Brotherly Love
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I married a woman who just loves sex. She even told me she dreamed of two of me to take care of her needs. Lucky I have a twin brother, isn't it?


I've heard lots of women talk about their horny husbands and that many of these wives are not as interested in sex nearly as much as their mates. It's pretty rare when I've had a woman friend tell me that she wants more sex than what hubby is giving her. But, that's me. That's me to a tee.

I love sex. Oh, I have some vibrators and dildos and, sure, my fingers. I started using them when, well, I must have been maybe, no, younger, um, well, maybe seven? Around then any way.

Masturbating in a serious, regular way came at about nine, I was finger-fucking myself several times a day if I had the chance.

Yes, I'm horny. I just never, ever forget my pussy, it's constantly on my mind, especially about what's in it or not in it, or was in it or will soon be in it.

With women like me, I'm just not sure that one man can ever quite keep us happy and satisfied. Now, Adam, my husband of sixteen years, well, he does pretty well. He's still a very sexed-up guy, though, my libido seems to be growing, I'm forty-one, and his seems to be, mmm, maybe going down a bit. I'm masturbating rather more than I used to and there have been some times when I've made a move on Adam and it fell in the dead space between us somehow.

I still look pretty good. Actually, my boobs are just about as firm as they were when I was sixteen. They're D-cup and I've also got a pretty nice ass on me, if I do say so myself. Adam says so, as well. I've not gained much in the years we've been married, I still get plenty of looks when I slip on a bikini and I have a yellow one that I sometimes have to adjust while I'm wearing it because it keeps digging into my labia and ends up hiding nothing, nothing at all.

Adam and I do like to have fun with our sex life and have done it in some public places at times. I also have done a bit of flashing when we've been out, I love the feel of being pantiless anyway. And before we were married, I would wake Adam up after we had had sex earlier and give him a blowjob mostly because I loved the taste of our sexual juices from both of us that lingered on his cock. I'd try to get myself off as well, with my fingers, so we can both sleep soundly after.


I've toyed with the thought of getting another man for Karen, someone else for her to fuck, it really makes my cock hard to just think about it. I've never directly mentioned it though I've hinted around the edges.

Then, one night, we had been out having a fun time with a good amount to drink and were coming home in a cab, necking in the back seat when I pulled one of her boobs out of her crossover top, she was braless that night, to squeeze and pinch her nipples which she loves. It makes her so wet and horny.

I moved my hand down between her legs which she eagerly opened and ran my hand up under her skirt and began rubbing her wet pussy. Did I mention that she was also without panties that night? Ah, yes, she was.

As my finger went up inside, she let out a moan and I saw the cabbie adjust his rearview mirror to get an eyeful of Karen's very pretty boob.

It was just a long enough cab ride for me to get her to cum before we got home. Karen is a bit of an orgasmic screamer so it was all she could do to hold herself back as I got her off with two fingers in her pussy and my thumb on her clit.

I quickly paid the cabbie and as soon as we were in our bedroom, I got my pants and boxers off, put her on the bed, pushed her skirt up and got my cock shoved right up into her wet, wet pussy and fucked her hard. As I was pumping her, I reached over into the drawer of the bedside table and got out one of her vibrators, turned it on and put it in her mouth to suck.

I just leaned back thrusting my hard cock out in front of me as Karen began moving her hips in a circle around and around my cock. She loves to do this, she knows that it feels really good for us both and always results in a great cum for each.

"You really look hot sucking a cock while I'm fucking you, you know that? Would you like that sometime, for real?"

"Mmm," was all she said, she just kept sucking it and sucking it as she swirled around my cock.

"Would you really like to suck a cock and get fucked at the same time?" I asked again, making it even clearer this time.

"Mmm, maybe," she groaned as she sucked away. Well, well, I thought.

"And who would you like to do it to?"

She quits sucking, thankfully she keeps fucking me, and says, "Your brother, I think."

My brother. Hmm. Eric is my twin, we are identical though they thought we weren't soon after our birth. As a result, Eric and I used to have some fun in high school and college fucking each other's girlfriends making sure they were a bit pre-lubricated with some alcohol and we usually pulled it off.


The next day, Adam asked me again, he wanted to know. This was all his idea. I was perfectly happy having sex with just my husband, after all, that was the idea when we got married.

But, he's gotten this idea lately that having another guy in with us would be really hot. Well, I am human and, truthfully, it does dampen my panties to think about sex with two men. Really, who wouldn't be a bit turned-on by the idea? Come on now.

There's two reasons that Eric popped into my mind. One, he's just as handsome as my husband, second, well, we've both flirted with each other at times and there have been times when Adam and I are making love that I have imagined it was his brother instead. Well, it was an innocent thought but now it was growing into a possibility.

Hmm, just how did I feel about sex with his twin brother?

Eric was divorced, just about two years now. His wife decided that her boss had lots of money and could keep her in luxury. He did, after all, own the company. It seems that he owns her now, as well. And, I always did want to see the two of them naked just to see for myself if they were truly identical in every way I could determine. Even the taste of their cocks. I know, that's pretty slutty, but, well, I guess I am a bit of a slut down deep inside. I think many of us women are. Our sleepovers as teen girls sure got raunchy.

So, he asked me, "Why Eric, why my brother?"

"Well, here's why, and it might sound weird to you but it would be like having two of you fucking me. I know, crazy but that's what popped in my head when you asked."

"Hmm, Eric. He is unattached at the moment. Oh, this is great. He's not going to believe this. Are you really serious, Eric, my brother, my twin, us both fucking you?"

Well, am I? If I did go along with his idea and let some other guy fuck me in front of him, well, it would be someone from his work or mine. Uggh, well, that's out. Maybe a neighbor. Hmm, the house on one side was a couple in their seventies and other other side was two gay guys that I can't imagine would be interested.

We do have some friends but what if they turned us down, thought we were crazy? Well, I suppose his brother could too. Although, the way we've flirted, no, no, I can't see him turning this down.

"Um, yeah, I guess I am, hon. I can't see anyone from your work or mine, friends, no, not really. Eric probably would do it, I think, if we went ahead with it."

"Eric? I guess he would. I think he'd love to get you between the sheets. Oh, yeah. And he and I share cock DNA, he'd go for you just like I have."

I couldn't help but laugh but he came back with, "Well, want me to set things up? Both of us? Eric and me?"

The tingle in my panties made me say, 'yes' and after talking about how we do this, Adam called Eric and invited him over for the next Saturday for a barbecue.

I was stretched out on the sofa as he called and talked with his brother. It had me so horny, I pulled off the shorts I was wearing along with my panties and started fingering myself as he talked with his brother.

As soon as he was off the phone, he had his pants and briefs off pushing his cock into my face so I sucked him for a few minutes, then he pushed his cock up into me as a preview of our upcoming threesome on Saturday.


Well, at times, I never thought it would ever happen but on Saturday, my twin brother was coming over and what he didn't know at this point was that he was going to be fucking my wife. We were having him over for a cook-out and a cock-in except that he was unaware of the latter.

I hung up from talking with Eric as I was watching Karen masturbate on the sofa, her legs bowed apart, her wet fingers sliding in and out, I just had to pull out my cock as I was talking to him and walk over to Karen and push it right up into her face.

She smiled and opened her mouth as I arched forward putting it inside as she closed around it. I tried not to moan and was able to finish the conversation fairly coherently. Then, I pulled out my wet cock, knelt on the sofa between Karen's legs and shoved right up into her and fucked her until we both fell together huffing and panting.

"Wow, hon, you haven't fucked me like that in a while. Are you pumped up about your brother doing me?" she asked with a cute grin.

"Maybe I am, yeah, maybe I am," I said as I wondered just how much I was getting into this. I really wanted to see my brother fucking my wife.

Our sex the rest of the week was hot and frequent. I think we were both highly-aroused by what the upcoming weekend held. I couldn't wait to find out if Eric's fucking was any different from my own.

Karen was seeming to be pretty excited herself, she kept asking me what I thought she should wear. I suggested she wear one of her other cross-over tops and she suggested a short, denim wraparound skirt.

Then Saturday afternoon, as I was preparing the grill for cooking later, she came out to show me the outfit. The blouse was open fairly deeply and showed a lot of her cleavage. It should have, there was no bra underneath.

"Braless, huh? I know it gets me hard and Eric has the same DNA."

"What's this do to your DNA?" she asked as she turns and flips up the back of her skirt. Bare, totally bare.

"You're not giving my brother a chance, not a chance at all."

"Nope. I can't wait to compare cocks. Especially the taste," and she turns and goes back inside, once more flipping her skirt up previewing me with her lovely butt. I was hard as a rock.

Eric arrived and brought two bottles of red wine, one French, one Italian, he knows Karen loves red wine. I opened the French bottle and got the fire going.

Back inside, my brother was in the kitchen with Karen who was soon draining her glass. We all had refills and were chatting about this or that when Karen asked him, "Seeing any women these days?"

"Oh, I was seeing one but, she's just too immature. Sex was great, just couldn't take the immaturity."


That's when I said, "Well, you need someone like me, Eric?"

"Oh, don't I wish."

"Oh, do you?"

"Well, you know what I mean."

"Sounds like maybe you've been coveting your brother's wife. Naughty man."

"Come on, Karen, what man wouldn't?"

"I don't care about 'any man, ' I guess I'm wondering about my husband's brother, specifically you, Eric?"

"Of course, I think you're a hot woman, Karen, specially the way you look tonight."

"What if I told you that I picked this outfit just for you, Eric?"

"I guess I'd be, um, pretty pleased that, well, I don't want Adam to get upset, just that I find it flattering."

"Well, be flattered, then, I picked it out just for you," and I pulled the sides of my blouse open a bit further and smiled at him as I went back to making the salad.

The two men ended up out on the patio and soon, we were sitting down to hamburgers, corn-on-the-cob and a nice, fresh garden salad.

Eric's eyes did keep returning to the expanse of breast I was displaying, the blouse almost showing the edges of my nipples. I made sure that whenever he wanted anything, I leaned over for him and gave him a mostly unobstructed view.

After dinner, we refilled our wine glasses, we were into a bottle of our own now, and went into the great room. I sat across from Eric, remember, I'm pantiless, and I knew he was turned-on, how could he not be.

"I think your brother has been ogling your wife, Adam. Maybe you should speak to him about that."

Eric looked funny when I said that, but I'm sure he was relieved when Adam added, "Well, I remember when we used to screw each other's girlfriends in high school and college. That was fun, right, Eric?"

"Yeah, they never really knew. God, would they have been pissed if they'd ever known."

"Maybe not, Eric, I happen to think it might be fun," I threw out.

There it was. If he couldn't figure that out, well...

"I don't know if Eric is quite as experimental as he was in high school, it sounds like my wife would like to compare us, especially certain parts of us. Let's have some more wine, Eric," and he poured each of us full again.

"Now, Eric, you can't say you haven't been checking me out all evening. I'm a grown woman, I know when I'm being looked at. Here, have a better look, sweetie," and I pulled open my blouse and his eyes could have devoured me.

"You really are beautiful, Karen, you truly are."

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