The Return of Lilly Rose


In Las Vegas, a waitress walks outside to go to work. Her old car has disappeared and in its place sits a brand new sedan. She walks around the car. A note is taped to the window of the car. She removes the note and reads it. It said, thank you again. There is no signature on the note. She gets in the car and a package sits in the seat next to her. A message on the outside of the package says here is a little something to help you on your journey. In the back seat is a special gift for your daughter. The waitress rips in to the package. A hundred thousand dollars spills out in the front seat of the car. The waitress starts celebrating. Then she gets scared. Who would have given her all of this? She panics and tries to put all of the money back in the torn up package. A rap on the driver side window scares her. She jumps in to the passenger seat of the sedan. A man peeks in the window.

The gentleman says to her, "Ma'am, my name is Waylon Rogers. I am with Johnson, Davis, and Rogers attorneys at law. May I speak with you?" The waitress still scared to death hugs the passenger seat. Waylon Rogers speaks again, "Ma'am, let me show you my identification." Waylon Rogers sets his briefcase down and pulls out his wallet. He pulls out his driver's license and his business card and puts them on the driver's side window. He holds the cards there for a few minutes. Waylon Rogers asks, "Ma'am, I didn't mean to scare you would you please look at my identification. If you want to you can call my office the phone number is on the card."

The waitress yells, "I don't have a phone anymore."

Waylon Rogers is getting concerned. This was suppose to be easy. Meet with her and have her sign the receipts. Waylon Rogers tells her, "Ma'am there is a cell phone in the car. Just lift up that panel by the gear shift."

The waitress sees the panel and opens it. The man was telling her the truth. She pulls out the phone. She scoots closer to the driver's door and dials the number on the card.

A receptionist answers the phone, "Johnson, Davis, and Rogers, how may I direct your call."

The waitress shakily asks, "Do you have a Waylon Rogers who works for you?"

The receptionist replies, "Ma'am is this some kind of joke."

The waitress still shaken up replies, "No, this is no joke."

The receptionist says, "Yes ma'am, Mr. Rogers is a partner here."

The waitress calms down a little, "Could you please describe him." The receptionist still thinking this is a joke, describes Mr. Rogers. The description she gives fits the man perfectly. The waitress hangs up the phone immediately. She unlocks the passenger door and gets out. She keeps her eyes on the man.

The waitress asks him, "Why did you scare me like that?"

Waylon Rogers explains, "Ma'am, I tried I waved at you and honked my horn. You were so mesmerized by the gifts. You didn't see me so I rapped on the window. I am sorry if I scared you."

The waitress asks, "These are gifts from whom?"

Waylon Rogers says, "Read these if you need any other information I am sorry I can't help you. Every thing that is in this vehicle is yours. It is legal and above board. The taxes have already been paid in your name. The vehicle registration is all here. I am just an arbitrator. Again, I am sorry for scaring you." Waylon Rogers puts the packet of papers on the car and leaves. The waitress waits for him to leave before she picks up the papers. She reads through the registration and the tax forms. On the bottom of the stack of papers is a letter. She reads it. She jumps with joy. She runs around the car and stuffs all of the money in her apron. She grabs the keys, and cell phone out of the car. She runs in to the house yelling for her daughter.

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