Breeding Brides
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Wife Watching, Swinging, Interracial, White Couple, Black Male,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Black breeding with two hot, married, white women.

We arrived at 11.00 o'clock Sunday lunchtime; my twenty-eight year old wife Kathy wearing a sexy white number, high heels and carrying a small, leather handbag over her shoulder. She looked her best, if somewhat apprehensive about the big afternoon that lay ahead of her. A proud smile formed on my lips as she checked herself over in a pocket mirror and took a long breath to compose herself. What a lovely woman I was married too. Those pre-meet nerves were to be expected. Indeed, I also had butterflies in my stomach as I parked our station wagon and walked with her towards the entrance to the Lakeside hotel. It was as we had been told, a picturesque retreat, well out of the city centre and surrounded by woodland that led down to the waterfront. The hotel itself was more an overnight rest spot with wooden walls and roof that fitted the surroundings. Modern reflective glass panels were in place along the front wall with a rotating door. There was quite a chill in the still air, together with a mist that floated in off the Lake and hung around the silent parking lot. After five years of marriage I always had a good idea what my wife was feeling inside and I could see the nerves on her face. Exchanging a look she slipped her small hand into mine and accompanied me inside.

Inside was a polished and spotless lobby with a desk and stone flooring. It was slightly warmer than outside. A young man of late twenties smiled as we approached. He had rugged blonde hair that was swept back together with a likeable, confident manner. His eyes glancing approvingly over my female companion.

'Hi' I said. 'Room booked for Mr and Mrs Sanderson?'. He nodded curtly and began tapping into a computer. Behind us lay a small door that read 'Bar', an elderly couple seated inside and enjoying an afternoon coffee. Otherwise there was no-one else around at all.

'Yes Sir' he smiled, 'welcome to the Lakeside. Would you like your key now?'.

'Not yet thank-you, we're meeting some friends'. I signed us in and he took a $50 deposit. The bar looked our next stop and I was confident my wife could use a drink.

The comfy chairs were a welcome rest after the long drive and I sank back with a sigh. The hotel was nice. After a moment the young desk clerk appeared by our side and took an order of one G and T and a glass of white wine, bringing the drinks on a tray. Kathy and I had been this far north only a few times in the past and usually then only to see my sister. I wouldn't say we were small town folks but we were not far from it. For years I had worked for a Geological company and done quite well for myself. We had a good standard of living and a lovely house I had done most of the work on. Kathy, a teacher at the local school, still did the odd days there to help out. Between that and looking after her parents she kept herself busy. Being here was a big deal for my wife. For both of us. It was the first time we had been invited to watch a 'Black Breeding Session' and the two of us where naturally giddy about meeting Vikki and her husband Bob for the first time. Both my wife and I had been following their adventures over the internet for nearly six months, fascinated and equally turned on by their desire as a white couple to have a black baby.

It had begun as a typical cuckold arrangement whereby Bob liked to watch Vikki having sex with other men. For some time my wife and I had coveted a similar lifestyle but been unable to facilitate it. Bob's videos of Vikki fucking, which he sold to an exclusive set of customers over the web had a profound effect on us both. Each was more raw and intense than the last and would often involve two or three men at a time. Indeed their relationship was similar if not exact to what I wanted for Kathy and myself, if on a more open level. Kathy fantasised about it as much as I, although we both knew the nature of living where we did meant that people talked and keeping a secret like that would be impossible. For months we had to be content with the brown paper packet from Bob which dropped through our door every few weeks detailing Vikki's latest adventure. Then, eight months ago Kathy had sex with another man. She'd a relatively strict upbringing, particularly from her mother. With a need for something daring she finally broke her wedding vows with a white and much older trucker called Randall. He was passing through town and offered a 'no-strings' opportunity, pure and simple. It was a start and our first foray into the unknown.

A second glass of chilled wine arrived on a tray and was placed in front of my wife. She took out another cigarette and lit it. Kathy was wearing her best perfume as well as her favourite jewellery set. The necklace with the diamond studs, offset perfectly against her dark, shoulder length hair. She had put a lot of effort into looking her best and had all week been trying on different outfits in our bedroom. Now, despite the long drive to the hotel she looked perfectly elegant. There was a tangible silence between us as we sat with our thoughts. Bob and Vikki's attention had grown towards black men; Negro males, first casually and then completely. Each video that arrived featured a black man rutting Vikki furiously, all under his intense encouragement. Their need as a couple had grown to the point we found them at today, actively trying to get pregnant. Our deep fascination may have been pure eroticism but I was convinced, particularly with Kathy that there was more. Back home any kind of mixed race relationship was discouraged and no-one was more opposed than my wife's parents. Today, on our first invitation she was desperate to make a good impression on ALL those concerned. It wasn't that she wanted to try black cock one day. Deep down she needed too.

Eventually, a silver Jaguar pulled up and two well dressed people got out. The man was a blonde haired gent in a dark blue suit and his wife was blonde, 5'6 and dressed especially glamorous. Both Kathy and I stood as Bob and Vikki headed through the bar towards us.

'Hi. It's great to meet you at last' Bob beamed obviously delighted to be sharing his adventure with us in person. Perhaps relieved that Kathy was just as hot as her photographs suggested. He smiled with perfect teeth, kissing my wife's hand.

'How are you?' I said, pecking Vikki's cheek.

'Fantastic Honey' she shone. 'Better than ever for seeing you'. She was full-on and bubbly. Thirty one years of age with a toned, shapely figure, long blonde hair and particularly nice tits. She wore a black choker and a lovely split dinner dress that flashed her thighs. Her eyes were a light, Scandinavian blue but a tan suggestive of sunnier climates. I liked her right away. Warm and certainly very forward. It was strange to see them in person after all the videos.

'Every time I think it's going to happen' Vikki said as Bob got drinks from the bar. Kathy sat next to me, her dress rising delightfully and perhaps unintentionally up her legs. 'We've been trying for 18 months now'. You could see just how much being bred black meant to her. Every knowing glance she shared with her husband relayed their combined thrill of doing something so brave and meaningful. It was a feeling I hoped to share with Kathy one day. I had heard how the allure of having ones wife fucked by black cock can be difficult to relay to other men. Immediately Kathy seemed to have a connection with her new friend, along with many questions. Clearly embarrassed about asking seeming naive.

'So Kathy, ' Bob smiled, 'I'm told you had your first time not so long ago?'.

'Yes' I replied for her. Randall. A truck driver'. My wife took a sip from her wine but I could detect she was uncomfortable talking about herself in this way.

'Lovely' beamed Vikki. 'So how did it feel fucking another man that wasn't your husband?'. Vikki's voice was confident and bold but I was wary of it carrying out into the lobby. A thought reflected in my wife's face.

'It was a fantastic experience' she said after a moment to think.

'You think that was good, you should try some black cock honey. There's nothing like it'. Bob nodded too and I could tell he was pondering the same thing.

'She'll see today' he said.

Perhaps sensing my wife's unease Bob ensured us that there was no commitment today and nothing would be expected by the men who were coming. If we liked we could happily watch events and take away the happy memories. Though Vikki and Kathy were so different they soon seemed to share a bond. Perhaps the older woman saw in my wife potential and a suitability for black cock. After another drink we went to the desk and I collected the key from the clerk. By then Kathy had sampled several glasses of white wine and though tense gave me several warm, appreciative smiles. Tracing the back of my hand she squeezed my thumb in a suggestive, flirtatious manner that would have doubtless led to the bedroom had we been at home. Her dark eyes sparkled as we held hands playfully in the lift to the second floor. I cast a discreet gaze over her firm, rounded tits and enjoyed the stiffening in my crotch. Vikki was growing more excited by the minute now. She had been very commending towards my wife since the start. Not just in the way she spoke but the way she looked at her, especially complementary of Kathy's figure; her dress and hair. It wasn't hard to tell a real sexual attraction on her part.

'I'm so glad you decided to come' she said. 'It's going to be so exciting having another couple watching'.

The four of us waited. It was a spacious room, as fresh and classy as the rest of the Hotel with a large double bed against the wall, a wide-screen television, small bar and bathroom. A perfect view across the still Lake gave a relaxing, unworldly feeling. Bob had spared no expense and cracked open a whisky from the bar. He poured us both shots then began setting up his camera. As he did so Vikki perched on the bed while Kathy took a seat opposite on the couch. I was pleased to see her dress pull tight around her fine waxed thighs. Catching my eyes wandering over her body she smiled. A connection interrupted rudely by a firm knock on the door.

'Enjoy yourselves you two' were Bob's words to us. Kathy suddenly appeared beside me, quickly straightening her outfit and adjusting her hair. It excited me to see how much of an impression she wanted to make. Video was one thing but actually being in the same room was quite something else.

One by one three, black men came into the room. I have to say that they where exactly as we had imagined. All big and obviously well built. Dressed casually in jeans and jackets they were clearly from the city and had, like us, undergone a long drive to get here today. There was something immediately stifling about having such larger, bigger men in the room. A feeling I had not anticipated. Each was lean and their eyes dark and roaming, one with light brown skin and the other two much darker. Quite fierce and piercing as they scanned the room, taking in everything, including ourselves. The two women had their immediate attention and the first broke into a smile in recognition of Vikki.

'Hey baby' he said casually placing a hand around her neck and delivering a kiss on the mouth. He had a red Bandana around his head and two large gold teeth at the front. There was a old tattoo on his arm from the wrist right up to the elbow. Kathy stepped a little closer to me as they gave both her and the blonde a generous going over.

'This is Peter and Kathy' Bob said, introducing us. 'It's their first time. They're just watching today'. I held out my hand to the nearest of them. His grip was firm as he shook without reply. All the time his gaze cast behind me where my wife stood.

'Pleased to meet you... ', Kathy said. Her voice wavering as the men cast hardened, almost cruel looks in our direction. There was aggression in the room, impatience. The fresh, woodland air had gone, replaced by hostile intent. I stepped back and felt her hand slide into mine. She was intimidated. I could see it on her face. Excited too by the arrival of these strong men, though somehow fearful all the same.

Vikki was keen to take over. The men towered over her 5,6 as they surrounded her and we stepped to the rear of the bedroom to give them more room. Already they where putting their hands all over the blondes body. It was as though they owned her and their familiarity took us by surprise. Bob grinned, enjoying the scene and began recording through the camera. I could already sense the needy heat coming off the three of them. They knew what they were here for sure enough and in front of our eyes hands stroked, cupped and slid. Understandably they each began glancing curiously back towards the two of us. Kathy moving a little closer to me as the one we had spoken to ran his gaze up and down her body. Liking what he saw. It noticeably unsettled my wife who was clearly turned on by having him look at her. Seeing this the man smiled and turned his attention back to Vikki.

Bob set the camera on the tripod and we watched as they undressed his wife. Taking off her dress and revealing her black bra and suspenders.

'What you here for honey?' he grinned, eye to the lens.

'Well Hon, looks like I'm in for some rough treatment today'. The camera had always suited Vikki and she loved playing to it. The men gathered around finally unclipping her bra and exposing her nice, firm tits. She had a good body. Seeing their hands, sliding and cupping her was a treat. Not to mention very exciting. There was a real surge in the room as they took off their own clothes and let their big dicks spring free. Needless to say they where well hung. Two especially so and their own bodies where especially toned. I smiled at my wife, feeling her arousement as she stared between them. The first time she'd seen a real black dick up close. Vikki lay on the bed, her blonde hair trailed down her shoulders over her tanned skin. Instinctively the first gold toothed man started by giving her some head, tonguing her full pussy lips while the others stood and jerked. She soon began to buck and groan. Sighing with pleasure as her pussy was tickled and tongued.

Giddily she turned onto her knees. Spreading herself so she could be eaten from behind. One of the men obliged, grasping her full ass and burying his mouth between her legs.

'Mmm oh yeah' Vikki gasped in her sexy drawl. Confident and horny, one walked around the bed, his dick bobbing as he took up stance in front of her. Then, pushing back her hair, Vikki raised a hand and placed her wedding ringed hand around his shaft.

'Oh yeah that's nice Hon' Bob grinned as his wife played her tongue on the tip of his erection, finally wrapping her lips around and choking down on it.

'Yeah bitch, suck that dick' the bull gasped. Sucking noisily Vikki turned and took the next in her willing, married mouth. The sight was one to behold as she forced it down her throat, his flat shaved sack flattening against her chin. Coughing violently she gagged, took it back and bobbed her head hard on the top four inches.

The horny men where soon ready to fuck Vikki properly, all the time encouraged by Bob. One of them began kissing her on the mouth again as a second mounted the bed. With one arm he pinned one of her legs out to the side and pushed his way in. Vikki moaned as he penetrated deep, her lips spreading to take him. Accommodating him and reaching out to hold the other two men who stood awaiting their turn. She grinned at her husband who was red faced and revelling in the sight. Slowly, building up the man's big ass shifted and drove moans from her lips.

'That's it. Fuck her. Fuck that married whore' Bob grinned. I could understand why he wanted to be close to his wife. This was intense. I shared a glance with Kathy. Both of us shocked by just how roughly the men treated her.

The big man rode, pushing himself up all the way so his balls slapped between her thighs again and again.

'Mmm yeah bitch you getting fucked now'.

'Hear that Hon?' Vikki shrieked. 'Oh God I'm coming'. As his dick pounded into her pussy the whole exposed ridge of his black dick glistened with her juice.

With a slap on the back he gave up his turn for now and one of the others guided himself in. Big as he was this second male penetrated all the way, filling Vikki and making her groan loudly with satisfaction. Folding her ankles over his waist he fucked quickly, raw aggression in each stroke. When he came and finally pulled out Vikki was gasping and breathless.

'You nut in her' Bob grinned hopefully.

'Uh-huh' he nodded wiping his brow. The third man wasted no time. His cock a long, hard erection. We could see how excited he was. How much he was looking forward to screwing this hot woman. He slid himself and started taking his turn. On and on it went. The three black men using her body, tapping each other of the shoulder to take a turn. Grunting with satisfaction as they made love to her. Bob encouraged all the time. Asking his wife if she was ok and telling the men to pump her harder.

'That's good married hole eh boys?' There was strain on her face as her pussy was used. Kathy squeezed my hand. For a long time now she had had been looking forward to being here today. She was transfixed, enjoying the sight. We where watching a lovely, white woman being aggressively bred. She wanted a black baby alright. Enjoying every moment.

Beside me Kathy's breathing became heavy. Showing her own excitement as she stepped a little closer. Had we been at home in front of the TV she would be touching herself or have me do it. Bob shared her look. He too found the sight too perverse and too wonderful to ignore. Reaching into a top pocket he produced a small bottle of blue tablets. Pills to keep the erections going. The rhythmic squeaking of the bed ground to a halt as the current stud unloaded his balls into Vikki's fertile womb. Each had blown one load into her from my understanding and as the current stud unloaded his balls the next took his place, sliding easily into her cunt. He was the biggest of the three. Thick dark meat. Vikki groaned. Her legs stiffening as he ground in the last inch. Gasping with fulfilling pleasure. Her face showing the strain and the size of their big cocks. The first sign of semen running down her crack as her body was violently ravaged.

I swapped hands with my wife and slipped my arm around her neat, tight waist. Her skirt was quite high above the knee. Showing off her smooth legs. Right down to her shiny, high heels. It was a sexy outfit, classy and stylish. She was watching another woman being bred black, unable to hide how turned on this made her. I looked longingly down to her cleavage. Prominent but tastefully displayed. Kathy has an envious, wonderful figure. I'm a lucky man. Since Vikki and Bob had invited us to watch one of their breeding sessions she had thought of little else. She liked to watch the videos at home with me. Maybe imagining herself in Vikki's place. Being bred by a group of horny black men over and over as they dumped their sperm into her one by one. She was ashamed of herself I knew, but she couldn't hide from me how she felt.

Gently I traced my hand down her back. Making her shiver as I touched her smooth white skin. Kathy glanced at me and smiled. Trying to show me she was ok. From the bed Vikki was moaning louder. Calling out as she was furiously humped. A white wife ruined. I could see just how aroused my lady was. The sight, the noise and smell of the room; it was really getting to her. Kathy's hand squeezed again on mine as the big, black cock pumped on before her eyes. Pounding away. Her dark eyes fixed to where he was thrusting deep and hard into Vikki's body. Taking every inch deep with hot sperm running, oozing out of her willing cunt. Running down between her thighs to the sheet. The blonde seemed delirious with pleasure while the men could not hide their satisfaction. Engaged in constant discourse with Bob. Each stroke controlled and strong as the current stud fucked back and forth. His huge balls flopping against her. Meeting her again and again.

As if sensing my wife's look, he turned his head and looked her in the eye. There was sweat on his brow and his eyes where intense. He knew what she was feeling and all the men had regularly been glancing over in her direction. I smiled as she swallowed dryly. Enjoying his look as it ran down her beautiful figure. Down over her big tits to her legs then back up to her face again. One of the other men followed his stare and grinned. His teeth showing a bright white as he shamelessly admired her chest. His cock was a firm, glistening erection and he held it so Kathy could see, gently stroking it up and down. As if my wife where thinking what it would be like to have every black inch deep between her legs. To have each pound her into the mattress. Kathy took a small step back. As if caught in the magic and not wishing to impose. She couldn't do this could she? Bob though, had noticed. He knew what was happening here and with a smile he nodded to me.

'I think there's more white pussy going here boys' he said with a mocking laugh. Kathy's tongue ran over her lips and her eyes widened as if in shock. Amazed to hear spoken out loud what she clearly felt inside. The attention was suddenly all on her. Pulling her waist to me I pushed back her dark, rich hair.

'Your well overdue some black cock' I whispered in her ear. Letting go my wife's hand we could all see her indecision. Even though I knew she would never regret her choice to come here today. Vikki saw it as well.

'Too good for nigger dick?' she asked, her voice erratic and jerking between hard, deep strokes.

'Of ... Of course not' came Kathy's hasty, offended tone. Her voice trailed off as she realised what she had said. Vikki smiled.

'Prove it honey'.

That was all the men needed. The two sculpted males who had been watching and waiting their turn with Vikki crossed the bed, determined to seize their chance. I moved away from my wife as they approached. Leaving her alone and exposed to the side of the hotel room. Their faces were lean and hungry. The nearest one was broad and tall, his skin quite dark with a thick layer of muscle over his abdomen. Even on her high heels Kathy was three or four inches shorter than he. His cock was standing out, erect and shifting side to side as he walked.

'You look fine baby?' he muttered as his friend joined him the two men began touching my wife's body. Kathy stood almost rigidly. Staring straight ahead as her big tits were gathered and lifted through the dress, enjoying her wonderfully kept figure and running their palms and fingers over her hips, chest and down her shoulders. Kathy released a long breath, so turned on she closed her eyes. Statuesque as they touched her. The impatience of the men came first though. Kathy seemed to shiver as her dress was roughly unzipped down the back, as if suddenly awakened from a dream. Glancing back at me she already she knew what was going to happen. It was too late and there was a look of acceptance about her. As the man slipped her dress down to the floor she stood submissively. The one at her back, eagerly struggling to unfasten her bra as his brother held up Kathy's chin, looked into her eyes and traced lines down her cheeks with the back of his hand. Even now I could still see her conscience battling with her. As this intimidating black man ran his eyes down her body she returned his look. Vikki was still being screwed hard, gasping that she was coming again. Her bull watched events with interest as she rocked under the weight of him. His ass driving up and down, burying his black meat inside her with each stroke.

They had soon dispensed with my wife's bra and panties. She was naked now except for her high heels and jewellery. Kathy looked back at me almost apologetically. The men's eyes remained the same. Cruel and impatient. I couldn't save her and taking my wife firmly by the arm the two men led her urgently over to the bed. Both their cocks erect from the sight of her body. Ready to work. They didn't want to know Kathy. They just wanted to put her down and breed the new whore hard. Unable to hide his urgency the man put his large hands on her shoulders and pushed her onto the bed. As Kathy gingerly lay back he expertly parted her legs, spreading and pinning them apart beneath his large, tattooed arms. Vikki rolled and lay alongside her new friend. A large grin on her face as she squeezed Kathy's hand encouragingly.

'Fuck her hard' she beamed up at him as her own legs where quickly opened in similar fashion. Both women side by side. Looking up at the black men with anxious expectation.

Their desire to breed them both had been there from the beginning. There was a truly wicked look in his eyes as the man roughly fingered Kathy's cunt. First one finger then two.

'Shit she tight' he grinned provoking laughter from the others. 'First black dick baby?' Kathy was helpless. 'Hey hubby' he grinned to me. 'Want to watch me fuck your wife?' I walked on heavy legs closer. His cock nudging her pussy lips open, the head penetrating inside for the very first time. Even that drew a little gasp from my wife. Beside her the blonde was already taking it to the balls. The bed rocking sideways as her lover laid in. His heavy sack slapping away, eager to unload thick, white seed. Although certainly wet Kathy wasn't there yet and she grimaced at me as she was penetrated deeper. I stood at the rear, watching as he worked his way in. Quite aggressive as he drew back. Beside him his friend felt her tits. Waiting for his turn. Kathy was so excited. Her cunt looked juicy, tight and willing. Soaking his dick as he gently thrust against her. Taking as much of his cock as she could my wife's mouth fell open.

'Oh ... Oh god' she gasped. Gripping the bed-sheet with her hands.

'Dat's some tight married pussy' he grinned. Gritting his teeth he began fucking her with slow controlled strokes. Mating her hard and clearly enjoying the effect he was having on her.

'There you go Peter' Bob remarked, noticing the look on my face. 'Better get used to it'. With a sudden outburst Kathy came, her leg's stiffening in the air and a series of gasps escaping her mouth. She panted heavily, surprised with herself. Her man's cock was oily with her pussy juice and spurned on he began fucking with firmer strokes. It was nice indeed. Vikki got some more cum first and when Kathy looked across at her friend she was close to tears. Her lips moving and gasping as her legs hung helplessly in the air. As the man unloaded inside the blonde my wife came again. Twice in five minutes. Knowing she would be getting his seed soon enough. Her eyes blinking open and she stared blankly up at the ceiling. Her man gave her a second to recover. Enjoying how he had made her come and determined to put a black baby into her belly. With a grunt he began fucking her again. Making sure she would never forget his big dick up inside her. He grinned and put his foot up on the bed. Laying in harder. Ready to finish.

'Take my load bitch' he gasped, his hips violently thrusting until he came. Burying himself deep and unloading his seed.

Without a word the men changed places and a new man took over on Kathy. She looked visibly shaken as he hooked her legs purposefully over his forearms, asserting his dominance. From the look on his face she knew he was in charge now. He would breed Kathy if she wanted him to or not. He began screwing her cunt with deep, long strokes blowing his hot breath in her face as he ground away. His pole pulling back and pushing home; gaining pace. Soon he was screwing her hard and fast. Making the bed rock heavily as he gave her every inch. I stood at the back, watching my wife's pussy spread around his greasy dick. It was some minutes before his sperm joined that of his friends. Taking his time as he made sure to shoot every last drop. As he pulled his cock from my wife's body he pushed his finger into her slit. I had seen this before. Kathy had too and she pushed as he tried to work the cum out. Vikki rolled onto the side.

'She's keepin' it in' she gasped. As the third man parted my wife's legs I noticed he was less well endowed than the other two. With a smile I realised that their cum was shot far too deep inside her cunt. Probably right into her womb.

At this Kathy smiled. She rested on her elbows, enjoying herself as the next man pushed open her legs. His cock was soaking wet, three quarters hard. Slippery even and delivered straight from Vikki's cunt. Kathy took it right to the balls, revelling in being dominated by such a powerful black man. She looked over to me. Knowing how much we had each dreamt of doing something like this. Groaning as he felt her tits and began fucking her with short quick strokes. The two women's groans and cries filled the room. Desperate and pleading. Screwing so hard. Her body jerking and shaking. Vikki took another load. The sweat dripping from his brow as he blew his salty cum. Beside her Kathy's eyes turned upward. The black cocks driving like a ramrod in and out of her. It struck me then that I was finally getting my rewards. I was getting cuckolded for sure now and whatever my misconceptions or plans prior to today, that was exactly what was happening. This was on far greater a level than what we had done with Randall. Indeed I had never dreamt everything would transpire as smoothly as it had. Kathy was willing and obviously enjoying herself as I looked on.

The men fucked both women at different paces. Kathy's eyes wet, her lips trembling as she took the stiff but deserved brunt. Her legs rigid in the air as the studs hips drew back again and again and again. She was still wearing her high heels. Somehow making her a pedestal of fuckable beauty. I exchanged a look with Bob. After all both our wives where being bred side by side. Each of them with black cock filling their cunts. His eyes where glued to Vikki. The lovely slut enjoying what she was getting.

'I want a black baby' she groaned out loud as she shook more. 'Black skin, curly hair'.

'Oh yes ... Yes' Kathy groaned. The two studs were laying into the two white women hard. Kathy's man leaned in, pushing her wider while pumping her deep and hard. Making her tits bounce and roll as he went. Bob seemed as excited as me. Both the women being bred like this was such a treat. I had never envisaged it in all my life.

'Can you feel that come inside you Kathy?' he asked. His voice wavering and showing his joy.

My wife responded with a sigh, her eyes tightly closed. Bob drew my attention to the rear where like Vikki, the seed was beginning to dribble and run out. Truly an amazing sight. Almost immediately I knew she was coming. Though as soon as Kathy had savoured her orgasm her cunt was filled again by the biggest black dick. The man who had fucked her first. He went vigorously, his balls meeting her hard and making her tits bounce on her chest. I was amazed how effortlessly they penetrated the two women. By this time Vikki was getting it too. I knew I'd never forget this sight. Particularly of Bob holding her hand while she was being bred. Funnily enough I didn't imagine Kathy would get pregnant. Not when Vikki had been trying for months I certainly could imagine my wife getting knocked up on her first black seed. Kathy was enjoying it so much now. Encouraged by Vikki no doubt.

As they where ridden hard both women called out wanting black babies. It seemed to spurn the men on and made my cock stand on end when I heard it coming from my wife's lips. Vikki turned onto her knees. Allowing one man to take her from behind while she sucked his friend across the bed. The same, well hung man was still drilling Kathy deep. A leering eager look on his torrid face. She seemed to be taking his cock comfortably inside her. The large, head stuck up somewhere in her womb. At last he pulled out and came over Kathy's belly.

'Your supposed to shoot inside' Bob joked. The man grinned. It was a nice load. Thick. Though he wasn't about to let his come go to waste.

'You gonna get this where you want it' he said, pushing Kathy's legs apart. I watched amazed as he began dipping his fingers into the jelly and pushing them up my wife's cunt. Her lips where quite messy already as she sat watching him do it. The spunk finally having oozed out and leaving a mess between her married legs.

'I'm going to put that to work' she assured him.

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