Getting Old Is a Bitch
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a man who appreciates the joys that he finds in and of life.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic  

Tom Woods was of the opinion that he was not a person to worry about his health but he knew that his friends thought differently. For the last twenty four hours Tom hadn't been feeling that well and now he was feeling a small pain or irritation in the middle of his chest. Was it something or was it nothing were the thoughts that kept running through his mind. He had to agree with one of his friends who constantly said that "Getting old was a bitch." Tom was having more aches and pains the older he became and he knew he just had to live with it.

Visits to his doctor were happening more often than had been done in the past but he just assumed that was to be expected the older one became. He was fifty six years old and in pretty decent shape although it wouldn't hurt for him to lose a few pounds. He had tried a variety of diets but the best he could do was to get down to his present weight of two hundred and twenty pounds. He carried that weight on his six foot two inch frame. Trying to lose more weight was like hitting a brick wall in that it made him feel tired and weak.

This pain or irritation he was now feeling in his chest wasn't getting any better and he was starting to worry more and more about it. Tom had been single all of his life and now with his parents deceased and with no siblings to talk to, his health care was solely in his hands. Should he or should he not call his Doctor was the constant question now running through his mind. He knew if he did call and give the reason for wanting an appointment to see the doctor was 'Chest pains, ' he never would get past the nurse and would be told to go to the emergency room at the hospital.

After thinking about his situation he thought that it was better to play it safe and not be sorry. He finally accepted the fact that he needed to go to the hospital. Before he left to go there he found his folder that contained his medical records. In this folder were copies of his medical tests that were done on him for the past ten years. He wanted the physician review these test in order to have some history and background to help the physician make a sound diagnosis of Tom's condition. He drove himself to the hospital instead of calling for an ambulance.

At the hospital after parking his car, he entered via the emergency room entrance and walked up to the receptionist at the front desk. When she asked him what he wanted or what was wrong and he said the magic words of, "Chest pains." Immediately a nurse was summoned and he was seated in a wheelchair and wheeled into a cubical in the emergency ward. He was asked to take off his shirt and to recline on to the bed that was there.

It must be standard practice when those magic words were said because either a nurse or technician came immediately into the cubicle and applied the leads to do an EKG test.

After about ten minutes, a nice looking female doctor entered and introduced herself as Marcia Simmons. She asked him what were his symptoms which he recited to her and gave her his medical records for her to review. She told him they would draw some blood for tests, take a chest x-ray and review and compare the EKG to prior EKG's. She would review those tests results to see what they showed and discuss the findings with him.

As soon as she left a technician came in wheeling a portable x-ray machine and did a chest x-ray. About ten minutes later a lab tech came in and drew three vials of blood.

Tom must have waited for about thirty minutes before he saw anyone again. He spent most of the time watching the monitor that was showing his heart beat and blood pressure which was elevated. The Doctor came back into the room and said the EKG didn't show any changes when compared to the EKG that Tom had brought in with him which was about one year old.

"I think your problems maybe gastric and I am tempted to send you home with a prescription for Nexium but I won't make that decision until I see what the blood tests results are."

It was about another thirty minutes before the Doctor came back into the cubical.

"The blood tests show that your troponin level is at 4.5. Anything more than .04 needs to be investigated. A rise in your troponin level could indicate that you are having a heart attack. We are going to admit you and monitor you."

Needless to say that was not good news. Tom immediately thought about his mortality and hoped he had some more time to spend on this earth rather than buried in it. There were things he wanted to do and he thought that he was still a young man.

Tom was lying on a cart as he was pushed up to the third floor which he later learned was the cardiac floor. He was put in a room in which there was only one bed. Leads were placed on him that had him hooked up for a continuous EKG that was wirelessly sent to and monitored at the nurse's station. An IV was started on him and a small tube was wrapped around his ears and placed under his nose which provided oxygen. All of these items and events gave rise to his further thoughts about his mortality.

In looking at the far wall in his room Tom saw a blackboard and on it was written the name of his nurse which was Mary. She came into his room and introduced herself to Tom. She seemed to be a nice lady who was just a little younger than him. She told him that since he didn't have a cardiologist a Doctor Paul Everett had been assigned and would be seeing him.

Tom used the hand control that was within his reach and turned on the television to try and get his mind off of his medical problems.

While he was watching the television into his room another nurse entered and said, "My name is Amy, I will be your nurse for the next twelve hours. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Now this was what all nurses should look like. She was about five foot five or six inches tall with auburn hair which she was wearing in a pony style. He guessed her age to be in the mid-twenties. Because of the loose dark blue scrubs she was wearing he couldn't give an opinion on her figure or weight but he could tell that they seemed to be in proportion to her height. Her face was her best feature. She certainly was an attractive lady and maybe with some makeup he would classify her as beautiful.

He was momentarily stunned by her appearance but he responded, "If I was twenty five years younger there are a lot of things you could do for me. But as things are now, I can only fanaticize about them."

She laughed at his remark and said. "Oh I don't know about that. Just how old do you think I am?"

"That's a no-win question for me. Whatever I say is going to get me into trouble."

"No I won't do anything, tell me what you think."

After a short pause he said, "I would say middle twenties."

"Well thanks for the compliment; I am thirty one years old."

"Well you don't look it."

"Thanks again for that. In looking at your chart I know your age and I don't think you are too old for me."

Her comment had Tom respond, "Well let me thank you for that but if you keep that up, you for sure are going to give me a heart attack although the tests show that I maybe having one now."

"Tell me what's been happening and let me take your blood pressure."

Tom relayed to what his symptoms were and what he was told in the emergency room. She was taking his blood pressure and since she was now closer to him he could see that she probably was older than what he thought initially but she was out and out very attractive. He caught the scent of the perfume and this only enhanced her attractiveness.

Amy asked Tom what he did.

"Oh I retired last year. I was the regional head of the HRS Department for a large insurance company. They wanted to do some downsizing and were offering a very attractive early retirement buyout package. With the incentives that were being offered, my 401K plan, the beefed up pension and retiree healthcare, I took the package. A prime factor in my decision was that some of the things that were happening at work just didn't make the job as much fun as it once was. It was time for me to leave and enjoy myself. Life is too short so you better enjoy yourself while you can. With me being here maybe I should have left work a few years sooner."

"Don't get yourself worked up with worry. I see where Doctor Everett has been assigned as your cardiologist and he is one of the best. He is on the floor and should be in soon to see you. You need to have a positive attitude."

"I usually do, in fact one of the things that I enjoyed doing when I was working was talking to the employees who had personnel problems. I think I was able to help them solve their problems which were in the area of employee supervision. It was nice to see those employees resolve the issues that were bothering them and move on. A large number of them where there at my retirement party."

"Well if you have time maybe later you could help me with a little problem that I am having."

"I would be more than happy to try. From what you can see, I am not going anywhere."

Just then a tall thin man who seemed to be in his late thirties came into the room and said, "Mr. Woods, I am Paul Everett and I have been assigned as your cardiologist. Tell me what has been happening."

Amy left the room and Tom proceeded to tell the Doctor what his symptoms were and what he was told. The Doctor told him that they would take his blood again in a few hours and if the troponin level was rising it would probably confirm that Tom was having a heart attack. If that was the case Tom would be placed on a nitro drip IV and be scheduled for an angiogram and possibly angioplasty which hopefully would find and resolve the problem.

The Doctor had a nice bedside manner and exuded a confidence that had Tom still worrying but not as much as he had been.

Later that evening Tom had a cardiac care meal that confirmed what was often said about the tastiness of hospital food. What was said was that hospital food left quite a bit to be desired and this meal proved it to be true.

Tom was watching television when Amy came into his room and asked how he was doing. She said she learned her lesson about asking if she could do anything for him and laughed after she said it. Amy asked Tom if he had time to talk about a problem she was having. He told her he hoped he had all the time in the world.

Amy pulled up one the chairs in the room next to Tom's bed and told him what her problem was. It seems that she was being offered the position of being a charge-nurse. That is a position of managing the nurses who were on the floor during a shift and she wasn't sure if she wanted this position.

Tom didn't know what the duties of that position entailed but he knew that Amy did. He asked her to explain those duties and what she saw as the good points and bad points of the position. He also asked her what her fears were about accepting the position and if it didn't work out what were the alternatives. He was being a Devil's advocate and wanted Amy to do all of the talking.

She talked for about a half hour in answering the questions that Tom was asking her. Tom was just drawing out from her all the information she had to make an informed decision. She excused herself to go back to her duties but came back in about a half hour and talked for about ten more minutes about her concerns.

When it seemed that Amy was all talked out Tom said, "Well it seems to me that you are well informed and have all the knowledge which will make you capable of making a sound decision. I don't know all the ins and outs of the position but in talking to you I do sense that you radiate a confidence that will get you the respect of the other nurses. It seems to me that your biggest concern is you will be coming out of a position where you are very comfortable into one which will be very new to you. As a nurse you only had to concern yourself with your individual performance, now it will be how others perform that will be the measure your performance. If you accept the position I wouldn't worry about any age or experience difference between yourself and the other nurses. My gut feeling is that you are capable and can handle the duties of that position. Employees want to work for somebody they like and Amy in the short time I have know you I think you are very likeable."

Amy thanked Tom and told him she felt better. She thought she would be able to tell management what her decision was.

In the early morning Amy stopped by to say good bye. Her shift was over and she was heading home. She said that the second troponin test showed that the level was rising and Tom was scheduled for angiogram some time today. If blockages were found they would try and open them and Tom would be sent home the same day. If stents were put in where the blockages where, he would probably stay another night in the hospital as a precaution.

She finished by saying, "I know it will turn out okay so don't worry about it. I am not scheduled to work for the next three days so I probably won't see you anymore here at the hospital. I want you to know that I wasn't kidding when I said that you weren't too old for me. Here is my phone number and maybe you will call and we can get together. I really enjoyed talking to you and thanks for your advice."

Tom was a little stunned as she placed a slip of paper in his hand and then left his room. A glance at the paper showed it contained her name and phone number.

About eight that morning his new nurse, Nancy, came into his room and after taking his blood pressure told him he was schedule for his procedure at nine. This she said meant that they would probably come for him a half hour before, so it was no food or water till after the procedure.

Just after eight thirty two nurses came for Tom and took him down to the cauterization lab. Once he was there his groin area was shaved. He signed papers approving the procedure and also gave his permission for open heart surgery if it became necessary because of some fault in the procedure. This again brought home the gravity of the situation he was in.

A Doctor Mallon came in and introduced himself. Doctor Mallon spoke in a confident manner that helped Tom with his anxiety. The Doctor said he would be doing the angiogram. He emphasized that if blockages in the arteries were found they would only be attempted to be opened if the blockages were more than seventy percent.

Tom thought that the Doctor was in his early forties so he must be experienced.

Tom had to ask how many of these angiograms he had performed without the need for open heart surgery and was relieved when he heard, "Over three thousand and I never had to resort to open heart surgery doing this procedure."

That statement was quite a relief for Tom to hear and made him feel better.

Shortly after the Doctor left Tom was brought into the lab. He was placed on a table, the type of which seemed like he was on when he had some x-rays done. There where several video monitors above the table. His hands were down on his sides and that's about all he remembered as he was given some medicine that sent him off to la la land.

How long the procedure took he didn't know but he was brought back to the room where he had been prepped for the anesthesia he was given to wear off and become aware of where he was. About fifteen minutes later Doctor Mallon came into the room and gave him the news.

"What I found was that your circumflex artery was completely blocked. I was able to open it and I placed a stent in it. There were some other blockages in your arteries but the stenosis for those ranged from twenty to thirty percent and that is to be expected for someone your age. Since they aren't causing any problems I did not do any intervention in those areas. You must lay here with your legs straight for two hours to make sure the wound from where I made the incision to go into the artery is healing and then you will be brought back to your room. Doctor Everett will see you either later today or tomorrow and discuss with you what follow up treatment is necessary. I would expect you to be released to go home tomorrow."

Tom thanked the doctor and felt that the weight of the world had just been taken off his chest. He only now realized that the pain in his chest was gone.

The next morning Doctor Everett came in and gave Tom a prescription for Plavix which he would need to take for one year and another prescription to increase the dosage of the statin medicine that Tom was already taking to lower his cholesterol level. He told Tom to make an appointment to see him in two weeks. He further said that he would give orders for Tom to be discharge at noon.

The nurse after going through the discharge procedures asked Tom who was going to drive him home. When he said he was going to drive himself she told Tom he couldn't drive. Tom told her that at noon he was walking out of the hospital with or without her. She didn't like it but at noon she summoned an aide to push Tom in a wheel chair down to the main entrance. Tom had made sure he had Amy's slip of paper with him.

It probably was the procedure that Tom had undergone and the worries it had given him but he seemed to be appreciating the pretty blue sky and the green fields a heck of a lot more now than he had in the past as he drove home. This earth was a beautiful place to be and he wanted to see more of it.

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