Learning His Place in the Scheme of Things
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Fiction, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, BDSM, DomSub, Humiliation, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Sex Toys, Cream Pie,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A yoong man becomes the victim of a femdom; not kidnapped as you would expect but lured into a new role in life; the femdom learns her skills excellently from her mother and already controls the cuckold father.

Stephen stood looking in the mirror, he still could not believe what had happened to him, only twelve hours ago his life was perfect, married to a wonderful woman and respected by his wife and her family; but now how could he look any of them in the face. Even worse where would be his new station in the hierarchy of the family be.

Let me retrace the events for you and maybe you could tell him where he stands now. Firstly Stephen was 29 years of age, six foot three tall of athletic build and as he always thought dominant mind set. He was always aware that his larger than average cock could attract women, and so it had proved when he first met and then married Angelina.

Angelina was two years younger than her husband at 27 years of age she was Amazonian in appearance standing five foot ten tall, slim body with large 40 EEE breasts and incredibly the bulk of her height seemed to originate from her long legs. She always kept her cunt shaved as she loved to wear the smallest of bikinis and loved the way her prominent cunt lips always showed through. She laughing referred to them as her Venus fly trap as they always attracted the man meat of men.

The pair had met four years ago and Stephen had become besotted by Angelina, so much so she had him dancing on a string, just to get a view of her cunt in the flesh, so to speak. One thing Stephen was not aware of was the strange relationship between her and her parents, for as an only child she had most definitely been spoilt, but Stephen never suspected that also included in a sexual way.

Stephen's problem he now faced began in truth on his honeymoon three years ago, he should have suspected something being amiss when he discovered on arrival at the honeymoon hotel his mother and father in law already booked in and to make matters worse they were in the very next room. Trying to make the best of a bad situation he signed in and led his blushing bride up to the room, he wondered if the fact her mum and dad were there was the main reason she had declined his offer of the bridal suite.

They climbed the stairs and after the bell hop had dropped off the cases, took his tip and left, Stephen lifted his bride and carried her over the threshold. This was no mean feat as his bride being almost the same size as himself almost led to him pulling his back. Once inside the room he expected he was about to finally posses his bride's body, for the year they had courted he had been allowed looks at her cunt lips, or the occasional grope of her tits but had never managed to get inside her knickers to fuck her. Often when out on a date she would allow him to feel her nipple or rub her cunt through her panties but only on the condition he wanked his cock in full view of her and always had to cum in a hankie.

Even worse was to come the last three or four times she had insisted he give her the hankie and on pretext of wiping something from his chin had made sure to press the spunk stains against his lips. She even suggested that he lick his lips straight after. Once he had done so hoping to please her enough to be allowed to at least finger fuck her. He had then to admit to her that the spunk he tasted did not taste nasty but it did taste a little salty and strange.

After that every time they dated he ended up tasting his own spunk, and she always denied him the chance to fuck her saying she was saving herself for her husband. Eventually he had fell for the line and asked her to marry him, still with the spunk stained hankie against his mouth she had said yes and kissed him passionately trapping the hankie between her lips and his. Her tongue forced the wet spunk stained hankie into his mouth and he had no option but to taste fully his own seed.

That same night she had took him home to meet her parents for the third time and prompted him to ask her father for the hand of his daughter in marriage. He had managed to blurt out his desire to marry the man's daughter and the prospective father in law had agreed provided his wife had no issues with the situation.

Then the strangest thing happened, he was sent into the lounge alone to repeat his request to be allowed to marry Angelina to her mum. As he entered he approached the settee and before him sat the matronly figure of his future mother in law and beside her his beloved future wife Angelina. Once more but this time with a little more confidence he repeated his desire to make an honest woman of Angelina to her mom; whilst his possible bride sat silently.

He was shocked and stunned when Marge, Angelina's mom, asked "Yes but can you take good care of my little baby?"

Stephen almost spluttered as he announced, "I earn £27,000 per year and have investments totalling £75,000. So yes I think I can take good care of her!"

Marge then really shocked him, "I was not referring to financially, you moron!" she continued in a menacing tone, "I mean sexually, my little baby has frequently told me you wank off into a hankie, is this true?"

Stephen went beet red and stammered, "Yes, but only because Angelina told me she was saving herself for marriage!"

Marge then retorted, "Why would she do that, she has not been a virgin since she was sixteen, so there is nothing to save!"

Poor Stephen did not know where to look, but he noticed a smirk appear on Angelina's face, and he could barely believe his ears as he heard his future mother in law order him to remove his pants so she could judge if her daughter would be happy with his lot. Suddenly she snapped, "Come on. I am waiting you fucking wimp!"

Angelina added, "You better do as she says or she will call father and he will hold you down while we undress you and then you will be spanked hard!"

Stephen understood the menace in her tone of voice and he reasoned that he would make her pay for this embarrassment later when she would obey him as his wife. So reluctantly he began to undo the belt on his trousers and he dropped them to the floor.

He now stood trousers round his ankles and his boxer shorts on full display to his future mother in law. She suddenly clapped her hands twice loudly and the door opened and in stepped Angelina's dad. "George, warn Stephen here what will happen to him if he does not do exactly what he is told to do this instant!" Marge demanded.

George now spoke, "It's simple my boy, firstly you will be grabbed, stripped and spanked and then for good measure, I will fuck your boy pussy so hard and make you swallow my cum. If you think that is bad, then you would have to be fucked by Angelina with her medium sized strap on, the flesh coloured one there on the shelf!" he continued as he pointed to the object he had just mentioned.

Before Stephen could reply, George continued further, "and then you would be fucked by Marge with the big black strap on at the end of that same shelf! And finally have to masturbate yourself off into the glass in the middle of the shelf and after the two ladies have added their piss to the glass, have to drink it down in one or face even further punishment!"

As if to reinforce his words, George stepped forward and menacingly stood close to Stephen. Realising that now with his trousers round his ankles he could hardly run away successfully so he had better do as he was told, closing his eyes he whipped his pants down and his 9 inch cock sprang out. She was even more embarrassed to realise the threat of this violence and rape had cause him to get a semi hard on. Suddenly Marge had his cock in her hand and squeezed it forcefully causing Stephen to wince.

At the same time Angelina grabbed his balls and as her mother released the pressure on his cock, she squeezed tightly on his balls. It seemed the pair had this all planned because without a word being spoken as Angelina released the pressure, Marge reapplied all the pressure.

To Stephen's surprise and despite the feelings of pain in his cock and balls he saw his cock getting harder and firmer. Marge suddenly broke the silence by saying, "See, My darling daughter, control the cock and you control the man! Show him George!"

In a flash George dropped his trousers and revealed his cock in a cage, the cage looked horrific as it clearly had sharp studs on the inside which pressed into the length of George's cock and if he ever got a hard on it must have been too painful to contemplate.

George stepped forward as if comparing his slightly smaller cock against Stephen's. Marge suddenly released Stephen's cock and produced a small gold key and unlocked a gold padlock beneath George's cock cage and it slipped from his cock, dragging the sharp studs against the sides of his cock. Stephen almost winced for George as he thought how painful that must have felt.

At single word commands, George knelt beside Stephen and in full view of his wife and daughter he began to suck on Stephen's still hard cock. Angelina reapplied the pressure on Stephen balls and said, "Tell my dad, wimp, how you want to fill his mouth with your spunk!"

This was blowing Stephen's mind to think these two women were vying for full control over two men and one of those pairs were father and daughter. He hesitated in responding much to his own concern as not only did Angelina squeeze tighter on his balls but she even twisted and sharply yanked on them almost physically threatening to rip his balls from his body.

With a yelp, Stephen replied, "George I want to fill your heavenly mouth with my hot sticky seed!" only to suddenly feel his arse on fire as the first swish of the cane bit deep into his tender virgin arse. Marge snapped, "He is your father in law and my husband, you fucking queer wimp, you will call him father in law or dad, or you will feel the lash of a further 11 of those!"

Stephen cried out, "Dad, I want to fill your heavenly mouth with my hot sticky seed, please allow me to!"

George never replied as he was already busy sucking for all he was worth on the 9 inch cock and the room was filled with slurping sounds.

A single word of cease from Angelina's cruel mouth had her own dad, instantly stopping using his mouth and backing away from the saliva covered cock. Another tug on Stephen's balls had him on his knees and he was ordered to beg George to fuck his mouth. Stephen hesitated a little too long and was rewarded with a second stinging red stripe across his arse.

"Dad, let me taste your cock, please, I so want to return the wonderful feelings you have just given me!" lied Stephen.

Soon the cock was between his lips and he was sucking for all he was worth, hoping any minute to be told enough and then be allowed to get dressed. Stephan had already planned his escape from this; he would leave the house and never see Angelina ever again.

But the word never came and suddenly George's balls twitched as he announced he was cumming, Marge warned Stephen not to swallow or he would be soundly thrashed with the cane. Spurt after spurt of spunk hit the back of his throat and he did his very best not to swallow.

When the shrinking cock was pulled from his mouth, Stephen was ordered to face Marge and open his mouth showing the mouthful of spunk he had. It was then that he froze as he saw all his actions had been filmed and a laughing Angelina announced that if he tried to leave her the film would not only be posted on the internet but also a copy would be sent to his own parents.

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