Tinkle Bell
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - David is introduced to a new foreign exchange student who has come to live with them.

When my parents first informed me that we would soon be having a foreign exchange student coming to live with us, I wasn't too terribly excited by the idea. Being an only child, I was somewhat accustomed to having my own space, though "Bella" as I soon found out her name would of course have her own room. The house was certainly big enough, almost a small estate situated on well manicured grounds, outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, and garden area that my parents had formed into a small maze. It was something I had enjoyed running around in as a small child. Now it was more decorative than anything. Back then it was taller than I was. Now ... at my height of just under six feet, it was two feet shorter than I was. Still, it did bring back many a fond memory of the times I had spent in it pretending to be lost, sometimes purposely hiding out in it until my mother came looking for me.

I had wandered out there now, sitting on the small bench directly located in the middle of the maze. My folks having gone to the airport to pick Bella up while I waited for their return. I had also been given to understand, she was three years older than I was, at twenty-four, I likewise had to wonder if she would see me as more of an adolescent than an equal, even with the minor age difference. Being Italian, I likewise had to wonder if we'd get along all that well, especially since I didn't speak a single word of Italian myself, and though she spoke reasonably good English from what I was given to understand, it was just one more obstacle I felt would keep the two of us from getting along very easily.

I couldn't have been more mistaken. And I also wondered afterwards if my very open-minded parents weren't well aware of that when they'd decided to bring her in to live with us for a time. I'd even reached the conclusion long after they had, that perhaps Bella had indeed been some sort of a gift in a way. Her more mature outlook on life, her experience and intellect in things I hadn't as yet experienced myself, paved the way for some much needed tutoring in other areas.

You see ... though I wasn't exactly unfamiliar with the female anatomy, I still at twenty-one, wore the label of "virgin". Not that I wanted to remain one, but so far I hadn't as yet found a woman that I honestly felt like I wanted to share that first time experience with. I was plenty experienced in other ways of course, and had been content with that, up until now at least. When I heard the car pulling into the circular driveway in front of the house, I took a few short cuts, hopping the hedge where I could and then made my way over to the front of the house. My parents and Bella just then getting out as dad began off-loading all her luggage from the trunk of the car.

Needless to say, she was gorgeous!

She too was tall, nearly as tall as I was from the looks of it. With an olive complexion, dark shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes which were offset by a perfectly oval shaped face. She had full lips, which were accented with a rosy red lipstick. She looked to me like a very young version of a Gina Lollobrigida, especially when I then got a pretty good look at her magnificent full breasts as she leaned forward to pick up one of her suitcases. Though encased in what appeared to be a lacy red bra, the fullness of them threatened to spill out as she leaned forward.

"Here, let me," I said just then reaching her, catching a smile from mom in appreciation of that as she then introduced me to her.

"Bella? This is our son David. David? This is of course Bella. Bella Risso."

"Nice to meet you Bella," I said speaking slowly, though she laughed hearing my attempt to pronounce my words succinctly.

She responded back with a very sexy sounding Italian accent yes, but her English if anything was even more fluid sounding than my own. "English is my second language," she informed me as she allowed me to pick up a couple of her bags as we now all followed dad inside the house. "French, German, as well as Dutch, and even a little Chinese, which I'm still learning to speak, and of course ... It-al-ian," she said pronouncing that in what was obviously an attempt at humor, as she broke up the syllables, purposely, laying on an even thicker accent much to everyone's amusement.

We had soon deposited her luggage inside her room as mom quickly pointed out a few of the amenities, including her own bathroom of course. "Well, we'll leave the two of you to get acquainted with one another, and settled in a bit. Dinner will be at six-thirty out on the patio. I'll expect David to give you a brief tour of the house and grounds so you can better familiarize yourself with the place," mom finished. And then she and dad stepped out, closing the door behind them as they left.

I felt momentarily awkward, alone with her like this as she opened one of her suitcases there on the bed, obviously intending to change into something else other than what she was wearing. I saw that as my cue to leave too. "I'll ah ... just be downstairs, come get me when you've finished dressing, and I'll show you around," I told her, and then made to walk over to the door.

"No need to leave," she informed me, "only take me a second here," she added. Then much to my surprise, she reached down pulling the blouse she had been wearing up and over her head, now standing there in that same lacy-red bra I had caught a glimpse of earlier. But it didn't end there either. Reaching around, she deftly undid the clasp on her bra, allowing it to fall away from her breasts, even as she tossed it off to one side there on the bed, reaching inside her suitcase and retrieving what appeared to be a rather form-fitting tank top, setting that off to one side for a moment as she began undoing the somewhat dressy looking slacks she was wearing.

"Ah ... maybe I should wait, just outside at least," I stammered blushing a bit. Surprised that I was, surprised at my reaction to her, though she then turned, already shoving her slacks down off her feet, smiling, and then laughing a bit.

"I'm sorry ... have I embarrassed you?" She asked. "I keep forgetting that you American's are a bit more inhibited when it comes to nudity here. In France, I've become accustomed to spending time on the beaches entirely naked, along with everyone else. After a while perhaps, it simply becomes second nature. I guess I need to remember that while I'm here."

"Yeah, maybe you better," I informed her then, though I made no further effort to leave the room either. "I think dad might enjoy your more European outlook on life, but I'm not too sure how mom might take it, even as open-minded as she is in comparison with everyone else I know."

Once again she laughed, though she continued on with her undressing, now standing there in front of me with nothing more than a very skimpy looking thong on, which even then barely covered the obvious full pair of lips between her legs. It was all I could do to tear my eyes away from that, which then of course, were drawn right back to her still bare breasts again.

I had known her for less than fifteen minutes, and already I had seen her naked, or nearly so anyway, save for a thin piece of material barely covering her pussy. She had the darkest set of nipples I had ever seen, far darker than her normal skin tone, areolas the size of silver dollars, twin little spikes that stood up proud and erect as she stood there, though she soon slipped her tight form-fitting tank top over them, covering them up. Even then, I could still see the somewhat darker color of her nipples showing through. Slipping into a pair of likewise tight form-fitting shorts, which barely even covered her near perfect ass-cheeks, she then took my hand pulling me back out into the hallway again. Barefoot, she simply said. "Lead the way ... show me around," and then stood patiently waiting for me to do so. Her hand felt good in mine as we slowly descended the stairs together.

There was no doubt about it. Having Bella staying here, was apt to prove interesting.

I took Bella on a short brief tour of the main living quarters, save for the private quarters where Irene, our live in cook, Doreen, the maid, and Andy our grounds keeper lived. After that, I then showed her the still well groomed maze that I used to run around in as a kid. Bella found it fascinating, and made me show her the pathway (even though we could see where it eventually led to there in the middle) and how to get there without bumping into dead-ends. After that, we walked out to the back area where the pool and Jacuzzi were.

"Oh yes! Yes! We must go for a swim!" She announced, and just like that, she began stripping off all her clothing.

"Wait Bella! Wait!" But it was already too late, though she had kept her black tiny thong on, everything else lay in a small pile next to my feet as I watched her run over towards the pool diving in.

"Come on David! Come swim with me!" She pleaded.

"Ok, I will ... but, I'm going to go grab us some towels first," I informed her, though my other intention was twofold. I planned on putting a suit on for one. And for another ... informing my folks that our new guest had a penchant for swimming naked.

I raced back into the house, heading for the sitting room where I knew mom and dad would be. Entering the room, both mom and dad looked up, seeing the semi worried expression on my face.

"What's wrong sport?" Dad asked curiously even before I had said anything.

"Nothing's wrong really," I hesitated. "But you might want to go over a few house rules with Bella at some point," I said smiling a bit sheepishly.

"Oh? And why's that?" Mom asked.

"Well ... for one, she's discovered the pool. But secondly, she's out there swimming naked in it." I didn't really count her wearing the thong I'd last seen her in as clothing, especially under the circumstances as her near perfect ass was as revealed as her boobs were.

"Oh my!" Mom exclaimed looking over towards dad, though I saw what appeared to be a small smirk appearing in a hidden smile. "Yes ... yes, I guess we should go over a few rules while she's here!" Mom stated further.

"Now Grace," dad said looking back towards mom. "Let's not be too hasty here. She's used to doing that, and I don't want to come off as being too prudish, or making her feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. Perhaps we can reach some sort of a compromise at the very least."

I could see mom was a little surprised at dad's recommendation. "Such as?" She asked giving him a concerning look.

"Well, maybe we let her know its ok to be topless ... just not, you know, totally naked while swimming, or sun-tanning out back. If we approach her that way, perhaps she won't feel like we're making too many demands on her," he finished hopefully. Mom sat considering it obviously struggling.

"Ok," she finally agreed, though not entirely comfortable with the obvious compromise. "Perhaps this evening shortly after dinner would be a good time to bring it up, along with a few other minor rules we have around here," she stated.

I smiled, surprised at the outcome, but leaned over giving mom a kiss on the cheek.

"What's that for?" She then asked me.

"For being a cool mom, and for not getting all hung up on Bella running around with her boobs hanging out," I grinned.

"Yes well," mom blushed. "Just try not to stare too much," she playfully scolded me, turning towards dad. "And you Harold ... I'd prefer it if you didn't even look at all, or at the very least, not be too obvious about it."

Dad laughed. "Yes dear."

With that out of the way, I sprinted upstairs to my room, changed into a pair of swim trunks, grabbed towels, and headed back outside to the pool area. Bella was just then finishing a couple of laps, now swimming over to the side of the pool upon seeing me approach.

"What took so long?" She asked frowning upon seeing me wearing trunks. "And why are you wearing those anyway?"

"Mainly because mom and dad are home, and might at some point come out here to sit on the patio. Let's just say ... mom hasn't seen me naked since I was a little kid, and I'm not sure she'd be too comfortable seeing me now."

"Spoil sport," she said lifting herself out of the pool at that point, once again giving me an unobstructed view of her tits. Nipples hard, crinkled erotically as she stood up, ringing out her hair, reaching towards me for one of the towels I was holding. I gave her one, continuing to stand there as she used the towel for her hair, drying it vigorously, which enticingly of course, made her boobs bounce provocatively. I felt myself becoming aroused watching that and decided that it was as good a time as any to take a seat on one of the nearby lounge chairs before anything became too noticeable.

She finished doing that, and then stood looking at me. "What? You afraid of getting wet?" She asked. "Or are you afraid of something else?" She teased knowingly. It was hard NOT looking at her breasts, especially as she walked over and stood next to me looking down. It was then obvious what she was looking at. Especially as I had gotten considerably stiffer and harder, though thankfully, not quite fully erect.

"Maybe ... later," I said ignoring her comment. But that's when she suddenly sat down on me, only the thin material of her tiny black thong separating her well defined pussy from actually rubbing against me. "Hey!" I cried out in surprise. But all she did was laugh, put her arms around my neck, effectively placing her tits about three inches away from my face.

"I think it's going to be fun living here," she told me then, and then ... kissed me.

Still surprised, I found myself kissing her back however. And as we did that, I now felt the obvious press of her bare breasts against my own skin. The feathery caress and touch of her nipples almost grazing my own. Which of course immediately hardened me entirely. Feeling my erection suddenly pressing against my shorts, and the thin material of her own almost non-existent garment, I was once again reminded of the fact that my parents could in fact walk outside any moment now. And after what I had just said to them, I was half expecting it. At least expecting dad to make some excuse to coming wandering out. I actually placed my hands on her sides, trying to be careful so as not to come into contact with her breasts in an effort to lift her up and off me. I should have known better. She wasn't having anything to do with that, and began fighting back, making it into some sort of a game or something. When she did, I resorted to the one tactic I still had, not knowing if it would work or not. I began tickling her.

"Oh my god! Stop! Stop!" She began laughing hysterically.

"Then get off," I said laughing back.

"NO!" She firmly tossed, now actually grinding herself against me. Which made my own situation suddenly far worse ... I was horribly aroused, and yet scared to death as well. So I began tickling her even more than I had been since she seemed to be very ticklish.

"Stop it David! You're going to make me pee if you keep doing that!"

I took it as a hollow threat and nothing else, continuing to tickle, and yet implore her to get off me then.

"NO!" She said defiantly, still squirming around on top of me, so I continued to tickle her. And then low and behold ... I felt a warm wet sensation suddenly saturating my trunks, more importantly my dick. Bella was peeing!

"Oh my god!" I cried out shocked and surprised, not so much offended, or disgusted at the realization, just simply surprised she'd actually peed on me. After all, she HAD warned me she would if I continued. The thing was, looking up at her, her eyes were closed in obvious ecstasy, I had seen that look enough times in the past to know ... it was orgasmic in nature. Bella was experiencing a climax! And she had quit struggling too, though I had also quit tickling her. The continued warm sensation of her pee drenching me however continued, as did her sudden deep-throated groan of delight and ecstasy as she obviously came. Moments later collapsing against me, her hands once again around my neck, the subtle movement of her lower region as she continued pressing herself against me, pussy throbbing wildly. I know ... because I could feel it.

"Did you just..."

"What pee? Cum? Oh hell yes ... both obviously," she said sitting up once again. "But I warned you, didn't I?" She asked. "And now I guess you know one of my secrets," she stated. "Sometimes ... especially if I'm very aroused, like I am now," she grinned. "When I pee ... and have to pee bad, I can actually have an orgasm. Needless to say David ... you triggered both. I only hope that didn't shock or offend you too much. I simply couldn't help it."

I was actually surprised to find that it hadn't. We were still sitting there, pressed together, and though the initial warm bath she'd just given me had begun cooling off, my cock hadn't. It was now rock fucking hard as ever! Something that was only too noticeable as she continued grinding herself against it.

"And by what I'm feeling ... I'm also guessing, you rather enjoyed that too," she added knowingly.

Words failed me however. The press of her wet saturated pussy, even though we were still separated by thin layers of clothing, was having its effect on me. I finally did find my voice however, and even managed to get Bella to swing her legs off, sitting beside me again as we now shared the lounge together.

"I didn't know anyone could do that ... pee and cum at the same time," I chuckled a little embarrassed now by all this. Especially sitting there with a full-blown erection, which was too noticeable to ignore. "Hell, I can't even pee in the morning when I get up if I'm sporting morning wood ... I have to wait until it goes down some before I can."

Bella tossed her hair back laughing at that, seeing it in her mind's eye perhaps. "I guess men and women are wired a little differently," she told me. "But like I said ... I certainly don't cum every time I pee either, only when I'm highly aroused ... like I am now. But ... I bet, you could do it if you tried."

"Nope ... no way. We really are wired differently in that regard. Not even remotely possible."

She sat contemplating the mechanics of it perhaps. "You know when you've really got to go bad ... and you've been holding it in until you can? That sensation ... when you finally can pee, doesn't that still feel pretty damn good, almost like having an orgasm?"

"Yeah, sort of ... I mean I know what you mean, and sure ... but it's more of a pressure pleasure release, not a ... well, you know, a climax, orgasm, happy time good feeling release," I chortled once again making her laugh. "And as a matter of fact ... I actually do have to pee now, pretty bad ... but until I calm down a bit here, that's not going to happen either," I freely admitted.

Once again she was staring at my crotch. I'd given up all pretense of trying to hide my predicament either, I mean after all ... what was the point?

"At least try," she told me.

I laughed, preparing to stand up. "Yeah ... maybe I should, perhaps by the time I get inside I'll be able to do so."

"No! Not inside ... here!" she told me. "Do it right here!"

"You can't be serious!" I exclaimed.

"Oh but I am serious!" She responded back. "As a matter of fact David ... I'd love it if you returned the favor."

"Excuse me?"

She turned once again straddling the lounge chair, though as she did, she reached down moving her tiny thong off to one side. I was now staring directly at her blood swollen pussy lips, and more importantly, her hard extended, fully revealed little clit. Which wasn't so little at the moment either. "Right here," she said tempting me. "Pee on me right here David! I want to feel your naughty, hot urine spraying directly against my little clitty!"

"There's no way in hell," I said once again, though I couldn't tear my eyes away from her cunt. "Especially ... looking at that," I informed her, salivating.

"Please? Try? For me?" She asked coquettishly.

I couldn't believe I was actually going to try and do this. Thank god the lounge chairs were plastic, and that I was beyond horny at the moment ... and perhaps not thinking too clearly either at this point. Throwing caution to the wind, I lowered my loose fitting trunks just enough to reveal my hard stiff cock, though how in the hell I hoped to actually pee with it like this remained a mystery.

"You're sure about this?"

"More than you know," she said now spreading herself even further apart, her extended clit now even more profound as I sat there staring at it. "Come on David ... pee on it for me, let me feel you squirting on my pussy!"

"You have any idea how hard this is?" I asked.

She giggled. "Oh yeah, I think I have a pretty good idea how hard it truly is," she said staring just as boldly back at my now very exposed cock.

"That's not what I meant," I said, though laughing along with her. "Seriously Bella ... I'm not sure I can even do this, especially ... sitting here with you, well fuck ... with you so hot, horny and naked."

"I am that!" She giggled back in return. "But try for me anyway. Trying thinking about something else then ... try concentrating, close your eyes and try to imagine how good it will feel to finally go, like those times you were telling me about, when you really had to pee, but needed it to soften up just a little so that you could."

"Ok, but no promises. And please ... try and keep an eye out for mom and dad ... just in case. I can only imagine what they'd say if they were to come out here right about now."

Perhaps it was the sudden reminder and realization of that, that made me wilt just a little. Enough so ... I was actually able to focus on the one feeling as opposed to the other. I knew as I sat there, eyes still closed ... that I might actually be able to do this, as strange and bizarre for me as it was. Moments later, I actually felt it when I began doing so, only then opening my eyes so I could direct, and watch. I needn't have bothered. The moment my thin stream even began, Bella lifted herself up slightly, simultaneously reaching forward, her hand shooing my own away as she wrapped her long slim fingers around my cock, holding it. Though the moment she did that of course, I lost the sensation of being able to pee.

"Concentrate David! Come on! Concentrate! You can do it, come on ... pee! Pee baby ... pee!"

And suddenly ... I was.

I sat there surprised, watching my thin golden stream actually splashing against Bella's cunt as she continued to hold herself open with one hand, directing it. And with the other, holding onto my cock ... aiming it. She cried out in delight, once again tossing her head back, enjoying the sensation as I drenched her, considerably. And even long before the stream had begun to lessen any, she cried out again amidst the throes of yet another orgasm. When I finally had pretty much finished, only then did she open her eyes, her face flushed in passionate pleasure as she now began jacking my cock off. It hardened instantly, but even more amazingly, I had been hovering on the edge now for so long, her mere touch suddenly tightened my balls, the beginning tingle of my own pleasured release imminent. She sensed it as well, still jacking my cock, even more firmly now.

"Oh yeah ... yeah! Cum for me David! Cum for me, cum all over my tits!"

And as I had just done to her pussy, I now found myself squirting again, only this time in an even more pleasurable way, shooting lots and lots of white sticky stuff all over her boobs instead. Maybe it wasn't simultaneous, the way she could do ... but it was damn fucking close. As close as I'd ever get anyway. One second ago pissing on her pussy, and now ... cumming, squirting, bathing her magnificent tits with an entirely different solution.

When I was finally drained ... entirely, only then did she readjust herself. And with the edge off, my fears and worries immediately resurfaced again.

"I'd better get the hose, and wash everything off," I informed her, quickly putting myself back into place, which was now at least easy to do. I soon scampered off grabbing the hose and began spraying everything off.

"You'd ah ... better wash me down a little too," she giggled as I looked up, saw the cum-curdles now clinging to most of each one of her breasts.

"Yeah ... maybe I'd better," I said, and then adjusted the nozzle as I began spraying her off. Which I was in the process of doing when mom and dad finally did come strolling out onto the patio.

"Well would you look at that Harold?" Mom stated. "They're playing in the water, just the way he used to do when he was much younger," mom quipped actually smiling upon seeing that.

"Not quite," dad said just under his breath as he now took a full really good look at Bella's nearly nude body.

"What did you say? I missed that," mom asked.

"Oh ... nothing dear," dad stated. "Just nice to see the two of them getting along so well together."

"Yes ... isn't it?" Mom replied and then waved at the two of us as she and dad took their seats.

As usual, Irene fixed a very nice, yet simple dinner especially for a warm summer's night as we ate outside on the patio. And thankfully, as they eventually did get around to addressing a few "minor" rules, Bella took things in stride, obviously pleased that mom and dad weren't quite as prudish, or as unopen-minded about such things as her running about topless when outdoors. Another minor rule to follow. But only when we didn't have expected guests over either, as mom soon added to that, having at least given in on the topless compromise.

"Well, how about we relax in the Jacuzzi for a bit, and enjoy an after dinner brandy while we do?" dad suggested. It was something we had all very often done, especially on the weekends, so it wasn't anything unexpected as we hurriedly took our dishes back inside before heading off to our respective rooms to change. Bella was the first to make it back to the tub ... yes, topless again, though she had at least put on a far more conservative bikini bottom, though even that did little if anything to cover up the twin firm globes of her ass. It was again a European cut, and I seriously doubted she had anything that would have been less revealing in her wardrobe. When mom and dad returned, mom was in fact wearing a two-piece suit, though hers of course was far from even remotely considered as bikini ware. Settling down inside the Jacuzzi together sipping the brandies that dad had prepared for us to enjoy, we all noticed that Bella seemed a bit more subdued, and even frowning a little.

"What's wrong dear? Don't you enjoy brandy?" Mom asked.

"Oh it's not that, the brandy's fine. Very good in fact. It's just that ... well, you've gone out of your way to make me feel comfortable here, which I appreciate. But now ... having done that, I feel as though I have made you feel uncomfortable."

"Nonsense," mom responded. "It will just take a little getting used to things is all," she laughed a bit, even blushing a little at the obvious reference. "I guess we are a bit less shall we say, uninhibited here in the States?"

"Yes, and that's too bad too," Bella continued. "You have nothing to be ashamed of," Bella told my mom. "You have perfectly wonderful breasts, and you should be proud in displaying them! I only hope mine will look as good as yours do in a few years," she added. Mom again blushing, dad and I both looking at one another with wide-eyed amazed expressions on our faces at hearing this particular conversation taking place.

"Well thank you, but I'm not sure it would be very proper ... or appropriate for me to bare my breasts in front of my own son."

"Oh for heaven's sakes Grace, it's not like David hasn't seen your boobs before. You know he has, several times. We even talked about that years ago, that we weren't going to make a big deal about such things with David growing up and all. And so far ... up until now anyway, we haven't. So I tend to agree with Bella. What's the big deal? And besides, I think there's some sort of saying isn't there Bella? When in Rome?"

She laughed at that. "Yes, there is. And I'd love it ... and truly appreciate it if you'd honor me, and make me feel more comfortable in my own skin, if you'd be so inclined to do the same."

I guess I hadn't as yet had enough surprises for one day, as mom suddenly shrugged her shoulders, still blushing a little, and then reached around behind herself, undoing the top she was wearing, removing it. Though as she did, she did sink down below the surface of the water a bit more, so that just the upper slopes of her breasts were exposed. Even so ... I had seen them, surprised at her sudden boldness. And though I certainly hadn't entertained thoughts about my own mother, no more so than the occasional curiousness whenever I had accidentally walked in on her while she was dressing or undressing, I was still appreciative of the fact she had done even this much. Obviously for Bella ... and partially perhaps for dad too as he now sat grinning from ear to ear.

"Another brandy anyone?" Dad asked. Though I noticed that mom was looking down in the water, and then thought I saw movement of her hand as she reached over towards him.

"I would ... yes," she said. "But maybe ... you should let David pour it this time," she said with what I honestly believed was a bit of a wicked smile on her face. Dad looked down briefly, perhaps feeling mom's hand through the swirling bubbles, which pretty much hid whatever else was going on.

"Perhaps you're right," he grinned back, winking at her. "David? Would you be so kind please?"

I knew then I needed to hurry. Or we'd all be going without a second brandy.

I truly loved Saturday mornings. It was my one and usually only day of the week to sleep in. Mom and dad were in a golf league together, something I was glad they were involved in, sharing time together, and doing something they both loved to do. As such, I knew they had already gone out to the links. I lay there, half asleep, half awake fighting the ever growing urge to get up and pee. About two seconds later, I felt someone ... or rather Bella suddenly bouncing on my bed, or more specifically ... on me. I slept naked, as I now realized, she did. Thank god I was currently on my tummy, though the feel of what was obviously her bare pussy pressing against my ass cheeks woke me right the hell up.

"Did you even bring any clothes with you?" I asked speaking more into my pillow, too afraid to even acknowledge her presence at the moment. Especially with my usual morning woody hiding beneath me.

She laughed at that of course, still bouncing, though rubbing herself a bit too against my bare ass.

"And aren't you braking the rules just a bit?" I reminded.

"Not if no one else is here I'm not," she stated simply. "Your mom and dad left well over an hour ago ... we're all alone here."

"Not quite," I moaned hating to admit I was enjoying the feel of her. "There is the maid you know..." though I also knew, Doreen wouldn't come into my room to do anything as long as the door remained closed. I could only hope and assume that it was.

"Maybe she'd enjoy watching," Bella suggested. "She is an attractive woman you know," she then added. "I wouldn't mind..."

"Bella! Good god woman!" I said laughing, though not at all surprised by her hint. "For starters, she works for us, so I'd never even consider such a thing. And secondly, I also happen to know ... she has a relationship already. With Andy. I know, because I accidentally walked in on them one day when no one was supposed to be here. So like I said, they sort of have a thing going! And I'm not entirely sure she's into other women either."

"Oh, don't be too sure about that," she chortled. "Most women, though many won't admit it, have at one time or another been curious enough to fool around. And even if they haven't, they've still thought about it, I assure you. And I'm willing to bet, if I let it be known I was willing, she just might take me up on it."

"You're awfully sure of yourself aren't you?"

"Would you prefer that I wasn't?" She asked. "I mean after all David ... if I was just your average typical everyday woman, we'd never have done or enjoyed what we did yesterday, now would we?"

I groaned into my pillow. Enjoying the feel of what was becoming a rather slick, slippery pussy rubbing back and forth against my ass.

Bella giggled excitedly. "By the way, what were they doing when you walked in on them anyway?"

"What do you think they were doing?" I answered back, now actually needing to pee even more than I had needed to the night before. Though silently I admitted to myself, the fact that they knew I knew was a bit of an insurance policy should I ever need it. Not that Doreen, or Andy would ever give a shit if they caught me, or anyone else for that matter doing anything. They had it good here, and they knew it. Mom and dad paid them well, and treated them a lot more like family as opposed to hired help. More often than not, the two of them pitching in to make things easier for them both. Happy and contented help made things run a lot smoother as we'd eventually come to find out. "Come on Bella, time to get off me ... I really do need to pee ... bad!" I added chuckling a bit. Thankfully, she rolled over collapsing on my bed, watching me as I swung my legs out, standing, stretching. As I did that, I suddenly saw this nude figure go running past me into the bathroom.

"What the..."

Following, I entered my private bathroom. Bella already sitting down on the toilet seat. "Not funny ... you have your own bathroom remember? And I really do need to go Bella." The fact I actually no longer had morning wood, and was far flaccid enough to pee easily should have told her that, even with her staring at it ... I wasn't growing any. The urge to go was that bad. "Come on ... get up, I need to go!"

About the time I said that, I heard her beginning to tinkle. "There's plenty of room for both of us," she stated. "Here ... look, stand in front of me and go."

I knew there was no point in arguing with her. Not now anyway. She'd already made her mind up this was going to happen one-way or the other. And as bad as I truly did need to go, there appeared to be plenty of room for me to stand there and piss between her legs. I think I even surprised her a little when I walked up, positioned, and started doing so. Once again she giggled, excitedly.

"See? I told you!"

The thing was. Once again, she reached up taking me in her hand, removing my own. And as she did, and as I now expected her to do, she took careful aim, placing my stream against herself as she continued peeing, the two of us looking down, watching our combined piss splashing and mingling together.

"Hmmm, so warm. So nice and warm," she sighed pleasurably. "I so do love that feeling!"

"Obviously," I added as my stream slowly began to peter out. "Now ... shake it off."

I shook my head, she wasn't exactly shaking it.

"I said shake it off ... not jerk it off!"

"Oh? And you'd prefer I didn't do that?" She now asked.

She had me there.

But she surprised me once again too. I was soon to learn that Bella, or "Tinkle Bell-a" as I now thought of her, was just full of surprises.

Suddenly she leaned forward, her mouth fully engulfing me, the sensation of that full-lipped mouth of hers surrounding my rapidly growing cock as she sucked it was heavenly. Even my knees weakened a little, forcing me to thrust out my arms and hands in order to steady myself. She took that as a welcome sign as I latched onto her head, now bobbing up and down on my shaft with vigor as she began giving me probably the best blowjob of my entire life.

When I felt the obvious sensation of my balls turning inside out, I knew I was only moments away from flooding her mouth with sperm. So being the gentleman that I hopefully was, I told her so, giving her fair warning.

"Hmm, good," she mouthed around my dick. "I missed out on that yesterday."

Nuff said. I stood there and succumbed to the sensations she was thrilling me with. It would in fact be the first time for me. Not my first blowjob, no ... but certainly the first time I had ever come inside a woman's mouth before. And there was no doubt about it. Bella was that. She might have been a young woman, but she was very much a woman, more so than a lot of women I knew who were her age if not older. It became clearly evident to me, that sex to her was meant to be fun, exciting, even a bit risky at times perhaps. But she took pleasure in that, and gave pleasure back ten-fold. So far anyway, far more than anyone I had ever been with. Not that I'd been with a lot of women. Like I said, after all, I still was a virgin. But ... I did pride myself on knowing what to do to a pussy aside from that.

At the moment though ... it was all about my cock. And I was more than happy to let it go at that. Bella was making my toes curl. And I was still trying to stand on them.

Seconds later, she was draining my cock. Still slow-stroking my shaft, as though milking it, each glorious spurt disappearing down her throat as she sucked greedily, even nosily, murmuring, almost purring in a way as she sucked me dry. For myself, I saw stars of course, felt light-headed, almost faint, once again having to hold on as my knees buckled even more than they already were.

"Holy fucking shit!" I finally cried out as she slowly pried her mouth away, leaving off with a slick, juicy popping sound.

"Wow ... now that, was a load!" She said licking her lips. "And now ... it's my turn," she said standing, flushing, taking my hand leading me over to the sink to wash up. "Let's go back to my room now where you can fuck me silly!" She said enthusiastically.

"There's a ... one major problem with that," I told her.

"Oh? And what's that?" She asked. "Or don't you want to fuck me?" She now asked still teasing me a bit, not expecting the answer she was about to receive.

"It's not that so much ... but the fact is, you see ... I'm still a..."

"No way!"

"Virgin!" I finished.



Suddenly she smiled. "Well now, we'll just have to see about that. But ... you're right. If you truly are, we certainly don't want to rush this. Something like that needs to be savored like a fine bottle of wine. And now is not the time for that. However ... may I at least assume that your tongue isn't?"

"That you may," I said and then waggled it at her, rolling and pointing it. She took it into her mouth, sucking it, as though sucking my cock again.

"In that case ... come tongue fuck my pussy while I lay there and imagine all the naughty, dirty things I'm going to do to you one night when we're all alone together!"

I took her hand, and happily followed her down the hall to her room, naked as the day I was born, breaking every house rule in the book as we did so. And perfectly ok with that. And I also knew, with Bella living here with us for a time, things would probably never be the same again. And I was good with that one too.

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