still have some family time. Writing had to go for a while, until my job becomes less crazy (not likely to happen soon), or I win the lottery (somewhat more likely).

So, on to Chapter I...

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