Camp Enema Memories
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Enema,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How my friend introduced me to enemas and sex.

It was May of 2006, and I was waiting for my good friend Jamie to return home from college for the first time since she left. Jamie was 19 years old, yet she was still very childish looking, looking like a moderately tall 13 year old... (I was 22 and 6'0", I would say Jamie is around 5'11"). Although we had been pretty close, we had never really talked about anything really personal ... with the exception of admitting to each other once that we both masturbated when the topic came up. She was not fat, but had a swimmers body. long lean limbs and well defined muscles. Although I'm not gay, I always wanted to explore her body ... her well-defined, round bubble butt, and nice b sized boobs were no exception ... she was also straight, though, and we were just not that kind of friends ... but little did I know that we soon would be.

We shared a lot of normal girl interests, talking about shopping, movie st, ard and boys (although neither of us played shopped much, seen a movie star except in the movies, or had dated much). The previous summer before she was accepted last minute to a college two states away, we had planned on going on a camping trip in the mountains, a little over 100 miles from our home town. We hadn't talked much during the 9 months or so since she'd been gone ... we were both busy with our respective college curriculum's and just didn't get to call each other except maybe once or twice.

For our first get together, we decided to go to dinner at a burger joint, and then go to a movie. It was a little awkward at first since we hadn't talked in such a long time, but we both finally came around and it was just like old times. At the end of the evening, I said that we should finally go do that camping trip we had talked about the previous summer, and she agreed.

Over the next couple weeks, we threw some things together that we needed, and headed out on our week long adventure. Luckily, the place we chose to stay at was a state park, and had electric hookups, running water (both were available whether you had a tent or trailer), and even a large bath house, which, although not the cleanest, was definitely a plus. We pitched our tent and set up camp, had a quick dinner, and then decided to go on a short hike to an over look, and by then it was time to shower and go to bed (we didn't do a fire the first night, we were just too tired).

Neither of us being much into fishing, we filled our trip with visits to nearby museums, and additional, longer day hikes. Anyone who has ever gone camping before knows that camp food is hard on one's digestion, even when you try to eat the right things. It's almost a guarantee that at least one of the parties on your camping trip is either going to get diarrhea or, dare I say worse, constipated. There's just something about the air that almost desensitizes you, and even when you have to go really bad, you almost don't notice until its running down your leg. For this reason, I made it a point to make sure I went to the bathroom every chance I got, even when I didn't feel like I had to.

By the third day, I started to notice that Jamie was starting to get worn out a lot faster, hardly ate anything, and was even a little irritable-none of which are normal for her: she usually out-hikes me, eats constantly, and is nearly always pleasant to talk to. I asked what was wrong and she just said she hadn't slept well the night before and she just needed some rest. I decided not to pry any more, and we both retired early, because I figured a little extra shut eye would do me good, too.

The next morning I could tell Jamie wasn't feeling any better, and I asked if she was sick, and if there was something I could do to make her feel better. She tried to shrug it off, but this time I persisted. We had two more days to go, and I wasn't going to just sit around watching her in misery. I finally got up the courage, and decided to ask Jamie a question about something that we had never discussed before.

"Jamie," I shyly squeaked. "When was the last time you took a had a bowel movement?"

She hesitated for a moment, as if she didn't know what to say. "I, I don't know, why?" she replied, as if it was none of my business.

"Never mind. Just forget it," I said, and I walked off to the bathroom to do my own daily deed.

By the time I was through, I got my nerve back, and decided I was just going to have to be more firm. When I returned to our site, Jamie had gone back into the tent, just laying there.

Feeling bad for her, I laid down next to him and tried to comfort her and figure out what was going on.

"I'm sorry you're not having a good time," I said, "if you want, we can just pack up our things and leave today. I just can't stand to see you like this all the time."

"No, its not that," she replied, "I don't want to go home early. I just haven't..."

"You haven't what?" I inquired.

"Do you promise you won't tell anyone, and that you won't make fun of me?" she said.

"Sure. You know I'm a woman of my word."

Almost whispering, she laid her head back down on the air mattress that we shared, and confided, "I'm afraid to go to the bathroom in public. I mean, I can pee just fine but I've never been comfortable doing number two cause I'm afraid someone will hear me. I figured I could hold it the whole week, but now I'm just miserable."

"Your just gonna have to get over that and go up there and do what you got to do right now. Everyone has to go sometime. No one will make fun of you even if they do hear you."


I interrupted "No buts. Just go try, you can get really sick if you hold yourself much longer."

She reluctantly got to her feet and went and did as I said. She was gone for a long time, probably close to half an hour, and by the time she finally emerged I had the fire going full force again from the night before.

"There now don't you feel better?" I inquired.

She just kind of stood there holding her stomach and looking at the fire, as if she didn't hear me.

"What's wrong now?" I asked.

"I could hardly go at all."

"What do you mean?"

"It took me half an hour, and all I could get out were a few pebbles, and a couple farts," she said in a low voice, looking over her shoulder to make sure no one else heard what he just said.

"That's what I was afraid of," I sighed. "Why don't you go back and lie down a little bit, I'll try and see if I can find a laxative in my first aid stuff."

She did as I said, and I walked towards my car with a stride in my walk. You see, I don't have one of those little first aid kits, I have this giant wooden trunk full of different medical supplies—everything from snake bite and bee sting kits and bandages of varying sizes to just about every pill and ointment known to man or woman (it had belonged to my parents ... they gave it to me when they decided they were too old to go camping any more)—all thrown together in a big hulk that you had to sort threw for ages just to find an aspirin. If someone actually needed that snake bite kit, they'd likely die before we'd found it. 20 minutes later, I had gone threw just about all of it ... but there were no laxatives to be found. About to give up hope, I came across one more unmarked box that was right in the corner of the giant supply cabinet. I opened the flap, and what I saw made my stomach twist. It was an old hot water bottle, with a slew of ever so familiar looking rubber tubing ... it looked just like the one I had seen several times before when my mom would give me an enema, only the hose was red instead of white. Although it appeared to be an older type based on the packaging, this bag was in almost new condition! I thought about it for a second, but just didn't think I had the guts to try and get Jamie to let me give her one, so I put it back in the first aid chest with everything else, and decided to go try to find a laxative at the little convenience store up the road.

I told Jamie to rest easy, and that I would be back in a few minutes. When I got to the convenience store, I realized I was out of luck again. The little store was closed, as this was Sunday, and NO ONE is open on Sunday; or, at least not when you're in the backwoods. The nearest place that I might have had any luck was the Wal-Mart that we passed on our way up, but it was more than half way back home. So, I weighed my options—either I cut the trip three days short and just go home—or I gather enough courage and try to convince Jamie to let me give her an enema.

I really didn't think I could muster the strength to even bring up the subject with Jamie, let alone actually follow through with it (looking back, I still don't know how I did it). Still, up until this happened, we had been having a great time of catching up, so I decided I had to try and save the trip any way possible ... I figured the worst that could happen was she could get mad at me and never speak to me again.

As I drove slowly back to camp in a light rain storm, I tried to plan out in my mind just how I was going to tell her. When I arrived, I sat for a moment, then finally decided to take the bull by the horns and go for it. Jamie was still in the tent, and I heard the sounds of a Gameboy, so I figured she must be feeling a little better. When I opened the tent and saw her sitting there smiling and playing the game, I lost my will to speak, and just couldn't go through with it. So, I said nothing of it, and just sat down next to Jamie and took out the video solitaire game that I had brought. She continued to play for about 10 minutes, and she finally lost and jumped back to the bottom level, so she turned her game off.

Jamie broke the silence, "Well, where is it?"

"Where's what?" I said, pretending not to know what she was talking about.

"You know, weren't you trying to find something to help me go?" she whispered.

"Oh, yeah." I said, stopping short.

"Well, where is it?"

I hesitated, then decided to tell him the truth. "I tried, Jamie, but I just couldn't find anything."

"You mean, you couldn't find ANYTHING in that big box," she said, almost shouting.

"No, I drove down to that convenience store, too, but they were closed." I continued, "Listen, if you're really bad then I'll just take you home. I mean it's starting to rain out anyway."

Then, what Jamie said next nearly made me poop my pants, and I had just gone a couple hours earlier. "Geez, I figured you'd at least have a suppository or something that you could give me."

It took me a moment to process what was said, and it started to rain a bit harder so I wasn't sure I'd heard that right. "What did you just say?"

"I said 'I figured you'd at least have a suppository or something'. I'd take just about anything if it would make me feel better. I'm miserable," she said, rubbing her stomach in apparent agony.

I kind of half-laughed. Then Jamie reached in her bag and pulled out a deck of cards, and asked if I wanted to play. I said sure, and the subject was dropped once again until that evening.

It was now 5:00 and still raining, so I started to get my rain gear on in preparation for going out and trying to cook something for dinner. We did have a camp stove under a screen tent, so we weren't completely paralyzed as far as cooking goes (but even with the screen tent, you still end up drenched). "Well, what do you want for dinner?" I asked Jamie, who was back to playing her Gameboy again. "Nothing for me. I don't think I can eat anything right now."

With that, I realized what needed to be done. "Why don't you go sit on the throne for a few more minutes. Maybe something's loosened up, and you'll feel better."

"I don't think it'll help, but I'll try," she agreed.

"Hope everything comes out all right for you," I joked.

"I just hope something comes out," she returned.

While she was gone a thought a lot about what a good friend she was, and how I need to help her in whatever way I could, even if she didn't like it so much. I mean, she said she would take a suppository, so why not an enema? They both go up your butt, one just works a little faster than the other. The only real difference is that she would have to bare her butt and crotch in front of me, but I was determined to convince her to let me, under sworn secrecy. While she was still in the bathroom and before I had time to think about it and again lose my nerve, I got out my tea kettle and filled it up with water and set it on the camp stove, then lit the fire. I then moved to get the kit out of the truck and took it in the tent, along with a garbage bag and an old plastic container for her to relieve herself in if she couldn't make it to the bathroom. I was going to give it to her right in the tent, I figured it was still raining heavily so no one would be able to hear what was going on from the road, plus it was definitely better than doing it in the bath house. When she finally got back about 5 minutes later, I inquired, "Any luck?"

She shook her head to the negative, with a disappointed look on her face. She went back in the tent, and I followed.

"Listen, I wasn't completely honest with you a while ago," I started.

"About what?" she asked.

"I do have something that will help you, but it is a really last resort, and you probably aren't going to like it," I said nervously.

"'Desperate times call for desperate measures, '" she said half jokingly. "As bad as I feel right now, I'd do just about anything to feel better."

"I'm glad you've got that attitude," I gulped, "because I think you need an..." and before I could finish, the teapot whistled, signifying that the water was hot.

"Just go ahead and lie down for a moment, I'll be right back," I said as I got out of the tent, almost relieved because I was a nervous wreck. As I took the water off the stove and waited for it to cool a bit, I tried to figure out how to best explain to her what I was going to do, but then decided that maybe the best way for me to do it would be to just do it ... explain as I go. That way there's no chance for her to back out (although, looking back, I think she really was desperate, and all my worry was for nothing).

After the water cooled down enough to use, I got up my nerve once again and re-entered the tent. She was lying on her right side facing away from me, with her eyes closed, and didn't look up when I came back with the water. I decided to take this opportunity to fill the water bottle and attach the tubing, even applying KY to the tip. I opened the tent door again, and released the air from the hose onto the already wet ground outside. I zipped it back up, and then laid the bag down for a moment, so that I could place the garbage bag over my sleeping bag for her to lay on. I then took a deep breath, and then shook her to wake her up.

"I'm ready," I said.

"Ready for what?" she inquired curiously.

"Your treatment. I need you to get up on your hands and knees."

Still half asleep, she didn't say anything and just did as I said, getting up on her hands and knees ... facing me.

"No, facing the other way, and do it over on that garbage bag."

"Oh, for what?" she again asked, starting to realize what she was doing.

"Just do it, I'll explain in a minute," so she did as I said without further question.

As I had already lubed the nozzle, all I had to do was pull her shorts down and stick it in. I reached out and grabbed the elastic band around his shorts and pulled them downward, but unfortunately her underwear didn't go down with them, so she had a chance to dispute.

"What the hell are you doing?" she said, pulling away in an attempt to retrieve her bikini panties.

"I'm trying to help. I'm giving you an enema whether you like it or not." An uncomfortable silence fell. I figured there would be yelling, screaming, a cat fight ... but then her reaction surprised me.

"Well why didn't you just say so? You just had to try and spring it on me like that."

She then re-assumed the position and pulled her shorts down herself, baring her well rounded butt, and slightly hairy crotch for the whole world—or, at least, me—to see.

As she did this, I immediately lost self control, and kneeled over myself as I let loose a torrent of wetness into my own panties as I saw her pussy in all its glory. I was in total shock, and didn't know what to say.

"Well, are you gonna put it in or not? My butt's starting to get cold."

Thankfully she didn't notice my moment of unexpected self pleasure, since I was able to keep myself from moaning. My panties were threatening to leak down my legs and I had an idea.

"First, I'd better lube you up." Since her sight line was behind her dangling underwear and I knew she couldn't see me do it, I reached down inside my pants and scooped out some of my crotch snot and I decided I was going to take advantage of the situation to the fullest extent. I was a virgin and knew I didn't have diseases, and besides, what she didn't know wouldn't hurt her. And I was no longer nervous, I figured if she wasn't nervous, why should I be? I squeezed a glob of the gel on my finger, and then reached to spread her cheeks, and cautiously, yet gently, inserted my well lubed finger deep into her butthole. As I reached the farthest extent my finger could reach inside of her, I could feel a great deal of her poop, which seemed to be lodged in a large, almost dry lump.

"Wait a minute," I said. "This is going to be a little messier than I thought. You're impacted." I reached over and grabbed a paper towel and placed it on top of her underwear, which were still around her knees. "This might hurt a little," I said as I reached back in, forming my index finger into a scoop around the hardening turd blossom lodged deep in her rectum, and in one fell swoop pulled what I could out. She squirmed and took a deep breath as I reached back in for a second scoop. "That's all I can reach," I said, "hopefully the water will do the rest."

With that, I reached for the lubed nozzle and inserted it in as far as I could. Jamie didn't even seem to acknowledge it, for my finger was much thicker than the tip.

"Here it comes," I announced, and then gently opened the clip, sending the warm water deep into her bowels. "If you start to feel cramps, take deep breaths through your mouth until it passes," I informed.

"I know," she said. It was at that moment I realized Jamie must have some previous experience. I would inquire later.

"I think that's about all I can take," she said, in between gasps for air.

"But you're only half done," I said. "You should try and finish, its good for you." Se continued to withstand it a while longer, squirming and breathing heavy. She was at about ¾ of the way finished when she pushed herself back up onto his knees.

"This is really all I can take," she said, reaching back and pulling the tube out of her ass.

"Why did you do that?" I asked as I quickly shut the clamp off before the spewing water went all over.

"I really gotta go, do you got something..."

I handed her the plastic bowl I had put in there earlier. Before she even had it under her, her shit started squirting out of her rear and went everywhere; thankfully she was still on the garbage bag.

"Man you weren't kidding when you said you had to go, were you?"

"I never have been able to take more than half a bag the first time."

With that, I knew I just had to ask nosily, "Oh, so you've taken enemas before?"

"All the time," she said, almost out of breath from the load she was freeing from her insides. "But not as often as suppositories. I can give those to myself."

"So, who gives you the enemas?" I pried further.

"When my sister started training to be a nurse, she used to give me $10 each time I'd let her experiment on me. She used to clean my ears, cut my nails, wax my back, even checked my blood pressure and took my temperature ... in every way." She paused as a particularly large log slid out of her backside, then continued. One time, she came home and told me she was learning to give enemas on plastic dummies, and the teacher offered extra credit to anyone who could find a real person to practice on. She offered me $50 the first time, and at first I hesitated when she told me what an enema was and she had to do to me, but then I figured where would I get a chance to earn $50 just to take a crap?" she said, jokingly.

"So you had to do it in front of her teacher?" I asked, wondering how his sister could possibly prove she had given him one in any other way.

"No, dummy, she had to take a video, but I told her if she shown my face the deal was off." Then she changed the subject; well sort of. "Hey I think I'm about done, where should I dump this?"

"You'll just have to take it up to the bathhouse," I said.

"You got any TP?" she asked. I reached for some paper towels and handed them to her, then she handed them back. "Here, you do it. My sister normally does cause it will drip all over if she doesn't." Of course, there was still a little bit of shit that she had spewed earlier on the garbage bag, but I figured to myself, 'why not?' She then just kinda bent forward and pushed the bowl out from under her, and stuck her leaking butt in my face.

"Jeez, you don't have to get that close!" I exclaimed. She just laughed. Then I threw the towels in the bowl and told her she could pull her shorts up.

"Actually," she said, "you'd better put another napkin between my cheeks. I always end up leaking a little when I stand up, I don't want a mess in pants." I just folded it and stuck it in, and gave her a little smack to let her know I was done. She then grabbed the bowl of shit and moved towards the door and started to unzip it. She then looked back and said something that shocked me once again: "I really appreciate it. GO ahead and get yours ready and I'll give it to you when I get back."

"ME? I don't need one! I just went this morning!" I said, half laughing, half shouting, not knowing whether she meant it or not.

"Now, now, my sister said it doesn't hurt anyone to get a little cleaning out now and then, and I've always wanted to give you one."

I didn't know what to say. She then pushed his way out the nylon door and went toward the bathrooms. I just kind of ignored what she said and went back outside to get dinner started. I figured we'd had enough action for one day. She had other plans, but didn't let me know until afterwards.

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