Using Beth Part II
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, FemaleDom, Spanking, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A continuation of my story "Using Beth"; Beth becomes more and more involved with Deedee, who is now her Mistress and her lover.

"I have a skirt and blouse for you too, if you need them." Deedee said.

"I love this, Deedee!" Beth said, fingering diamond and the velvet collar.

Deedee also had a black raincoat for Beth to wear.

They drove to the party. It was only women. A number of them were from the hospital. They were surprised to see Beth there. Especially surprised to see Beth there with Deedee.

They were greeted by the party's host. She was the first assistant administrator at the hospital. She greeted Deedee with a kiss to the cheek, and held out her hand to Beth to welcome her.

"My it's good to see you at this party," she said.

"Thanks, Marjorie," Beth said, "I'm glad that Deedee asked me."

Just then Deedee said to Beth: "Here I'll take your coat."

Deedee slipped it off of Beth's shoulders. Marjorie's jaw dropped. All conversation in the room stopped.

Then Marjorie regained her composure and grinned: "I'm really sorry that you're leaving us for state. And I'm really glad that you're here tonight. Maybe we can see more of each other later."

Beth smiled: "I'd love that, Marjorie but, you know, I only do what Deedee tells me to do."

Marjorie grinned and winked at Deedee. "Of course you do, of course you do." she said.

Then to Deedee she said clearly: "How come you're so lucky?"

Just then, as Deedee put her arm around Beth's waist and let her hand stroke Beth's almost naked ass, Beth said to herself: "This is going to be fun!"

Deedee took Beth by the hand and led her around the room. There were a number of women there apparently in pairs. Deedee received hugs from many of the women.

Invariably, when introducing Beth to any of the other women or pairs of women in the dimly lit room, Deedee said:

"This is Beth Swinton," then she'd hesitate for a few seconds, while the people to whom she was talking took in Beth's near nakedness, and Deedee added then:

"She's mine!"

Beth smiled, and preened each time that Deedee said it. Once they had circulated and each had a glass of wine, someone put some music on and various couples began to dance.

Deedee and Beth were standing and enjoying a glass of wine, Deedee had a proprietary hand on Beth's panty covered ass as Marjorie walked over.

"Um, Deedee," she asked, "Mind if I take your beautiful lady for a dance?"

Beth just looked up at Deedee and smiled.

"Well, Marjorie, let me waltz her around just a bit first, then I'll loan her out," Deedee answered.

"Fair enough," Marjorie said, "And dressed the way that she is?"

Deedee laughed, pleased at Marjorie's appreciation of Beth, "Or with less on, if the whim hits me!"

Beth blushed, and put her arm around Deedee, who said to Marjorie:

"She blushes, can you believe it? She lets me dress her like I bought her off of the street; and she blushes; Marjorie, this woman is a class act!"

"She is that," Marjorie said, "Who would have guessed it from the various and sundry department meetings?"

"Oh," Deedee said, "I knew it all the time; I was just fortunate that fate brought her my way exactly when it did." Then she looked at Beth and said:

"Come on, pussy, dance with me."

"Pussy!" Marjorie sighed.

When Deedee had Beth on the dance floor, she held her close and said:

"I'm going to let Marjorie dance with you; she's an old and good friend and has helped me any number of times. We were lovers once but two doms like us weren't a good mixture but she's the best. Really encouraged my application at State, and was in my corner all the way. Be nice to her, babe."

"I promise, m'am, that I will," Beth said.

"It gives me such a kind of thrill to hear you call me that," Deedee said.

"As much, I hope, as it does for me using that kind of title for you," Beth replied.

Then Deedee asked:

"How's my girl?"

"Living a dream!" Beth said, "Just a dream." She thought a bit and went on:

"I can't believe all the changes that have taken place in such a short period of time. I mean, life was fine, just fine. No real passion but the job was everything. Then the thing with James occurred and I just let myself go into it. It was the realization of one of my fantasies, after all."

"Just one?" Deedee asked.

"Yes," Beth said and then whispered softly to the taller woman:

"You were the other!"

"How nice!" Deedee said then.

"Yes, you were my closely guarded secret, my secret lust. I hardly even allowed myself to think about you, when I was alone in the dark."

"And you're not alone in the dark anymore, sweet angel!" Deedee said, running an appreciative hand down over Beth's ass cheeks.

"Oh, I know," Beth answered.

Her voice became apologetic then and she said to Deedee:

"Deedee, honey, I'm sorry if I seem to be adolescent about this, I mean about you, us; it overwhelms me at times. I was just so afraid to acknowledge my thing for you. Didn't know if I wanted to be a lover of women or not."

"And do you?" Deedee asked.

"Oh, I want to be a lover of you and of anyone that you want me to be!" Beth said. "Whenever you need pocket money, you set it up and I'll earn another $60 for you!"

Deedee hooted then and hugged Beth close, kissing her and licking her ear:

"Beth Swinton," she proclaimed into Beth's ear, "You are delicious! Just delicious."

"I heard that," Marjorie said, "What was that all about?"

"Oh," Deedee laughed, "You know diamond, on my floor?"

"Know him," Marjorie snorted, "I'm about the only woman that he didn't proposition."

Deedee and Beth laughed, although Beth blushed again.

"Okay, a story," Marjorie said, "Tell!"

Deedee went into the story about telling Diamond that Beth's name was "Pam" from accounting and she was a cock sucker. Then she went on to tell about the $60 blow job.

Now it was Marjorie's chance to hoot.

"But there's more,"Deedee said and then went on to talk about Beth spitting the cum out on Diamond's stomach and saying: "No swallowing! You called me a whore!"

The telling of the story ended with all three women laughing about it.

"Hmm," Marjorie said, "$60 for a blow job? What do you charge for other stuff?"

Beth blushed again.

"Wonderful!" Marjorie said. "At this party with us, almost naked, the absolutely hit of the room, the talk of the group and she blushes!"

"Am I lucky or am I lucky?" Deedee asked, grinning and putting an arm around Beth.

"But my question," Marjorie persisted, "What else do you charge for?"

Beth answered quietly:

"I only charge for what my Mistress wants me to charge; and I do whatever she tells me to do."

Marjorie hooted again and said: "Watch out, when you use the word 'whatever'."

"Puss babe," Deedee said, "I don't think that she believes us."

Marjorie gave them a challenging look, and Beth spoke up and said:

"Forgive me for talking out of turn, ma'am,"

"That's fine, love," Deedee said, "I'll spank you for it later."

"Thank you,"Beth said and Marjorie just shook her head, when Beth went on:

"Mistress, they have a ladies' room here; don't you have to go?"

She gave Deedee innocent eyes, and Deedee laughed and said:

"You're right, you dirty girl! Just right!" She turned to Marjorie then and said:

"Come with us, and we'll show you."

"This I can't wait to see," Marjorie said.

She followed them across the floor closely.

They went into the ladies. It was a bathroom with one stool. The three fit in the room just fine. Beth immediately sat down on the toilet, and waited.

Deedee grinned at Marjorie and began to unbutton her slacks.

"I don't believe you!" Marjorie said, realizing the what was about to happen.

"Just watch," Deedee said. "She's my love, my sweet dove; this is what 'whatever' means to us."

By then she had her slacks off and, as Marjorie watched with appreciation and Beth watched with a combination of love and lust on her face, Deedee slipped her panties off also.

When she was naked from the waist down, she moved over to where Beth was seated and arranged herself, with Beth slouching a bit; she put one long leg over Beth's left shoulder and cozied her pussy up to Beth's mouth. When Deedee was in position, she said:

"Now you step over here, Marjorie, to see what I mean by our 'whatever'; we want you to witness this. Before we do this, love, anything you want to say?"

Beth looked up at Deedee, she snaked a tongue out and licked at Deedee's pussy hair and lips and said simply: "I love you, Deedee; when I say 'anything' I mean 'anything.'"

"I know, sweet angel," Deedee said, and grasped the back of Beth's head to pull her face in close and began to piss into Beth's open mouth.

Beth drank it down and made moaning noises in her throat.

"Fuck me!" Marjorie said in surprise. "She looks like she loves it!"

"She loves me, which is better!" Deedee said.

When Deedee was finished peeing, she moved away from Beth, but Beth held on for a few seconds in order to lick at Deedee's pussy and clean it.

Marjorie was staring, simply staring.

"A few things," Deedee said to Marjorie then.

Marjorie answered: "I thought there would be."

"First, Marj, if I do loan her to you, she only does that for me, no one else!"

"Got you!" Marjorie said.

Beth shot Deedee a glance of pure love at that point.

"Second, if I do loan her to you, I will be there all the time; I don't want my babe hurt by your enthusiasm."

"Good idea," Marjorie said then.

Marjorie tested then:

"Doesn't she get a say?" she asked.

"Beth, love?" Deedee asked.

"Only Deedee gets a say!" Beth said with finality.

Marjorie smiled: "Looks like you won the lottery, Dee!" she said.

"I sure did," Deedee answered.

"Questions," Marjorie said then. "Can I tell people about this? I mean the girls?"

"Yes," Deedee said,"But tell them that I said it's 'in house' and they don't want to fuck with me by blabbing. We all have reputations here."

"Agreed!" Marjorie said. "How soon can I use her?"

The word simply went through Beth! They were talking about her, about 'using' her. She always dwelt in a world where she was competent and good at what she did. She always, however, wanted to dwell in a world where she was used as well, where she was almost property but property of someone who truly loved and cherished her. She never thought to achieve this goal, never, and they, co-workers, women who knew her work and appreciated her for her work, were now talking about 'using' her. She was simply transported by it.

"One thing more," Deedee said, "None of this gets around and hurts Beth's reputation at work."

"Just like me!" Marjorie said, "I can never say 'thank you' enough to you for keeping a lid on my 'reputation'; it'll be fine."

"Thanks, Marj," Deedee said.

"I need to claim a dance now," Marjorie said.

"Go to it, girl!" Deedee said.

"Shall I behave?" Marjorie asked, looking first at Beth but then actually asking Deedee.

"She'll be disappointed if you do," she said, "And I'll be surprised!"

"Well," Marjorie laughed, "I'll at least act in character then!"

"Please do," Deedee said.

Marjorie took Beth by the hand and led her to the dance. Just as they were parting, Beth captured one of Deedee's hands and kissed it.

"You two seem to be the real deal!" Marjorie said to Beth.

"Oh, I hope so!" Beth said, "I've certainly been swept off my feet."

Beth, a large woman, big hipped, large tits but amazingly lithe for all that, enfolded Beth in her arms for the dance.

"You have turned out to be the surprise of the party," Marjorie said.

"Thank you," Beth answered softly.

"I need to hear about this obvious transformation," Marjorie said next.

"Please ask Deedee," Beth said.

"You're really serious about this!" Marjorie said, with some wonder.

"I am;" Beth answered, laying her cheek next to Marjorie's in the dance. "She's way beyond wonderful to me."

"Speaking of wonderful," Marjorie said, letting her hands now wander down Beth's naked back and come to rest on her plump ass cheeks. "This is what's wonderful."

"My, my, you're prime!" Marjorie said. "I can't believe it; you were always there; always on the ball; always competent; always the 'go to' person for projects. I never, ever suspected you of being so hot."

Beth pulled her head back and just grinned at Marjorie then. Marjorie snaked her tongue out and licked Beth's lips. Beth continued to grin at her. It was then that the dance ended. They walked back to where Deedee was waiting.

Looking around the room then, Beth noticed that among other couples in the room there were various women who were almost undressed, as she was. It was obvious that her appearing almost naked had given others the courage to be that way too.

"Looks like you have most of the room under your spell," Marjorie said. Then added:

"Thanks, Deedee, for the dance; she's a babe, she is."

Deedee grinned, and said: "I remind myself of that just about every day these days."

"Say," Marjorie continued: "I asked her about this transformation that she underwent. She said that story could be told but only if you said so. She's amazing!"

"You noticed that," Deedee said, and Beth blushed.

"Well, why don't we go out for a drink and you can have the story but, honey, I want to tell you one thing; we're still young lovers here, and tonight I want this cunt all to myself!"

"Selfish!" Marjorie hooted, then said: "I don't blame you. But it's a deal."

They decided, after just a little longer, to go out to a lounge for a drink. Marjorie wanted to hear the story. Beth dressed in the skirt and blouse that Deedee had brought for her.

"I know it's necessary," Marjorie said, "But it's a shame!"

"Well, keep in mind that we've promised to come knocking on your door one fine day," Deedee said.

"I'll hold you to that," Marjorie said.

"I'm as good as my word," was Deedee's reply.

"That I know," Marjorie said.

The three of them settled back into a booth and a waiter came to get their order.

Deedee made a clucking noise with her tongue, when he'd walked away.

"Yummy!" Deedee said.

"That's right," Marjorie said almost scornfully, "You swing both ways."

"We both do," Deedee said light heartedly, "And my Bethie and I are gonna get ourselves laid real soon! You can bet on that."

"Disgusting!" Marjorie said and Beth giggled.

"You like that idea, Bethie?" Deedee asked.

"Love it!" Beth answered, "Maybe come back here and make this waiter's day!"

Marjorie snorted but Deedee laughed and said:

"You're right, love."

Then she got a smile on her face and said:

"Before he comes back, you pull your skirt up so that as he approaches the table, you're showing thigh and the crotch of your panties."

"Think he'll notice?" Marjorie asked.

"Think he's blind?" Deedee said to follow.

"You telling me to play is so much fun!" Beth said.

"Oh, here he comes," Marjorie said.

"Look at his face!" Deedee whispered. "Bingo!"

Beth had made the adjustment, as though the skirt had rucked up by itself. They were sitting in a back booth where only the waiter could see them. Beth moved her leg, as he approached, and as though she didn't notice and flashed him with the crotch of her black satin panties.

"Okay," Marjorie said, with fake exasperation, "If you're finished tempting the local cock, how about the story."

"Gonna get that cock, honey," Deedee said to Marjorie, "Gonna get him to shove that lovely thing up Bethie's ass, where I had my strap on."

"Oh, come on!" Marjorie said now, "Remember I going home alone!"

"Okay, sweets," Deedee said, and turning to Beth told her to tell Marjorie the story of the tutoring and what it led to.

When the story was finished, Marjorie sat as though in shock.

"That's one of the hottest stories that I've ever heard!" she said. "True?"

"True!" Beth said then.

They had one more round then and Deedee said that the two of them were going home. Deedee told Beth to give Marjorie a kiss, when they got to the cars, and Marjorie enfolded Beth into her arms for a passionate kiss. It left Beth breathing hard.

"There," Marjorie said, "See what a good friend I am; getting her stoked up for you!"

"You're a pal, Marj," Deedee said, taking Beth by the hand and leading her away.

They went to Deedee's place. Once inside, Beth gave Deedee a searching look and Deedee, understanding said:

"Take off the skirt and blouse; we're going to dance."

"Lovely," Beth said.

She stood in front of Deedee and began to sway, as thought to unheard music.

"Wow, look at you move!" Deedee said.

Beth continued, making the taking off of her blouse and skirt a major event.

"Didn't know that you could do that, Bethie!" Deedee said.

"For you I can do about anything!" Beth said.

"Yes, you proved that, sweet angel, with old Marjorie's challenge; weren't you the best girl in the room!"

Beth grinned at her, and continued to swing and sway to her head music, as the blouse was thrown aside, and then the skirt unzipped and left go. She ended her impromptu dance with her arms up in the air in a 'ta da' position, grinning.

Deedee grinned back and clasped Beth in her arms.

They spent the next 15 minutes slow dancing, clutching one another and allowing their hands to roam freely over each other's bodies.

"Let's talk, sweet angel," Deedee said after a bit, "You know, houses, moving, getting laid, all those things that interest a girl."

"Goodie!" Beth said. Then she asked:

"Do I have a spanking coming?"

"I think that the bathroom scene for Marj paid all those accounts," Deedee said. "But maybe I'll have to swat your white ass a bit!"

"Maybe I'll have to let you do that!" Beth answered, and bent over from the waist in front of Deedee with her panty covered ass sticking out at her.

Deedee slapped Beth's ass vigorously, straightening her out and causing her to cry out.

"Tempt me, will you!" Deedee laughed, and Beth launched herself at Deedee for a kiss.

Deedee got up to grab her, as she flung herself at her and held her in the kiss for a long, long time, slowly inserting her tongue into Beth's mouth and letting her hands run down her spine and reach inside of Beth's panties.

It was Deedee who spoke then, once the kiss was broken:

"Bethie, I love you, I love you, I do!"

Beth's response was non-verbal; she just hung on to Deedee and shook a bit. It was Deedee who moved first.

Shortly after that, they took a shower together and went to bed, both of them naked and smelling of lovely, sweet smelling soap.

"You smell so nice, Deedee," Beth said softly. "But I have to say that, as nice as the soap smell is, when I have my face in your pussy and can smell you, that's the best smell of all."

"Aren't you the living end!" Deedee said, kissing Beth lightly on the lips.

Then it was pillow talk.

Deedee explained it:

"Beth, when we're here like this; it's just us girl friends. I mean, I love, love the way you react to me, your subservience, it's a huge turn on but, when we're together, it's just us girlfriends."

"This ... you were so unexpected for me; when I was reacting to James, every week to a new level of touching, a new level of undressing, a new level, for me of serving, it was exciting but it never included you. You I saw from afar and kind of hankered for from afar without ever expressing myself, nor would I."

"Tell me about it!" Deedee said. "I saw you as a fox, in every meeting, every encounter, every time we were near. But never could, would do anything."

"Why?" Beth asked.

"Why? In the hospital for me to come on to an administrative assistant sexually was potentially career ending!"

"Oh, I see!" Beth said, "Then weren't we lucky!"

"Lucky! When I saw you across the room, dressed so hot for that party, I almost came in my panties!" Deedee said Beth giggled at that; then she turned serious:

"I have so much to thank James for," she said softly directly into Deedee's face, since they were lying in bed face to face.

"We have so much to thank James for," Deedee said, "It just seems to seldom that plans or desires like this work out and here we are; I mean, girlfriends, lovers and enjoying a talk, while both of us are in bed and naked.

"Mistress and slave also!" Beth said.

"Yes, my love," Deedee said, then she added:

"Okay, houses first."

They talked for a while about parts of the city or suburbs where they might like to live. Beth told her that she already had an inquiry about her house from a young couple that heard that she was willing to sell.

"Good," Deedee said, "Half way there."

They went on to how much money, where exactly, what kind of facilities. It was girl talk and exciting for them both.

"Money," Beth said.

"Yes, money," Deedee said. They compared their new salaries and found that they'd be making a total of $25,000 more than they were at the present.

"Good for us," Deedee said. "Let's contact someone but both look, shall we?"

Beth said a soft 'yes' to that.

"What's wrong, love?" Deedee asked, when she realized how quiet Beth had gotten.

"I can't just believe that I'm this lucky to have you with me this way; it's just never happened, it seemed; I was always overlooked."

"More, I think because of the way you dressed than anything else," Deedee said. _"You kept that gorgeous body secret and never let anyone see you."

"I think you're right but it was the way that I was raised," Beth said.

"Well, that was then and this is now," Deedee said, "And one thing is true: you can believe it!"

"Oh, Deedee," Beth said then, it makes me so happy that think that I'm going to cry."

"You cry, honey," Deedee said, cuddling Beth to herself, "You just cry your joy!"

Beth put her head against Deedee's shoulder and began to cry then; Deedee just held her until she was finished with her cry.

"I'm sorry for being so emotional," Beth said.

"You never have to apologize for being emotional with me!" Deedee said then.

Then it was Beth's turn to move the conversation:

"Maybe, do you think, we should do something for James and Cleo?"

"Great idea!" Deedee said, "And I think that I have just the right idea."

"Yes?" Beth asked softly.

"I'd like to see them do a pain session with you!"

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Beth said.

"How do you feel about that?" Deedee wanted to know.

"Frightened and really, really excited, especially since it's your idea and what you want."

"We don't have to," Deedee said earnestly.

"If you want it, my love, my mistress, then we do have to!" Beth said, kissing Deedee'a hand.

"Bethie, Bethie, you are the best of the best!" Deedee said kissing her lightly on the lips. Then Deedee asked, looking intently at Beth's face:

"Tired, honey?"

"Very, do you mind?" Beth asked.

"You mean, if we don't make love?" Deedee asked smiling and brushing Beth's lips with hers.

"Yes," Beth said.

"I have you," Deedee said, "I have you in bed; I have you in bed naked; I have you in bed naked all night! What's to mind?"

With that she grabbed Beth and pulled her close. They hugged for a bit, and then kissed and then Deedee turned Beth around so that she could spoon her during the night.

At one point, during the night, Beth woke, and was disoriented, confused and not a little frightened. Deedee tightened her hold on Beth, stroking Beth's naked hip and thigh and said softly:

"Only us, Bethie, my Bethie, only us, and no one else. No bad guys here tonight."

"Oh, thank God for you!" Beth sighed and slid back into sleep.

Beth slept soundly and woke only to a strange sound, and a sharp and pleasant feeling. It was only after she emerged from her sleepiness that she realized that Deedee was busy eating at, licking her pussy.

"Ohhhh!" Beth sighed. "Mistress!"

"Mistress is busy right now, slave!" Deedee said.

Beth grinned down at Deedee and just sighed.

"Please, give me you!" Beth asked and Deedee, with a chuckle, scooted up an into a position where she could also present Beth with her pussy, and keep on eating Beth at the same time.

After just a bit, Beth asked Deedee to move just a little, to allow her to get her tongue into the crack of Deedee'a ass. Deedee complied and Beth licked at her lover's ass crack and asshole for a while.

Then Deedee pulled on Beth's hips and began to do the same for her.

"No," Beth protested, "My mistress shouldn't do that!"

"But your love should!" Deedee said back to her softly,

"Ohhhhh," Beth sighed, "How wonderful is this and are you!"

They had to get up early the next morning, since they both had work to do. In the course of their morning Beth had an opportunity to run into Marjorie, who was really pleased to see her, and greeted her effusively, with a hug.

"Beth," Marjorie said, grinning at her in a friendly manner. "How are you?"

"Fine, Marjorie," Beth said, returning the hug and the greeting.

While Beth was hugging Marjorie, Marjorie took the opportunity to whisper to Beth:

"I liked you better with fewer clothes on!"

Beth blushed, and Marjorie laughed:

"I was hoping that you'd react that way."

That made Beth laugh also.

"Tell me," Marjorie asked conspiratorially, "Have you done something yet to declare yourself physically to belong to Deedee?"

It took Beth by surprise, and she said "No! It hadn't crossed my mind."

"Well, think of it!" Marjorie said.

"But what?" Beth asked, at a loss.

"Oh, maybe a tattoo, or something like that a piece of jewelry to declare it," Marjorie said to her.

Beth got a huge grin on her face and hugged Marjorie again:

"Wonderful idea!" she said to her and left Marjorie grinning.

She knew that Deedee was going to be busy that lunch time, and so, she took the opportunity to go shopping to a favorite jewelry store. She found exactly what she wanted, and purchased the items.

Next she had to make a call to Cleo. She had her number.

Cleo was surprised to hear from Beth but also pleased.

"Hey, friend!" Cleo said. "You certainly did us a favor with Deedee, talking nice and all. We never meant to hurt you too bad. We appreciate it, girl."

"You're welcome, Cleo," Beth said and then:

"I have a favor to ask, Cleo."

"Whatever you want," Cleo said.

"I want to have a nipple pierced," Beth said softly. "I bought a nipple ring with Deedee's initials on it and I want to surprise her with it."

"Cool, girl!" Cleo said.

"Do you know anyone that I can go to?" Beth asked.

"Sure do!" Cleo said, "I do piercings myself!"

"Oh, would you?" Beth asked enthusiastically.

"For you, of course," Cleo said, "And no charge."

"Oh, I'd want to pay you!" Beth said.

"Maybe gonna be enough for me, if you sit for the process naked, white girl!" Cleo said.

"This white pussy can do that," Beth said back into the phone.

Cleo chuckled at that: "You sure know how to get to someone, girl!"

Beth chuckled too and said she'd call back.

It was, by coincidence, that she had a call on her cell shortly after that from Deedee, who was calling to say that she had to cover for a nurse who was sick and would need to work the night.

"Oh, dear!" Beth said, "You'll be so tired."

"Well, I get tomorrow off," Deedee said in return.

"Would you please promise me to come to my house, when you're done, so that I can take care of you?" Beth asked then.

"With pleasure, sweet angel," Deedee said.

Directly after that, Beth called Chloe again, and made arrangements with her come over that night and do the piercing.

Beth was excited for the rest of the day about it.

Cleo showed up exactly when she'd promised, and was greeted at the door by Beth with a hug. Beth was wearing a robe, and, once Cleo hugged her she realized that Beth was wearing nothing other than the robe.

"My, my you feel good, girl!" Cleo said, running a hand down Beth's spine to her ass cheeks, which Beth couldn't resist wiggling for her.

"Bad girl!" Cleo said then with a laugh, slapping Beth's ass. "You're bad and Deedee will spank you! And I'll tell her."

"Oh, goodie!" Beth said.

Cleo laughed then: "James did a right good job on you, bringing you out, girl!"

"I guess he did," Beth said and to demonstrate her wantonness, she shrugged off the robe and gave a loud "Ta Da!" with her arms in the air and her legs spread wide, totally, completely naked.

Cleo laughed! "Don't you tempt me, girl; don't you do it! Not gonna mess with Deedee's woman, not at all."

Beth pouted visibly and Cleo laughed and kissed her quickly. Then Cleo said:

"We've got work to do."

"Yes," Beth agreed and led her to the kitchen for the piercing.

Beth walked ahead of her, swinging her ass.

"Stop that, girl!" Cleo said,"I already acknowledged that I won't touch Deedee's woman, so you stop being so slutty!"

Beth turned, contrite, and put her arms around Cleo's neck, her forehead against Cleo's and said:

"I'm sorry; you make me horny!"

"Tell that to the divine Deedee!" Cleo said, then she was all business and said:

"Okay let's do this."

Cleo was all business and got the piercing done quickly. She tended to the injured nipple carefully and waited until she was sure that it was going to be okay, giving Beth careful instructions about tending to it.

Beth gave her a hug and kiss at the door, still naked.

"You tell Deedee," Cleo said,"When you spring this surprise that this is a gift from me."

She turned back Beth before leaving and said:

"And the nipple ring is really lovely."

"Thank you, thank you," Beth said sincerely. "I'll tell Deedee."

Then Cleo was gone.

Beth took time to admire the new nipple ring, with its engraved initials:

"DDM" for "Deedee McWilliams."

"I hope she likes it," Beth said, and then went for a shower before bed.

She had a call from Deedee, as she was getting into bed.

"What are you doing, angel?" Deedee asked.

"Getting into bed, Mistress," Beth said, "I'm so sorry you're not here with me."

"What are you wearing?" Deedee asked next.

"Nothing, ma'am," Beth said. Then, concerned she asked:

"Please tell me what I can do in the morning for you."

"Take care of me, love, just take care of me!" Deedee said.

"Oh, I can do that," Beth said softly but with a happy inflection in her voice.

"And, ma'am," she continued, "I have two gifts for you, to kind of celebrate our new jobs and our new home to be and our new life and my having you!"

Deedee said to her softly: "You're gonna make this nurse cry, taking such good care of her that way, girl!"

"Oh, no," Beth said, distressed, "I don't ever mean to do that; not ever, my Deedee, my world!"

"I'm only tired, honey," Deedee said. "You just take care of me in the morning and thank you already for the kindness of gifts."

"I love you, Deedee," Beth said.

"Well, I'll tell you," Deedee replied, "That will get this nurse through the night."

"Please call me, if you need to," Beth said.

"You are kindness itself," Deedee answered, "Sleep tight, sweet angel!"

Beth sighed at her own good fortune, as she hung up the phone.

In the morning early, with Beth already up and showered, the phone rang and it was Cassie, who was just coming to begin her shift on the third floor.

"Hey sweet Beth," Cassie said, "The big boss, the divine one has just shuffled off of the floor to go to her car."

"Oh, thank you, Cassie," Beth said with true gratitude in her voice, "I owe you for this one."

Cassie laughed: "I'll take it out in trade."

Beth giggled.

"You know, girl," Cassie went on, "I can feel you blushing over the phone."

"Well, you talk to the boss and you get to take it out in whatever trade you want," was Beth's answer.

"Beth, Beth," Cassie went on, "You've changed, girl!"

"Yes, and ain't it wonderful!" Beth quipped.

"Is indeed," Cassie said, "But you take care of her nibs and we're square."

"She's gonna be my morning project," Beth said.

"Good enough," Cassie answered and hung up with a kiss.

Beth went into her closet and got out some things that she hadn't used in many long years. She put on some heated oil to make the bedroom fragrant. She put clean sheets on the bed, and then she ran a hot bath.

Her preparations were all ready by the time that she heard Deedee's car in the driveway.

She had the door open and was waiting for Deedee at the door.

"There she is," Deedee said wearily, "There's my Bethie. Hi, love! I'm so tired."

"Come to me," Beth said, enfolding the tall, lovely afro american woman in her arms.

"Gonna take care of you now," Beth said. "You just let me!"

"Let you do anything you want," Deedee said in a weary voice. "Even dirty things!"

"No, this morning just love, only love," Beth replied, taking Deedee by the arm and leading her upstairs.

"Hungry?" Beth asked, in a concerned voice.

"Not so much," Deedee replied, "Mainly just bone weary."

"We'll take care of that right away," Beth said, as they got to the bedroom.

"Smells so nice," Deedee said, "Relaxing, nice."

Beth was humming a soft tune as she turned her attention to Deedee's uniform. She unzipped and took off the white smock, and set it aside.

Deedee giggled: "Being stripped here by Bethie, my love."

Beth giggled too and knelt to take Deedee's white pants off.

"What you gonna do down there?" Deedee asked suspiciously.

"Only this!" Beth said, planting a kiss on Deedee's exposed stomach, just above the line of her white, nylon panties.

"Oh, nice!" Deedee said, and let Beth take off her bra and then skin her panties down and off.

"You be careful down there, girl," Deedee said said with a smile, "This Deedee smells; been working a long time."

"She smells like my Deedee," Beth said, and led the naked woman to the bathroom.

"Oh, look at this," Deedee said with a smile, as she saw the tub of water all ready for her.

Beth settled her into the tub and was pleased at the major sigh of pleasure that Deedee let out, as she sunk into the pleasant smelling, hot water.

"Oh, this is lovely! Beth, you're worth your weight in gold," Deedee said, and then remembered:

"You said gifts! And I forgot! How bad is that?"

"Gifts later," Beth said, "First we mother our Deedee a bit."

"Oh, good, mother Deedee a bit!" she said, sinking down into the tub.

Then Beth carried out the first of her plans. She took the dove soap and began to wash Deedee, and Deedee just lay there and allowed it, smiling all the while. Beth was humming all the while, as she washed the tired woman. At one point she asked Deedee to stand and washed her pussy and her ass.

"Thorough job!" Deedee crooned.

"Nothing but the best for my Mistress!" Beth said.

"OH, you are a love!" Deedee said.

When she was finished with the washing, Beth had Deedee get out of the tub and produced a huge towel. She surrounded Deedee with it and softly began to dry her off.

"Next phase," Beth said, as she led Deedee into the bedroom.

She turned down the sheet and had her tired lover stretch out on the bed.

"Oh, clean sheets also," Deedee remarked as she lay down.

Beth got Deedee over on her stomach and got some of the oil that she had on the night stand, and began to give Deedee a massage.

"Ohhhhhh, you do that well!" Deedee sighed.

"It's how I got through college!" Beth said. "My secret."

"Gee, my own personal masseuse!" Deedee almost moaned, as Beth continued with her wonder working fingers.

Beth worked her way down Deedee's back and paid some attention to her ass muscles, which Deedee flexed for her and giggled.

Beth leaned down and planted a huge kiss on Deedee's ass, when she finished working that area.

"That's the Bethie we know and love!" Deedee said, but it was obvious that she was sinking into a slumber.

Beth turned Deedee over and worked her way down the front of Deedee's body then, pausing for kisses at her nipples and then at her pubic mound.

"Hmm, sexy massage!" Deedee mumbled not even sure of what she was saying.

Beth was then working on Deedee's thighs and finally used a finishing oil that was designed to complete the relaxation.

"Oh, that was divine,"Deedee said, "And so are you."

"Gifts?" Deedee mumbled.

"Gifts later; breakfast later," Beth said, "Right now it's sleep time for Deedee."

"Yep, sleep time for Deedee," Deedee mentioned.

Then Deedee raised her head and said: "Work? You?"

"Taking the day to take care of my Mistress!" Beth replied.

"And you're doing it so well," was Deedee's response, as she tumbled into sleep.

Beth sat with her a while in the room, merely looking at her, and simply thinking of the strange series of events that had brought her to this time, and this woman, and was pleased with all of it.

She got up, after a bit, to put some peroxide on her pierced nipple, which was a little sore but not really feeling too bad. She looked in the mirror and it looked fine also.

She put the tee shirt that she'd been wearing back on, and went to do some chores that she'd been planning to do, to help her get ready for the proposed merger of their households.

She had a cup of tea and got a pile of sorting done. It was mid afternoon, when she finally went up to look in on Deedee, and found her smiling, beaming at Beth over the top cover on the bed.

"You are the greatest gift possible," Deedee said, yawning and stretching, letting the sheet tumble off of her upper body.

"Whoohoo!" Beth whooped, "Tits!"

"Tits!" crowed Deedee in reply, "Yes, you dirty girl, you took all my clothes off!"

"I did!" Beth admitted with a grin.

By then Deedee was holding her arms out for Beth to join her.

"Hugs first and then coffee!" Deedee said.

"Yes, hugs!" Beth agreed. She grabbed her tee shirt by its hem and pulled it over her head.

Deedee notice right away:

"What is that?" she asked.

"First gift!" Beth said, and got closer.

"Oh, look at that!" Deedee said with a smile.

She looked up then at Beth with tears in her eyes, and held her arms out to receive her.

"I want to show that I'm yours!" Beth said.

"What a wonderful thing, a Deedee nipple ring!" Deedee said as she hugged Beth.

"Is it still sore?" Deedee wanted to know.

"Only a little!" Beth answered. "Cleo did it; she asked me to say 'hi' to you."

"She's good people."

Beth blushed then and said:

"I promised her that as payment I'd be naked, when she pierced my nipple."

"Were you?" Deedee asked with a smile.

"Yes, ma'am, I'm so sorry for being that way," Beth said simply.

"No, no, love!" Deedee answered, "I'm not possessive in that way; I'd just like us to talk about those things; it would have turned me on to hear about it."

"Really?" Beth asked quietly.

"Really!" Deedee said, kissing Beth with the answer.

"Coffee now?" Beth asked.

"Oh, yes, coffee now!" Deedee answered.

"And then the next gift?" Beth questioned.

"Lovely idea," Deedee said to her, and Beth went to the kitchen to get the coffee.

As she was leaving the bedroom, Deedee, who was propped up on her hand said, in a commanding voice:

"Shake that ass, woman! Your Mistress is watching!"

At the door, Beth let out an 'eep' and put her hand to her mouth.

"What?" Deedee asked.

"It's Cassie," Beth said. "She called to say that you were coming home this morning, and I told her that I owed her one. She said that she'd take it out in trade!"

Deedee laughed and said: "Slut!"

At which remark, Beth curtseyed to her.

Deedee laughed again and said: "You're gonna be a busy girl! And I'm gonna watch!"

"Oh, goodie!" Beth said, leaning against the door frame.

"Hey," Deedee barked, "Coffee!"

"Going!" Beth rang out, "Ass swinging! Tits bouncing! Going!"

Just as she disappeared through the door, Deedee shouted after her:

"Spanking for that attitude!"

"Goodie!" Beth said back to her, "Thought you'd never say it!"

"Spanking just got worse!" Deedee shouted next.

"Going and being good now!" Beth said.

"I doubt it!" Deedee shouted after her.

They settled down together in bed for the decadence of coffee and cinnamon rolls, that Beth had baked.

"You baked these?" Deedee asked.

"Yep!" Beth said, proud. "It's one of my accomplishments."

"I'm beginning to realize how lucky I really am," Deedee said, "Gives massages, bakes cinnamon rolls!"

"Shakes her ass, wiggles her tits!" Beth chimed in.

"That's it!" Deedee said vigorously. She bounced up, swept the utensils onto the bureau and was back in a flash, grabbing Beth and pulling her toward her.

"Eeeeeek!" Beth yelled. "I'll be good, I'll be good, really!"

"I know that because I'm going to spank you now!" Deedee laughed.

She hauled Beth into position and landed a huge splat on her upturned ass.

"Owww!" Beth yelled and then counted as Deedee gave her 16 more, eight on each cheek. They ended with Beth turned and lounging on top of Deedee, kissing her, cooing at her and making love sounds to her.

"This makes me feel so languid!" Deedee said stretching.

When she had her arms up in the air, Beth took the opportunity to begin to lick at her armpits.

"Oooooo!" Deedee moaned.

"I like armpits," Beth said,"Especially these."

"Oh, don't stop, honey, just do me!" was Deedee's answer.

Beth licked for a few more minutes and then turned her attention to Deedee's nipples. She sucked on them for a bit, and then, while sucking on them, pulled her mouth off of a nipple and in the process scraped her teeth across it.

Deedee stiffened, and her back arched up.

"Oh my, yes!" Deedee sang softly, as Beth continued her attentions.

She turned next to actually, lightly biting on Deedee's nipples, and had her lover, moaning and writhing on the bed. Next she went to Deedee's belly button and then bit at her hip bones.

"My god you're talented!" Deedee moaned, as Beth's tongue now ran a path along Deedee's stomach toward her pubic patch.

Beth shoved Deedee's thighs out of the way and finally nestled down between those lovely, chocolate colored thighs. She applied her mouth to Deedee's pussy and, at first, captured all of the pussy area in her mouth.

Beth lifted her head and said in a hoarse voice:

"Sorry, Mistress that you don't have to pee! I feel like serving you today."

Then her mouth went back to Deedee's pussy and she began to invade the inner parts of the pussy with her tongue, all the while pressing on her with her lips.

Then Deedee spoke up:

"I know what I want you to do!"

"Tell me, please!" Beth said.

"Get the strap on out of the drawer," Deedee directed.

"Oh, goodie!" Beth said then.

"No, no you don't understand," Deedee said, almost desperately by now, "I want you to be the man! I want to get laid! I want my girl to fuck me!"

Beth got an almost wolfish look on her face and said:

"With pleasure!"

Beth went and did as Deedee asked her, fitting the harness around her hips and getting it all in place. Then she moved onto the bed, where Deedee was lying with her arms outstretched.

They kissed as soon as Beth was on the bed, and Deedee whispered:

"I'm so ready! Your hot tongue has me wet and needy."

Beth grinned down at her, looking into Deedee's face:

"Beg me for it!"

"Oh, not now!" Deedee wailed, "I'm so honry, I want to get fucked!"

"Beg, Deedee!" Beth said, "Beg, my love!"

"Bethie, I'm begging; please put that in me; please fuck me! Please! Please! Please! Honey, Please!"

The long rubber prick entered Deedee's vagina easily, and elicited a loud crying sigh from Deedee as it went in.

Beth established a rhythm and then stopped and almost pulled the rubber cock out. Deedee's eyes flew open.

"I'm gonna give you to James and Cleo for a session, girl!" Deedee said softly.

"Fucking!" Beth said quickly, smiling, "Fucking now; just fucking right now!"

"Oh better!" Deedee cooed as Beth established another rhythm with her.

The strap on had the effect of stimulating both Deedee, who was being fucked by it, and also Beth's as it rubbed against her clit.

As they neared their orgasms, Deedee whispered desperately to Beth:

"Tell me what you're doin' to me! Tell me! Say it! Use the words!"

"I'm fucking my Mistress," Beth rasped, "Just fucking her; fucking my own Deedee; fucking my beautiful Deedee! I was mean and she's gonna give me to James and Cleo and I deserve that but now I'm fucking her! Loving her! Doing her! And I love her so!"

The last part was almost shouted, as Beth came and Deedee clasped her legs around Beth's waist to pull her in further and keep her captive there.

"True, ever word true!" Deedee said.

Then Deedee moved and said:

"Gonna clean it now; clean it for Bethie!"

She moved so that her mouth could cover the length of the rubber cock and licked it off, never taking her eyes off of Beth, while she did it.

Beth moved then to remove the harness and the strap on and then settled back on the bed with Deedee.

"How you feelin' now?" Beth asked.

"The way you take care of me! I'm marvelous!" Deedee said, giving Beth a kiss.

Then she got a grin on her face and said: "But Cleo and James are gonna happen; count on it, girl friend!"

"Pain session?" Beth asked in a tiny voice.

"Pain session," Deedee confirmed.

Then Deedee's face got serious and said: "But not if you don't want, honey. Nothin' ever that you don't want."

"Oh, I want it because you do, and it makes me hot to be that way for you," Beth replied. Then she had a notion and said:

"Hey, why don't we invite Cassie and maybe Marjorie; they'd like to see that I bet!"

"Devious mind," Deedee said, "But I like the idea!"

They lay there for a bit and then Deedee finally said:

"Hey, how 'bout we look at houses today?"

"Ohhh," Beth squealed, really pleased. "Yes, why don't we."

"Up! Dress!" Deedee said, "It's casual and the girls are in the market!"'

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