That's Life
Chapter 1: The loss of my wife

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: The loss of my wife - Mature mans retires and begins a new life

"That's life, That's what all the people say,

You're riding high in April, Shot down in May

But I know I'm gonna change that tune,

When I'm back on top, back on top in June"

Here I was listening to Ol' Blue Eyes singing on the radio as I was driving to a party to celebrate my retirement. Forty-two years of service at one place, the Ford Motor Company. Mary and I had looked forward to my retiring our whole life. We were finally going to go all those places we thought about through the years.

The only problem is my sweet Mary died of cancer two years ago. I now lived alone in the big house. I figured that after I retired I would find a nice place for myself. Too many memories and just too big of a house to take care of. Hell, I was sixty-two years old now.

I spent the last two years working and taking care of the house, while working. Doing most anything to keep busy. Now it was time to move on. While listening to Frank on the radio I drove along thinking about my life.

I was drafted and served my two years. Dad had gotten me a job at Fords right out of high school. After being drafted they saved my job for me. They even let my continuity of service continue while serving my country. That's why I now had forty-two years of service. Not many people spend their whole life at one employer anymore.

I met Mary shortly after I returned from the service. I attended a friend's wedding and Mary was one of the bridesmaids. My friend told me that Mary and her boyfriend had recently broken up and Mary was alone at the wedding. It didn't take me long to introduce myself. We ended up spending the whole night together and I don't mean just at the wedding.

Maybe it was just being out of the service or the fact that I was a horny twenty-two year old but I wanted Mary. It was kind of the love at first sight but I chalked it up to being horny.

After the wedding reception I took her to my place and we had sex. Her body was so soft and warm. She looked and smelled great. I went down on her and when I finally entered her I knew I wanted her to be my girlfriend. I don't know how many times we did it that night.

The next morning she apologized and said she wasn't the kind of woman that slept around. It must have been the drinking at the wedding and me catching her on the rebound.

I asked her if she was sober now and she said of course she was. "Will you let me make love to you now, while you have your senses?"

We went back to the bedroom and made love. I knew right then that we would be together forever. We started dating and had sex all the time. If I wasn't working I would be with Mary. She worked as a clerk at the local drug store.

It was only three months after the wedding we attended that she told me she was pregnant. I didn't hesitate to ask her to marry me. We went to a judge and had a small reception with family and friends. In the next sixteen years we had six kids. She even had two miscarriages.

Our life was what I considered normal growing up. We had both the good and bad times. We spent most of the time going to the kid's activities. Four boys and two girls and I think they belonged to everything possible. It seemed we had something to go to just about every day.

Of course Mary always put the kids first. Even when we had a vacation we spent it as a family. I don't think Mary and I ever had a vacation alone. She would say we can go by ourselves after the kids left the nest and I retired. Well, here I was, retired and alone.

Needless to say our sex life dropped off pretty drastically after the first couple of kids. It was hard enough to just get some alone time let alone time to make love. We still had a few special times like our anniversary when we would really do the nasty.

I had to figure that most married couples go through the same thing. Just part of life. If we got together even once a month we were lucky.

After our fourth child we needed a bigger house. My grandparents were getting on in age and offered to sell me their farm for a really cheap price. There were three hundred acres and a big six bedroom house, with barns and other out buildings. I told granddad that I wasn't a farmer.

He told me I could live in the house and lease out the land to local area farmers and it would help make the house payment. I knew he wanted me to have the farm so Mary and I talked it over and we bought it.

The kids loved it. Now every one of them wanted pets. They all were in 4-H throughout the years and we had a menagerie of animals all through their school years.

I was able to get on the maintenance program at Fords and eventually became a pipe fitter. I got my journeyman card and was now making the big money, at least for a factory worker. Maintenance workers were the highest paid hourly workers.

Between leasing the land to local area farmers and making a decent wage we were able to pay off the farm in twenty five years. That along with the kids starting college we never did much for ourselves. It was always, "We'll have time after the kids are gone," said Mary.

Looking back, I don't regret my life but I do wish I could have done more for Mary. She was happy just being around the kids and being a mother and grandma. We did have our bad times too. The kids becoming sick or Mary and I arguing over what now seems like piddly shit. However we did have one huge argument after which I left for over a week.

Every five years Mary went to her class reunion. She loved seeing her old friends. I never went to mine so I sure had no desire to go to hers. Anyway when her fifteen year reunion came up she asked me to go. I decided at one of my weaker moments to say yes. Mary was ecstatic so I guess I made her happy.

I knew most of her girlfriends whom I met over the years but few of the boys, now men, in her class. I guess my jealous streak showed a little when she began dancing with all these old classmates. One in particular was paying too much attention to her in my opinion.

I did my best not to make any trouble but I would talk to Mary about it later. I danced a couple of dances with her but otherwise just sat there and drank my beer. I began wondering if Mary had ever slept with any of these guys? I knew she wasn't a virgin since we slept together on our first date. I also wondered if one of them might be the guy she broke up with before meeting me.

Mary never gave me any reason to distrust her but watching her dance in another man's arms and me drinking too much was not a good combination for me. She was hugging them goodnight when we were leaving. She hugged this Brad fellow a little too long for my taste.

I kept quiet all the way home. Mary had her fun and I wasn't in the mood for a blowout argument right now. I had to work the next day and our kids were going on an outing with the church. I just headed upstairs and went to bed.

I was hung over the next morning at work and nothing seemed to be going right. My boss said we had to get this job done before we could leave for the day. I called Mary and told her that I would be late getting home and to not hold supper for me. She reminded me that the kids were gone for the day and she wasn't cooking today anyway.

At work we got lucky and got the job done earlier than expected. Finally, I thought, something went right. I would be home ahead of schedule. When I pulled up to the drive there was a strange car in the drive. It was a rental car. I had to wonder who it belonged to.

I opened the front door and there was Mary and this Brad guy hugging. It looked like I broke up a kiss when I opened the door. His hands were on Mary's ass.

"What the hell is going on?" I yelled.

"John, it's not what it looks like..."

"It looks like this mother fucker has a hold of your ass."

Mary pushed his hands away as I approached him. He held up his hands and said, "Nothing happened John, I was just saying goodbye."

I pushed him and he fell over the coffee table. I grabbed him and was about to hit him when Mary was screaming at me.

"John, please stop, we didn't do anything wrong, He was just getting ready to..."

"I don't want any more lies. I saw you with my own two eyes. You want this fucker, you can have him. Hell, for all I know you already have and he's probably Jeff's father." I hit him once and walked out the front door. I had no idea where I was going.

I regretted saying that part about Jeff but I was mad and we all have a tendency to say things we can't take back. I've always believed Jeff was my biological son.

I heard Mary yelling at me but I wasn't listening. I got in my truck and drove away. I drove around a few minutes and decided to head back and beat the shit out of the guy. When I got near the house I could see his car was gone. I wasn't about to go talk to Mary so I headed into town and found a cheap motel. There was a bar next door so I went in and decided to get drunk.

I walked over to the juke box and hit 'That's Life'. It's a song I always liked listening to. I was listening to the part where Frank sings.

"I've been up and down and over and out

And I know one thing

Each time I find myself laying

Flat on my face

I just pick myself up and get back in the race"

That's when I said to myself that if Mary could fuck around, so could I. I met this gal in the bar and bought her a drink. She told me she was married and her husband was on a business trip with his secretary. "I know he's fucking her. This isn't his first time."

We sat there and got drunk together and headed to my room. It was walking distance to my room. I took my revenge against Mary out on this woman. We must have fucked most of the night. I think it was even more than Evelyn bargained for.

I will honestly say it was the only time in my life that I ever cheated on Mary. I was so mad at her for what I thought she had done to me.

The next morning cooler heads prevailed. I called work and told them I wouldn't be in that day. Evelyn took a shower and said she should be getting home. As for me I wasn't sure what my future held. I went home since I knew the kids would be in school, the young ones at day care and Mary would be at work.

I packed myself a couple of suitcases and headed back to the motel. I sat around, drank a few beers and tried to figure out what my next move would be. I knew I would have to talk to Mary eventually. I almost wished I would have stayed at the house, just beat the mother fucker up and had it out with Mary.

Now I had to wonder why he took off so soon after I left? I'm sure that I saw his hands on her ass. It was so stupid to leave my own home. My mind was working overtime. I headed back to the bar and ate dinner there. Had a few more beers and decided to head back to my room and sleep it off. I had to work the next day.

At work, Paul, a friend of mind asked me how I was doing. His wife Judy was friends with Mary. I figured he might know something.

"Judy asked me if you were at work yesterday. When I told her you weren't she told me that Mary said that you and her had an argument. She wouldn't tell me what is was about but said it was just a big misunderstanding and if I saw you to tell you Mary needs to talk to you and straighten it all out."

"I need a few days to think. Thanks for letting me know what Judy said. Right now I'm just going to keep my problems to myself. No offence Paul."

"I prefer to stay out of other people's business. No offence taken."

A couple of days later when I got off work Judy was waiting to pick up Paul. Actually I think Mary sent her to see me.

"John, Mary asked me to tell you to please call her if I see you. She needs to talk to you. John, I know Mary and she's scared that you mistook what you saw. She really loves you John, no one else, just you. Please give her a chance to explain. She did tell me what happened and I believe her."

"Thanks for passing along the message Judy but I think this is between Mary and me. You're her friend, I would figure you would side with her."

"She didn't cheat on you John, believe me, if she did I would never side with her. Just give her a chance to tell you what happened."

Paul came out and got in his car. "See you tomorrow John," he said.

I waved at him and went back to the motel. I called the house and my oldest son Jeff answered the phone. I knew Mary wouldn't be home yet and I wanted to make sure the kids were ok.

"Dad, where are you? When are you coming home. Mom said you and her got into an argument. Dad, please come home we all miss you."

"I'll be there in a couple of days. I need a couple of days to clear my head before I talk to your mother. Is everything ok? Are you kids listening to your mother?"

"Everything's fine dad except for mom worrying about you. Please come home soon." The kids that were home all talked to me. All asking me when I was coming home.

I have to admit that even though it was only a couple of days, I missed them. I went and got something to eat and stopped at the bar for a couple of beers. I thought about picking up a bar broad but decided against it. I already cheated on Mary that first night and wasn't proud of it now. I headed back to my room.

At work the next day, Dave my supervisor told me I received a call and it was Mary. She asked me to call her as soon as possible. We were always told that we shouldn't receive calls at work unless they were really important. I wondered if one of the kids might be sick or something so I went and called Mary. It was her work number.

"Mary, what's the problem that you had to call me at work?"

"I need to talk to you. You haven't called me and I'm worried."

"You know that we're only to get important calls at work. What do you want Mary?"

"This is a very important call, John. You see, I love you and you never gave me a chance to tell you exactly what happened. Please come home after work so we can talk and let me tell you what really happened. The kids miss you and I miss you too."

I thought for a moment and decided that we might as well put our cards on the table. "Ok Mary, I'll be there tomorrow after work. No lies and no bullshit, I want the truth."

"I promise to tell you the truth John. I love you," she said as she hung up the phone.

The kids were happy to see me when I got home. They were asking a lot of questions but I was able to dodge them. Mary arrived home with the youngest kid which she picked up at day care. She looked happy to see me. I kept a stone face for now.

We sent the kids out to play telling them that I we needed to talk. Some went outside and others to their room to do their homework. Mary and I went and sat on the back porch for a little more privacy.

As soon as we sat down Mary said, "Nothing happened, I swear!"

"Let me tell you what I know and saw Mary. First, I called you to tell you I'd be home late. You reminded me that the kids when on an outing with the church. I was going to talk with you about that asshole Brad being a little too friendly with you at the reunion but didn't want to spoil your evening. I came home and find you in the arms of this asshole with his hands on your ass."

"Let me explain John, please!"

"Let me finish and then I will listen to you." I was trying to stay calm.

"Anyway, I have no idea what the two of you had already done or what might have happened if I didn't show up early. Now, I'll listen to what you have to say." I was surprised that I was as calm as I was. Mary on the other hand was nervous and wanted to talk.

"I didn't do anything and nothing really happen and wasn't going to. Brad was only here about fifteen minutes. He stopped by and said he had an hour before he had to return his vehicle and catch his plane home. He said he thought he would stop by and see me and we could have a cup of coffee."

"How did he know you would be home alone?" I asked.

"I don't know, maybe we said something about you working or the kids church activity, I really don't know. So I invited him in for a cup of coffee and that was all.

"When we sat down his conversation was a bit personal. He started talking about when we went together and how he missed me, things like that. I told him that was a long time ago and that I was very happy in my marriage and he should probably leave. I was becoming a bit uncomfortable.

"We got up and he took my hand and asked if he could at least get a hug and goodbye kiss. It did make me smile, after all he was an old friend. I told him ok but just on the cheek. He put his arms around me and when I went to kiss his cheek, he turned his head and pulled me into him and kissed me on the lips.

"I pushed him away and he lowered his hands to my butt. Sometime during that exchange you walked in. You know what happened after that. As far as the reunion went, I was just having a nice time with old friends. I didn't mean anything by it.

"I'm sorry if you saw it any other way. I love you John and would never do anything to hurt our marriage. I do have to say that it really hurt me when you said Jeff probably wasn't your kid."

"In the heat of anger we all say things we regret later," I replied.

"John, I swear to you that all our kids are yours. I haven't been with another man since the day I met you. And, so you know, it was Bart Benson that I broke up with just before I met you, not Brad."

"Bart, Brad, I knew it started with a B. I'm just glad I hit him I wish I would have hit him more."

"I'm glad you hit him too. I don't want anyone coming between us. He got up off the floor as soon as you left and asked me for some ice to put on his eye but I told him to get the hell out of my house and never come back. I told him he could get ice at the store down the road.

"He wanted to apologize but I told him to just get out and he wasn't welcome back. After he left I looked out the window and saw your car go by. I waited and waited for you to come back but you never did. I was so worried.

"The kids asked about you when they came home. I told them that you went to see a friend. When you didn't come home the next day and I heard that you didn't go to work I looked around and found that some of your things were missing. I sat down and cried. Honest, John, I really didn't do anything wrong. I guess I shouldn't have let Brad in but I had no idea he would try anything. Please forgive me." Mary started crying.

I hated seeing her cry and took her into my arms. I really did love her and I knew her well enough to believe she was telling me the truth.

"Hey, gather up the kids and let's take them to McDonalds." She smiled at me and knew everything would be alright."

That night in bed we made love. We had to keep it down some because of the kids. I believe that was the night that Justin was conceived. A little over a year and a half later Sandy our youngest was born. It was time for a vasectomy. Six offspring was enough but we loved all of them and they did turn out great, thanks to Mary.

Our sex life improved but after Sandy was born we did cut back some. Just not enough time alone or Mary was just too tired. She was willing for my benefit but I didn't push her. We did however have some good sexual romps every now and then.

As far as her reunions go, I attended everyone with her and she spent most of her time with me. Brad never made it to another reunion. Rumor had it that he was divorced and remarried.

I arrived at the hall where my retirement party was being held. I couldn't believe all the people that showed up. Most of my close co-workers, a lot of friends and neighbors and some of our relatives attended. All six of my offspring were there with their families.

I couldn't help it, I broke out in tears. The only person that was missing was Mary. I know she would have enjoyed this party with all our family and friends.

Everyone was asking me about my future plans. I explained to them that I was working on a couple of ideas but would either be selling or leasing the homestead. It was just too big for one person. None of my kids were interested in it, they preferred the city.

The kids were a bit surprised but agreed that it was a lot to take care of. For the last two years they would come out and see me when they could but now, being retired I would be alone twenty-four seven. Another thing I noticed is that they visited a lot more when their mother was living. I'm not surprised because who wants to go visit an old man all the time.

I know my kids loved me but they had families and lives of their own. They did invite me to one of their houses for dinner most every Sunday. As Sandy, my youngest daughter said, "You need to eat something besides spam and eggs."

I told her I like spam and eggs and it was easy for me to make. It was one of the few things I could cook. Breakfast was usually cereal and toast. Lunch, when I ate it was lunch meat sandwiches and then spam and eggs for dinner.

At the party I talked with Jeff and Justin, two of my sons, about selling or renting the farm. Jeff was an accountant and Justin worked for a real estate agency. They had been looking at the value and numbers to help me decide what to do.

I did have a great time at the party and thanked everyone for attending. I knew I probably wouldn't be seeing much of most of them again. I wasn't the run around and visit people type person and I doubted most would be coming to visit me.

Over the next month I found a great place to live. It was in an enclosed condominium housing area. There were a few openings. They were rental units for people at least fifty-five years of age. Rentals were $1,400 to $1,600 per mo. You had to sign rental agreements for a minimum of two years. My son said it was a bit high but it had many added benefits. The question was, could I afford it?

I called all my kids together and explained to them that I was going to sell the farm. I got an offer of a million dollars for all the land. A developer was going to build a housing development and my neighbors had already agreed to sell. I held out for the price I wanted. Since I was in the middle of the development area and had all the acreage, I got the big offer.

In the following month we had an auction and sold most all the personal belonging. We had some farm equipment and tons of personal items. When all was said and done I was able to give each one of my kids a hundred thousand dollars and put the rest in investments and savings.

Stuart, my third son said I should keep the money to live on. I explained to him that it was part of their inheritance and I figured they could all use it now. I know I could have at their age.

I let them know that I received Social Security now. Also, my pension from Ford's as well as a monthly check from my savings and security program which I started when I first began working.

I did rent a condo in the mini village. It was really nice. There were four units attached, I don't know how many units all together but there were a lot. I bought new furniture for my condo but brought along my favorite chair which I bought at my own auction.

My kids helped me move in and after putting in shelving paper and all my stuff in the drawers, they took a walk around the gated community. They came back telling me about the pool and hot tub.

"This is a pretty nice place Dad, and safe too. We talked with a couple of men in the community enter and they told us they play hausey (a card game) on Tuesday nights and invited you to join them," mentioned Jeff.

"I'll look into it Jeff, always liked playing cards," I replied.

"Watch out for some of these women here Dad," said Sandy. "You don't want to go getting anyone pregnant." She was laughing, Mary always talked about safe sex with the kids. They all knew I had a vasectomy after Sandy was born.

I said goodbye to the kids and told Julie I would see her the following Sunday. I actually had to write on the calendar which kids house I was suppose to go to and when. The nice part was they were glad to have me visit. That makes every dad feel good.

When the owner of the condo units heard I was a former plumber he asked me if I would mind being the plumber for the condo units. Whenever a plumber was needed I would be called. He said I would be paid twenty dollars an hour with an hour minimum.

I thought this might be a great idea to give me something to do. All the units were only a few years old and most jobs would be leaky faucets and backed up toilets. He had a custodian who did most of the odd jobs needed but he wasn't the best plumber. But in a pinch I had a back-up.

My third day in my apartment I received my first plumbing job. A woman's grandson had tried to flush his plastic toy down the commode. She was a friendly enough woman and apologized over and over again.

I told her it wasn't a problem, that was what I was here for. I had to take the commode up and found the plastic toy. I replaced the ring and used new bolts to fasten the commode down. I was done in about two hours. It was a pretty easy forty dollars.

I averaged three calls a week for the first two weeks. Most jobs took less than an hour.

On Tuesday night I did go to the community center and met the men playing cards. They told me they got together every Tuesday, it got them away from their wives for a few hours. That week there were eight guys playing cards. Of the ones I met, only one other man was widowed.

I went again the following week. Most of the men who played cards were retired. Mostly business men, a few still owned small businesses but had others do most of the work now.

It was funny all the stories these men told. Mostly about their wives and how since they retired they didn't get hardly any rest at all. That was why some of them moved into this retirement community. They had a lot less work to do now.

They talked about how women seem to argue about every little thing. Saying things like, "They just don't know how to just enjoy life." "Always griping about something." I swear these men gossiped as much as women do.

They talked about other women and how their wives would get jealous if they looked too long at the divorced or single women. They didn't mind their husbands looking at the married ones quite as much.

"What about Nora," asked Bob. "My wife didn't like me looking at her even when she was married. She's a looker, that one is."

Bill replied, "I used to dance with her but after Rob died, my wife would get jealous if I just talked to her. She doesn't even come to the dances anymore and very rarely to the pool."

"She walks just about every morning," said Ben. "She sure keeps in shape. I still go to her to get my hair cut but tell my wife I go to a barber."

"Same with me," said Glenn. "She's just such a nice person. She's one you ought to meet John."

"Maybe someday I will. She sounds pretty nice," I replied. I had no idea who they were talking about but just joined in the conversation.

"Hey John, do you like baseball?" asked Ben.

"Yeah, I used to take my kids to the games when they were growing up."

"Well, our committee has booked a bus trip to Cincinnati to see a game in a couple of weeks. You ought to sign up. For some of us it's a day away from the wife."

After he said the last statement he said, "Sorry John, I keep forgetting you lost your wife," replied Ben.

"It's ok, I felt the same way when she was alive but you don't know what you have till you've lost it. I just might go to the game."

Two days later I received another call. It was rather late in the evening. Mrs. Norman said that her sink was clogged. I told her if it wasn't an emergency I would be over first thing in the morning around eight if it was alright with her.

She agreed and I was there first thing in the morning. A middle aged woman answered the door. She looked to be in her forties. I'm not the best with guessing ages but this gal was pretty much a beauty. I figured Mrs. Norman must be her mother.

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