A Penny for Your Thoughts
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As a young boy, a lightning strike which nearly takes his life, leaves him instead with a most unusual ability.

Author's note: If you're expecting a stroke story, you'll be highly disappointed, so I'd suggest you move on to another one. And though there is plenty of hot steamy sex later on in this story, I've slowly built up to it for a number of reasons. For one, I wanted this somewhat far-fetched idea to at least sound plausible. It's a bit on the Dean Koontz, even Stephen King side of things with a dash of true erotica mixed in for flavor. I thought I might attempt this tale; see how well received it might be through your votes and comments. It is one I may expand at some point into a full book given the subject matter. So again, if you like it, find it interesting, please let me know. Hopefully most of you will enjoy this.

Thank you, Many Feathers, aka ... Thesandman

I remember that day so many years ago now, out camping by the lake with my parents. The horrible thunderstorm that came out of nowhere, the countless lightning strikes hitting everywhere. Including me.

I don't remember much of anything after that. Only waking up in the hospital, the sound of voices nearby. One of the doctors's speaking to my parents, hearing bits and pieces of their conversation, as I lay there swimming through the fugue of coma, and waking.

"A miracle he even survived. No telling yet the affect it may have had on him," sounds of mom crying. The sense of touch, something cool on my forehead though my eyes refused to open, to tell them I could hear things, feel things. My body as yet unresponsive. It would be a week more at least before whatever was going on deep down inside me, finally gave way, allowing me to once again return to the present. My eyes popping open, though I hadn't been asleep ... still listening, still feeling.

Someone calling out to a nurse ... mom now standing by my bedside, tears running down her face as she leaned over kissing me, still calling out for someone to come.

"He's awake!" She charged as one of the nurses finally did come in.

"I'll get the doctor," she stated almost as happy as mom seemed to be.

"Welcome back to our world Brian," the doctor, told me as he began writing in my chart. "You've been away for a while."

That was nearly ten years ago. I was ten at the time. A lot had happened in the course of those ten years. Some remarkable things in fact. Slowly, gradually ... for whatever reason, finally manifesting themselves to me with the onset of puberty for some strange reason. I remember the first time I felt it, sensed it. This "little spark" as I called it, though later I called it "flipping my Bic" for lack of a better explanation for what it was.

It was several weeks after returning home from recovering in the hospital that I first sensed something unusual had happened to me. Too afraid to tell anyone about it for fear of having to go back while they performed all sorts of tests on me, I simply ignored what I'd discovered, locking it away, too afraid to explore it, test it ... revel in it. That little spark. That little something that felt so very, very strange.

I had stumbled across it quite by accident. Walking home from school one day, watching my own feet more than anything, trying not to step on any cracks in the sidewalk as a way of amusing myself. A simple penny. Stopping, reaching down in order to pick it up. It felt hot, hot from the sun perhaps, I flinched just for a second. But as I did, I felt this spark, this thing ... and then saw it between my fingertips. A bluish white light, just a fragment for a moment or so, between my fingertips now holding the penny. I dropped it, it too seemed to glow for a moment, and then the light faded. I picked it up again, and though warm it was no longer hot. Quite naturally I put it into my pocket, and then scurried home to tell mom about the strange thing that had happened to me.

I had no idea at the time of course, just how strange it would turn out to be.

I had run home with my penny. Darting into the house, into the kitchen were mom stood making cookies. "Mom! Mom! Look at what I found!" I had said excitedly, showing her the penny. She laughed.

"You're rich!" She laughed again.

"No mom, you don't understand. It's not just a penny, I think it's a magic penny or something, I saw it glowing!"

I suppose to humor me, she now accepted it, looking at it a bit more closely. "A magic penny huh? Don't suppose it grants wishes or anything? Like maybe giving us a million, perhaps even two million more of these things?" She chuckled once again, though looking at it. Of course I knew, she was making light of it, not taking it serious at all, and deflating my excitement.

And then she said, "Hmmm, date says 1961. That was the year I was born."

Only, she didn't really say it. I mean no words came out of her mouth. She was just standing there looking at it, holding onto it, yet I swear I had heard her actually say it clear as day. She handed it back, and then said. "That was the year I was born, when the penny was made, 1961."

"I know, I heard you the first time," I responded now reexamining it again, looking at the date, confirming what I'd now heard her say twice.

"First time?" She asked looking at me oddly, but then let it go, turning back towards her cookies again. "Damn ... I forgot to get more flour at the store," she said. "I need at least another cup to finish these. I wonder if Susan has some flour I could borrow?"

"Want me to run over to Mrs. Daniels and ask to borrow a cup for you?" I asked. It was something I was always doing for mom, and something Mrs. Daniels seemed to always be doing with us too. Borrowing things back and forth from one another.

Mom turned, a bewildered look on her face. "How'd you know I was thinking that?" She asked.

"Thinking what?"

"About borrowing some flour from Susan."

"I heard you asking about it," I said looking just as confused as she was.

"But I didn't say anything."

"Sure you did. I heard you."

It was an odd conversation. But it was soon forgotten as I shortly afterwards headed off in pursuit of a cup of flour for mom. Me thinking she was messing with me, and mom ... well, who knows what she was thinking at the time.

Later on that evening after dad got home from work I showed him my magic penny too. He looked at it briefly, handed it back, giving me one of his patented smiles that said, "that's nice ... now go away." "Fine son, if you think so," he told me as he handed it back. "You know what they say though don't you?"

"No ... what?"

"A penny saved, is a penny earned." And then he didn't say another word as he went back to reading his newspaper.

I looked at my penny. Maybe it wasn't magic after all. But I wasn't going to just save it either. If anything, I could spend it on a "two-fer" as we called them. Penny candies. Only they weren't just a penny. Some of them got you a "two-fer" for one penny as we called them back then. Six chocolate's in a plastic wrap, but for a penny you could get two of them. A good deal at any price.

I ran upstairs to my room to get cleaned up for dinner, placing the penny on my nightstand, and promptly forgot all about it. Until the following day when Jimmy, who was my best friend at the time, and his younger sister Jenny came over. I'd always had a bit of a crush on Jenny, though I wasn't supposed to have one of those I suppose. Guys my age weren't supposed to be into girls yet. So I pretty much kept that a secret to myself. And I certainly wasn't about to ever admit that to Jenny either. I wasn't sure she even liked me all that much, though she was always tagging along, hanging out with us all the time, which Jimmy said his mother forced him to do, thus keeping an eye on her.

They'd come over, hanging around my room, reading comic books, though Jenny as usual was bored, rummaging through stuff. My stuff, which was fairly annoying, even though I sort of liked her.

I saw her pick up my penny almost nonchalant, looking at it, though also looking like she was going to take it.

"Hey, put it back. That's my penny!" I told her. She looked at me like I'd gone mad.

"It's just a penny. What's so special about it?"

"It's magic ... that's what!" I said, though to be honest, I no longer believed it really was. But the thing was, I was irritated at her for almost swiping it. I reached out for it, though she did her tease thing, holding it out to me, and then taking it back before I could get it from her. "Come on ... give it."

"What's so magic about it?" She teased, Jimmy looking on, finding amusement in my struggle and his sister's obvious annoyance with me. I closed the distance between us, once again grabbing her hand, this time too fast for her to do anything as I struggled with her. Her laughing, me trying to force her hand open, finally doing so, reaching for the penny ... and then this little spark suddenly happening again. The penny glowed, only briefly, but the spark made us both flinch, both of us dropping it where it rolled off somewhere on the floor.

"What was that?" She asked looking at her hand, though there weren't any marks there, even though she rubbed at a supposed spot. "What did you do?"

"What'd he do?" Jimmy said only now curious.

"He made it glow," Jenny told him. "The penny."

"Where is it?"

"Somewhere around here on the floor," I said now looking for it, as suddenly we all were.

And then Jenny found it, only she didn't really say anything, holding it, palming it, once again attempting to steal it, keep it perhaps. Only I heard her, looking up then as she just stood there, though her mouth never moved.

""You'll never find it," she said ... without saying it. "Because I found it, and I'm never going to tell you."

"Give it here," I said looking at her. "Give it to me. I know you have it Jenny, now give it back."

She looked at me in surprise. And then reached into the pocket of her pants, pulling it out handing it back to me.

"Here, keep your old stupid penny," she stated. And then she said ... and just because of that, I'll never let you kiss me either."

Only thing was, she didn't say that. Once again, I'd heard it, but she hadn't actually said that to me.

"Who says I'd want to kiss you anyway?" I then asked her. The look in her eyes, the sudden stunned expression on her face as she suddenly turned and bolted from my bedroom said it all.

"What the hell was that all about?" Jimmy asked, though now forced to leave, as he'd catch hell for it if he didn't accompany his sister.

I stood there looking at my Penny, realizing what had just happened. Not understanding it, not at all. But maybe ... just maybe ... that Penny really was magic afterall.

That then became my secret. Maybe the penny really was magic. Though if it was, it wasn't magic for very long. And it didn't seem to really do anything more than allow me to hear someone's thoughts for a few minutes or so at the most. But that was pretty cool in and of itself. Though I quickly learned not to tell anyone I could do that either. For one thing, they wouldn't believe me. But for another, if they did ... and if they realized there were times I could honestly do that, well then ... it would take all the fun out of it for one thing. And rob me of my Magic Penny for another. It was just too good of a thing to share with anyone after that. And so my penny became my good luck piece too in a way. Always with me, always on me ... though I rarely if ever took it out when I was around anyone, which was ironically weird in a sense. And because I didn't, it didn't do anything either. And I couldn't just make the little spark come because I wanted it too, even though I tried countless times. It just didn't work that way for some reason.

And then one day, I lost my penny. I'd left it in my pants pocket, on the floor in my bedroom when I went in to take a bath. I didn't know it, didn't realize it until much later, but mom had come in, gathered up my dirty clothes and took them into the laundry room to wash. I don't know whatever happened to my magic penny, but it was gone. And even after I exhausted several hours looking for it, I finally gave up and resigned myself to the fact I'd never be able to do that again.

But I was only then starting to learn a lot more about myself anyway. A few months later, experiencing my first ever "nocturnal emission" as they were called. My first ever dirty, "wet-dream." And with that, all kinds of things started to happen. Some of which at first, actually scared the hell out of me!

The first thing I did of course was run off to see Jerry and ask him about what had happened. A year older than I was, I figured he had to know. And quite naturally he did, explaining it to me, but then taking it up to the next level even, which is when I learned what masturbation was. And it was later, while practicing that, that I found myself aroused, excited. And low and behold, the spark came back. Just like that. I felt the little tingle just between my fingers, though at the time, it was between my fingers and something else when it happened again. But there it was, which is when I started calling it, flicking my Bic, which was a term the guys were using for doing something else entirely. But I knew now it was arousal and excitement that brought it about. I wondered then about the Penny. So I found one, tried it ... and sure enough, it worked on it too. So it wasn't just THAT penny, the one I had lost so long ago now, but any penny. And if it was any penny, then ... and sure enough, I figured out through trial and error, it was actually copper. Whatever it was, and why ... copper was the conduit through which I learned to use my deep dark secret. Though pennies remained the easiest way to make it work. Now I had a whole jar of them. Magic Pennies.

Through trial and error, I quickly learned several things. You didn't actually need to be holding the penny, it only needed to be close to you, though if it did touch you in some way, it did seem to work better and last longer. And that was the other thing I learned as well. I found out that if I flicked my Bic too often, it didn't seem to work as well, or last nearly as long. Usually less than a minute even, if that. So then I tried refraining, seeing how long I could make it work for, and how strong. Again trial and error in doing that, but the strongest it would ever last was for no more than fifteen minutes perhaps. I had gone two, three days, and then a week ... even two without making the spark. But it didn't seem to matter, or make any difference. Two days without sparking seemed to charge it up to the maximum I could make it work, make it go. So now I had the parameters at least, and a better understanding of it. Or so I thought anyway.

So far, I had used it to eavesdrop, basically picking up on people's thoughts. Which for the most part was actually pretty boring, not nearly as exciting as I first thought or believed it would be. Only on occasion would I actually pick up on something juicy, something titillating and interesting. It was like playing golf in a way. Getting frustrated, asking yourself why you played in the first place, and then getting that perfect swing, or putt. It's what kept you coming back. Same thing with my new found ability. Most of the time it was boring, but every once in a while...

By now I was eighteen. I'd been honing my skills so to speak, flicking my Bic, practicing the placement of pennies here and there on unsuspecting people, or when the opportunity presented itself, just brushing against, or touching something I knew was made of copper that someone was wearing. That eventually proved to work the best. Maybe because in those instances, they were closer to the people I used this on. That ... and having gone at least two days to ensure I had a "full charge" not knowing what else to really call it. Only then would I release the spark, mostly just a little at a time unless I caught a piece or sense of something I found particularly interesting. Then I may very well use it all.

I had gone into a reasonably nice little coffee shop one evening after getting off from my part-time job. I tried to do so at least once or twice a week, mainly because of a really attractive girl around my age who worked there. I hadn't really approached her as far as going out or anything, mainly because she'd never shown much of an interest towards me beyond my being a semi-regular customer. I wasn't exactly a geek or anything, certainly not bad looking ... but I'd already figured out, either she had a boyfriend, or I just wasn't her type. It didn't stop me from going in to gawk at her though, or entertain the prospect of "slipping her a penny." I'd even gotten to the point of boldly doing that in some cases, mostly with people I knew of course, handing them a penny and then simply saying, "A penny for your thoughts?" That's usually all it took, and then they were giving them to me, good and bad at times, without ever knowing they had.

So there I was, having my usual piece of pie and coffee, ogling Debbie, enjoying the view, especially her rather large breasts, that she had on one or two occasions, leaned over just enough while explaining something to me off the specials of the day to give me an added treat to my visit. I was waiting for the perfect opportunity, the precise moment to use my line, slide a copper penny across to her, or place it in her hand and then ask her that very question. I was planning on doing so when I saw this guy come in taking a seat across the aisle from me. There was something about him, the way he looked maybe, though it was more the look he took when watching Debbie moving about. It gave me the creeps, almost leering at her as he sat there watching her. Maybe it was a sixth sense or something that made me do it. But I charged my penny, and then slid out of my booth on the pretense of going to the restroom, stumbling, pretending to fall, catching myself as I all but collided into his booth. I tossed my magic penny into his lap as I did so, apologizing. His look of annoyance and disgust with me readily apparent, not even answering or acknowledging I'd done that after I straightened myself up. I soon headed into the restroom, spent only a moment or so, and immediately came back out again. I figured I had maybe two or three minutes to more or less listen in on the man in the booth sitting next to me.

"Nice little piece of ass," he thought. "I wouldn't mind fucking that cunt, in fact ... I'm going to! That's it! I'm going to! I'm going to wait until she gets off, walks out, then I'm going to grab her ... haul off over to those bushes behind the parking lot, and that's where..."

It's all I heard, but it was enough. Debbie was in danger, and it was up to me to do something about it. I slid out of my booth, grabbing my check waving it at her so that she would walk over and meet me at the cash register.

"Debbie, I need to tell you something," I told her, causing her to look oddly at me for a moment, which in itself worried me. "You do know me, well sort of anyway ... I've been coming here for a while now, so hopefully you will listen to what I have to say to you," she seemed somewhat alarmed now, but with the manager standing not too far away, she had obviously decided to hear me out. "Don't look ... but that guy over there who was sitting across from me, I overheard him, talking to himself. I don't think he realized that he was, or did. But I heard him say something ... something about you, something he was planning on doing to you after you got off work tonight." Now she was looking freaked out, but I continued. "Right now, right this very second, go tell your boss what I just told you. After that, call the cops ... tell them what I said, what I heard this guy saying. Please Debbie, trust me ... now do it!"

She immediately turned, walked over, whispered something to her boss, and then the two of them walked around into the back. I left more than enough money for my bill sitting there, and then calmly walked outside towards my car. I climbed in, and then sat, hoping and praying that she had done what I'd asked her to do. Less than five minutes later, two patrol cars pulled up in front. Two officers got out, walked in as though stopping for something to eat perhaps as two more patrol cars pulled up behind the building, officers getting out of their cars with guns drawn.

Ten minutes later, the two who had gone in came back out. The guy with them, hands behind his back, handcuffed, looking bewildered as hell.

Unfortunately, the last thing I needed was for anyone to be asking me any questions. So I left, returning the very next day however. Debbie wasn't working, hadn't come in ... taking the day off according to another waitress that worked there. I asked her what had happened the previous day. She told me they'd run the guys ID, his description etc. And found out in the process, there was a warrant out for him in another state. A warrant for suspected rape, after a positive test had come back on his DNA. Unfortunately by then, he had fled the state. I managed a big sigh of relief. And knew then, what I could do could be beneficial. Not exactly a super-power if you will, nothing quite like that. I wasn't quite ready to run around in some sort of a skintight suit with a cape or anything. But I was feeling pretty good about myself, and my ability to "flick my Bic" for the good of mankind perhaps. But then I also realized, I could use it for somewhat wicked, or possibly evil purposes too.

Decisions, decisions.

One thing I wasn't was a cowboy wearing a white hat. Besides, I didn't think that would go very well with a cape either by my way of thinking. Nor was I wearing a black one either. More grey really, somewhere in between perhaps. But enough so, that I did at times certainly entertain specific thoughts. Don't we all? And never anything that would ever hurt anyone, or ever force them into doing anything they didn't want, or wouldn't do under any circumstances. Still ... it was fun to wonder at times. Fun to occasionally listen in on someone's thoughts, especially if I was lucky enough to catch someone, particularly someone attractive who was entertaining similar thoughts, even if it wasn't about me. It was sort of like peeking through the proverbial keyhole, watching someone else having sex. Maybe it wasn't me, but it was still exciting nevertheless.

I wasn't a perv. Not in the real sense anyway. But I had again, quite by accident discovered that one of the best places to go, if there was the hopes of picking up on someone's naughty thoughts, was to sit there close to the fashionable, somewhat risqué lingerie stores. I waited until I saw someone that looked attractive to me, someone I'd enjoy sleeping with of course, or at the very least enjoy seeing naked. Naturally, I couldn't very well walk in and actually do that, nor would I. But I had learned to go in, browse as though I was looking for something for a girlfriend, or even a wife perhaps, even wearing what appeared to be a wedding ring, for just such an occasion as this. With luck, I'd see the woman picking out a few things to try on. I'd wait until she'd selected a room, or if I was really lucky, I'd get close enough to drop one of my magic pennies in a bag or something, ensuring she'd then be taking it with her when she went inside one of the rooms to dress. Once, I'd had to resort to actually rolling a penny beneath the door, though that had worked well enough too. Once I felt that connection however, I more or less sat back. I'd even discovered that once a connection was made, I could hold onto it for a considerable distance. Walking out of the store again, taking my seat once more, and listening in on every thought or emotion the person I had chosen was thinking. There were times it made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

I knew this particular woman was special for some reason, so I'd dumped every bit of my charge into the Penny I had dropped in another shopping bag as she went by. Now I sat listening in on her thoughts, juicy ones. Really naughty juicy, dirty ones as she stood there admiring herself, thinking about all the hot naughty sex she was planning on having later on that same evening. The images now ... not just thoughts any more, which I sometimes managed to pick up, though only when I had fully charged the penny, as she imagined, envisioned what she was fantasizing about, was better than any porn movie I'd ever seen! I sat there getting aroused even more than usual, though content to remain where I was, surprised when she came walking out of the store only moments later. She walked over, sitting at the far end of the bench I was sitting on, rummaging through her purchases, combining a few of them into larger bags making them easier to carry.

I looked at her thinking. "God I'd love to see you naked, actually fuck you, lick that pussy of yours, which I'm sure would be sweet tasting as hell!" She glanced up, looking right at me, the oddest expression on her face I'd ever seen.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" She asked.

Now it was my turn to look at her weird. "Ah no, I didn't ... why do you ask?" I asked.

"Oh nothing ... not really, was just thinking," she said smiling to herself then, and at me too, though I'm not sure she knew why she was.

But now I was wondering. This was new. And so I thought, looking at her, actually trying to concentrate as I thought it. "You're horny, and obviously a bit of an exhibitionist," I told her directly without actually speaking, projecting it perhaps, though it was the first time I'd actually attempted doing this. I had of course gathered up that much from her own thoughts, from the brief glimpse of imagery she had shared with me. I then suggested, she might see me as a challenge, something naughty to do, to thrill herself perhaps in doing so. "Show him your tits," I thought again, still concentrating. "He'd like that, and you would too, the thrill of quickly exposing yourself to a perfect stranger, the added excitement you will have later on tonight knowing that you did. Laughing about it later with your partner, surprising him with your sudden boldness, go on ... you can do it, go ahead, lift up your tee shirt, and bra ... give him a peek a little flash, no harm ... no foul."

I watched as she suddenly looked off to one side and then the other, and then turned towards me. She was smiling, winked, and then reached down lifting up her tee shirt and bra. I sat there with an open mouth, stunned for several reasons as this beautiful woman who was way out of my league, flashed her tits at me.

It would be two days before I could experiment again. But it gave me time to write down what I'd learned, think about it further, and plan out another worthwhile, and hopefully just as successful little experiment.

But I couldn't help smiling every time I thought about the gorgeous brunet who I'd so easily manipulated into flashing her tits at me. This was going to be interesting.

There was a girl I worked with at my part-time job during the evenings. We worked for a packaging and distribution company, boxing up product, and then sending it out. It was boring work at times, but it paid well. We had peaks and valleys too. Sometimes so busy you hardly had time to think. At other times, so slow that we'd very often find ourselves just standing around waiting for orders to come down. It was during those times that I'd gotten to know Gayleen, my new friend and co-worker fairly well. So well in fact, that over time she'd finally opened up, told me a little bit about herself, even a few semi-intimate details without getting really specific. We didn't exactly flirt or anything, beyond the normal almost casual flirtation that most everyone did without getting too carried away with it.

She was fairly attractive too. Not a raging beauty mind you, but cute. She had dishwater blond hair that she wore for the most part in a ponytail. Green eyes, thick lips and a cute button nose. And though her breasts certainly weren't large by any stretch of the imagination, they looked nice enough. Her ass however was sensational, especially in a tight fitting pair of jeans. I was somewhat attracted to her, but I knew she had a boyfriend. Though I also knew, she hadn't quite yet committed to sleeping with him yet. So we had discussed some of those more personal intimate details yes. But she had also hinted at something else, once almost telling me, sharing with me whatever horrible secret it was, as she later declared it to be, thus ending the discussion, not comfortable enough in "going there" as she'd put it. Obviously, it was something she was both embarrassed about, as well as ashamed of by the way I saw it.

Gayleen then became the perfect choice here. I knew enough about her to make a few reasonable guesses and assumptions based on what she had told me. And I also had a pretty good idea how to steer things in that direction again if given the chance to do so. We had in times past actually gone out to the parking lot, sitting in either her car, or mine, and continued on with our discussion for a while longer before driving off. It depended upon how busy it had been. I preferred doing that, sitting outside with her as Gayleen for obvious reasons, tended to open up a bit more, especially if there was little or no chance of being overheard. I knew we had a particular order we'd be running tonight, a busy one. So I figured we'd not have too much of an opportunity to chat, except during our one short break. That would be when I'd hopefully direct the subject, and then with luck, continue it on with her some more later on after work. I also knew, she'd be wearing jeans, just as she always did. Jeans with copper rivets which made it a much better conduit, as they were much closer to the person wearing them. And it had been very easy for me to quickly brush one, or touch one, and let that full spark go into them. Usually it was so quick, no one ever saw the quick burst of blue-white light whenever I did that. And if they did, it happened so quickly that most everyone just thought they were seeing things, especially as no one ever reacted to it. Especially me.

The night went perfectly, according to plan. We were busy, so did very little talking. When our midway break came, Gayleen and I headed down to the break room for a cup of coffee and our usual chat. I purposely looked a bit glummer than usual however, baiting her to ask me the question. She knew that I too didn't have anyone I was seeing at the moment. But I'd decided to use that as a reason to direct things hopefully in the direction I really wanted them to go. Seeing my face, my abnormal silence as we sat down, she quite naturally asked.

"Brian? What's bothering you? Anything wrong? Anything you want to talk about?" She asked.

"Not anything I think you'd care to hear about," I began. "More like a guy thing ... it's a problem I have, something I need to deal with." I said baiting the hook hopefully.

And as I'd hoped, Gayleen tried to lighten the mood a little, just as I usually did for her. "Well I hope it's not some sort of a disease thing, or anything like that, from something you picked up someplace," she said trying to tease me a little.

"I wish," I responded looking up at her trying to smile. "That would at least mean I was getting some ... which I'm not obviously, but that leads into the other little problem I'm dealing with, which I'm damn sure you don't want to hear anything about."

Now she was curious. The bait in the water. The question was, would she take it?

"You in a hurry this evening?" She asked.

I tightened the line, still silent for a moment, pausing, waiting until she bit again.

"We could ... we could talk, outside after work if you'd like," she now added.

"Ok, maybe," I said, setting the hook and slowly, ever so carefully ... reeling her in.

After we had finished our shift, we walked outside, not quite ten o'clock yet, though dark enough that where we parked we had plenty of privacy, though we always waited for everyone else to leave before going out and getting into one of our two cars. As was usually the case, Gayleen simply followed my lead. Tonight, it would be my car. For one, it was a nice car, though an old car. A 1970 Chevy Super Sport. What I liked about it, was that even for a muscle car, it had a bench seat in the front, nothing to really get in the way of anything, making it a bit more intimate and cozier. I directed her that way, stepping around to the passenger door, opening it for her as she prepared to get in.

I reached out, just briefly touching one of the rivets on her jeans, letting the full charge go. The movement, the light coming on inside the car, coincided with the quick flash of light I'd discharged. I figured tonight, with luck ... we'd have a full fifteen minutes or so to do a little bit of experimentation. But that also meant, I didn't have a whole lot of time to be wasting either!

The moment I slid in next to her, I looked at her and said. "You're sure about this, you really want to hear about what I'm dealing with, even if it weirds you out?" I could already sense her curiosity, and oddly enough ... a little arousal coming from her too. There was definitely an attraction there, though not one either one of us would normally have admitted to, or acted upon.

"I'm sure," she said easily, sitting comfortably in her seat, obviously relaxed. And I could sense that she truly was, so I decided to go ahead with the rest of my plan, my experiment.

"Ok, here it is then Gayleen, and I hope I don't shock you, but the reason I broke up with the girl I was seeing? Was because she wanted to have sex, and I simply wasn't quite ready to go there yet."

She looked at me oddly. "But didn't you say inside that you..."

"Intercourse, I wasn't ready to do that yet no. But what I do enjoy, and was enjoying, in lieu of that, was masturbating in front of her, for her, while she did the same for me. I enjoyed that, and I'm pretty sure she did too. But then it wasn't good enough. Yeah sure, we'd enjoyed oral with one another on occasion as well, but I was perfectly content with just leaving it where it was ... short of, well you know, actually fucking. But then she told me she was growing tired of that, wanted and needed more. So ... we broke up. Needless to say, now I'm not even enjoying that much anymore. And to be perfectly candid about it Gayleen, it's just not as much fun jerking off all by yourself, with no one to share that with, after you've been doing that. In a sense, it would be like refraining from ever fucking again, once you actually had."

Her mind and her thoughts were going a thousand miles an hour. The excitement almost too much for even me to make sense of, or comprehend. I had to slow her down a bit, calm her, getting her thinking in one direction, and then see where this might lead the two of us.

I then used the one thing she had only briefly hinted at a few weeks earlier, which I felt was along the same lines, the same thing I'd just admitted and confessed to her.

"You feel the same," I directed looking at her, though acting as though I was still waiting on a response to what I'd just told her. "You enjoy masturbating, you do it all the time ... sometimes you even convince yourself you do it too much, that there's something wrong with it ... with you. But there isn't Gayleen, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and you're even thinking about it now, thinking about watching me, watching me masturbate in front of you, and then you, playing with yourself in front of me!"

I could sense her struggle at this point, wavering, her emotions mixed, jumbled, fearful even, but likewise, aroused. It was an odd sensation even for me. I could sense this mist, this fog ... even see it as she sat there struggling with her thoughts. And then it slowly began to dissipate, clearing rapidly a moment later.

"I think we're sitting in the same boat Brian," she began once again shifting in her seat, but this time looking far more relaxed than she had been. "But neither one of us are going to go anywhere unless we put our oars in the water," she smiled.

I knew then I had landed my fish.

I looked at her, pretending I didn't know what was going on, or what she was talking about.

"You're not the only one with those same problems and worries," she managed to sigh, looking almost relieved to finally be sharing what I knew she was about to. "You know me pretty well Brian, but probably not as well as you think you do. There are things I haven't told you about myself. But ... since you have, since you've shared things with me, I feel more comfortable in telling you, I am basically a pretty sexual person. It's gotten me into trouble at times because of it. Which is why I eventually decided to really slow things down with guys, until I was sure there was truly something there at least. But yeah ... I do know what you mean Brian; I masturbate constantly, like three ... four times a day. Maybe I'm some kind of nympho or something. I've even considered seeing someone because of my ... my ... addiction."

"In the first place Gayleen, masturbation isn't an addiction. It's a natural normal thing that everyone does, whether they're willing to admit to it or not. And trust me ... three, four times a day isn't abnormal either. Some do it less often, some do it more. I think most do it for simple stress relief. I know I do, at the end of the day, just so I can sleep better."

Gayleen smiled at that, again the emotions and sensations I was picking up from her was soothing her anxiety. I paused, once again concentrating on her, soothing her worries and fears further, and then continued on.

"But admittedly what I do miss, is that level of excitement, that sharing excitement that you can only get with another person. That's what I miss Gayleen, more than anything. But just because I do miss it, it doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to stop jerking off either. I know I will. It just won't be nearly as much fun not having someone else to share that with."

I almost smiled. I could already hear her thoughts even before she formed them into words.

"Let me ask you something Brian. Obviously, we both feel much the same way about things. Not wanting to make the kind of commitment with someone that we're just not sure about yet. However ... that being said, I ... like you, also enjoy that "excitement" as you call it. Sharing things ... doing things, without necessarily taking it to the next level. I guess what I'm proposing, and asking is this ... how would you feel about, you and I ... maybe doing that, for each other. As long as we understand the boundaries, limitations, and accept the fact, we're doing it just for those reasons?"

I was grinning from ear to ear ... inside. Trying to look serious on the outside, weighing her offer, considering it. But I could sense the elation inside her own head, the sudden turn of events emotionally as now I sensed her hope ... her excitement, and now ... want.

"You're sure? I mean ... we're talking about, hell Gayleen ... getting nasty together," I quipped, "Within reason of course," I smiled. And of course she smiled. I was now picking up all kinds of wickedly erotic thoughts from her that seemed to be pouring out of her emotionally like a river jumping it's banks. But I had sensed another side of her as well. One she was finally allowing herself to feel again. She loved that "nasty" edge, that naughty, dirty sensation. It excited her, aroused her, almost beyond reason.

"Let me show you just how sure I am," she smiled almost devilishly. She reached up, and began slowly unbuttoning the blouse she was wearing. I sat transfixed, my eyes glued on her as she did that, one button at a time. I could still hear her thoughts as well as she did that.

"I'm so fucking horny Brian, you have no idea. How long I have actually fantasized, imagined seeing that cock of yours, wanting to watch you play with it, me ... play with it, even sucking it ... and maybe one day..."

I'd run out of time, but it mattered not. No longer able to hear her thoughts anymore, my little experiment had been a rousing success. I knew I'd want to continue it with her, learn more, do more. But now was not the time. Right now, the two of us were simply going to enjoy a bit of wickedly naughty fun together.

Once Gayleen had unbuttoned her blouse, she leaned forward reaching around behind herself, unclasping her bra. It fell away, slithering down her arms like a sensual serpent. She then removed it, along with her blouse, now sitting there topless. Her breasts indeed weren't overly large by any means, but certainly more than a simple handful. One thing I loved seeing almost immediately however, was just how large her nipples were. Areolas a nice rosy-color, sitting atop each breast like a small pancake. Nipples capping each, thick ... invitingly hard and erect, just begging for attention. As much as I wanted to reach over and touch one, I refrained however. That may perhaps ... come in time. Right now, I knew it was best to simply follow her lead.

She again paused only briefly, allowing me this intermittent look. I ensured that the look of surprise, and then pleasure on my face had registered with her as she then reached down unbuttoning her fly, unzipping her jeans.

"Well? You going to join me, or just sit there with your tongue hanging out?"

I grinned at her, trying hard not to leer, and then unbuckled my own jeans, slipping them down around my ankles, just as she did. The two of us now sitting there looking at one another, albeit a bit awkwardly, nervously at first. My hard cock throbbing however, dancing all on its own accord as she lowered her gaze away from my face, now focusing on that more directly. She sighed, a small moan escaping her lips. One hand almost automatically coming up to capture her breast, watching her do that, wishing it was my own as she began fingering it, toying with her nipple. Her other hand now down between her legs, the tip of one finger slowly drawing itself upwards through her hairless little groove. I fisted myself, squeezing, producing a nice fat dollop of precum smearing it about the head of my dick, thus further stimulating myself in doing so.

"God you're hard!" She exclaimed suddenly, finally breaking the momentary silence that had fallen between us.

"And horny, but you look pretty hard too," I motioned, looking at her thick fat nipples as she continued playing with them, teasing each back and forth. "I take it ... they're pretty sensitive then? You enjoy having them played with?" I asked, my tone of voice a bit deeper now, more husky.

"Oh yes ... yes I do," she groaned back, playing with them even more noticeably now. Actually pulling on one of them, stretching it out a bit, lifting her soft firm breast in the process before letting go, and then doing it all over again. "I've always enjoyed having my tits played with ... you, you can touch them if you'd like," she then informed me.

I reached over, again glad I had waited for the invitation, now fondling her neglected nipple and breast as she continued playing with the other one, still fingering her pussy, toying with her clit as she now rubbed that hard little knob with gentle teasing motions. She too was wet, very wet. Applying a bit of her own special sauce to her clit, just as I was doing to myself. We could each hear the slickness of our own juices as we sat there. Mine, a squishy slick sound as I slowly pumped my prick up and down, taking time in doing it, not yet ready to stroke it as urgently as I might.

"I love the way that sounds," she told me. "I like hearing it, feeling it ... making it do that," she added.

"Feel free," I then said. "But don't feel like you have to or anything, only if you want to."

Gayleen licked her lips, and then withdrew her hand from between her legs, now reaching over. I felt the softness of her small delicate hand wrapping itself around my stiff, turgid member, once again squeezing it, producing another nice bubble of pearly liquid. She now took that, smearing it about my shaft just as I had done. She pressed, the squish sound produced, giggling as she did it, doing it again.

"God that sounds naughty."

"Yes it does, just as naughty as your pussy sounds when you were fingering yourself," I added to that.

"I like naughty."

"So do I."

"Finger me. Finger-fuck my pussy ... my cunt!" She said hotly. "Go on Brian, finger my fucking cunt!"

We sat side-by-side there on the front seat of my car, not only watching one another masturbate, but masturbating each other! It was more than I had honestly hoped for or expected. But it had proven to me, that with a little concentration, patience, and a willingness to simply direct things, most of the time, people did ... and would. It would be far easier now of course to continue more of this in the evenings with Gayleen, which I certainly planned on doing. But now, even as I fingered her to a nice little climax, and as I likewise sat back, enjoying the pleasure she gave me as she stroked me off, purposely drenching her cute gorgeous tits with my semen a short time later, I was already planning another test. And this one a bit more risky perhaps. A subject who I knew would be a lot harder to control, to manipulate, or get them to let their guard down more likely. Even as I sat there squirting all over Gayleen's boobs, I was already planning my next conquest.

Though Jerry and I had remained good friends throughout the years of course, with the passage of time he'd eventually gone on his own way. He was currently attending University out of state, and had been for almost a year now, though it had been almost two years since the last time we'd even hung out together. I still saw his mom from time to time however, always asking her how he was doing, what he was up to, things like that. I'd always considered Jerry's mom an attractive woman, though she certainly didn't dress the part. Not exactly prudish perhaps, but certainly conservative. She went to church every Sunday, but I'd been around her enough to know she wasn't overly religious either. She cursed on occasion, though always apologizing for having done so immediately afterwards. Though even her curse words were the mild ones, never once an "F" bomb, though I could say pretty much the same thing for my mother too.

But I had picked out Jerry's mom, Carol, as my next unsuspecting target.

Carol was perhaps in her late forties to early fifties even, though I had never asked. Either way, she certainly didn't look it. She had dark brown hair, shoulder length, and a reasonably nice figure, from what you could make of it. Most of the time, as I said, she dressed conservatively. I don't recall a single time when I'd seen even a hint of cleavage in anything she'd worn. And yet she had large breasts, easily a C or even a D cup. The fact I had very often hung around her, talking to her while waiting on Jerry to either finish up with some chore, or even get home from practice after school, gave us some history and background together. In many ways, she had treated me from that time on almost as though I was another child of hers. Not that I minded. Like I said, even back then I was starting to appreciate the MILF thing, even though no one had called it that yet.

Now all I had to do was come up with a good enough reason for going over there, and visiting with her for a bit. That ... and do it when I knew she and I would be all alone. Jenny, my boyhood sweetheart, well sort of anyway ... was still in high school and a member of the cheerleading squad. I knew from my own past experiences there, she had practice three days a week. Today was a Friday, so I knew for sure she did, if not actually a game even though I'd lost track of following any of that. Either way, I felt sure we'd be alone. As far as Jerry's dad went, that was a no brainer now either. Like a lot of people perhaps, Carol and Mike had gone through a rather messy divorce nearly three years ago now. I had to wonder, reconsidering Carol if she hadn't inadvertently contributed to that. Mike had been having an affair with a woman half his age, and once discovered, it was over with. Just like that. Jerry's dad had moved out, and they all got on with their lives as best as they knew how to. Including Carol, who'd now gone back to using her maiden name, though I honestly had no idea what that was. But that too, gave me something else I might be able to use on her as I sat there thinking about what I was going to attempt to do.

Needless to say, it would be a tough one, given I only had the fifteen, maybe twenty minutes I had to work with here. I'd not flicked my Bic for the full twenty four hours needed so to speak, and then grabbed one of my many "Magic Pennies" as I still called them out of the jar in my room, just in case. I didn't recall seeing Carol very often wearing jeans, let alone anything else that might have copper in it, so if nothing else, then the penny would have to do. I then called her, surprising her perhaps, but laid out a story about possibly going to the same university Jerry was attending, or maybe even the one I know she had gone to, graduating from UCLA as Jerry had once told me. I had in fact been working towards doing that, earning the extra money I'd need, saving up for it with the intention of enrolling in the fall. As I'd hoped, Carol was excited, anxious to see me, so I promised to come over that Friday, sit down and visit with her.

As she usually did of course, she met me at the door with a big hug and a kiss. A chaste one of course, usually on the cheek. She invited me inside for a glass of lemonade to go along with our chat of course, and then took our glasses into her informal little sitting area just off the kitchen area where she preferred entertaining. I knew for a fact that Carol didn't do a whole lot of entertaining these days, wondering how long it actually had been for her, since she'd entertained much of anything.

"So ... Mrs, Ms ... gee, what do I call you these days anyway?" I asked trying to sound innocent about it. Jerry told me you'd taken back your maiden name, but I'm not sure he ever told me what that was."

She laughed at that, blushing just a little. "Oh for heaven's sakes Brian, the days of you calling me Mrs. Davis, or now ... Ms. Peterson, are long gone. Just call me Carol, I think we're way past formality now, don't you?" I smiled at her nodding my head.

"I'd like to think so," I assured her.

"Now, what can I help you with?" She asked curiously. And of course I then told her I was as yet undecided as to which school I might want to attend, my choices now pared down to where Jerry was going, along with UCLA, where she had herself graduated from, and one other, a bit more Midwest, though that was a long shot the more I'd been thinking about it.

"So ... what was it like going to UCLA anyway?" I asked. "I've heard ... it's quite the party school," I stated shyly. "Which surprises me, as to why you went there," I then added as I began setting things up. I hadn't as yet "flicked my Bic" of course, not wanting to waste any precious time here, getting the chit-chat out of the way first, setting up the direction I hoped we'd soon be taking before doing that. My Penny, already handy and available for when the time was needed. I had already noticed she wasn't wearing anything with copper in it, so the penny would have to do.

"Well believe it or not Brian, back in my college days, I was actually a bit of a party girl back then. Did some things I'm not exactly proud of now, got into a little trouble for it in fact, nearly getting expelled even. But ... I soon after got my act together, changed my ways, buckled down and graduated. And stupidly ... got married," she'd added taking a breath, and then looking flustered. "Not that I have any misgivings about getting pregnant, giving birth to Jerry, and later Jenny. Not that ... just that, well ... you know how it is," she left off saying.

"Yeah I know, and I'm sorry about that. But you Carol? A party girl? I'm having trouble seeing that," I laughed just a little. But she was already lost in thought perhaps, remembering back now.

It was time to flick my Bic. I'd been holding the penny in my hands, and now charged it. I pretended to reach into my pocket as though getting it, and then held out my hand to her. She looked at me.

"Here, open your hand." She did so. I dropped the penny into it, she looked at it, and then at me. "Penny for your thoughts?" I asked.

Almost immediately I got a sense of embarrassment and shame even. Brief fleeting images, a drunken party perhaps, plenty of nude men and women running about, squealing, chasing one another. And then this image of Carol, a much younger Carol, the way she saw herself perhaps, remembering, though even that image tended to flicker back and forth between that one, and the way she actually looked now. She finally snickered a bit. "Oh Brian, I dare not tell you those thoughts," she stated moving about in her chair as though suddenly uncomfortable. "Like I said, I was a different woman ... a different girl back then. I did things, like I said, that I shouldn't have." I sat listening, or appearing to however, now slowly worming my way into her thoughts, like a shadow in the back of your mind, whispering to her, using what I saw, what I felt, what I sensed to draw her out more and more.

"It still excites you to think about though," I told her. "Things you did, the pleasures you felt, so long ago now. How long has it really been Carol? Since you've allowed yourself to feel that way again? To experience that kind of exquisite, joyful pleasure? How long? Certainly what you did wasn't that bad now was it? Haven't you made more of it than what it actually was? When are you finally going to let go of that, quit brow-beating yourself with it?" I pressed, now seeing the struggle, sensing the emotions as memories of that time came flooding back to her.

"Oh come on Carol, it can't be that bad. Can't be any worse than some of the things I've done myself, now can it? Doesn't everyone experiment in one way or the other? Try things? Do things? Some of which we may latter regret yes, but isn't that how we learn who we are? I'm sure, knowing you ... it isn't half as bad as your making it out to be."

"Oh Brian, seriously honey ... you have no idea. I really did do a few things that I regret. Not all of them of course, but some. And yes, you're right, I do sometimes think about those times fondly," she stopped herself looking at me. "You ... you did ask me that right?" She suddenly questioned, not at all sure now if I had asked, or if she'd just offered something she shouldn't have.

Like I said, this could get interesting, but I needed to tread carefully here, and we were still on borrowed time as well. I knew then, this might take more than one session to make any real progress with. It might be better to take it slow and easy with her as opposed to trying to force anything too quickly. Though I did decide right there and then to try and plant the suggestion, along with the determination to tell me what happened, seeing me as a friend, someone she could trust, share this long held secret with.

"Go ahead Carol, you can tell him. He'll listen, he'll understand, and he won't judge you, or think ill of you for sharing something with him, something a bit naughty, a bit dirty ... about your past. It's ok, he's old enough now, far more mature than his age even. He's always liked you, admired you. Hell, you know deep down inside, he's even been a little bit attracted to you, sometimes hanging around, flirting with you in that little boy way of his he once did. He's your friend ... go ahead, tell him. Tell him what you did that you think was so bad. He'll listen, he won't judge. If anything, he'll think it's way cool that you did that."

It was like watching her talking to herself, only it was listening to me, she continued to struggle a bit, weighing the consequences perhaps, and finally ... finally ... accepting it.

"I can't believe I'm actually going to tell you this Brian, but I think you're old enough now to hear it and not judge me for one thing. But for another, there's no one else I can possibly even image telling this. It's something I've held onto for years, struggled with. But maybe, maybe telling you ... telling someone about it, will help me see it in another light."

I sat back, pleased with the progress I had made, though having less than half the time left before the Penny wore out. The penny she still held in her hand like some sort of amulet. Which in a way, it was. But maybe, just maybe ... it would be enough. One more prod. "Go ahead Carol, tell him, and don't hold back. Tell him everything, spit it out, don't be afraid. He will understand."

She seemed to settle into it then, finally having made up her mind, with some encouragement from me of course, and began, relaxing in her seat after taking a sip of her lemonade. "Believe it or not Brian, I once belonged to a rather prestigious Sorority. I won't give you the name, as I don't wish to blemish them further with my own wrong doings. But needless to say, it was shortly after my ... my misfortune, that I was asked to leave. Something that I have had to live with to this very day."

"Go ahead Carol, tell him. Spit it out, tell him everything, all the gory details. It won't shock him, offend him ... you can do it, spill it, you'll feel better." I could feel the energy starting to weaken. The link between us not quite as strong. I relaxed it a little, buying a bit more time, something I'd recently learned how to do. Just barely holding on, no longer able to suggest anything anymore. But perhaps I had done just enough. I could still hear her thoughts, which might help me in redirecting our conversation if I had to.

"I'm not sure you'll want to hear this..."

"I do. No matter what it is you have to say or tell me. I really, really do Carol. I can see that it's something that's been bothering you for quite some time now. Listen, we're friends, just not neighbor's, and least I'd like to think of us as being that. Good friends, close friends, someone you can share a secret with, say something to, and know they won't go out and tell anyone else about it. I'll promise you this Carol, you share yours with me, and I'll tell you a secret I've never told anyone else!"

She actually smiled at that, now grinning, nodding her head. "Ok, just remember I warned you, but I'm going to hold you to your promise to tell me what your secret is afterwards," she stated.

"I promise Carol. I will."

"Still can't believe I'm actually going to tell you this, but ok ... here it is Brian. Like I said, back then, I really was a bit of a party girl. Some people might even call me easy, though I'd still like to think it wasn't like that. But I did enjoy doing certain things, admittedly. And I didn't see that as being much worse than anything any of the other girls were doing back then either. So it's not like it was all that bad, even now ... I still don't see it as such. Only what happened, what I got more or less trapped into doing, all because of a stupid bet. A bet I lost, and out of some sort of twisted, false pride and vanity perhaps. It was a bet I felt I had to honor and live up to."

"Which was?"

"That I had to blow every single guy in the Fraternity we were associated with, or at least those who were willing to go along with it anyway. Blindfolded mind you, so I wouldn't ever really know who I had ... or hadn't. But I did Brian. And I'm ashamed to say it now, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed every moment of it. Kneeling there naked in this little room, hands tied behind my back. One guy after another coming into the room, the sensation of a different dick perhaps, each one fucking my face." She stopped, obviously surprised with herself, her face deepening in color, even more embarrassed now, realizing she'd just dropped the "F" bomb in front of me. "Oh my god Brian! I got carried away there for a moment, I shouldn't have said that."

"What? Fuck? I happen to like the word, and not in a mean way either. I think it's sexy personally, I like hearing it, saying it ... especially when I'm horny. Don't you?"

I had a little bit left, so I used it. "You like hearing it, and saying it too Carol. It's ok, go on, say it ... say it. Say fuck!"

"Funny word isn't it? Fuck I mean? It can be so cruel when used certain ways, or hurt people you care about. But yes Brian ... there are times when you say it, hear it, of course ... do it, when it's just ... well, simply put. It's just fucking hot!"

I'd lost my connection. But it had been worth it. And now, it would be interesting to see where things would go from here.

"Yes it is Carol, so ... fucking tell me, the rest of the story!" I smiled.

I had made her laugh hearing that, relaxing her even more, though there was still color in her cheeks. Her eyes seemed wider, more alert, her breath a bit quicker perhaps as she once again seemed to squirm in her seat. Not from being uncomfortable, but from something else. There was even a hint of moisture standing out on her forehead now as she wiped it off with her hand, now surprising me, reaching down, undoing the top button on the simple summer dress she was wearing. I honestly saw cleavage now for the very first time since I'd known her.

"Wow ... whew, is it hot in here? Or is it me?" She giggled making a joke of it, but she truly was heating up a bit.

"Yeah, I know what you mean, it is sort of hot." Though it was far hotter outside of course. "Wish I could take my shirt off in fact," I said somewhat innocently.

"Go right ahead!" Carol said. "You know that doesn't bother me, seen you with your shirt off more times than I could possibly count," she said almost wistfully. "Just wish I could," she then added, surprising herself. "Even with this light summer dress on, it's almost too hot still."

"Wouldn't bother me any ... if you did," I said looking directly at her. "After all, it's your house, and we're just friends sharing secrets right? I'd certainly never tell anyone."

I think she almost would have too. But it was early yet. She laughed the suggestion off, making light of it. But she did undo one more button. So there was that. And I now saw just how lovely her breasts hinted at being, purposely looking at her, letting her know that I was. She even leaned forward a little, finally continuing her story. I left my own shirt on, tempted as I was. But it was a start nevertheless.

"Now ... where was I? Oh ... yes. I was getting face fucked by the fraternity."

I openly laughed, causing her to do the same, but in such a short brief time, I had seen this sensual, erotic woman begin to emerge from the cocoon she had wrapped herself in, just now starting to emerge.

"Here's the thing Brian," she said suddenly getting serious again, so I did. Listening. "It's hard for me to say this, admit this ... but since you asked, and since we're already there anyway, I'll finish it. Back in the day..." she said again smiling, trying to lighten things up a little as the mood had again turned somewhat somber. "I loved the feel, and yes ... the taste of most men's cum. So much so, that when I found myself kneeling there like that, having one man after another spurt his cream all over me, all over my face and body ... I was in heaven. What I didn't know however, is that someone with a camera had been taking pictures of me. Kneeling there, dripping cum, covered in it. Eventually someone distributed a few of the photos unbeknownst to me. One of them landed on the Deans desk. Naturally, I was called in. I was of course stunned, dumbfounded, though oddly enough, the blindfold I had on obscured my face just enough that the accusation of it, couldn't be supported. I lied Brian. I didn't confess to any of that happening. And without anyone stepping forward who'd actually been there, witnessed it, they had nothing to basically convict me of. The damage was done however, and the compromise became my resigning from the Sorority in order for the entire affair to be dropped after that, and thus keeping me from being expelled from the University."

Carol sat back in her seat now, looking suddenly younger in a strange way. It was obvious, finally sharing, and telling someone that story had relieved a major burden from her. One she'd been carrying around all these years.

"The problem is ... well, was anyway Brian ... it affected me greatly after that. I was never really the same person after that. I quit partying obviously ... but it did something else too. The thing I'd once enjoyed, as decadent or wicked, as I know it sounded, was something I never did again. Not for anyone. Including my own husband Brian. So you see, the ending of our marriage, was just as much my fault as it was his. My refusal to do for him, give him what he wanted and needed, is my fault. I couldn't do it anymore Brian. Not for him, not for anyone. Every time I even considered it, those memories, those horrible images would come racing back. I'd get physically ill, and quite naturally, that would be the end of it."

"I'm sorry Carol, I do understand a lot better now what it was you must have gone through, but it doesn't have to stay that way. Sure ... it's something you have to work through, but I'm confident you can."

She laughed nervously. "Fat chance of that happening now sweetie. I mean look at me, a middle-aged woman, no one in my life, and not very damn likely anyone will be any time soon. And on top of that, there's no assurance I'll ever be able to get through that mental block, and truly enjoy an intimate relationship with anyone ever again."

"Hey ... you said fuck! It's a start!" I smiled at her. Once again making her laugh, and making her squirm in her seat just a little.

"I need some more lemonade," she said suddenly standing. "It really is hot in here. Can I get you another?"

"Yes ... thank you," I said handing her my glass. She returned a minute or two later, and I noticed as she leaned forward just a little, giving it to me, she had undone one more button on the summer dress she was wearing. One more, and she might just as well take it off. She again caught me looking, though I made it obvious that I was, actually commenting. "You really do have nice looking breasts, from what I can see of them of course," I told her now looking up into her eyes again. She was blushing just a little, but then leaned forward a bit more, this time giving me a quick brief kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you. It's been a long time since anyone's told me that. Not like I've given anyone an opportunity to do so ... it's just been a very long time."

She sat down again, sipping on her drink for a moment, the two of us once again just looking at one another in silence.

"Well ... so now you know my whole sordid story, my past. Are you shocked by what I told you Brian, especially knowing me all these years?"

"No, not really. I mean I'm sorry you went through what you did yes. But offended, or shocked? No. I think I've always felt that there was something about you down deep, just beneath that surface of shyness, even professed inhibitions that I never fully accepted was the real you. I still think, the real you, is that same sexy, uninhibited erotic woman just waiting to come out and play again."

Once again she laughed, this time crossing her legs, giving me the quickest, briefest glimpse up her summer dress. I saw the light yellow color of the panties she had on, though again my look was brief as she re-crossed her legs again properly.

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were flirting with me."

"Who says I'm not Carol? Truth is ... you're definitely an MILF! That's for damn sure."

"MILF? What's a MILF? Never heard that term used before. What's it mean?"

"Mother I'd like to fuck," I said simply looking directly at her. I watched her eyes grow wide upon hearing that, saw her tongue come out and absentmindedly lick her lips briefly trying to give them moisture as her mouth had obviously gone dry.

"Ah, well at least now I know what that means," she said obviously skirting the issue, trying to change the subject, though keeping things still intimate between us. "Anyway ... I told you my big deep dark secret. You promised to tell me yours."

I nodded. I'd already decided what I was going to share with her. Which was a big fat lie of course. But I'd already made a pretty good assumption she'd believe it, accept it ... and perhaps even, enjoy hearing it. It was a gamble for me at this point of course, I had no way of knowing what she'd think when I told her. But by now, I was reasonably certain, she was almost as aroused as I was.

"My secret has a little something to do with you. Back in the day..." I said using her terminology, seeing her smile at that when I said it. "When I'd come over here, hang around, waiting for Jerry to come home, or even when he was here. I'd sometimes sneak into your bathroom, rummage through your dirty clothes hamper, and 'borrow' a pair of your panties," I said with as much of a straight face as I could muster. "I always brought them back of course ... afterwards."

I wasn't sure at first how she'd respond to hearing that. But after what she'd told me, I figured I needed to give her something that was equally obscene, though a bit more personal even.

I actually saw her smile then, and then broader a moment after that. "Well ... that answers that question!" She now laughed. "You did?"

"I did. What question?"

"I always assumed..." she laughed again. "So, you're telling me ... it was YOU then who was using my dirty panties to masturbate with."

"I did ... and I was yes," though what she had now said suddenly dawned on me. Jerry!

"I don't know whether to be relieved, or surprised," she giggled flatly. "All this time, I've been thinking it was my own son who was confiscating my panties, when in fact ... all this time, it had really been you! I almost approached him once regarding it. But after my own experience, I thought better against doing it. I didn't want him scarred for life, or dealing with something that I later decided was perhaps a normal, natural thing that most young men probably did. Even if it was my panties he was doing it too. I am curious though..." she then added.


"Did you ... well, did you ever take any of Jenny's panties as well?"

I figured I owed Jerry one, though he'd probably never know it. I even blushed a little, cementing the effect. "A few times ... yes. I did. But to be perfectly honest about it Carol, I much preferred using yours to pleasure myself with. I liked them better, and quite frankly ... they made me a whole lot hornier. You tended to juice a lot," I added, gambling once again, not sure if she really did ... or if what I'd just said might actually disgust her in some way.

All she did was smile again, though blushing herself now. "I do tend to do that whenever I'm really aroused. Hate to admit it, but I very often had to change panties once or twice a day."

"I know," I said winking at her. "Trust me, I know."

Though I had secretly hoped for a lot more to happen, things had pretty much run the full gauntlet here. Her nervousness suddenly reappearing, and with it, her inhibitions again. She fidgeted in her seat, once again changing the subject. This time, entirely.

"Well, we really got sidetracked there didn't we?" She said nervously now, back peddling. "We're supposed to be talking about the University itself, why you might want, or not want to attend there, not talking about my secret past, or yours either for that matter," she now added in that Mrs. Davis, now Ms. Peterson, tone of voice she once used around me. It was time to go. But I now knew we needed another session together, and I needed the time to recharge my ability. But I wasn't about to leave with things quite on this level again either. But I had just the reason, a very good one, for putting it back there again before I left.

"Actually Carol, I need to get going. But what I would like, is to come back, perhaps on Sunday even? Maybe we could discuss things again. I've enjoyed this, and frankly ... enjoyed sharing with you, finally being able to share with you MY big naughty secret. You're right ... it's sort of cleansing, finally being able to do that in a way. I always did sort of feel bad, felt guilty about stealing your panties, even though I always did bring them back." 'At least I hope I did, ' I thought to myself.

"Not always," she giggled again slipping back some. "And in fact, I could now box your ears for taking one pair of my favorite panties that you never did return."

"Oh? And which ones were those?"

"My red silks. Always wondered what happened to those. That was the missing pair that almost prompted me to speak to Jerry about."

"Oh yeah ... those. Sorry about that. I rather enjoyed those too. So much so, I did decide to keep them, that pair anyway. I think I sort of ruined them anyway. Wasn't sure everything would wash out, or allow them to look the way they should have after that. More than happy to buy you a new pair though!"

"Maybe ... I'll just have you work it off, doing things for me around here. I could in fact, use a little help these days."

'Perfect!' I thought again. "Yeah, more than happy too. Whatever you need, whenever you need me, I'll be glad to come over and give you a hand ... or whatever else I can give you," I said pointedly. I could see by the look in her eyes, she knew what I meant, though it was again time to go, leave her with that thought ... and something else as I now stood. I had a massive erection!

Her eyes were almost automatically drawn to it in fact, which I was hoping they would be. I made no attempt at hiding it either.

"Oh my!" She actually said looking down at it. And then back up at me.

"Sorry," I said. "Can't help it. Admittedly, I'm aroused. And in fact ... as soon as I get home, I'm planning on doing something about it," I again shared with her, firmly planting an image in her head that I hoped she'd be thinking about. Me ... laying in my bed perhaps, jacking off ... thinking about her. Which I would be.

"Oh ... my," she said again, blushing profusely. "Really? I mean ... wow," she just said again, though I had turned now heading towards the door.

"Yeah, really," I said turning the doorknob. "And if it's ok with you ... I'll be thinking about those nice looking breasts of yours," I told her quite frankly. "Amongst other things." I opened the door, stepping out.


I turned facing her. Me half out, Carol just behind the open door. I watched as she suddenly lifted her summer dress. A brief shimmy, and then suddenly she stood up again. Only this time she was holding something in her hand as she glanced out the door looking this way and that, and then back towards me, holding out her hand.

"Here," she grinned. "For old time's sake. Just make sure you bring these back ... on Sunday. How'd you like to come ... for dinner?" She's said, the emphasis on the one word unmistakable.

I accepted her pale yellow panties, grinning wickedly. "I'd enjoy that. And I promise, I'll bring these back to you ... and clean too."

"Don't bother doing that, in fact, I'd prefer it if you didn't. I wash things differently than most people do," she said by way of reasoning. But I felt that the real truth was, she wanted to see them, after they had been used, cum in, squirted on. I had every intention of making sure she was happy with the results.

"Sunday evening then ... with these," I said holding them up just a little before stashing them into the front pocket of my pants. The motion once again directing her gaze at my still hard, firm erection. She laughed.

"Be careful you don't go running into anything with that," she joked. "You could poke someone's eye out with that thing!"

The afternoon had gone better than I could have possibly imagined. I could hardly wait for Sunday evening to come around. And needless to say, I came several times in those soft pale yellow panties of hers, just thinking about all the deliciously naughty things I hoped I'd soon be doing to her. Sunday evening could come fast enough.

I had of course managed to recharge myself, grabbing another penny before heading out the door and running over to Carol's place. I had a bit of a nice surprise waiting for me when I did too. Meeting me at the door, wearing something I'd never seen her in before. I had seen her wearing shorts before yes, but not quite this short. Just bordering on the edge of modesty, while still being modest, especially the way she usually dressed. But the biggest surprise, was the fact she was actually wearing a tube-top, without a bra, which was clearly evident. That was something that was totally out of character for her to be wearing.

"Wow, you look nice!" I said the moment she invited me in.

"Thank you," she preened just a bit. "It's still warm out, and since my air conditioning is still acting up, I was damned if I was going to sit around sweating to death like I have been."

"I'll see about looking into that for you," I told her, though that was an area I was totally unfamiliar with.

"No need," she told me. "I've already put in a repair call to have someone come out and have a look at it next Tuesday. Sweet of you to offer though," she said now hugging me, and again kissing me chastely on the cheek. The thing was, I could feel the press of her now braless breasts against my own chest as she did that, and even think she had done so purposely, lingering like that for a moment more.

"Oh ... and I brought these back," I said pulling out her very much used, cum in panties out of my pocket, handing them to her. She grinned, taking them.

"Go ahead, have a seat, I'll ah ... just put these upstairs in my hamper," she informed me.

I grinned at her, even winking as she smiled back and then headed upstairs. I wondered if she'd spend some time inspecting them, hoping she would. Once again, the mood now being set, hopefully saving us both a little time, though I would wait until the moment was perfect again before actually flicking my Bic again either.

I believe she was gone a bit longer than was necessary, but sat patiently waiting for her return. She returned with a smile on her face, stammering a bit in fact, as I purposely teased her about my return of her very soiled panties.

"So ... get a chance to see how much I managed to squirt into them for you?" I asked not even hesitating.

This time she blushed crimson. "Yes, yes you did didn't you?" She actually asked. "So ... what was it you were thinking about anyway?" She asked, though turning her back towards me having asked me that, stirring something on the stove.

"You want the honest to god's truth?" I asked prompting her to commit herself here. "It's pretty naughty."

I heard her chuckle, though she continued stirring the pot. "Just giving them to you so you could do that, was pretty naughty," she said. "But yes ... of course, be honest with me. I'm rather enjoying that. It's, well ... it's refreshing for a change, don't you think?" She now turned looking over at me, and as she did, I could see each one of her nipples poking against the material of her tube-top. They were nice and hard, stretching the material erotically.

"I imagined doing something to you, that I rather enjoy doing to be honest about it, though I haven't done so in quite some time now."

"Oh?" She said looking at me as she asked, but then turning around again, waiting for the answer. I knew she couldn't hear it while looking at me. Not yet anyway.

"Well, there were actually two things I thought about ... mostly," I added. "One ... since I got a little peek at your tits," I said emphasizing that word, deciding to use a more sexy word besides breasts, or boobs ... hoping it would further the cause, "I imagined fucking them, you know ... titty-fucking you, sliding my cock in between them while you held them together for me so I could."

She dropped the spoon in the pan, though quickly grabbing it, stirring again, a bit more quickly this time. "Ah huh ... and, and what else?" she asked, her breathing telling me in an instant that the thought of that had excited her.

"Well, the other one. Something I have always fantasized about of course, but never done, never felt ... was having you actually masturbating me with your panties, similar to those red ones I stole from you. I've always imagined that, more times that I can even count. What that would actually feel like, look like, only having you doing it, and not myself."

She kept stirring the pot, rapidly now. I stood, quietly, flicking my Bic. I approached her and then ever so gently, slipped the penny into her pants pocket behind, though my next move was designed to do more than that. A lot more. Even as I felt the connection between us, the turmoil in her mind, the confused sense of lust, depravity, want and need. The images I now saw as though they were actually happening. My cock, (though it was an imagined appearance of one anyway ... not quite my own) that I now saw inside her mind. Sliding it up and down between her bare breasts, which I did think now, probably were hers. Most likely exactly the way they looked. And then the image of her sitting next to me, naked on her bed. A pair of her panties in hand as she sat there stroking my cock with them. I kissed her on the back of the neck. And as I did, I concentrated, telling her in an instant that more than anything ... more important than dinner, or anything else for that matter, that's exactly what she wanted to do to me.

"He'd be coming in your panties Carol, he wouldn't actually be squirting on you now would he? Only in your panties. But you could see it, feel it when he did ... when he does. You would enjoy that wouldn't you? It would be safe, it would be simple ... easy, and yes naughty, naughty fun."

She quit stirring the pot, reached over, turning off the stove, and then turning. Her breasts once again mashing against my chest, as this time she kissed me back, fully on the lips, her mouth hard pressed against my own.

"Come on ... dinner can wait. There's something I'd enjoy doing for you," she told me.

Taking my hand, Carol then led me down the hallway towards her bedroom. I could quite clearly hear her thoughts of course, even more so, holding her hand. The images sharp, crystal clear.

"Am I really going to do this?" She was asking herself. "What if..."

"Yes, you are. There are no what if's here Carol. You know you want to do this, something you've been craving to do now for years. You know you have to, need to ... want to. You know this could be the way, the only way ... after all these years holding back. You must do it Carol, you will do it in fact. Nothing else matters."

The moment she stepped inside her bedroom she released my hand, turning looking at me. She reached down and in one smooth complete motion, pulled the tube top she'd been wearing up and over her head. Her magnificent breasts spilling out as she did so.

"Take off your clothes honey. I'm going to jerk you off, with my panties. And after dinner ... you're going to tit-fuck me too!"

I didn't bother telling her that dinner would be late. Very, very late.

I quickly stripped off my clothes, watching her as she stood there watching me. Not yet removing her own shorts, though she had in fact unbuttoned, and unzipped them. I teased her just a bit, purposely, removing my jeans, though not my briefs, letting her see the fairly impressive bulge pressing against the front of them.

"Everything," she moaned hotly now, finally slipping her own shorts down her legs, kicking them the rest of the way off with one foot, now standing there wearing ... a red pair of what looked like silk panties. "Look familiar?"

"Very," I grinned, though I'd never seen the likes of them before obviously.

"I went out and got them, yesterday, after you left. Though I'll be honest with you Brian, I never thought I'd actually be doing this. I did entertain the thought of perhaps handing them to you again, like the other ones. But after thinking about it, I decided, this would be a lot more fun. A hell of a lot more fun in fact."

My cock sprang up hard and full as I now discarded my briefs, likewise kicking them off to the side, allowing my prick to stand, throbbing, even bouncing a bit as she stood there feasting on it.

"How would you a ... like it," she said having trouble breathing. "A little wet? Or a lot?"

"What do you think?" I actually did leer at her. She leered back at me, now pressing her fingers deeply into her cleft, no doubt forcing the crotch of her panties deeply into her wet succulent slit, bathing them in the juices I now knew were flowing, sensing it in her mind, just as she was, as they did. And I was learning something here too. Something new, something I hadn't quite yet experienced in quite this way before. In addition to my own excitement and pleasure, I was now feeling hers! I could almost feel the way she was touching her pussy, as though I myself had one! I don't think I'd ever been this aroused, this intensity was bordering on madness!

I walked over, holding her in my arms, my hands coming up to surround her magnificent breasts, kissing her deeply, passionately, as she kissed me back. Her hand suddenly clasping my rigid prick as we stood there. She then pulled me, tumbling back onto the bed, like a banshee gone wild, she stripped off her red silk panties, now holding them in her hand, wrapping them around my cock, beginning to stroke it with them.

"Oh god!" I wailed uncontrollably, the sensation of that silky softness, the addition of her own wet juicy lubrications, still warm as she slithered the material up and down my throbbing member.

"Yes! Yes!" She cried out in response to that, "Oh baby ... feel it, feel my naughty, dirty girl cream caressing this gorgeous hard dick of yours! Do you like it baby? Do you like how naughty I am, jerking you off with my own panties? Did you like jerking yourself off yesterday with my other ones? The one's you brought back, all filled up and crusty with your dried spunk? Did you know ... I, I actually tasted it baby. I did ... I really did. I sniffed, and licked that dried up crusty spunk of yours sticking to the crotch of my old yucky, dirty panties. Can you believe that? I did ... I actually did. And it made me so ... fucking ... hot!"

The connection we now shared, the images I was seeing in her mind were almost violent, abstract and bizarre. But I was loving every minute of it. I could see in her mind, fountains ... geysers, even waterfalls if you will of white spurting spunk covering her from head to toe. Such were her thoughts, weird and crazy as they were.

"Jerk me baby! Jerk me. Work my cock honey, that's it ... pump it, make it squirt, make it fill your delicious red panties. See me cum in them babe ... cream them for you, and then ... and then ... I want to masturbate you with your own cum-filled panties!"

Carol went nuts on me. No other way to describe it. Only she did me one better than that. With my prick still surrounded with her red panties, she sat on top of me, and then to my utter amazement and surprise, she suddenly shoved me inside her, panties and all! I was now fucking her, with her panties still surrounding my prick, the sensation of that beyond anything I'd ever imagined or felt before as Carol suddenly screamed, crying out in absolute delight as I too let go. Spurt after delicious spurt filling up both cunt and panties together. And as I did ... as we did. I felt her orgasm as though it were my own, adding tremors of explicit, unbridled delight, which magnified, intensified my own normally sensational climaxes.

I actually passed out.

I wasn't out of it very long, even coming around before Carol had. Though sadly, the connection between us once again severed, as time had run out. I was almost grateful that it had. The intensity of sharing her orgasm, while experiencing my own, almost too intense!

Carol had fallen off to the side, the obscene visual now before me, her spunk filled panties still somehow captured within her cunt. Portions of them protruding, her cream and mine still dripping out of her onto the sheets. I slid up next to her, closer, my mouth gently surrounding her still hard extended nipple, sweetly sucking it as my hand likewise caressed and softly played with the other one. She murmured, coming around then, her eyes suddenly opening.

"Holy fucking shit!" She exclaimed. "Never in my wildest imagination have I ever ... and I mean ever! Had an orgasm like that one!"

"I know what you mean baby, seriously. I know just what you mean!"

Only then did she realize that her panties were still stuck up inside her cunt, as she reached down, half embarrassed in order to remove them. I stayed her hand. "No ... let me, please," I grinned, and then moved down her body, kissing and licking her every step of the way as I did so. Once between her legs, pushing her more fully onto her back, spreading them. I then captured her creamy cunt-cock filled panties between my teeth, and teasingly began pulling them out of her. Once I had, I moved back up, and began a long slow teasing dance on her with my tongue.

"You know ... he never, he never did this to me either..." she sighed, almost crying as she felt what I was doing to her.

"You don't have to think about that anymore," I told her. "Now relax, enjoy this Carol. I'm going to eat, lick and suck this sweet tasting pussy of yours, until you climax again. Maybe twice even. But for now, just enjoy, don't worry about me, or about anything. Just enjoy the pleasure I'm about to give you. That's all that matters at the moment ... ok?"

"Ok," she sighed almost dreamily, as my tongue began to lap her into happy land.

I made her come four times until she finally pushed me away from between her legs, exhausted, spent ... emotionally drained. But contentedly happy, perhaps for the first time in years.

We lay together like that quietly for the better part of an hour, recuperating, relishing in the intimate closeness as we simply held onto one another. After a time, she finally spoke, still sounding dreamily, almost out of breath.



"I want you to do something for me."

"Name it."

"Think you ... think you can come again?" I laughed.

"Yeah, pretty sure I can ... why?"

She hesitated only for a moment. I wish then I was able to hear her thoughts, but she spoke them for me seconds after that. "Because ... I want you to come on me Brian. I want you to stand over me, and come ... all over me, everywhere, as much as you can, for as long as you can. Will you ... can you, do that for me?"

"You're sure?"

This time, she didn't hesitate even for a second.

"I'm more sure than I've ever been about anything. Please Brian, please ... come on me, all over me ... everywhere, for as long as you possibly can."

"What about ... dinner?" I teased, now standing up on her bed, looking down at her. My cock already swollen, stiff and hard. She looked up at it, and then at me ... grinning like a Cheshire cat.

"Fuck dinner!"

Maybe it wasn't as much as I would have liked, but I'd already spent an enormous load in her pussy-panties earlier. Still, it wasn't half bad, the pure eroticism and excitement of doing that for her, producing enough, that I managed to give her several good squirts, starting with her hair, face, chin and breasts, petering out before going elsewhere, though I dribbled out, and shook out as much as I could onto her belly. We then spent some time together rubbing it all into her skin until it was completely absorbed. Only then did we go down stairs ... still naked, and warmed up the now cold soup she'd been making for us.

"It's ... ah, been a while, since I've ... well, you know, been with anyone Brian. Especially someone young, and so ... recuperative?" She asked as though questioning. I laughed, finishing my soup, and then stood, taking my empty bowl to the kitchen sink washing it out for her, and then turning. She gasped upon seeing my rock hard cock again.

"You were saying?"

"Think you can..."

"Where would you like it this time?" I asked grinning at her.

She opened her mouth, pointing inside. I didn't ask her if she was sure this time. I knew that she was. I walked over where she sat, and began fucking her face, which is exactly what I knew earlier, was what she really wanted.

Later that evening as I sat at home making entries in my journal, I had discovered a few new things, which seemed to be an ongoing factor. There was still plenty of new things to learn about whatever this "thing" was inside me. Having been connected while actually having sex with someone, had taught me something. The intensity of that experience almost more than I could mentally handle myself. I truly had in a very unique way, experienced, sensed ... and felt the orgasmic bliss that Carol had been feeling, on top of my own. I smiled inwardly, looking forward to further study on that one. Including Gayleen now as soon as I could in order to have two separate women, two differing thought processes and emotions to experiment with. I was curious if I would indeed experience the same thing with her now. And now had every intention of pursuing an even deeper relationship with her, as soon as I could. I planned of course on continuing things with Carol too. She meant even more to me in a way perhaps, because of our years of knowing one another for one thing. But now, knowing what she'd gone through, and how far she had come in so short a period of time, regaining a bit of her old self in the process.

I'm sure Jerry would have killed me, if he were to ever learn that his mother was indeed now a true MILF, and that I had in fact fucked her. But then again, I figured in a way ... he now owed me one!

I soon slipped into bed, exhausting quickly claiming me, though already looking forward to the following night at work. The last time Gayleen and I had been together, she had hinted at the fact that maybe it wasn't all that safe, doing what we were doing in the parking lot after work. Her suggestion had been, that perhaps next time ... we just go over to her place.

I didn't come out and say it of course, and once I had bonded with her again, I knew I'd know anyway. But I was pretty sure, we would soon be graduating from mutual masturbation, into a whole lot more.

I was looking forward to finding out, what it felt like when she came. It would be interesting in comparing the two.

I fell asleep with the sounds of the growing wind outside my window. The distant rumbling of thunder. Weather reports had indicated we were in for some fairly severe storms over the next few days. Frankly, I was looking forward to it. Lightning after all, truly fascinated me, and for good reason.

It was indeed a blustery day with plenty of high winds and rain when I got up the following morning. And as was usually the case, with the electricity in the air from the storm, I could feel it to some extent, this little trickle of what felt like a small tiny current coursing through me. I'd grown accustomed to that over the course of the years. And try as I might, even when I did, it didn't change the duration of my little spark. Neither did it add to it, or take away from it. It remained the same, even during an electrical storm. The only sensation I ever did feel, was that little tiny bit of current juicing through me that didn't seem to do anything else beyond that. I'd even gotten to the point where I hardly noticed it anymore, unless I actually thought about it, like I was doing now.

By the time I was ready to leave for work, it was really coming down. By the time I got to work, there was a thunder cell right over the top of us, or so it seemed anyway. Enormous flashes of lightning, followed by almost immediate claps and reverberating rumbles of thunder. I pulled the hood of my rain jacket up over my head, opened the car door preparing to run inside to the building and get out of the rain.

There's an interesting saying. Something about lightning never striking twice?

Well guess what. It did.

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