Circle of Perversity
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Wife Watching, DomSub, Humiliation, Interracial, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband and wife begin role playing and soon wife joins a chat room where she unwittingly gives out her address and reaps the whirlwind she sowed.

Tom and Barbara were mid twenties and had been married for only five years. Firstly Tom, he was five foot eleven tall, medium build and with a slightly less than average prick at five and a half inches. Barbara at a year younger than her husband, stood five six tall with a slender to buxom figure, in fact the thing which attracted Tom originally was her large firm 38DD bust. Her green eyes complimented her shoulder length blonde hair.

Despite the fact the sparkle had began to disappear, they had begun role playing in their sex life. Tom favourite role play fantasy was when Barbara played the part of a dominatrix and made him obey her every whim. To this end he had spent a couple of hundred pounds in buying the right costumes and toys to go with this. He did however refuse to admit the total amount of pleasure he got when Barbara wearing a strap on fucked him up the arse.

For Barbara, her favourite role play was when he wore a penis extension and spoke with a bruvva accentuated words. In her mind's eye she saw his enlarged penis as being that of a big black mother fucker and secretly fantasised about being gang raped by the black males and made to take their large cocks bare back in her cunt. More than once while Tom was at work she would take the large strap on and her largest vibrator and lay naked on the bed. Pretending verbally to be trapped by two large black males and forced to take their pretend pricks up her cunt and arse.

She was always guilt ridden when she faced Tom on those days she allowed her fantasises their head. In fact both often felt guilty about their inner desires and neither having the courage to confess their true desires. It was Barbara who while surfing the internet found the black on whites website and she simply could not resist joining. Soon she was logged in and after looking at several photos of black males sporting large hard cocks and several series of pictures where white women took on one or two or more black cocks.

Before she realised it she had received an invite to join someone in a chat room and found herself extremely wet between her legs as she began chatting to this mystery person. The chat was pretty basic to start off with, with very little sexual innuendo, but she really did not remember letting slip her fantasises or the fact that she had large firm tits and blonde hair with green eyes. Over the next six weeks, she recalled even less she recalled letting it be known she had fucked her husband up the arse with a large black strap on. But she must have for she was told to watch her post for a special invitation.

It was not until she had closed the computer she suddenly thought, "How can I receive an invitation through the post, they do not know my address!" but the idea played on her mind and she quickly logged back into the pc and scanned the chat history. "Shit!!!!" she screamed, she saw she had in fact given out her home address and phone number, she wracked her brain trying to work out how and when. The computer told her the time and date she had done so but she could not remember doing so.

Now extremely worried she turned the computer off vowing never to return to that site, and silently praying that nothing would come of this, yet an hour later she was itching to go back on to the site.

Three days later in the Thursday morning post an ivory coloured envelope dropped through her door and landed on her mat. She thought nothing of it till she opened it and saw the same ivory coloured invitation card with an embossed motif all around the edge of the card of black coloured cocks.

Her heart skipped a beat as she opened the tri fold card and she read the first flap; it read.

You and your husband are cordially invited to our Diversity awareness party.

You will attend at 7.30 pm on Saturday night at 75 The Old Mill, Mill Lane, London.

Then she gulped as she read the last line which was set in bold print.

Make sure you follow the required dress code as shown on the following leaf.

Males will wear shirt and trousers definitely no underwear and will be shaved fully especially in the groin area.

Females will wear mid thigh skirt, white blouse, high heeled shoes and no underwear will be tolerated. Females will be sporting a shaved cunt and absolutely no makeup is allowed.

The invitation was signed A Black Well Wisher.

Suddenly Barbara had another problem. How was she going to get Tom to agree to go, not only that but she suddenly realised she would have to confess registering on the site and therefore her current fantasy tastes. She thought long and hard and always came back to the same conclusion, if she told a small white lie and treat it as a sex escapade she may just get away without confessing her desires. It then suddenly hit her, not once had she even contemplated not attending and she knew deep down inside she would do all within her power to make sure Tom agreed to go.

That night as she and Tom retired to bed she snuggled up to him and whispered sexily in his ear, she had planned a special sexual treat for him for Saturday night. He pestered her for details but she simply said the full details were out of her hands as she had handed all those details over to someone else. She showed him the invitation and made arrangement to shave him Saturday afternoon in return he agreed to shave her too.

Despite his pestering and her reassurances that she could not tell him what she did not know, they both had the most explosive sexual session since the night of their honeymoon. Neither confessing their inner thoughts but both playing out their private fantasises in their own minds, only now Tom's had taken on a new dimension. A dimension he would never have thought as a possibility. The cock he has sucked and had fucked his boy pussy belonging to a real life black male. No longer was the strap on simply a black rubber cock fastened to a harness around his wives waist, but it was a living breathing real flesh and blood cock, in his mind it belonged to a six foot tall black afro American male, who called him his cock sucking wimp.

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