The House at the End of the Street
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Incest, Aunt, Nephew, First, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Big Breasts,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Helen, a busty and very attractive 42 year-old blonde, relishes her freedom after divorcing her no good husband. Moving just down the street from her twin sister’s large family, she rather enjoys the flattering attention of her handsome 18 year-old nephew. Playing with fire, she encourages and teases by letting him see her in a tiny bikini. When the bikini top comes off, her problem begins. Helen soon learns that teasing your nephew can lead to something big 9 months later!

When my divorce became final, it was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had put up with a lot from my husband Jonathan, including the fact that we hadn't made love in months, but things had gone too far! When he broke the news that he had "accidentally" knocked up his assistant in the advertising firm he worked for, and she was demanding child support, I saw the writing on the wall. I guess I could have forgiven him for that, if it had been a one time thing, but I felt compelled to do a little digging.

I hired a private investigator. She was young, but I liked her no-nonsense approach. "Mrs. Kellerman, I have some bad news." She said while I was sipping coffee in her tiny but Spartan neat office. "Let me just cut to the chase. If I where you, I'd get a divorce."

"Call me Helen." I sighed and put down my cup. "How bad is it, Miss Monroe?"

"It's Petra." She pulled a manila envelope out of her top desk drawer and handed it to me. Inside were five eight by ten photographs. They had the look of screen captures off of a video recording. The settings were all the same. It looked like some cheap motel down town. They all depicted my rat bastard of a husband screwing five different young women. "I'm very sorry Helen, but you needed to see them. Your husband habitually used the same room for his lunch time activities, so I just planted a pinhole camera overlooking the bed."

"I thought infidelity wasn't grounds for divorce any more?" I asked with a heavy heart. "I'd be shafted if he used the legal department of his company."

The detective took the pictures and spread them across the desk. "Eighteen" she said pointing to a picture. "Nineteen, nineteen, eighteen" she paused and tapped the last photograph. "Fifteen years old. I'm sure your husband didn't know, but it's something you can use. I interviewed the girl and she assured me he thought she was nineteen. When Mr. Kellerman finds out young Kitty was using a fake ID at the club he got her drunk in before taking her to bed, I'm sure he'll see the wisdom in a no contest split, fifty-fifty down the middle."

I stared at the picture. "Petra, it's going to be sixty-forty and I keep the damn house!"

The divorce went better then I ever hoped for. Jonathan bent over backwards to accommodate me in every way. I suppose I should have gone to the police with what I know, but like they say. What goes around comes around. The day after I got the papers finalizing everything, the shit hit the fan for Jonathan. Kitty, now sporting a cute little baby bump, had admitted everything to her parents. They went ballistic! Charges were soon made. Poor Jonathan was now getting ready for his trial, and didn't even have money for bail after the divorce settlement. It looked like he wouldn't be anywhere near a female anytime in the foreseeable future!

I was free! I never expected it, but after so many years married to Jonathan, I welcomed being a single woman again! I sold our house, and laughed when I took a loss in this bad market. I sent a photocopy of the paperwork to Jonathan, just so he could see how little I let it go for. I even took his custom made golf clubs and donated them to Good Will! I know it sounds petty, but fuck it!

I was checking the real estate listings one morning when I got a phone call. "Helen, it's me. Guess what?"

"Hi Liz." My twin sister and I have always been very close. She was a huge help to me in my time of need. "You're pregnant again."

She laughed. "How did you always know? Just once I want to surprise you when I'm expecting! That's not what I was calling you about though."

"I can always tell by your voice. Oh hell Liz, the vagina isn't a clown car you know! Aren't six brats enough? What are you going to do with seven?"

"Jeeze, I have to make up the balance since you don't want any kids!" she laughed again. "Anyway, I have great news! You know that house on the end of my street? It's hitting the market tomorrow! Get down here as fast as you can before anyone else finds out about it!"

"I'm sure Mark will be thrilled at having his sister-in-law living within walking distance! I can hear him now." I tried to talk in a deep manly voice. "Honey, your clone's here again! Tell her to come back only if she needs to borrow a kidney or some bone marrow from you!"

"Oh poo! He's not like that and you know it! Mark thinks you're great. Besides, having a baby sitter who works for free in the neighborhood made him see it my way in no time!"

That's how I ended up living right down the street from my sister's ever growing family. My new house was perfect! The three bedrooms meant I could convert one room into an office, and have a spare bedroom for any guests I didn't actually want to share a bed with! It only had one bathroom, but since I only had one bladder, that was fine by me! Besides, it had a swimming pool in the fenced in and private little back yard! With the money I got from the divorce, and my share of the family trust fund. I was all set to live quite comfortably for the rest of my life. Little did I know what strange twist would throw my life into complete disarray.

I'm lazy at heart, so when I heard the knocking at my door at the ungodly hour of ten a.m., I grumbled as I slipped into my robe and stomped to the door. "Didn't I just see you last night at your birthday party?" I snapped at my nephew Andy as I nearly yanked the door off its hinges.

"Aunt Helen, chill!" He grinned at me. "They're at it again!"

I shook my head and opened the door wider to allow him entrance. What could I do? Liz and Mark had decided on some rather extensive remodeling of the house and had contractors working nearly 'round the clock in order to finish before the baby was due. Poor Andy worked nights saving for college, and all that excessive pounding and sawing kept him awake all during the day. Whenever things got too bad, I let him crash in my spare bedroom. "You know where everything is." I muttered, before heading back to bed.

Two hours later, I got up in a much better, if not forgetful frame of mind. I padded to the bathroom and opened the door. "Oh shit! Sorry Andy!" I stammered, before backing right out again. My nephew was standing in the tub, taking a shower. Through the transparent foggy surface of my shower curtain, I could just make out him slowly stroking his erect penis. How embarrassing! What made it worse was the definite feeling of longing that now filled my soul. Between my husband's lack of attentions, and my divorce, I hadn't so much as seen a real live penis in almost two years!

"Don't be disgusting!" I muttered as I high tailed it back to my room. "All this means is it's time for you to start dating again. With a sigh, I decided to make an appointment with my doctor. I needed to get back on the pill so I could find a boyfriend to ease my tense little soul.

I waited until I heard the bathroom door open, and then I sheepishly reemerged from my room. Andy took a look at me, and blushed beet red. "Sorry Aunt Helen. I thought you were still asleep."

"There's nothing for you to be sorry about. I was the one who barged in on you." I smiled. "You weren't doing anything that anyone else hasn't done before. Let's just forget about it, okay?"

He smiled. "Thanks! You're the best Aunt Helen!"

He went to the bedroom I was letting him use, and I returned to the bathroom. I hung my robe on the door hook, but froze on my way to the tub. A bra strap was hanging out of the hamper. I know I didn't leave it like that. I have this mild compulsion were I fold my clothes and place them neatly into the hamper, as if I was expecting an inspection or something. I would never have left anything hanging over the side. I slowly went to the hamper and looked in. There was Andy's underpants, and the rest of his clothes. How did my bra end up on top?

"Oh holy shit! Andy was looking at my bra, and then." I felt myself grow warm. "He looked at my bra, and then needed to jerk off?" Now I was really embarrassed! He obviously had liked my 40DD bra. That most certainly meant he liked what I had to put in it!

My dickhead husband had felt the need to go outside of our marriage for sexual gratification. Embarrassment or not, it's nice to know that someone was interested in my body! I looked in the mirror and smiled bashfully. "I don't sag too much." I whispered as I looked over my overly ample assets. "At least I've never been pregnant." Liz has expanded over the years and babies to a rather astounding 45EEE. She had a little weight on me now, but the never ending struggle to regain her figure after each pregnancy kept it to a eye pleasing set of curves. Guys everywhere drooled over the happy plump blonde milf baby factory she had become!

I turned from side to side, trying to see my ass in the mirror. "My figure's better." I said proudly. Being lazy enough to sleep late in no way meant I skipped my workouts! My legs are nicely toned, and my tight flat stomach looked great, if I do say so myself! At forty-two, I could still pass for early thirties. Maybe even late twenties, if nobody looked too close! Just last month I had almost cried happy tears when the guy at the liquor store had carded me before ringing up my bottle of wine! If he had unzipped his pants, I would have dropped to my knees and given him a blowjob out of pure gratitude right there in the checkout line!

I jumped in the shower and started to wash. I took the hand held showerhead from its bracket, but stopped myself. "No!" I scolded. "That's just too creepy with Andy in the house. You can play all you want tonight when he goes to work!" Thinking back, that was the moment that could have saved me. The moment passed, and I just hurried through my shower and ignored my arousal.

I worked in my office for most of the day, but didn't actually get anything done. My mind kept drifting back to the sight of Andy playing with his cock. I never really gave it any thought before, but he had turned eighteen yesterday and was obviously now a man. He was nicely muscled and stood nearly six foot tall. With his shock of red hair, he was a catch a woman of any age would eagerly go after! It did my vain little heart good to know I had inspired such a handsome young man into 'popping a load'.

"Screw this! I said, shutting down my computer. I looked at the clock. It was almost seven. Perfect! Andy would be getting up soon to head out for work. Vanity would get the better of me, but I decided to give him something to fuel his dreams when he clocked out to go home later tonight.

I hurried out of my jeans and tee shirt, and slipped into my swim suit. I couldn't help smiling. Yes, as the song goes, I wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini. I knew I looked damn good in it, too! The top barely contained the girls, and the bottom was hardly more then the little triangle of a tiny yellow thong. At five foot two, with my figure, natural blonde hair, and a nice all over tan, I was undeniably hot! If I walked out the front door and crossed the street, the odds were very good I'd cause a serous traffic accident!

Hurrying downstairs, I fixed myself a drink, and took it, a nice big beach towel, and the current book I was reading outside. Once again I was glad the previous owners obviously liked their privacy. Tall stockade fences and lots of decorative trees and shrubbery made it impossible for anyone, save maybe helicopter pilots, to see into my yard. I took great pains to arrange myself for best effect as seen from my patio door. Between the drink and my book, I was feeling quite a bit warmer then the summer sun was toasting me. Ever read any Anais Nin? Holy smoke! "Delta of Venus" is hot with a capital H!

I was lost in her heady eroticism when I heard a tap on the sliding door's frame. "Aunt Helen, I, um, I'm heading off for work now."

I looked at him over the lenses of my sunglasses and smiled as I put my book down next to me on the towel. "You certainly are devoted to raising the funds for your education." I noticed with pure delight that I was raising something else in the crotch of his jeans. It may be embarrassing for the guy, but an erection is one of the most sincere complements an eighteen year old man can pay a woman just entering her forties!! I have no idea why I did it, unless I just wanted to tease him some more, but I went on to say what was probably the most damningly stupid thing I ever uttered in my life! "Why don't you call out sick, just this once? We can swim and then I'll cook you dinner."

He stared at me, with a big goofy grin on his face. "My boss does keep warning me that sick days don't roll over for the next year. It's a use 'em or lose 'em policy."

It surprised the hell out of me that he accepted my idea! I had thought he would simply bow out as gracefully as his obvious boner would let him. Still, I liked the attention he was lavishing on my body. "Good, you know where I keep the spare suits. Make your call, and then join me."

When he returned, the smile was off of his face. He held a towel in front of his body, as if it were a shield. "Um, Aunt Helen, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all."

"Why not, Andy?"

He stepped outside into the summer heat, and slowly moved the towel out of the way. "Sorry about this." He whispered, as his erection tented out the front of his trunks almost comically.

My heart nearly leapt to my throat. Good Lord, he was huge! I hadn't really got that good of a look through the steam fogged shower curtain, and his jeans were much more constricting then the lighter fabric of the trunks. He was ten inches, at least, and looked nearly as thick as my wrist! Andy made my husband's look like a child's little pee-pee by comparison! I just smiled. "I'm very flattered. Don't worry about it. I know it's nothing you're doing on purpose."

He came over and sat next to me on my towel. "Thanks Aunt Helen. I usually never get this, um, bad."

I decided to tease hi a little bit more. My inflated ego wanted to know he was destined to go jerk off again as soon as he could politely slip away. "Don't any of your girlfriends 'take care' of you?"

"What girlfriends? I'm so damn busy at work, I have no time for a social life!"

"Is that why you were masturbating this morning?"

He blushed, and looked so damn cute! "Yeah, I guessed you really did what I was doing."

I put a hand on his leg. "It's not a problem. Everybody does it. That means girls, too. If a girl says she doesn't masturbate, I'll show you a girl that's lying!"

He took a deep breath. For almost a minute he didn't speak. "Um, do you, Aunt Helen?"

I smiled. "Every day. Sometimes twice a day."

He grinned. "I do about four times a day. It's the only way I can keep from being distracted at work. My boss may be a bitch, but she's a hottie!"

Four times a day? God, I hoped he didn't notice how damp I was getting! "What's this hottie bitch like?"

"She's about your age, but her tits aren't nearly as big as yours."

I couldn't help grinning. "Is that why you were checking out my bra?"

"You're really 40DD?" he asked excitedly. "Mom's bigger then you, but yours look firmer."

"Don't put your mom down, kiddo!" I grinned. "She does great for someone who's had so many kids."

"I wasn't putting her down, honest!" He went on in a softer voice. "Sometimes I jerk off into her panties before I do the laundry."

Wow! Andy was a serious milf hunter, including his own mom! That was so wrong, but so very exciting at the same time. "Since your mom and I are twins, just take it to mean that I'm what your mother would be looking like, if she never had any kids."

"I know!" he shook his head. "You don't hate me, do you?"

"Of course not, sweetie!"

He sighed. "I think I better go now."

"Why? I enjoy talking to you as a grown up." I was playing with fire, but just couldn't stop myself. "You can't tell your mother I said this, but did you know we used to practice kissing with each other?"

The dark lenses of my sunglasses hid the fact that I was carefully eyeing the tent in his trunks. I smiled to myself when I saw a spreading little wet area, just at the tip of the tent. "We used to get carried away, and end up doing all sorts of naughty things to each other."

He fidgeted a bit, but sure looked interested. I pushed things to the next level. "So Andy, have you ever went all the way with any of those girls you knew in highschool?"

He hung his head. "Not really. I guess I'm still a virgin."

My heart almost stopped! This beautiful young man never did it with a girl before? I don't know if it was the heat of the day, the drink, or the erotic book I was reading, but my hand on his leg moved slowly until I was touching his erection. "That's nothing to be ashamed of." I cooed. "I think it's sweet."

"Aunt Helen?" he asked softly as I gave that wonderful hardness a little squeeze. "W-What are you doing?"

"Oh, I'm sorry." I smiled innocently. "Do you want me to stop?"

He shook his head. "Uh, no. No I don't."

I turned on my side, and let my breasts press against his arm as I slowly stroked him through the thin material of the trunks. "Do you have any questions you want to ask me?" I asked in a soft whisper.

He stared down my cleavage for quite a while before he found his voice. "Can, can you take off your top?"

I let go of his cock and sat up. "If you really want me too. Would you untie it for me?"

"Yes ma'am, um Aunt Helen." He was nervous, but had no trouble at all in relieving me of my bikini top.

I cupped my naked breasts together in my hands and smiled. "What do you think of the girls?"

"Oh God, Aunt Helen, you're hot!"

"Thank you! A girl never gets tired of hearing things like that." I moved my hands, and watched his eyes glow as he locked onto my rather oversized nipples. "Is there anything else you want to ask?"

He looked at me, with his eyes burning bright. "Can, can I kiss you?"

"Just this one time." I cautioned, not wanting things to go TOO far. "Just for a little while, then we can swim and have dinner."

He leaned over and put his lips to mine. It was very sweet, but I made it sweeter for him. Parting my lips, I let his tongue enter my mouth. Damn, Andy was a natural! He may never had gotten into a girl's panties, but he sure did learn how to be one hell of a kisser! His arms went around me, and I think it was that moment I lost control of the situation.

"That's enough." I said softly as our lips parted. His hands felt entirely too good as they caressed my back. "We have to stop now, Andy."

Andy didn't stop! His lips claimed mine again as he pushed me down onto the towel. "Aunt Helen, you're so beautiful!" he whispered, before his lips found my erect and firm nipples.

I moaned. My heart pounded at his attentions as hands caressed and kneaded my breasts all the while his lips gently sucked. Andy sure did love big tits! I let it go on for several glorious minutes, before I once again tried to assume some control. "That's enough, big boy. We can't let this get crazy!"

He ignored my words, and started fumbling with my bikini bottom! In no time he had untied the cute little bows that rode so daringly low on my hips. "You're so sexy!" he gasped, when he saw I habitually kept myself bare of hair, down there.

"Wait, Andy, this is too much!" I gasped as he tugged at his trunks to expose his manhood to me. "Simmer down! I think I made a mistake!"

He rolled on top of me, and I gasped as he fumbled to line himself up with where he so desperately wanted to go. "Please Aunt Helen? You're so hot! I think I'll die if I don't try it with you!"

"You won't die!" I gasped in panic, as the head of his massive cock moved against my labia. "Go, go inside and masturbate. Then, we, we can talk some more!"

He wasn't listening! Oh Shit! I had pushed things too far! I was naked and aroused, pinned under a beautiful naked erect man. It was a feeling I had missed for far too long! My willpower was not up to the fight! We wrestled around on the towel for several minutes, but I just couldn't bring myself to come right out and say no!

"Please? Just let me stick it in for a second?" he begged, in words that had been uttered by millions of horny male virgins before him. "I just want to know what it feels like!"

Like millions of horny women before me, I made a rather stupid error in judgment. "Okay, you can put it in. Promise me to pull out when I say, alright? Remember, I'm your Aunt. I can't let you really have sex with me!" I looked right into his green eyes. "You have to swear never tell anyone about it, either! Your mother would kill me if she ever even heard a whisper of what we're doing here!"

He eagerly nodded his head. "I won't tell a soul!" he promised. "I'll stop just as soon as you tell me to!"

I gently grasped his cock, and made sure we lined up properly. "I'm trusting you now, Andy. Push it in, but don't go crazy, okay?"

He bit his lip and slowly eased his hips towards mine. "I'll be careful." He breathed as his hardness entered my body. 'Oh God, Aunt Helen, it's so tight, and you're so hot inside!"

He settled fully into me after an agonizingly long time. I never felt so full before in my life! He lay over me, both of us breathing heavily for several minutes. "Andy" I gasped softly. "You can move for a little while. I, I'll tell you when to stop."

He started thrusting at me. I moaned every time that glorious cock filled me, and whimpered as I felt the vacant feeling when it withdrew. I had to be very careful! I made a doctor's appointment, but an appointment was not the same as actually taking birth control pills! I was in serious trouble if I let things get out of hand!

It felt so good though! Andy may have been inexperienced, but he was giving me all of his attention! It had been far too long since I had been with an attentive and yes, endowed lover! I can honestly say I never felt anyone as thick as this entering my body! It wasn't long before he had me panting like an animal! I had to stop though. There were lots of things I could teach him before I was effectively protected though.

"Honey, please stop." I breathed, trying to ignore how close to release I was. "Pull out, and you can titty fuck me and give me a pearl necklace. Would, would you like that? Would you like to plaster your Aunt's chin with your semen?"

Shit! Obviously he did! "Oh, Aunt Helen!" he cried, as he only increased his pace. "Too close! I, I can't stop now!"

"Andy!" I squealed, trying to count calendar days, with my mind too fuzzy to think. "Pull out!" This was far too dangerous, but I couldn't bring my arms to push him off! "Not inside! Oh Andy, please pull it out! You can't squirt in me!" I cried, as I raised my knees high and wide, giving him even more room to plunge into me! 'I mean it, you mustn't cum in me!"

With an animalistic grunt, he pushed just as deep as he could into my belly! I felt his body go rigid as he bottomed out inside me. Oh Lord! It was too much! Instead of shoving him off of me, I was consumed by the most powerful orgasm I've had in years! His cock jerked and danced in me, as my body trembled in my long overdue release!

As we panted together when it was all over, I grew frightened. Now that I could actually think clearly, I realized that this was just about the worst day of the month for me to go bareback! I had most likely ovulated about six hours ago! That hadn't stopped me from banging my own nephew! Good God, Liz and I are identical twins! This was like I just got filled with my own biological son's semen! The thought was scary, but altogether too erotic for me to take! "That was wonderful!" I whispered, trying to ignore the panic in my soul. "Andy, you're a fantastic lover!"

"I'm sorry I couldn't stop, Aunt Helen." He gave me a worried look. "Are you okay?"

"Sweetheart, I'm perfect!" I smiled. Let's go inside now, and get more comfortable.

He pulled out of me, and I rejoiced in his still firm erection! Finally, a lover with stamina! I had quite a few fumbles in cars during highschool, before dating Jonathan through college and marrying him after graduation. The boys before him had all been quick and rushed. My ex though, was the original one shot wonder. If I didn't get off with him, I was stuck playing with myself in the shower, afterwards.

I walked into the house with my lover, naked, hand in hand. His semen was oozing out of me, and it's warmth on my thighs was a reminder of the problems I would be facing in the months to come. Still, I pushed down the panic. No sense crying over spilled milk. Andy had 'spilled' so much into me that I was sure the damage was done! I smiled at my grinning lover. "Are you ready for sloppy seconds, young man?" I asked in my most sultry voice. Right in the living room I dropped to my hands and knees. "Your Aunt Helen is a real bitch! I want you to treat me like one!"

He didn't need me to ask twice! "My favorite porn movies feature doggy style!" he said gleefully as he got on his knees behind me. "Oh God, Aunt Helen, your ass is better then Kim Kardashian's!"

That was the nicest way anyone ever told me I had a big butt! "Why thank you, Andy!" I paused for a moment. "Go ahead, I know you want to. Slap it!"

He did! I whimpered as his hand clapped down on my poor defenseless cheek. This was about the only innovation Jonathan had added to our love making. He taught me that sometimes a little pain can add just the right spice! Anything that helped get me off before he lost interest and went to sleep was welcomed by me! Andy's hand came down again and again; the stinging blows making me squirm in painful delight!

"Did I hurt you?" he asked worriedly, when he finally stopped. "I made red handprints all over your butt..."

"You did just fine." I whimpered. "Now kiss it, and make it better!" My possible pregnancy left my mind as he did just that! Tender kisses rained on my hiney, and then I felt the wonderful dampness of a tongue actually licking me on the posterior! I purred deep in my throat. "I fibbed. "I said playfully. "I'm no bitch, I'm a cougar! Grrrr! This cougar is hot! She needs more loving!"

"You're crazy, Aunt Helen!" he laughed as he scooted between my legs. "It's a real sexy crazy though!" I felt him poking around, and once again I gently guided him into me.

Oh God, the second time was even better! Andy grabbed my wide hips, and simply plowed into me! Since he had deposited such a huge load in me just moments before, he was able to keep going much longer! My wonderful nephew pushed me through three shuddering orgasms, and still kept on going! The wet nasty sounds of my cum filled pussy being fucked, only seemed to inflame me to greater levels of arousal! He was squeezing it all up into me! Even now my womb was probably swimming with his sperm! I knew the timing was right. How long would it be before an eagerly wriggling sperm pounced on the unwary egg moving slowly down my fallopian tube? "Oh yes, yes, yes!" I panted, as number four loomed to wash over me. "Keep going! Yeah, you're so damn good!"

"Aunt Helen, I, I'm gonna cum again!" he warmed. "Do, should I, should I pull out?"

"Don't you dare!" I cried, beyond fear or caring. "Do it! Fill the nasty cougar with cum! Show me what happens if you tease a real man!"

He showed me! Andy rammed in fully, and slapped my ass as he erupted into me! I thought I almost died! That slap had come just as my orgasm started. The mix of sensations was overwhelming! I couldn't help screaming. Part of me was glad we had moved inside. The rest of me just wailed and cried, as I shuddered in complete bliss!

Later, we just lay on our backs, holding hands. "I'm glad I like hard wood floors." I giggled. "The way I'm leaking, I would have made a hell of a mess on a rug!"

"I'm sorry about that." He smiled shyly at me. "I'm not stupid. You tried to stop me the first time, and I wouldn't. Aunt Helen, are you on the pill? Should I have been wearing a condom?"

"Don't you worry about it." I sighed. "The mistake was all mine. If I got knocked up, it was not your fault!" Oh my sweet Lord, he was growing erect again! "So you so you like that, young man?" I asked playfully. "You want to see your dear ol' Aunt with a big belly? You've seen your mom. I'm genetically the same as her. I'm going to be huge!"

A sunny smile slowly spread over his face. "Aunt Helen, I hope so!" he cleared his throat. "Doe this mean I can, um, we can still, uh, do things?"

I put fingertip to his lips. "As long as you never even hint to anyone that your Aunt has corrupted you, we'll remain lovers. Would you like that?"

"Oh hell yes!" he grinned. "I'll never tell a soul! I swear it!" he laughed. "The construction is getting crazy at my house. I'll be able to come over just as much as I want!"

I thought a bit. "How about this? Quit your job, and I'll pay you the money you would have been making." I gave him a stern look. "Don't let it go to your head! I'm not paying you for sex, although it would be worth it!" I grinned. "This way, we'll have much more time together before I'm as big as a house. How's that sound?"

"It would be like we're living together!" his smile was angelic at the thought.

"Exactly!" I sat up, and moved over him. "I think someone needs a little more attention." I opened my mouth, and captured the head of his erect cock between my lips.

Andy just moaned. I hadn't had a penis in my mouth in years! Jonathan never liked blowjobs. I think he thought he wouldn't be able to get it up for the main event afterwards! There was no trouble along those lines with my nephew! It was like riding a bicycle. The old skills came back, and I treated Andy to all of them! His hands went to the back of my head as I took his thickness into my throat.

"I, I had a blowjob once." He whispered as I bobbed my head. "She, she only took in the head though." He panted. "Then she spit my stuff out."

I heard the note of begging in his voice, but Andy had no cause to worry! This was for me, just as much as for him! I was simply dying to taste my nephew's semen! I hummed around his shaft, teasing it with my tongue as I sucked and bobbed like a pro!

"Oh Aunt Helen!" he moaned, as he pulled my hair. "I, I think I'm gonna cum again!"

My heart swelled with joy as he shuddered. Pulling back, I pursed my lips tightly around the tip of the crown, as my hand stroked his saliva coated hardness. With a jerk, I tasted the warm musky fluid as it splashed onto my tongue. It was amazing! Spurt after spurt entered my mouth as I eagerly stroked and sucked. Andy was giving me a normal man's load, after cumming massively twice before! He was a superman! He was my nephew! I sucked up every last droplet, and made quite a whorish display of gulping it all down!

Later that night, I awoke from a deep and restful sleep to a hand rocking my shoulder. "Aunt Helen?" Andy's voice was so very soft, as if he was afraid he'd actually wake me.

"I opened my eyes. "Yes." I simply said.

"I didn't ask you anything yet."

I rolled over onto him, and grasped his throbbing hardness. "Sweetheart, the answer is always yes!" I breathed, as I impaled myself onto him. I rode him until we both were exhausted and then happily went back to sleep in the puddle of semen flowing out of me

Early one morning a few weeks later I went into the bathroom and peed on a stick. I had missed my period, but wanted to be sure. I counted slowly, before looking at the results. "Well, it's just as I expected." I said with a smile as I stared at the word "PREGNANT" on the little display. Andy was at home right now. Our little charade didn't work on the weekends he normally had off. He had to sleep in his own room Friday and Saturday nights. I couldn't wait for him to come by so I could give him the good news! There was a frantic knock on my front door, so I leapt off of the pot and threw on my robe.

"Hey sis!" I said as I let Liz in. She was just starting to show a belly. My own vanity was relieved at just how cute she looked. I'd be sure to look that cute too! "What's wrong?"

"Oh Helen, it's terrible!" She tried to compose herself. "First, let me tell you that nobody got hurt!"

"What the hell happened?"

"That big tree in the back yard toppled after last night's storm! It crashed right through Andy's bedroom! Thank God he was in the basement doing the laundry!"

"That's terrible!" I had awful images of my lover being hurt or killed. "Thank God you're all safe! You could have called me though. Why did you rush down here in such a tizzy?"

"Andy has been imposing on you so much these last few weeks, so I felt like it would be better if I asked you in person." She smiled hopefully. "His bedroom is a wreck! Mark is meeting with the insurance people now, but it doesn't look like there's going to be quite enough money to cover the repairs." She took my hand. "I know it's asking a lot, but could Andy live with you full time until we get everything sorted out? It may be a few months. Can I depend on you?"

I smiled, never daring to dream of this wonderful occurrence! My sister was giving permission for Andy to officially move in with me! For at least the next few months, we could live together as man and wife! "He hogs the bathroom all the time, but I guess I can put up with it for a few months more!"

"Oh thank you! You're a life saver!" she gave me a funny look. "There's something different about you, but I just can't place it. You're glowing!"

Oops! I wasn't anywhere near showing yet, but obviously Liz shared in the ability to tell when her twin was knocked up! "You're just a bad influence on me, sis!" I smiled as I told my pre-arranged lie. I had even forged paper work and receipts to back up the tale. "I went to a sperm bank a few weeks ago, and made a withdrawal. I decided to hold up my end, and have a baby before it's too late for me!"

"That's wonderful!" she hugged me tight. I rather liked feeling her huge tits pressing against mine. It brought back many happy memories from our girlhood. "If you get morning sick or anything, just tell Andy to get lost! I don't want him stressing you out at this time of your life!"

"I'll be fine sis, really!" I didn't dare tell her that my beloved Andy was all I needed to relieve me of any stress I might encounter!

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