Oedipus Rewarded
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Son, Swinging, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I win just enough on the lottery to start a new life with my sexy mother

I heard dad's car drive away and my bedroom door opened to reveal her standing there wearing an over sized tee shirt over hold up stockings.

She smiled as she got in beside me and wrapped herself in my embrace,

"Make love to me Marky" she breathed,

I rolled on top of her and kissed her feeling the heat of her naked sex against my prick, her tongue snaked into my mouth at the same time as I entered her warmth and I felt her ankles locking behind my back.

"Yes darling" she whispered, "Your cock's so big and hard, fuck me nicely"

"And your pussy's so wet mum" I replied, "It was made just for my cock"

"We're a perfect match Marky, we should have done this years ago"

"I always wanted to mum" I whispered, "I used to dream about you coming to my bed naked"

"What you said last week about us running away together, did you mean it?"

She felt my cock jerk inside her at her words and moaned softly,

"Every word of it mum, I'd do it today if I thought you'd come with me"

"Where would we go?"

"London to begin with, we can book into an hotel while we look for a place"

"He'd kill us if he ever found us"

"He'll never find us mum" I laughed, "We'd be in bed for the first month fucking our brains out"

"Oh yes baby, that sounds perfect, I'll do it, I'll go with you"


"Promise" she breathed into my mouth, "But there's a condition"


"You've got to promise to fuck me every day"

"I won't be able to keep my hands off you mum"

"In that case, don't even try"

We were moving faster now our mouths still locked together, I cupped her sexy little buttocks and held her tightly as I powered into her cunt while she undulated her hips and urged me on with whispered obscenities.

"I'll wear stockings for you every day"

"And sexy little panties that I can see through"

"You can lick me through them"

"Mmm yes" I moaned, "Let's go this afternoon"


"We can share a bed tonight and every other night from now on"

"Oh yes Marky, heaven"

She was breathing heavily then and I knew her orgasm was approaching, her nipples hardened against my chest and I felt her cunt muscles contracting,

"Marky" she squealed, "Marky I'm going to come"

"Me too mum" I hissed as I felt my balls tightening,

She gripped my buttocks and bared her teeth,


I felt my prick spurt and I gripped her buttocks tightly as I emptied myself into her body before collapsing on top of her gasping for breath.

"Oh my God" she said as we held each other, "If you make me come like that every day, I'll wear a permanent smile Marky, people will think I'm simple"

"No mum" I said and kissed her nose, "They'll just think you're a very sexy and well fucked woman"

We slept then for an hour or so and woke up still in each other's arms,

"Still want to go?" I asked and she nodded,

"Very much so"

"Right just pack a few clothes, grab your passport and credit cards and let's go"

My own rucksack was already packed and my credit cards were in my wallet along with the winning lottery ticket, it was only a hundred and forty four thousand but it was more than enough for what I had in mind.

Mum scribbled a few words on a note and left it propped up on the table where he was bound to see it, I didn't ask her what was on it, but I knew she'd tell me anyway.

She did tell me, but not until we'd found a nice little hotel not far out of Central London and we were eating the first meal of our new lives,

We both ordered steak and chips as dad had insisted on a vegetarian regime at home and we were savoring it when mum said that on the note, she told him we'd gone somewhere where he wouldn't find us, so not to bother trying, she was fed up of being used as a sex object by his scummy friends whenever he got pissed and that she'd be in touch regarding her half of the house.

"In case you're wondering" she said, "When you were away at university, he used to invite his mates round every Friday night to play poker, I was expected to dress up really sexy to distract them so he could win, he never did of course, he was too stupid, so once or twice I had to give myself to one of them in lieu of his debts!"

"Bloody hell mum" I exploded, "Why didn't you tell me, I'd have beat the crap out of him?"

"There's more" she added quietly, "They once arranged an all girl sex show and had me and Gerry's wife perform for them"

"For God's sake mum" but she hushed me gently, "That was all right, we both enjoyed it and even started seeing each other occasionally whenever we could"

"What, you mean seeing as in sleeping together?"

"Sleeping was the last thing on our minds Marky" she laughed, "Mind you there was a bed involved"

"Wow, I'm gobsmacked mum"

"I'll tell you later" she smiled, "I'll tell you everything!"

"That's giving me a hard on"

"Well in that case, why don't we order room service for a couple of bottles of champagne, I've bought a lovely little baby doll I want to put on for you after a nice hot bath"

I drew her bath while she ordered room service and surprised me by opening the door to them wearing just a loosely belted robe that threatened to gape open at any second, it didn't though but the waiters had a lot of difficulty in keeping their eyes off her chest as she signed for the booze.

"You're enjoying your new freedom aren't you?" I laughed as I took the champagne from her,

"You bet I am, you've convinced me I'm still a desirable woman even at thirty six"

"Did you need convincing?

"Yes" she said softly, "Yes Marky I think I did"

"Get in the bath mum and I'll bring you a glass of champagne through"

I did but we bathed separately, we were both as horny as hell, but I wanted to hear of her lesbian adventures and it was obvious she wanted to tell me.

I came out of the bathroom feeling great in one of the hotel's fluffy robes, mum was sitting on the couch in a gorgeous white baby doll with her knees up under her chin proudly displaying her freshly shaved slit through the narrow string of her see through panties.

"Mum" I said softly as I looked at her, "You're not just desirable, you're beautiful, the most beautiful woman I know"

She giggled and blushed slightly, but I could tell the words had pleased her so I went on,

"And you've got a gorgeous little cunt"

"That's what Mary said" she smiled, "She liked me to sit like this, she liked that word as well"

"Say it mum, say that word, it sounds so sexy coming from you"

"She said I'd got a gorgeous little cunt"

"What was hers like?"

"Pretty" she laughed, "Very pretty and always very wet"

"Did you like licking it?"

"Mmm, yes very much"

I sat in the chair opposite so I could see her pussy,

"Did you have any toys?"

"I didn't, your dad said he was more than enough for any woman, but Mary had lots, can we get some tomorrow?"

"Yes of course, tell me what she had"

I poured us out some more champagne and sat down again, mum had a hand in between her legs covering her pussy,

"I was enjoying looking at your cunt mum"

"Shall I take my panties off?"

"Mmm yes please"

"This conversation is getting me very horny"

"I thought it was, your eyes are gleaming"

"And my cunt's getting wet"

She stood up and shimmied out of her panties before throwing them over to me,

I wiped them over my face and licked the damp gusset while she sat watching and smiling,

"You were about to tell me what toys she had"

"Yes" she smiled and allowed her knees to drift apart, "But I'd tell it much better if you were down here, next to my cunt"

"You're beginning to like using that word aren't you?"

She giggled,

"Yes, it's just, well it's just so fucking sexy"

I took my robe off and sat down in front of her my face only inches away from her glistening wet slit,

"She had a lovely double dildo that we liked using, it meant that we could kiss while we were fucking each other"

She stroked her slit and pushed a finger in while we went on,

"And she had a pair of latex panties with two dildos welded into the gusset, I tried them on and it felt wonderful, that's what I want to get tomorrow Marky"

"Two dildos, wow" I leaned forward and swiped my tongue over her clitoris.

"Mmm yes" she moaned softly, "That's so good baby, so very, very good"

I used my tongue to open her pussy lips and she gasped with pleasure,

"We used to make up little fantasies as well"

"Tell me" I said and pulled her right to the edge of the couch, the aroma of her pussy filled my nostrils, "Were they about me?"

Without waiting for her answer, I ran my tongue right down through her oozing sex and prodded it against the tiny puckered hole of her anus, she squealed and jerked but made no attempt to push me away,

"Ooh Marky" she gasped and gripped my hair, "Oh fuck baby yes, that's so fucking dirty" then she cooed and forced herself onto my tongue.

"Tell me mum" I urged her and stood up with my prick almost touching my belly button, "Yes" she smiled licking her lips, "We pretended that you were fucking me"

"Did she like it?"

"She loved it" she said, "I used to make up really wild tales about how I sat on your face or about how we had really wet oral sessions, we pretended that you were fucking me up my arse too"

"Like this?"

Bending my legs slightly I guided my prick to her anus and pushed gently,

"Marky" she gasped, "I've never done this before, you're too big darling"

I pushed harder, she screamed and there was a soft plop as the head went in past her sphincter ring, her eyes opened wide and her hands gripped my hips,

"Oh God yes, you're in me Marky, you're sodomizing me, oh God that's good, sweet fucking Jesus Marky I've never felt anything like it before, do it baby, do it deep for me"

I settled down then to a steady rhythm fucking her with long, even strokes, each forward stroke bringing a moan of pleasure from her pretty face, I felt her finger nails digging into my hips then my back, she was breathing hard as I crushed my mouth to hers and cupped her heaving buttocks.

"I'm gonna come in your ass mum" I hissed and she nodded,


"I'm gonna fill it with spunk"

"Yes baby" she hissed back, "Do it, let it go Marky"

I felt it in my toes first, a lovely tingly feeling that spread rapidly up my legs to my groin,


"Do it Marky, I'm coming, fill me baby, oh God yes, I'm CUMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!"

Her back arched almost dislodging me, her mouth opened and her eyes rolled back into her head, I rammed forwards savagely and let out a long growl as I erupted, mum felt it and dug her nails into my flesh riding the waves of ecstasy in silence, gradually we slowed down and then stopped content just to hold each other, looking down at her I realized she was crying.

"Mum, what's wrong?" but she just gripped me tightly even as my prick softened and slid out of her anus,

"I don't want this to end baby" she sobbed, "I never want us to part, tell me we won't darling"

"Mum if I could I'd marry you tomorrow, but as I can't I'll settle for being with you twenty four seven, ok?"

"Yes darling, that's what I want too"

"I love you mum" I said softly and kissed her tenderly,

"I love you my darling" she whispered and then we slept.

The next morning we ate a leisurely breakfast in the hotel dining room before presenting ourselves at the main lottery office where after the usual checks we were presented with our cheque, then it was onto the bank to deposit it and to draw some out for mum's toys.

We spent over an hour in the sex shop where she bought practically the whole bloody shop including the dildo panties that she so wanted.

"What's our next move darling?" she asked as we sat enjoying a lunch time drink in a riverside pub,

"Well I think we ought to drive down to Cornwall tomorrow and look for a quiet little cottage that we can rent for a few weeks while we wait for dad to decide what he's going to do with the house"

"A quiet little cottage?" she looked thoughtful. "As in a VERY quiet little cottage?"

"Exactly mum" I laughed, "A place where two people could be alone and undisturbed if they so wished"

"Just like the one you told me your boss is selling?"

"Exactly like that one mum"

"Mm, I think I'm going to take my panties off"

"Yeah" I leered, "And roll your skirt up a notch or two"

"I can't" she laughed, "I'm wearing stockings"

I growled and she shuddered,

"God you get me so fucking horny"

"I'll get us another drink"

She was back from the ladies and looking rather flushed when I returned with the drinks,

"You've put them on haven't you?" I laughed and she nodded,

"Mmm yes"

"Do they feel good?"

"Well, I've got six inches of solid rubber in one hole and three inches in the other, so yes it's fair to say that they feel good"

"I'll be redundant"

"Never my darling, they only stimulate me, you give me screaming orgasms"

"Fancy another one?" I grinned,

"Drink or screaming orgasm?" she enquired innocently.

"The latter" I laughed,

"What here?, they'd throw us out"

We finished our drinks with indecent haste and drove back to the hotel, as we walked in through the reception, a familiar voice said, "Ah there you are" and we both turned to see my father standing there smiling with a police officer at his shoulder!

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