A Little Too Much Spice for Kat
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Body Modification,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young husband comes home early from work and discovers his wife having sex with the next door neighbor. Far from being upset, he realizes that he is extremely aroused. He learns that his wife has entered into a submissive relationship with the neighbor and is serving him and now his friends too. He agrees to let the relationship continue until it gets out of hand.

I just made an interesting discovery. I had an accident at work. Well, someone else had an accident at work. But they had it on me. My secretary spilled a full cup of coffee all over me. I only live fifteen minutes from the office when it isn't rush hour so I drove home to change clothes with the idea of being gone a little under an hour altogether. It didn't work out that way.

Let me tell you a little bit about my wife and me before I tell you what. We're in our late twenties. I'm twenty-eight. My wife Katherine, Kat for short, is twenty-five.

We both graduated from an Ivy League university three years ago. I was three years older than most of my classmates because after high school I went into the Army for three years. It helped a little with the expenses and the experience was good for me. I was not the most mature person that ever graduated from high school. I'm pretty certain that if I went straight into college after high school it would have been wasted on me.

I got my present position with the firm that employs me, in large part due to contacts made through the fraternity I joined. I am very good at what I do, though. I've earned everything that has come my way in the three short years since I graduated.

Ask anyone that knows my wife to describe her and the first word any one of them would use is beautiful. She is truly beautiful. She is petite, almost diminutive. She stands only five feet and no inches in her bare feet. She's perfectly formed and extremely sexy. She weighs in at a hundred and five pounds soaking wet and she has beautiful deep red hair which is lustrous and eye catching.

She is not one of those women who are impressed by their own beauty. She's the sweetest, kindest, most generous and considerate person that I've ever met.

She is also very smart. She stayed right around a four point grade average all the way through college. She was always a point or two above me, without ever seeming to work at it.

On the other hand, I had to work my butt off, and get a lot of help from her, to stay anywhere close to her. If it hadn't been for her I would never have passed English Lit. I'm sorry. But when I read something I take the author at his word. It means to me just exactly what it says.

I used to sit in class, wisely keeping my mouth shut, and listen to all of my classmates and the professor discussing what a writer really meant. I couldn't help but think, "Where the hell are they getting that from?!"

Nothing has changed. I still take people, and the things that they say, at face value. I suppose that makes me gullible.

Kat went to work for a large company here in town not long after graduation but she hated it. Now she does consultant work for a much smaller firm. She's making much less money but she's very happy. Money is not a problem for us, though. I make a good living and I much prefer that she be happy.

The thing that you are probably wondering about is our sex life, right? I mean, you didn't start reading this little tale to find out how I like my job and what kind of cars we own.

Well, the sex is great. Kat and I started dating in our junior year and I got lucky on that first date, very lucky. She is hot. She loves sex and is very adventurous. One of the things that I love about her is the sexy way that she dresses. She loves wearing revealing clothing as much as I love seeing her in it.

As exciting as our sex life is, nothing can compare to those first few months of white hot excitement and discovery. Kat was great. She wasn't afraid to tell me what she liked and what she didn't, and she wasn't afraid to try new things.

We've tried, and still play around with a wide variety of little things to spice up our sex life. We have tried and enjoyed bondage. We don't do it a lot. But when we have a lot of free time on a weekend it can be a lot of fun. She gets especially excited when blindfolded and helpless. She says it sets her free.

We are not into pain, giving or receiving, so we haven't tried S&M. We have experimented with water sports and while you wouldn't want to do it everyday, it can be pretty exciting every now and then.

The thing that we both enjoy most is female exhibitionism. Because who the hell wants to see a naked man!

We like going out where people aren't likely to know us and Kat will "accidentally" show off a little too much skin. We both get a charge out of it when some strange man gets a good look up her skirt or down her top. We have several outfits that we bought specifically for that purpose.

We've also flashed truckers on the Interstate. But that has led to a couple of close calls so we don't do that anymore. It was fun. But the fun goes away in a hurry when one of those trucks starts drifting into your lane at seventy miles an hour and just misses taking the side of your car out.

We like to go dancing now and then. Kat is a great dancer. I can best be described as "a man on the dance floor having a fit" while his partner dances to attract the attention of every male within range. I believe I'm what's known as rhythmically challenged.

Kat has a special selection of panties she bought just to wear, and show off, when we go dancing. She tried going commando once. We weren't as happy with the results. We both decided that it's more exciting when she's wearing a sexy pair of panties. Those dance clubs are so dark that you need the flash of white nylon and lace to be able to see anything. Flesh doesn't stand out as well in a dark club.

Lately, though, we've added a new dimension to our sex life. While having sex we have fantasized out loud about other men. There are variations. Sometimes we imagine having a threesome with some man or other. Sometimes this man we fantasize about is someone we know. More often this man is someone we have imagined.

These fantasies are fed by stories we read on the internet and a couple of magazines that I subscribe to and we both read.

There is one other thing I should mention. My wife frequently includes an element of sexual servitude in her fantasies. She finds the idea of being sexually subservient to another man, or men, very exciting. I've tried to help her play out those fantasies. But I have to admit that I'm more of a lover than a user.

In my work life I am a very dominant, take charge kind of person. That attitude serves me well at work. For some reason, though, I am not comfortable assuming that role with Kat. I'm not subservient to her. I'm just not comfortable ordering my wife around. I do, however, find the fantasy of another man treating her that way extremely exciting.

That brings me back to the present. I got in my car and drove home from the office to change clothes. Kat's car was in the garage so I knew that she was home. But I looked all over and I couldn't find her in the house. I stepped out into the backyard and looked for her. There was no one in the back yard.

I started back inside when I heard a loud, obviously sexually charged female moan from the other side of the fence between our backyard and the single guy that lives next door.

I stood there for a moment, listening, and soon that sound was repeated, along with my neighbor's strong, firm voice saying, "That's a good slut, suck that cock, baby. Yeah, use that tongue."

As I listened I was well aware of the instant stirring in my pants. The thing that really caught my attention was that the moan that I heard sounded an awful lot like Kat!

While I waited to hear more, to confirm my suspicions, things got more interesting. My neighbor exclaimed, "Damn, Ben! This bitch can really suck cock! How's her cunt? As great as I promised?"

"Fuck yeah! This bitch has it all! I've always wanted to fuck a hot young redhead. Shit, I'm not going to last very long. Good thing we have all afternoon."

I was stunned! But my cock was harder than I could ever remember it being, at least since those first few months that Kat and I had spent together.

I walked quietly to the fence and peeked through the crack between two of the boards. There was my wife! She was on her hands and knees with my neighbor's cock in her mouth, and a man that I've never seen before fucking her from behind.

It never even occurred to me to break it up! Instead, I rushed back inside and grabbed a beer from the fridge. I picked the phone up from the cradle as I went by and went upstairs to our spare bedroom. It has a window looking out over our neighbor's yard.

I pulled a chair up to the window and sat staring down at the two men fucking my wife while I called into the office and told them that something had come up and I couldn't make it back this afternoon. Something had definitely come up!

I hung up the phone, stood up and tore my clothes off. I sat there playing with my cock as I watched my beautiful young wife being fucked by two middle aged men.

My neighbor, Evan, a divorced man who looked to be in his middle forties, has lived next door to us since we moved into this house shortly after we were married. We like him well enough. We've been to more than a few parties at his house. He has a nice pool in his backyard and he has pool parties about once a month.

He always invites us to his parties and we go to them more often than we stay home and listen to them. It's always a great opportunity for Kat to show off in one of her sexy bikinis.

Evan is in good physical shape and he's handsome and personable. Kat always seems to enjoy his company. She's a terrible flirt at the best of times and she always tries her hardest to drive poor Evan crazy.

I watched as the men withdrew their cocks from my wife's body and she collapsed onto the lounge cushion that they were using to fuck on. Evan patted her butt and spoke to her.

I watched in amazement as Kat rose to her hands and knees and turned around. She obediently opened her mouth and sucked clean the cock of the stranger who had just fucked her.

While she was doing that, Evan moved up between her legs and started running his cock into her from behind. At least it looked like it was going in. I decided that I was missing too much detail here. I watched until she finished licking the stranger's cock clean and then doing the same for Evan.

After she cleaned both men with her mouth they got to their feet. The men returned to their seats by the pool. Kat was ordered to get them all a cold beer like a good little serving girl.

While they were getting resettled and recuperating I set up my tripod and aimed my digital movie camera at the neighbor's yard. I zoomed in as much as I could and started recording. Then I got my binoculars out and I was ready if the action started up again.

I wasn't disappointed. Kat drank her beer quickly. As soon as she placed her empty can on the table the men moved their chairs off of the cement pool deck onto the grass.

I couldn't hear them from where I was spying on them. But usually I could tell when she was given an order. I didn't see any order being given. But Kat knelt down on the grass between them and started going back and forth between the two men sucking their cocks. She alternated between them, sucking each of the men for several minutes before switching back.

After Kat had gone back and forth between them several times Evan stood up. His large cock bounced freely in front of him as he walked over to a patio table and came back with his own video camera. He started recording my wife sucking his friend's cock.

I was jealous. He was able to get close-ups.

Kat didn't even seem to blink. She happily continued to suck on the cock in her mouth and seemed not to mind in the least that she was being filmed.

I was using the binoculars now and I was focused on my wife's face when the man she was sucking off grabbed her head and pulled her face down hard against his stomach. He was obviously having an orgasm and I could see her hurrying to keep up with the obviously large load of cum he was shooting into her mouth. Her cheeks expanded and contracted as the man filled her mouth with cum and she seemed to swallow it easily.

I watched as she finally pulled her mouth away and gently licked the head of his cock. I was looking right at her face when I saw the look of alarm replace the look of lust on her face.

I lowered my binoculars and saw that a third man had just come out of the house. Evan approached him and they talked quietly for a moment. I put the glasses back to my face and recognized the new man. I didn't really know him, but I had spoken to him a few times at the parties that Evan hosted in his back yard.

I was watching them talk when I saw them both look over at my house. Evan even stared at the window where I was sitting for a moment, before looking away and returning to their quiet conversation.

I watched as the new man walked over to where my wife was still kneeling in front of the man that she had just performed oral sex on. He stared down at her as he started undressing.

My wife started to speak. She was becoming very animated, shaking her head and obviously not happy about the appearance of the third man.

Her protests didn't bother the men though. The one she had just sucked off leaned forward and wrapped a fist in her hair. He pulled her head close to his face and spoke to her. I didn't have to be able to hear it to realize that she was being ordered to cooperate, perhaps threatened.

I considered going to her aid. I know that I should have. But I was sitting in my spare bedroom, naked, and I had been very close to my own orgasm when the new man arrived. Judging by the way things were going it would not be long before I was very close again.

I watched as the new man took Evan's seat and Kat moved, with obvious reluctance, to a place between his wide spread legs. I was watching with my total attention centered on my wife's lips nearing yet another large male organ when something appeared right in front of the binoculars. I nearly had a heart attack!

I quickly lowered the glasses and saw that there was a cold bottle of beer being held out in front of my face. I took it from Evan, who was now dressed in a pair of shorts. He smiled at me and sat down on the bed.

No one spoke for a long, uncomfortable moment. For some reason, I felt very guilty. Evan, on the other hand, seemed quite satisfied with himself.

He finally spoke. "How long have you been in here watching us, Dave?"

I told him what time I came home and how I had come to discover what was going on in his backyard. In response to his question I told him how much I have seen.

"You are obviously enjoying the show," he said and chuckled.

I couldn't help being embarrassed. I was, after all, sitting here naked with a hard on watching men use my wife for their sexual pleasure.

"How long has this been going on?" I asked.

"Well," he said, "I have been fucking her since the day before yesterday, Monday. Today is the first time that I invited friends over."

I think I was more upset by how comfortable he was having this conversation with me than by what I've just witnessed in his backyard. He wasn't just having a conversation. He was bragging.

"How did it start?" I asked.

This was the strangest conversation under the strangest set of circumstances I could ever have imagined. We were sitting here in my spare bedroom, watching my wife through the window as she sucked off the new man next door and we were talking as if we were discussing a sporting event or crabgrass or the weather, calm, mildly interested, not very emotional. I didn't feel that way of course, but that was the way he was speaking to me. So I was following his lead. He obviously felt very much in control of the situation.

"As you know," he said, "I took a leave of absence to work on the book I've been writing. I talked to a publisher and showed them what I've already written. They were interested. They even gave me an advance. It was time to get serious.

"Since I'm home all the time now I see your wife fairly often as we come and go. I saw her out front on Monday and I invited her to come over and use the pool. She was hesitant because you wouldn't be there. It was a beautiful day, though, and she finally gave in to my gentle persuasion.

"She came over a few minutes later in one of her tiny little bikinis. We swam for a while. Then we sat in the shade and had a beer. Whenever we got hot we went back in the pool to cool off.

"There is something that I've noticed about your wife over the last few years. Are you aware that she's a submissive?"

I nodded, but I qualified my response. "She has some mildly submissive fantasies. I don't know that I would say she's a total submissive. We've played around with it. But I'm not a very satisfying dominant, it seems. My heart isn't in it."

"Well, Davy boy," he said, "she has found a more satisfying dominant. Now don't get me wrong. I don't want to screw up your marriage. She still loves you. What she feels for me is definitely not love. From the looks of things up here, you aren't all that upset about it either. Can I take it from the way I found you up here with your cock in your hand that you aren't all that upset, or particularly jealous?"

During most of this conversation I had continued to stare out the window at my wife having sex with Evan's guests. I've been talking to Evan, but not looking at him. Now I turned around in my chair. I was more than a little self conscious about my nudity and my hard on. I tried to act as if I was a lot more comfortable than I actually was when I said, "This conversation is much more serious than we're treating it. It involves the future of my marriage, my very happy marriage. Can I tell you something in confidence? I'm not sure how much of what I tell you that I want Kat to know right now."

Evan nodded. I had no reason not to trust him just because he was fucking my wife and sharing her with his friends now.

"Kat and I have a very good sex life. Has she told you much about our sex life, or our fantasies?"

"No, not much," Evan answered. "I actually don't care that much. Most of the time, when she is with me she is not allowed to talk without permission, or unless asked a question. I just recognized the submissive in her and when I got the opportunity I took advantage of it."

"We've discussed her submissive fantasies," I said. "We even experimented with them as I told you. We have even talked about finding someone, someone like you I suppose, to take control and let her experience being a submissive. While I'm not a dominant, it just isn't in me to behave that way; I have always found the prospect of watching my wife being used like that to be very exciting.

"Don't misunderstand, I'm not a submissive. I'm very much a voyeur, as you can see. While I'm not dominant enough to control her to her satisfaction, the idea of her being controlled, being used the way you are quite obviously using her, turns me the fuck on."

"Then I don't see where we have a conflict here," Evan said, sounding very reasonable. "We just need to come to an understanding about the rules, the limits, as it were. All three of us want to indulge our fantasies without damaging your marriage. I'm sure that we can work that out. Don't you agree?"

I glanced back down to see that I had missed the new man cumming in my wife's mouth. I was so involved in my conversation with Evan that I hadn't even been checking on her. She was now sitting in the new man's lap and the three of them were sipping on a beer.

I turned back to Evan and nodded.

"First of all," Evan asked, "do you want Kat to know that you are aware of our arrangement?"

"I must admit, I have mixed feelings about that," I said. "I have been enjoying spying on her today. On the other hand, if she knew that I knew, then she wouldn't be cheating on me. I don't like the idea of her cheating. Not to mention that if I were closer to the action, able to see and hear everything first hand, even join in from time to time, I think I would get much more out of it.

"I can't be here all the time, of course. I have to work. I would appreciate it if you would try to concentrate your molesting her, as much as possible, to when I'm home and able to watch. When I'm not home, to the extent possible, I would really enjoy a video record being made available. I noticed you were recording her earlier. I assume that wasn't the first time. I would really like a copy of the recordings you have made so far."

"Actually, Dave," Evan responded, "I very much prefer you being there. There is a large element of humiliation involved in using a submissive. They generally crave two things from their submission. They crave the freedom of surrendering their freewill to someone who takes pleasure in using them. Not just making love or having sex, but using them. Using is the important word in that sentence.

"The other thing most submissives crave is humiliation. Most of them don't want to be harmed, or even hurt. Kat is certainly not into pain, although a little of it seems to stimulate her. I'm not into pain either. I'm not a sexual sadist and I don't take pleasure in hurting people."

"The reason I prefer that you be there when I use her is that the humiliation of being used in front of her husband will be so much more intense, for all three of us I suspect. While you claim that you are not a submissive yourself, I don't believe that you have looked deep enough.

"The act of surrendering your wife to another man to use is a submissive act. If you are present when I'm using her and sharing her with whomever I choose to share her, your very presence while those acts are taking place is an act of submission.

"I'm not saying that I wish to involve you in any way beyond witnessing, and on occasion taking your pleasure with your wife, under my control, of course. I'm not bisexual. Nor are my friends, as far as I know. I can assure you that I won't be offering you to my friends.

"Kat has already surrendered to me. She is coming along just fine, with only a few occasional signs of reluctance. When she is not with me, or acting on my behalf, I have no desire to intrude upon your marriage. I won't put any restrictions on your relationship. If our relationship is to continue, though, I will not allow you to put restrictions on my relationship with her, either.

"I can tell you that I will not use her every day. Your life will not be substantially different than it was yesterday except that most days while you are at work I will, at the very least, have some sort of sex with your wife. Be it a blowjob or a quick fuck in the morning, or serving and servicing me and a guest or two around the pool.

"I may come over out of the blue in the evening and interrupt whatever television show that you are watching, bend her over your lap and fuck her. Or I might bring a friend and just watch him fuck her. I may come over and order her to put on some slutty article of clothing and take her out somewhere to publicly humiliate her. She loves that, you know."

I listened to Evan spelling out Kat's new life, our new life. It all sounded very exciting in the abstract. I wasn't sure how I felt about it as a reality. His comment about my submissive nature had given me something to think about.

"Alright," I said, "I think that I'm willing to give this new lifestyle a try, but not totally without caveats. I will not permit her to be harmed or hurt unduly. I reserve the right to rescind this agreement if I sense that it's harming our relationship. And lastly, you may or may not be right about my submissive tendencies. But I'm not convinced. And I'm not bi either. So while I look forward to taking part in your activities you should be clear on my limits."

"Understood," Evan responded. "I, too, have a condition with which you must comply. There will be times when you are not pleased with what is being done to your wife, or with her, or what she is being made to do. You will want to object. Don't."

"In the first place, I will not accept your objections. She knows that if she objects to something beyond the normal reluctance of a new submissive of course, them I will stop whatever it is that she objects to and we go back to being next door neighbors without benefits."

"Kat and I have already had this conversation. You need to understand that part of the thrill for her is in being made to do things she finds unpleasant, or humiliating. Sometimes she just wants to be forced. You cannot interfere beyond attempting to convince her to put an end to it later, in private. Is that understood?"

I accepted, reluctantly. Evan stood up, shook my hand and said, "For as long as it lasts then."

I shook his hand, though not without reservations.

After we shook on our agreement he said, "Why don't you put on some trunks and join us next door. I'm looking forward to seeing Kat's face when you appear."

I was, too!

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