Chapter 1: Club Noceur

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Club Noceur - Is she being really unfaithful?

The night it happened Kayla Burch was sitting at her favorite table at 'Club Noceur'. The club, although new, had already gained a reputation as one of Atlanta's most notorious swingers' hangouts.

Normally Kayla didn't go there by herself. However, on this particular night, her usual partner in crime and her long time friend, Chloe Daniels, was busy preparing as Chloe had put it 'something special' for Kayla's birthday.

Kayla was a predator, a fact visibly revealed under the red glow coming from the light directly above her table.

She was dressed in three-inch tall black high-heels, sheer black thigh high stockings with matching garter belt. On her hips was a black satin skirt that was so thin, when she stood up, it became transparent enough that everyone looking could tell she wasn't wearing panties. It also just covered her gorgeous ass. Above that, was a see-through black sleeveless blouse with a teardrop opening in the front. No pasties were covering her nipples. On her neck was a short, silver chain necklace. Hanging down from the chain and resting just above the top of her blouse was a one-inch, oval black onyx stone resting in a silver setting. Around each wrist were matching thin silver chain bracelets. Draped over the back of her chair was the collarless, button-less, long sleeve black leather jacket she'd worn to the club that night.

It was the garb of a prowling cougar in heat and everybody could see it, but then, dressed as she was there much else they couldn't see.

With the eyes of a wild, sexual animal hunting for her prey, Kayla surveyed the crowd of patrons. Scanning the room, her hungry gaze first searched the massive oak bar in the center of the building.

'Fucking college kids!' She thought to herself. Kayla didn't like college boys and considered them as nothing but fast shooting gunslingers that couldn't go the distance with her.

She continued searching the room. No one on the dance-floor looked any better.

Kayla turned her attention to the ten foot deep stage protruding from each of the four walls. 'Fuck! More kids! What are they doing, handing out fake I.D. cards at the door?'

Her patience fast running out, Kayla continued scanning.

In each of the four corners of the room was suspended, three feet above the stage, a metal cage. Attached to each cage's door was a sign. Printed on the signs were the words 'Couples Only!' Usually the cages were used for dancing. But sometimes, dependent upon how much alcohol had been consumed by those inside, they were used for other things.

Examining the cages one at a time, Kayla discovered that all but one were empty. That cage was located in the right rear corner of the club. There was a very attractive mixed-race couple inside. Kayla recognized them from another club.

The man was six feet tall and Caucasian. He was handsomely bald and had blue eyes. He wore navy blue dress slacks, a light blue long sleeve shirt, dark dress socks, a black belt with gold buckle, and a pair black low-top dress boots.

The woman with him was five foot six inches tall and Hispanic. She had very short curly black hair and green eyes. Covering her body was an emerald green, strapless wrap-around dress; and on her feet was matching green open-toed shoes.

At first glance, the couple appeared to be kissing lustfully as they danced provocatively together. The woman's back was to her man and, his arms were wrapped around her. But it was his hand placement that told the true story of what was going on under the flickering lights above them.

When Kayla looked closely, she could see quite clearly that the man's left hand was cupping his companion's bare right breast. Kayla could also see that the man's right hand was between her legs and inside the opening of the wrap-around dress. The couple turned sideways revealing to Kayla enough bare thigh and pelvis to assure her that the woman wasn't wearing panties. She could also tell that the man's wrist was moving slowly up and down.

'What a turn on! He's getting her off right there in plain view of everyone! I'm getting wet just watching them!'

Indulging her voyeuristic tendencies, Kayla watched and imagined herself in place of the woman on stage. When she looked up at the couple to examine their expressions, to her pleasant surprise, they smiled back at her knowingly.

Kayla tried to decide what to do next. One possibility she considered was opening her purse, removing the lipstick vibrator she carried with her and placing it between her legs. It was a sure way for her to advertize her availability to the couple. But before she could do so, her cell phone rang.

It was Chloe.

Kayla was forced to yell into the phone just to be heard. "You've got lousy timing Baby Doll!"

"Where the hell are you?" Chloe demanded.

Yelling again, Kayla replied, "I'm still at the club. Things were just about to get interesting."

"Well get your hot little ass over here birthday girl. You don't want to be late for your own party do you?"

Hoping that her surprise was going to be at least as promising as what she was walking away from, Kayla promised Chloe to be on time, ended the call; and then, jacket in hand, exited the club.

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