Getting Back in the Saddle
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Entering the dating scene again is not that easy for a middle age man especially with all the changes that have occurred in the pursuit of the opposite sex

It was almost a year to the day when he had experienced one of the worst days of his life. It had started out that morning with a flat tire on the way to where Ed taught school. Then at school two of his best students got into a fight over a girl in the same class that one of them had gotten pregnant. Most of the students in his classes were caught up in spring fever and couldn't care less about what Ed was teaching which was disappointing but expected. In leaving school he discovered that his car had received a dent from some unknown car in the parking lot. On the way home from work he dropped the tire off to be fixed and was told it couldn't be fixed so he had to purchase another tire. On the radio he heard that there was a record drop in the stock market and that put a good hit on his investments. He thought the day couldn't get any worse but he was wrong, it did.

At home he was just finishing dinner when his wife of twenty five years looked at him from across the table and said, "I want a divorce."

That was a shock and he was in for more.

"What's wrong? What have I done? Why do you want a divorce?"

"Ed, I just don't love you anymore and haven't for a while. Now that our two daughters are married and living out of town I think its best if we end our marriage. I have met someone that I have been seeing and I am in love with him. He has asked me to marry him and I said I would. I think it's best for the both of us to end our marriage and move on. I hope we can still be friends for the sake of our children."

He didn't know what to say or how to react. He knew instantly that once she said that she wanted a divorce there was no going back and the marriage was over. He got up from the table and went for a walk trying to think about what was happening. While they hadn't been lovebirds for a while he didn't see this coming. He knew she had been working longer hours and coming home late but she said the cases she was handling as an attorney were causing this. Trying to talk her out of her request for a divorce was not a viable option. While he wouldn't want to end the marriage he had to admit that it had become somewhat of a routine or maybe boring.

In thinking about it he remembered things that should have told him she didn't love him anymore. When he went to bed she had an excuse as to why she wasn't coming with him to bed. She either wanted to stay up to watch the news or wanted to finish a chapter in a book she was reading. When she did come to bed her make-up was off and she was greased up with a lot of facial cream.

Ed went back into the house and said, "How do you want to handle this? It will be up to you to tell the girls. I want you to tell them this was your idea and not mine."

"I'll do that and it won't be easy. I will be moving out. If you waive any alimony from me you can keep the house and we will split what is in the bank and our stock accounts fifty fifty. We both keep our IRA's. The divorce will be a no-fault one and should be done fairly quickly."

Since it appeared she had given some thought to this and it was a fair division of assets Ed simply said, "Fine," and walked away as there was nothing more to be said.

When Ed came home the next day he could see that she had taken her clothes and some personal belongings and moved out. It was a sad end to twenty five years of marriage but what could he have done? He gave it some further thought and concluded that maybe if he was more attentive to her the marriage would have lasted but her being a rather successful attorney had exposed her to a life he couldn't compete with. Maybe this all was for the best and he could only hope that it was.

Overcoming the shock of the divorce was not easy. His two married children called and expressed their support for Ed. They seemed to take Ed's side and were disappointed in their mother's actions. His friends also expressed their shock at the news of the divorce. Some of them wanted more information as to the reasons but Ed wouldn't give them the specifics or bad mouth his soon to be ex-wife. He now had to assume all of the duties in managing a house and while it wasn't overly difficult these duties did take up more of his time.

Two weeks after the divorce was final it was announced that there was an early retirement offer being made to all teachers that were fifty five years of age or older. Ed had just hit that magic number so he weighed the pros and cons of the offer. With his years of service and the bump up in pension that was being offered, he figured that he would receive a pension that was more than what his present take home pay was now after the various deductions. Being able to substitute teach if he wished would add to his income. Since pension income was excluded from the State income tax he would be ahead comparing what he was making now while working and what he would receive if he retired. Ed accepted the early retirement offer.

One thing Ed did was to do an honest appraisal of himself. He had put on about twenty pounds on his six foot frame since his marriage and was not in the best of shape. He thought that if he could lose the weight and get in better shape he would feel better about himself and his life. He started an exercise program, first by bike riding and then moving to fast walking and then to jogging. Combining the exercise with him doing the cooking to count the calories and eating two meals a day helped in his weight loss. No snacking to control his calorie intake further helped in losing weight. In nine months he had lost the twenty pounds and four inches off his waist. He felt good and was sorry he had waited so long to do something like this.

At his annual visit with the Doctor, Ed received congratulations on his efforts to get in shape. The Doctor told him he wished all of his patients did what Ed had done. Ed discussed his current life with the Doctor and asked him for a prescription for the little blue pill. The Doctor laughed and said that was no problem. He cautioned Ed to be careful and for him to consider using condoms as there were numerous social diseases that were going around in today's society.

Ed's ex-wife had also divorced herself from their circle of friends. There had not been any contact between her and them which only caused the friends to be more supportive of Ed. Some of the friends were trying to fix Ed up with women that they thought would interest him. So far he was able to avoid their blind date offers.

Now that he was in shape and had the little blue pill he had to admit that he missed having sex. With time on his hands he wondered how someone his age goes about meeting women who would be receptive to his advances. Going to bars and lounges did not have much appeal to him and he didn't know of any places that catered to an older crowd.

One of the teachers who taught in the same school district was a fellow by the name of Vic Cario. He was in his mid-thirties with a dark complexion and was good looking. It was said in talk among the men that Vic got more ass than a toilet seat. Ed met Vic for lunch and asked him for advice on how he could go about to meet single women.

Vic said, "There are quite a number of single women out there looking for men to meet but you need to use your brain to find them. One thing I am doing now is going to Parents without Partners meetings. While I have never been married I carry around pictures of my nieces and tell the women I am interested in who I meet at these meetings that these nieces are my children. More often than not on the first date I can hit a home run. It's a great technique for meeting women but I think you are too old for something like that. For that matter I don't see you as a bar or lounge type either."

"I would recommend you place an ad in the personal columns you see in newspapers or the Penny Saver. Don't answer any ads that you see that are placed there but rather place your own ad and let them respond to you. I think you will be surprised by the number of responses you get. You can then afford to be choosey as to who you respond to. There are more single women out there than there are single men and they have the same problem you have in meeting the opposite sex.

Ed thanked Vic for the advice and left. Ed felt he needed to take a shower when he got home as listening to what Vic was doing at Parents without Partners made him feel dirty.

Well today was another day and Ed looked at his to-do list. After gas for the car and picking up his dry cleaning he was going to get his ears lowered. The ears lowering was how his mother had talked when he was growing up referring to getting a hair cut. He actually looked forward to getting a hair cut as he enjoyed talking to a specific hair stylist.

Her name was Sharon and she was the stylist he had been seeing on a monthly basis for his hair cut. She was twenty nine years old, single, about five feet five inches tall with average facial looks. What was intriguing about her were her breasts which in Ed's opinion were a 40 DD. She knew her breasts were a strong point and it seemed that whatever clothes she was wearing always had a scooped neckline which enabled her to show about three inches of cleavage. She did have a nice personality but had said she was having problems with her mother who was pushing Sharon to get married. Most of the fellows she dated didn't appear to be good long term providers and she was reluctant to get in serious relationships with them.

Ed had done his little jobs around the house and was at the barber shop waiting for Sharon to be available. When she was available Ed took a seat in her chair and asked her how things were going.

"Nothing has changed since the last time we talked. My mother is still pushing me to get married and move out but I just haven't found any guy that interests me."

"Well make sure when you find that someone who you think is Mr. Right that in fact he is Mr. Right. You know that fifty percent of the marriages now-a-days end in divorce so you don't want to be on the wrong end of that statistic. I now find myself in that unenviable position."

"Well your wife was nuts to let you go. I find you very easy to talk to and easy to get along with. Why can't I find someone like you?

"Sharon in time you will. I am old enough to be your father and somewhere along the line you will meet some young fellow that will sweep you off your feet and give you the life you deserve."

"I really enjoy talking to you. After I finish with you I can take my lunch hour. Any chance you would want to go to lunch with me?"

"Sharon the pleasure will be all mine as I too enjoy talking to you. If I maybe so bold to say that I also enjoy being in the company of an attractive young lady."

When they were walking across the parking lot to the restaurant Sharon said, "You know my problem could be solved if we were dating."

Her remark caused Ed to stop in his tracks. "Sharon I am old enough to be your father! I like you as a person and while I may fantasize about you a little that's all I will do. You don't need this May to December thing. In time you will find someone who you will want to spend the rest of your life with. Don't be overly anxious."

"I don't think our age difference is that big of a deal."

"Trust me when I say it is."

They were seated at a table in the restaurant and had perused the menu when the waitress came over to take their order.

She said, "Are you and your daughter ready to order?"

Ed could see that Sharon was ready to make some remark back to the waitress but he caught Sharon's eyes and lightly shook his head signaling her not to say anything. He could see her wanting to respond to that daughter remark but she bit her tongue and didn't.

After the order was placed and the waitress left Ed said, "That is what I am talking about and something that will happen because of our age difference. You don't need that. I am available to help you. If you need any help please call me as I enjoy talking to you and giving you my two cents worth of advice."

"I still think that our ages are not that big of a deal but I do appreciate your offer of help if I need it. Maybe I will at some time in the future. Thanks for being a nice guy and the offer."

They walked back across the parking lot to Sharon's work place. In saying good bye she gave Ed a kiss on his cheek. He left her with a good feeling and hoped Sharon would find the man she was looking for.

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