Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Rough, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This story is about a woman who gets picked up for the first time by a man. She is paid to go home with him and watch him fuck his wife. In the second part Nicola is taken home by the husband once again, and things get a little rougher than she expected

"Can I help you?" he asked me.

"mmm?" I just looked at him.

"How about we go to my car?" he asked, reaching his hand out to mine, his fingertips barely touching the back of my hand.

"oh um hm." I mumbled under my breath very quietly, unsure if the man could hear me. I didn't really know what I was doing there in the parking lot that late at night or what he wanted from me. I grabbed his hand, linking my fingers with his and followed him to his BMW.

It was parked in the far corner of the dimly parking lot where there weren't many cars. He opened the back door for me and I climbed in, he followed behind me. He must have prepared for this, the front seats had been moved as far forward as possible, maximising the space in the back. He had come to the parking lot looking for something, I hadn't. Or at least consciously I hadn't.

Although I was unsure, he knew what he wanted. His confidence put me at ease. I twisted my body so I was facing him. He reached over and his large hand groped my breasts outside of my blouse. I reached over to undo his belt, but he grabbed my hands and placed them by my side. He continued groping my breasts while I just sat there.

His other hand began caressing my knee and moved up my thigh. He slipped his fingers under my damp panties and began rubbing my slit. He slowly inserted one finger inside me and moved it back and forth gently. I went to place my hand in his hair, but he pulled his head back, so I just went back to sitting still. He worked his fingers out of my cunt and moved them towards my ass. At first he just left them there while his other hand continued grabbing my breast. Then he slowly began working his finger into my ass. I shuddered slightly as it first entered, my juices not quite acting as enough lubricant. Once he had it in though, he was able to slide it in and out with ease.

He unbotton the top three buttons of my blouse and reached his hand under the thin cotton of my shirt and my bra. He squeezed my nipples tightly and as I jerked back he pulled me forward. I winced. He pulled his hand out of my top and continued fingering my ass. With his free hand he undid his belt and pulled down his slacks. He reached into his boxers and began stroking his cock. I could see the outline through the thin material of his white boxers.

He withdrew his hand from my ass and pulled down his boxers. He positioned himself so he was kneeling on the car seat. He was tall so had to bend down in order to fit. He began pumping his cock fiercly. Every once in a while he would reach his hand out to me as though he wanted to touch me, but he never did. He continued wanking himself silently. He then grunted and pulled my hair so my body was closer to him. He came, his sperm spurting onto my clothes and neck.

He released my hair and grabbed a tissue from his pocket to clean himself. He didn't offer me one. He took two tenners from his pocket and gave them to me. I opened the door and we both climbed out. He drove off without saying a word to me.

I walked back to my car and climbed into the front seat. I lit a cigarette which I needed desperately and sat there until I finished the it. Then I drove home to my small flat, poured myself a drink, then another, then I fell to sleep.

The next day went by as normal; a slow working day. That night though, I found myself waiting in the same parking lot. I don't know what exactly I was there for, whether I wanted that same man or whether I was looking for someone else, or something else.

I ended up standing in the dark parking lot for a while and smoking countless cigarettes before he was there again. I could tell by his unusually stocky figure in the long black coat. He approached me and asked the same question as yesterday.

"Can I help you?" I just stared at him this time. I looked straight into his dark brown eyes. "How about we go to my car?"

There wasn't much need to lead me this time, he was parked in the same place. I made sure I stayed a few steps behind him. This time though, he go into the driver's seat. He didn't open the door for me, so I just guessed he wanted me in the passenger seat next to him. I opened the door and sat down next to him. I pulled the hem of my dress down so that it would cover more of my legs.

He reached between my legs and felt my panties. "Take those off." I did so and placed them in my coat pocket. I had expected him to fondle me, but instead he removed his hand."How about we go someplace else this time?" I just nodded and looked straight ahead of me. Every couple of minutes I would look at him quickly then would go back to staring straight ahead.

I wasn't really sure where we were going. I didn't feel like I was in any danger, or maybe I just didn't care. He didn't say anything to me. When I tried to touch his leg or massage his crotch he just pulled my hand away, so once again I sat motionless next to him.

We drove a little longer than I had expected. I no longer recognized the area we were in. The uncertainty of what was happening made me a bit anxious. I thought about asking about where we were going, but in the end decided to stay silent. It wouldn't do me much good to know the location at this point in time. I was already in the car, it was too late to go back.

I pulled my pack of cigarettes out of my coat pocket, the edge of the box had been cutting into my hip for sometime. I placed them on the dashboard.

"You can smoke in here if you want."

I was glad he gave me permission, I really needed one at that point. I lit a cigarette and the man rolled down the window for me. I didn't know his name. I wasn't sure I wanted to know his name. I inhaled the smoke sharply and kept it in my mouth for sometime before blowing it out of my mouth. I was becoming increasingly nervous. I needed more than cigarettes.

Just when my nerves were becoming a bit too much we pulled into the drive way of a large house. We were definitely outside of London. He was obviously wealthy. His clothes and BMW had already told me that, and the large house only confirmed. His wealth put me at ease though. Money meant safetly and security for me. I was suprised that he had taken me to his house though. I could see he had a wedding ring on. Maybe his wife was away for the night.

I grabbed my cigarettes off the dashboard and placed them in my pocket. I shut the car door quietly behind me and followed the man inside his house. We entered a large hallway with paintings hung on every part of the wall. I nearly knocked over a glass vase that was on a table.

"Be careful." He said to me.

I followed him into a large sitting room. It was as tastefully decorated with high ceilings and large beautiful windows that looked out to the garden, not that you could see much at that time of night.

I hadn't noticed her at first, but there was a woman sitting on the very edge of a sofa with a drink in her hand. She was beautiful. Her long blonde hair was partly tied up and softened her angular face. I couldn't tell what colour her eyes were; somewhere in between blue and green. She wore black slacks and a white cashmere sweater. She was sitting upright as though she were uncomfortable.

The man indicated that I sit down next to her. I seated myself on the other end of the couch, leaving space in between myself and the woman. She wore a beautiful silver wedding ring with small diamonds surrounding three large saphires. She was definitely his wife. It looked like she didn't want me there. Maybe she was just doing this for her husband.

The man loosened his tie and left the room. I just waited there. Waited for something to happen. Five minutes passed. I studied the woman in front of me, but she never looked at me. Not once. She just stared straight ahead, her eyes focused on something. Or maybe nothing. I couldn't tell, they just stayed in the same spot. The silence became a bit too much for me.

"What's your name?" I asked. She looked at me as though she hadn't expected me to speak. "What's your name?" I asked her again.

"Oh." She took a final sip of her drink and placed the empty glass on a table next to the couch. "Ceciline."

I could tell from her accent that she was a foreigner, but couldn't quite place where she was from.

"I'm Nicola." I told her, even though she hadn't asked. Ceciline just nodded and went back to staring at whatever she had been looking at before.

Only a few minutes passed before the man entered the room again. He had changed into jeans and a blue tshirt which showed his muscular arms. He was definitely handsome, but something about his looks was unsettling. His face and eyes looked empty, expressionless. He never smiled, but occasionaly the sides of his lips would turn up as though he wanted to smile. He looked like that when we was wanking himself in the car the previous night. It wasn't as though he was happy though. It was almost a mocking smile.

"Get on your knees bitch." His voice startled me. It wasn't soft, like it had been the few times he had spoken to me before. I began to move myself to the floor when I realised that he was talking to Ceciline, not me.

She immediately dropped to her knees in front of the couch. She sat back on her legs and looked down at the floor. She looked at neither one of us.

"Strip." He commanded. She immediately pulled the sweater over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't need one either. He breasts were pale and small. She unbuttoned her slacks and in one motion pulled off her trousers and panties, discarding them on the floor next to her in a neat pile. She quickly sat back on her legs. This time though, she looked straight at me. I wanted to pick her up and cuddle her. Her thin frame made her look so vulnerable.

I parted my legs slightly. She looked down and I knew she could see my shaved pussy between my legs. She looked at her husband who nodded. She turned towards me and reached her hand between my legs. She began to rub my slit softly. I was instantly wet she put a single finger inside me and pulled it in and out gently. I moved myself to the edge of the couch and leaned back so she see more of my cunt. She took out her finger and placed it into her mouth licking my juices off herself. I let out a soft moan. I wanted her and I wanted him, but mostly I wanted her.

She rolled my dress up to my hips and placed a hand on each of my thighs. Her husband sat in a chair accross from us and lit a cigarette. He watched his wife lower her head to my crotch. I could feel her breath accross my skin. She began kissing my pussy, her tongue touching me gently. I put my hands on hers. She began licking me gently and slowly. I closed my eyes wanting to feel her and ignore her husband in the room.

"Open your eyes whore!" he shouted at me. I opened them immediately and could see him staring at his wifes ass which began to wiggle as she kissed me harder.

I gripped her hands tighter when she put her tongue inside me. She alternated between tongue fucking me and licking my clit. I moaned as she did this. The noise comforted me slightly. I still found the silence in the room very uncomfortable.

The man finished his cigarette and placed it in an ashtray. He then walked over to his wife and unbuttoned his jeans. He dropped them to the floor and kneeled behind his wife. He spit on one of his hands and rubbed his cock, lubricating his dick. He placed a hand on his wife's hip and placed his dick at her ass. He slowly began to work his prick inside her butt. She winced as he did this and tried to continue on me, but she began pausing between kisses. As her husband entered her completely she gripped my thighs and just left her head in between my legs. I closed my thighs so they gripped her head.

He began pumping her and she gripped my thighs harder. He hadn't been well lubricated and I could tell his large cock was causing her some pain. I looked at her husband. He was looking directly at me as he fucked his wife. With each thrust she was pushed forward and as he pulled out he pulled her with him. I stared back at him.

He reached under his wife and began rubbing her clit. Her moans were stifled by the cushions and my thighs. She moved her head to the side so her mouth was pressed tightly against the skin of my thigh. As he continued to thrust into her she pressed herself more into me. I moved my hands to her shoulders and pulled her into me, her head pressing into my clit every time he pumped her. I moaned quietly.

He grabbed onto her hair and pulled her head away from me. He thrust into her a couple more times before pulling her hair once more and pulling her completely away from me. He withdrew his cock and discarded his wife next to him. She lay on the floor breathing deeply as he stood in front of me. My legs were spread and I placed my hand under my dress. I didn't rub myself, my hands just rested there. He began masturbating with that mocking smile. He was still looking straight at me. Occasionaly he would look down at my cleavage, but mostly looked straight into my eyes. He continued wanking himself, furiously at this point though. I was expecting it, but the cum which splattered accross my face, chest, and dress suprised me. He pulled up his jeans and again gave me nothing to clean myself with.

His wife stood up and kissed him, but was looking at me as she did so. She left the room and he walked to the front door. I followed him. He drove me back to the parking lot and handed me two fifty pound notes. We didn't say a single word to each other. I walked back to my car and drove home.

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