The Road to Serfdom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Science Fiction, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Foot Fetish, School,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - After Amanda gave Laura a foot massage, their relationship keeps evolving. Once roommates, Amanda will become much closer to Laura, ensnared by her attraction. She has taken her first steps in the road to serfdom, and there are few chances to turn back.

Everything changed after that first night, when Amanda gave Laura a sorely needed, if not entirely chaste, foot massage. At least it Hadn't been entirely chaste on Amanda's part, but she suspected Laura hadn't had any sexual thoughts, although, who could tell? Laura had been the closest Amanda had ever seen to the fable of asexuality. Things didn't all happen right after that night, it took a long time and it was the result of many choices, made by both roommates, but that had been the pivotal moment, the point of no return, which would establish the ground for their relationship from then on.

When Amanda woke up the day after, she saw Laura had already left. Although it had been expected, she would have preferred to have breakfast with her, to see what her reactions were like, and whether she'd behave any differently towards her. Thinking back to it all, and in the cold light of day, Amanda realised she had been very unsubtle, and probably only her roommate's exasperating social cluelessness, combined with her apparent lack of interest in sexual matters, had saved her from the embarrassment which could have resulted, if Laura had noticed what was up and called Amanda on it.

Whatever had been done was in the past, though, and Amanda would just have to make sure she didn't fall into those temptations again where her roommate was concerned, or, at least, not to be quite so obvious about it. She could hardly believe how little control she had kept over herself, especially at the end, when she kissed Laura's slender pretty feet. What would she have done, what excuse would she have used, if her roommate had been wakeful enough to notice?

The situation had become, if anything, more urgent. Amanda still hadn't talked to Laura about her sexual needs, and she couldn't wait anymore. She knew that if she started the day masturbating half her morning would go down the drain, but after the previous night's episode she could no longer contain herself. She got up, still in her night clothes, and looked for her vibrator, on the drawer where she had put it back after her last ill-fated attempt. She couldn't avoid gasping when she realised it was no longer there! Only a note from her roommate's anachronistically neat handwriting stood in its place: "I'm sorry, but I cannot abide being in the same room as that instrument. Please, forgive me, Laura."

Amanda didn't know how to react. At first, she simply read the note, her gesture confused and uncomprehending. That couldn't possibly say what it said! Then, realising it did say it, and, furthermore, it did mean it, she started getting angry. She was frustrated. Her nipples were erect, and the dreams she had been having for the whole night had driven her crazy. She was ready to ask for a room change that very second, but she tried to calm herself. Surely it would be possible to talk this out with Laura and reach a reasonable compromise. The gall of that girl! How did she dare impose her narrow, retrograde, self-denying morality on Amanda? Whatever had she done to deserve this!

After a few minutes of pacing around the room, trying to calm herself, she decided she would talk it over with her roommate that night, demand an apology, and if she still wasn't satisfied after that, she would ask for a different roommate. Being attracted to Laura, her heart wanted to get things sorted out, so she could stay with her, but her head also knew how it only complicated things further. However, vibrator or no, she needed an orgasm, and she needed it right then, so she returned to bed, lay down, and tried to think about Nadya, one of her previous girlfriends, whom she had had very good sex with.

She lay on her back, and she begun to slowly stroke herself with her hand. She hadn't always had a vibrator, and she would manage to survive without one. She started by simply using her palm on her pubic area, brushing against her lips, and slowly teasing them open with her fingers. She was already rather excited, and this treatment sped up her breath, and got her flushed. With her free hand, she began to pinch one of her nipples, between finger and thumb, as she continued circling around her lips. Soon she opened them fully, and with deft and practiced fingers, she started lightly pressing on her clitoris. She quickly lost patience with her slow approach, and begun to rub it in earnest, as her chest undulated up and down, driven by the urgency of her needs.

It didn't take long to get herself moaning. She muttered little sounds, half pronounced endearments, bits of sweet nonsense, remembered from her time with Nadya. She had been little and diaphanous, even more so than Amanda herself, and she could remember feeling her light body on her, or grasping her arms and touching her tiny bones, and being almost afraid of breaking her. A breeze could take her away, Amanda used to say. She had been an extremely accomodating girlfriend, learning Amanda's body, making sure to please her as well as she could, and Amanda remembered how she used to lay little kisses around her mound, a prelude to more intimate attentions. She would then start using the tip of her tongue, lightly caressing her lips, and Amanda would first moan, then demand, then grab Nadya's head, compelling her to stop her teasing. She'd lick up and down Amanda's cleft, at last stimulating Amanda's clitoris, as Amanda would grab her hair.

At last, after a few minutes of this, Amanda managed to get an orgasm, her first in a while. It made her body quake, from head to toe. Her limbs flailed aimlessly, her head turned hard to the left, and her voice sounded a long sustained note in velvet, unarticulated and raw as her own pleasure.

As she had thought, by the time she was ready to begin working, half of Amanda's morning was gone. At least at night her energy was running low, and she could easily fall into sleep after just a few minutes of play, but in the morning, wide awake and full of life, her appetite was far harder to satiate. That's why she avoided doing such things early, except when a partner was at hand: then it was all the better to have a big appetite.

Unlike Laura, whose work involved actual subjects, much of Amanda's work could be done from her own room. Finding and programming better algorithms for her sensors, for instance. Of course, eventually everything would have to get field-tested, but that was still far away. So instead of going out to work at the department, where she could use the workstations and reference libraries, she decided to stay in for the day. If she needed more cycles or references she didn't have at hand she could always use the uni's intranet for that, and she didn't feel much like going out: the weather looked unpleasant.

In the meantime, Laura was working at one of the labs, trying to deal with her not very cooperative subjects, unsuitably arranged equipment, tiredness, and her own thoughts. She was trying to record the readings on the mental states of her subjects under different environmental conditions, trying to find out if she could get a strong correlation somewhere between those readings and the emotions at play. There had been a lot of previous work towards such correlations, but it rarely generalised to all subjects, or even a good deal of them. She was starting to think perhaps a degree of personal calibration would always be necessary.

"Do you have a girlfriend?" she asked her subject.

"Sure, she's called Catherine. She's also a student, I met her a couple of years ago."

The subject, Alan, was a student trying to get a little money. He was in his early 20s, tall, and thin. He had been oggling Laura with interest from the first time he saw her, and she was getting rather tired of his attitude.

"What if I told your girlfriend how you're looking at me, would you like that?"

"Hey, Cat's a reasonable person. I've just looked. I mean, it's a compliment for fuck's sake. Why do you sound so pissed off about it?"

"So, you wouldn't mind me telling your girlfriend. Please, will you give me her comm tag?"

"You crazy? What's this about? My girl's no part of this experiment, she hasn't consented to any of this. You can't just call her and dump stuff like this on her."

"Let me worry about the ethics review, yes? Comm tag. You've agreed to cooperate in answering as fully and sincerely as you're able. I'm sure you're able to cast her comm now."

He slid his fingers for a while on his watch, looking for her details, until he found them.

"I'm doing this under protest. I want it on the fucking record." He tapped a few times and Laura's comm chirped. She took it out of her pocket. Her comm was large and unwieldy, rather unfashionable, or, perhaps, a fashion statement all its own. She started tapping something on it, perhaps a short passphrase or something. She didn't seem to be wired for sound either, as she soon placed it by her ear.

"Cat? Yes, your boyfriend's sitting here with me. We're doing an experiment, he's the subject. Ah, you knew about it? Yes, I just wanted to call you to let you know he seems to be looking at me very ... persistently. Ah, he does that a lot then?"

Laura's comm chirped as Alan kept knocking to join the call, frantically fingering his watch.

"Let me join the fucking call right now. I'm not taking this shit from anyone."

"Yes, he is rather rude, isn't he? I guess you've settled for his looks. I don't know if I've have done the same, but each to their own."

"Either you let me join the call or I quit right now. No joke."

"Ok, Alan. Calm down now. I'm going to let you join the call."

"Hi, honey", he said soothingly. "You see, this stuck-up woman, she thinks I'm always looking at her, but you know I've no eyes for anyone else, yes? Come on, she's just playing around for her experiment or whatever, she's all work, I guarantee. Aren't you going to say anything?"

That's when Alan heard the laughter coming through the comm. Not just giggles, or quiet chuckles, but deep rolling laughter, coming from a voice he couldn't recognise.

"Oh goodness, Laura! You are something! I can't believed he swallowed it", said Amanda through the comm. "You shouldn't play with the subjects so much, you know", she chided.

"What? What's this all about?" he asked.

"See you later, Amanda, I'm going to explain it all to the boy in words he can understand", said Laura while cutting the call and putting her comm back in her pocket. "You were right about something: your girlfriend hasn't consented to anything, so obviously I couldn't call her and tell her how interested you seem to be in the female shape. Instead I called my roommate, Amanda, after quickly explaining the situation via text. I thought you were dumb enough to believe it, and I was right."

"But that's..." Relief and anger fought in Alan's mind, as Laura looked amused. "That's fucking low, fuck's sake. I can't believe you've done this to me."

"I needed some data, I got some data. You needed some money, you got some money. Both satisfied, yes? Anyway, interview's over. Next subject will be around in a few minutes. See you in a week, assuming you still want to participate?"

"Want to participate? Why would I want to participate? Get another toy."

"Well, up to you. You know if you discontinue participation in an experimental protocol without cause we won't call you for anything else, right? Laura said this as she unplugged the systems and got things ready to change subject. "It's been a pleasure to work with you, Alan. Good-bye."

"Ok, next week", he said as he headed out of the lab. "Fucking bitch", he muttered.

Laura got home quite tired, though not as much as the day before, and she had started getting somewhere in instilling strong emotional states in her subjects. Ethics limitations made it very difficult to place them in extreme situations, but with a bit of guile one could get them to react nicely, like that arsehole Alan. That was a neat moral victory. She managed to arrive at a more reasonable time, 9, and she hoped to talk it over with her roommate and have some laughs.

She got into her room and greeted Amanda, sitting at her desk and apparently focused on her work. She took off her shoes, slightly sighed with pleasure, and lay on her bed for a little.

"What's the time?" asked Amanda.

"Quarter past nine now", said Laura. "Have you had dinner yet?"

"No, give me a few seconds to back this up and we can think about that."

"Oh, if you're busy I can go and have dinner by myself. Though I think I'll lie on the bed for a little more. I'm a bit tired, though not as much as I was yesterday, fortunately. That was quite horrible."

"Hmm. Yes yes, sec." Amanda kept backing up and winding down her workspace. "Yes yes, save", she muttered. "Ok, done. You were saying? Something about being tired?"

That's when Amanda got up from her desk and saw her roommate lying down on her bed, barefoot, and all she longed for was kneeling down at her feet to ... She felt herself blush, felt hot all of a sudden.

"Yes, I was saying I'm not quite as tired as yesterday. I propose a simple dinner though, I'm not up to a lot of food. Unless you're very hungry, in which case feel free to eat more."

Amanda had been looking at her roommate's face, trying not to betray herself and her own desires, and was finding it a little difficult to follow the conversation.

"Simple dinner? What about a soup?" she asked.

"Soup would be perfect. Shall we wait for 10 minutes here, maybe have a chat, and then go make it?"

At that point all Amanda could wonder was how she was going to survive 10 minutes of this. Somehow, having tasted the forbidden fruit, it had only become more appetising. She decided to put some distance between them, and lay down on her own bed.

"So, did you like what I did to that guy?"

"To Alan? That was some funny stuff. You should have made sure that I was cleared for human experiments though. As it happens I am, but you could have got in quite a bit of trouble."

"Oh, don't be such a spoilsport. I think you're missing certain, let's say, second-order effects of the whole thing."

"Such as?"

"Such as I actually do have his girlfriend's comm tag. Such as if he gives me any crap I can use it. That sort of thing."

"Damn, I thought you were innocent and naïve! Silly me."

At that comment, Laura looked oddly sad. Amanda must have hit a nerve without realising.

"Well, there are ways in which I am, I guess. And then there are ways in which I'm anything but. I had an odd childhood, let's leave it at that. But it's funny, somehow I thought you were the innocent and naïve one. Must be that girlish look you have, younger than your years."

Amanda thought of inquiring further about Laura's childhood, but it seemed clear that she didn't want to talk about that then and there. So she tried to work out if Laura had paid her a compliment, in her peculiar way.

"So you find me cute somehow? Feel protective?" she chuckled.

"I guess you could call it that. I feel like I should be setting you a good example and making sure you behave", said Laura smiling. "Not that you look like a very naughty girl, just a little naughty perhaps."

"Well, this young lady needs some food, what if we go and have our soup now?" she said as she stood up.

"Oh well, we shouldn't really dine so late, but there's so much work to do. Let's go then."

After they had their dinner at the communal kitchen, both girls went back to their room. Although it wasn't yet very late, they were tired from working and looked it.

As they both lay down in their beds, Amanda decided that there just wasn't going to be a good time to speak of the matter she had in mind, and so any moment would be roughly as awkward and difficult. So may as well do it now, she thought.

"Laura, sorry to bother you, but I need to talk to you about this morning's note."

"Does it need to be now? Can't we talk about it tomorrow? We're both tired and I suspect we may get a bit cranky. Not the best before sleep."

"Listen, I'm ok with talking it over tomorrow, but we have to talk. I'm not letting this be. If you want to postpone it that's ok with me though."

"Fine, let's do that and try to get a decent night's sleep. I don't know about you, but I surely need it. My feet are still a little tired, and I'm not tracking very well..."

"It's not so bad as yesterday, right? You don't need..." Right, subtlety, that was going to be her watchword. She wasn't going to make suspicious offers, she wasn't going to betray how much she liked her roommate, and certainly she wasn't going to show how she was fond of her feet, and how she felt like doing things for her. Maybe I'll manage it one of these days, she thought.

"Nah, I'm feeling much better. Your foot massage yesterday seems to have helped a lot." Amanda could hear Laura's amusement. "I didn't think it'd do that much good, but that's why we're scientists. Yay experimental method! And now if you don't mind, night night."

"Night", replied Amanda as she turned over and closed her eyes.

As Amanda turned around in bed she heard her roommate whispering her name. Surprised, she turned back facing towards Laura's bed. After a few seconds of silence, when she thought she'd only imagined it, Laura whispered her name again.

"You calling me?" she said.

"I wondered if you were awake, by any chance."

"Barely", she mumbled.

"Well. Are you tired?"

"Yes. What's going on?"

"Oh, I just ... But if you're tired, never mind. Good night."

"Oh, ok, good night then."


"What is it now?" she said. She was starting to get grumpy.

"I want you to give me a foot massage, like yesterday."

"NOW? I'm in bed. Come on."

"Yes, now. I know you like it, so don't bother pretending."

Amanda blushed, and wondered what to do. It seemed futile to deny it, and silence would just be taken as agreement.

"I don't know what you're talking about, and if you're going to behave like that you can forget about me helping you anymore. I thought I was just doing something nice for you and now you think you have the right to order me about and say ludicrous things? Do you think just because I'm a Lesbian I'm putty in your hands?"

"Amanda, stop being silly and come give me a foot massage. I want you to, you want to. If you don't do it now you won't get to do it ever again, that's a promise."

Did Laura mean it? Her voice sounded firm, but would Laura really refuse herself that pleasure just because Amanda didn't want to be forced into anything? That's what Amanda was trying to work out, and then she remembered that Laura was the one who didn't bother with masturbation. Would she be able to refuse herself a pleasure? There was no doubt of it in Amanda's mind: she could and she would.

"Ok, fine. So I liked it. Is that a crime?" she said as she got out of her bed. "I was just about falling asleep though, and now you want me to do this. It's not very considerate."

Amanda was kneeling at the foot of Laura's bed just like the previous time as she finished speaking, and as she fumbled for the tucked-in sheets so she could reach her roommate's covered feet, she heard Laura laugh.

"Oh, you're so amusing. Inconsiderate! I have you kneeling at my feet, practically told you the prize for giving me this massage will be you'll get to do it again, and you obeyed me without complaint, and you think I have to bother being considerate with you?"

"Laura, that's very unkind", she said as she started the massage. "I like doing this, and as you guessed I find it a bit embarrassing, but that doesn't give you the right to talk to me like that."

"So why are you still doing it if it doesn't? What gives me the right to talk to you like that is that you'll do nothing about it. I don't know if you like that too, to be bossed around and laughed at, and to be honest, I don't care. All I care about is that you keep doing what I told you. Either you like being talked to that way, or your enjoyment of what I'm letting you do is enough to compensate for it. That's what gives me the right."

"Laura...", she said softly. "Please don't be like that to me? Please? I'll do whatever you want but please don't be mean to me, I'm being good, yes?" Her voice sounded hesitant and she knew she'd soon be crying if Laura kept this up.

"Oh, and why not? It's time for you to learn your place here, and your place is right there at my feet, doing whatever I want you to do and thanking me for it. It's time for you ... It's time! IT'S TIME!--"

Suddenly Amanda felt herself tossing about in bed.

"--to get up! Morning there!"

"Oh, I was ... I think I was having a bad dream." Amanda was still a little shaken, her heart was beating quickly, and her voice still sounded shocked. At the same time, she could feel she had been excited, and it was mortifying to realise the dream had both been horrible and arousing at the same time.

"Yes, I noticed", said Laura. "You were tossing about in bed. That's what decided me to wake you up in the end."

"Was I ... was I saying anything?"

"Something about being mean and a lot of mumbling, it sounded like you weren't having a good time."

"Oh, I can't remember what it must have been about", she lied. "I just remember it being unpleasant. What a way to start the day."

"Yes, I know. I get nightmares sometimes, it's really horrible. They can set the tone for the whole morning. At least you're lucky you don't remember the dream."

"I guess so", she said as she got up. "Do you have experiments today as well?"

"Yes, but I still have a couple of hours before meeting the first subject. I just got up and was about to have breakfast when I saw you writhing and..."

"Let's have breakfast together then."

"Sure, sounds like a plan. Shall we eat at the kitchen?"

"Sure, why not?" she said as she got dressed on her usual casual wear.

"Well, if you wanted to discuss certain things, perhaps we should do it here."

After her dream, that was the last thing on her mind. She was feeling out of sorts, like something cold was inside her, and she didn't want an argument on top of it all.

"Never mind. Another time. I really can't discuss it now anyway. Unless you're just going to change your mind about it all and..."

"No." Laura spoke the short word and Amanda felt her resolve. It wouldn't be an easy matter, and that simple reply had felt cutting already.

"Ok, let's forget about it for now and leave it for ... tonight or whenever. I need to get some food in me, try to get warmed up, do some work. Let's go."

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