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Dateline Sacramento, California, Wednesday, November 7th, 2012, 9:30 AM PST

The state of California was the last state to certify results of the presidential election in favor of the GOP nominees, now President Elect Michael Julian and Vice President Elect Sandra Paladin. The defeated first term Democratic President Maloliden categorically refused to concede defeat in a statement. "This race is not over. There are inconsistencies that must be reconciled before a winner can be declared."

Nationwide polls show that President Maloliden's loss to the GOP is even greater than the landslide victory that swept him into office in 2008. 92% of the vote is officially counted across all fifty states and the District of Colombia. President Elect Julian captured the popular vote in 35 states and a total of 437 Electoral votes. President Elect Julian's landslide victory includes a massive GOP win in both the house and the senate to add to the 2010 gains in both bodies. The GOP will have a supermajority of 2 votes in the senate and 14 in the house.

President Elect Julian responded to a question during an interview this morning about the reason for such a large victory for the GOP. "It's simple. The Democrats violated the three core beliefs of this great country. America wants a strong defense, small government, and low taxes. Both my running mate and I have signed the second Contract with America to achieve those specific goals which is one of the reasons I selected her as my running mate. Every GOP congressman elected yesterday has also signed the second Contract with America. Yesterday's election was a political revolution in our country and to ensure this 'revolution' isn't as short lived as the last Contract with America we have added two additional planks to that contract. Our first order of business when I am sworn in will be two simple bills. The first will be term limits for the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. We don't need experience in those halls. We need common sense. We need to ensure these halls are returned to the people. The second bill will strip all the special privileges from the congress. Elected officials should live under the same rules as their constituents. An example is that Congress will use the same health care system as our military while in office. They will use Medicare and Medicaid after they leave office when they reach the appropriate age. Congressmen and all federal employees will pay into and be allowed to draw from Social Security just like the people we work for, the American People. Once those two things are done we can start working on some of the serious problems this country faces. We shall see what kinds of solutions are found when congress has to live under the same rules as the people."

The election has been marred with reports of violence and attempted fraud at over sixty election sites throughout the country. Six deaths were reported from a polling location in Bloomington, Illinois when automatic rifles were fired from a passing vehicle. Local police estimated over 100 rounds were fired through the windows of the elementary school that hosted the election site in this traditional Republican district. Among the dead are three sixth graders viewing the election proceedings as part of a civics lesson.

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Dateline Washington, District of Columbia, Monday, November 12th, 2012, 8:00 AM EST

The exuberance of the Republican Party was dampened over the weekend with the assassination of Senator Henry Meyers (R-MI) and his family. Sen. Meyers with his wife of 19 years, 12 year old daughter and 11 year old son were leaving church when they were cut down by at least three automatic weapons. Included in the dead were two Secret Service agents and three other parishioners. 13 more were wounded, 5 critically and taken to local hospitals.

An unnamed source within the Justice Department reports that very few leads have materialized in this case and the perpetrators are still at large. The Justice Department has raised the security level for all federal officials and offices to condition red.

Rand Emil, White House Chief of Staff, stated in an interview for the Washington Post that, "This is obviously the work of a force from outside our country trying to disrupt the constitutionally approved transfer of power. Every step is being taken to ensure the safety of all federal officials. The jihadists will not distract us from our responsibilities." Another question to Mr. Emil about President Maloliden's insistence that the election was not over was laughed off with the statement that, "Irregularities and violence during the election raises concerns about the validity of the election. Until we clear up those issues we cannot put closure to the matter of the election."

A prayer dinner is scheduled Thursday evening for GOP house and senate delegates, and their families in honor of Senator Meyers and his family. Congress adjourns on Friday for a two week Thanksgiving break.

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Dateline Washington, District of Columbia Thursday, November 15th, 2012, 10:12 PM EST

A blast has leveled The Hampton House at 9:35 PM in downtown Washington D.C. GOP congressional delegates and their families were holding a prayer dinner at the Hampton House for Senator Meyers (R-MI) and his family who were assassinated last Sunday. Casualty rates are expected to be very high.

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Dateline Washington, District of Columbia Friday, November 16th, 2012, 4:15 AM EST

Only 11 survivors were found in the wreckage of the destroyed Hampton House. Eight of the survivors were members of the GOP congressional delegation that were holding a prayer dinner. All eleven survivors are in critical condition and on life support.

In a statement from the White House President Maloliden expressed his outrage at the attack with the statement, "This attack on my country will not stand. We will spare no effort or expense in finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice."

President Elect Julian and Vice President Elect Paladin will hold a joint news conference from President Elect Julian's home town of New Orleans at 8:00 AM CST. Reportedly, President Elect Julian cried at the news of the loss of so many of his fellow statesmen. President Elect Julian issued the statement, "I have known and served with many of these men and women in one capacity or another for many years. This is a loss that the United States will take many years to recover from."

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Dateline Washington, District of Columbia Friday, November 16th, 2012, 6:16 AM EST

Riots have been reported overnight between supporters of President Maloliden and President Elect Julian in three major US cities. The worst riot was in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA with 17 reported dead. Dallas, TX and Detroit, MI also reported loss of life and significant property damage. President Maloliden and President Elect Julian have urged their followers to be calm.

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Dateline New Orleans, LA. Friday, November 16th, 2012, 8:45 AM CST

President Elect Julian has been killed and Vice President Elect Paladin was wounded during a military style attack on a news conference by an armed force. Vice President Elect Paladin is reported to be in stable condition. The news conference was being held in President Elect Julian's home town of New Orleans in response to the bomb attack on the prayer dinner being held by the Republican Congressional delegates.

The tight security in the press conference was overcome by a force armed with automatic weapons, rocket propelled grenades and rocket launchers. According to one source, the attacking force was also equipped with body armor more advanced than anything available to our military. The anonymous source stated, "I have only seen body armor that good in development labs."

Despite being outgunned and significantly outnumbered, the Secret Service was able to stop the attack until reinforcements arrived and prevented the execution style death of the Vice President Elect. The same anonymous source stated that heroism was the only way to describe the actions of the Secret Service in the mêlée of the attack. The source described one Secret Service agent diving into the path of a bullet as an assailant fired at the Vice President Elect from about 10 feet away. Another Secret Service agent killed the assailant before he could get off a second shot.

31 deaths are attributed to the attack. 17 Secret Service agents and 14 reporters and staffers are reported dead and another 21 are reported wounded and 9 critically. There is an unknown number of dead among the assailants and reportedly three prisoners have been captured.

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Dateline Washington, District of Columbia Friday, November 16th, 2012, 5:15PM EST

Rioting has broken out in nearly every major US city as prayer vigils for the slain President Elect Julian are attacked by mobs of supporters for President Maloliden. New York, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois have activated the National Guard. California Governor Brown tried to activate the National Guard but was vetoed by the state senate due to lack of money in the state coffers to pay for the action.

An unidentified source reports that identification of dead attackers and prisoners taken during the attack on the press conference indicate ties to the Weathermen organization. The Weathermen were last known to be active during the Viet Nam war protests in the 1960's and 1970's. A statement from Attorney General Holder's office denies the possibility of the Weathermen being the source of the attack since that group has been defunct since the 1970's. Bill Airless, a former member of the Weathermen and a friend of President Maloliden scoffed at the notion that Weathermen could be involved and stated, "The Weathermen broke up when there was no longer a need for us. This is obviously another group, probably foreign, trying to use the Weathermen as a boogey man."

Forward — Saturday, November 17th, 2012 — 1100

Bill was cautious as he drove through the high desert country of Northern Arizona. He stopped his F250 Super Duty just before the crest of each hill to see what was ahead of him. He had learned this bit of wisdom about 80 miles back when a group of armed men tried to stop him. He glanced at the bullet hole in the windshield that whistled as he drove. It was just about where his head would have been if he hadn't ducked when he stomped on the gas to get away. They may have chased Bill anyway for the load of supplies he was carrying but they had their dead to take care. Bill had rolled down the drivers and passengers side windows as he coasted to a stop. They hadn't expected him to open up with the shotgun when the first man sauntered up to the open passenger's side window. They also hadn't expected him to start firing the '357 Glock from the driver's side window. He saw that at least three of the ten men were down when he looked in the rear view mirror as he rocketed away. Bill didn't usually just start shooting at people, but the last 24 hours had taught him that shooting first was often the only way to survive.

Bill Blake had not intended on spending his Saturday shooting his way through roadblocks. Bill was a network administrator and his weekends were usually spent puttering around his house in North Phoenix. Since his wife had died of cancer several years ago he just didn't get around as much and was usually content to stay at home. He always had a couple of projects going inside the house in the summer and outside in the winters that kept him busy.

Bill's son, Rob, got him involved with a project in Northern Arizona about 12 years ago. Rob called it the Survival Project and you could hear the capital letters in the name when he said it. Bill had to admit it was fun working with him and probably would have helped Rob even if he didn't agree that the country was headed for a show down.

They purchased a piece of land, one of those 40 acres for $20,000 you read about, and built an earthship on it. The land didn't have water or power and was very remote. That was exactly what they wanted. They didn't have a lot of money so an earthship was the only thing they could afford to build. Bill didn't know what an earthship was when his son told him about his plan and he directed Bill to WWW.Earthship.Org. It was a building method using scrap materials to create a self sustaining structure. The walls were made of discarded tires filled with dirt. Most of the rest of the structure was built with junk like aluminum cans that was thrown out every day. The earthship was designed to collect and store rain water which is especially important in Arizona. Large, southern facing windows allowed enough sunlight in to sustain a regular garden below the windows. Natural heat convection kept the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The earthship naturally blended into the landscape which was an unintended side benefit.

They had a family conference after the 2008 elections and agreed that things were coming to a head politically. The earthship was complete and they had been spending weekends and holidays there for the last few years. They decided it was time to harden their site. They purchased louvered steel security shutters to cover the windows. Rob and Bill figured out a way to automate the opening and closing of the louvers so plants could get light when they were gone for extended periods. They painted them a dull brown color that blended with the surrounding landscape. Their plan accelerated throughout 2009 while the Democrat controlled congress crafted bills behind closed doors to take over most of the US Economy. Their preparation grew to a fever pitch when the Health Care Bill passed in March of 2010. They purchased food and supplies and hauled it all to the property in 40 foot shipping containers. They treated the outside of the containers with tar to prevent corrosion and buried four of them. One could only be accessed from a trap door that could be reached from inside the earthship. Extra supplies were stored in the underground storage. The other three were situated so only the door could be seen and provided a hidden, underground garage for the trucks and a backhoe. A friend of Bill's took some pictures of the property from the air. Nothing could be seen from the air except tire tracks. It was almost half a mile from the nearest dirt road so all that could be seen from the road was tire tracks. Many times Bill told his son that a little paranoia was good but he thought Rob was taking it too far. Rob's only response was that he was thinking of the safety of his wife and son and he couldn't be too paranoid. It turns out that his son was right and making it to the property could easily mean the difference between life and death.

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