Piggy in the Middle
Chapter 1: Setting the events in motion

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Wife Watching, Spanking, Light Bond, Group Sex, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Setting the events in motion - A huisband and wife's sagging love life takes a turn for the better when she suggests a threesome; thinking it would be two females and himself the husband agrees and things escalate from there.

Peter was married to Angela; and had been for some ten years. Like most married couples their love life had began to become monotonous and a little boring. The usual Friday night fumble once their five year old son was in bed asleep; it had become a little more stale than normal though with Peter now climbing on and thrusting away for five or six minutes before cumming and then rolling off and almost immediately drifting off to sleep.

Angela's frustrations began to grow and so did their arguments; she accused Peter of taking her for granted and wanted to know why he did not desire her as much as when they were first married. Peter did his best to assure her that he did want her as much if not more but as he put it; "how many times do you poke the fire before you begin to ignore the mantel piece"

He reassured her he still loved her shaved cunt and still desired to lick It out and make her cum so hard she soaked his face as she had done in their early years together; he promised he found her larger tits more arousing since she had given birth to little Colin; in fact he remarked that he loved it when she had began breast feeding Colin and allowed him to watch and then to drain her tits after Colin had taken his fill.

Suddenly Angela spoke out; "You know what we really need?" she asked.

"What do we really need my pet!" enquired Peter.

"We need a lover to stir up our emotions! A threesome would really give our sex life a new lease of life!" she declared.

Peter instantly agreed but asked if she was sure a threesome was a good idea; she assured him now it was and she would arrange it as soon as she could!

Peter knowing his wife had been bisexual when they had first met was pretty confident she would choose a female to take part in the threesome and although Peter too had no aversion to sucking cock; he secretly fantasised about him being with two females. That Friday night when they settled into bed, as Peter took the lead and rolled Angela into the doggy position he asked her to tell him how her plans for their threesome had progressed.

"Oh Darling, it has not gone very well, I have checked out some of my friends and discreetly enquired if they have any ideas about a threesome and drawn a rock solid blank!" Angela confessed. Sensing his frustration as he faltered in thrusting his five inch cock into her cunt, she decided that the next best thing to actually having a threesome would be a verbal fantasy about one.

"Imagine, Peter dear, you came home and found me tied to the bed, stark naked with a large cucumber thrust up my cunt. No signs of anyone else around; what would you do?" she asked.

Picking up on her plan; Peter replied "Why, dearest darling; I would have no hesitation in fucking you hard with the cucumber till you were begging me to replace it with my rock hard cock and flood your cunt with my spunk!"

"Yeah but babes imagine as you striped off and climbed onto the bed to fuck me with the cucumber a pair of hands grabbed you and held you down whilst tying your hands behind your back? Now unable to defend yourself; imagine a hand closing tightly around your hard cock as another began to grasp your balls! As the hand was wanking your cock the other hand would be clenched gripping your balls tighter before releasing and repeating its actions!" she eager described to him.

"Oh god; that sounds so divine; my love; as long as the person whose hands they were forced me down so I could lick your anal ring and probe your arse entrance with my tongue!" Peter retorted.

"OMG. That sounds so good! But imagine if as you were licking my arse; something began to press into your own anal ring, stretching it till it accepted the thick object deep inside your own anal opening!" Angela continued.

Before Peter could respond, his cock replied for him and spurted his load up inside Angela's cunt; only this time his cock did not go soft and he resumed his thrusts.

Angela saw this as her chance, she continued. "Imagine a big thrusting cock deep inside your arse or as it would be called your boy pussy! You would be used as a male cunt and you would love the feel of being fucked whilst being wanked off at the same time"

Peter had to agree the thought sounded really horny to him, the last cock he had played with other than his own had been a fellow school boy's when they were both aged 17. he recalled how hot and hard it felt in his hand and how he had loved the smell and taste of it as it slipped between his lips, often he had regretted not taking it up his arse and in return fucking the other boys arse; but shortly after that they both left school never to meet up again. Secretly he had always intended to try the cock up the arse but somehow it never really happened for him. Suddenly he was a little scared, how Angela had found out about his hidden desire; he knew he had been really careful never to mention it or anything like it that could have told her of his pent up desire.

She reassured him, she knew his secret but loved him as much if not more; she explained that like her own bisexuality she had seen the signs in him and had always hoped he would have told her but had never pressed for that to happen.

She persuaded Peter to stay knelt as he was and she slipped from the bed and fetched a small cucumber from the fridge, she carefully coated it in oil and eased it slowly but firmly into Peter's tight virgin ass. As she fucked his ass; she told him she had an idea but it would mean them both being honest with each other; and just to set the balling rolling she was going to confide one of her deepest fantasises to him.

She began, "I have always wanted to be a submissive slut; oh not just tied down and fucked but made to do outrageous things before being fucked and then being made to do more outrageous things like sucking clean the cock which had just been fucking. She deliberately left out any reference to the cock having fucked her or where. I often fantasise about being led naked into a room blindfolded so I do not know how many or who is there watching me and then being made to play with myself with various toys before being fucked often by more than one cock and always with the cocks spewing their loads over my face and tits. Then I am told to use my hands to scoop up the spunk and lick my hands clean. I am then led from the room so I never know who fucked me or how many were there!"

She felt Peter's cock twitch in her hand as she began to really fuck his ass with the cucumber; she then asked "Peter what is your fantasy right now?"

Instantly Peter began. "I supposed not that much further than what you're doing to me now, only I would be made to suck a large cock and guide it into your cunt or ass, watching from extremely close range as it fucked you hard and then as it filled your hole with spunk and was pulled out, I would be made to suck it clean before eating the spunk direct from your hole while the now hard again cock slowly fucked my boy pussy and the person was telling me I better suck all the spunk from your body in case your become pregnant with a bastard baby and asking if I was aware I was married to a horny little slut! As the cock fucked my boy pussy I would be told I was a cuckold and would now only serve the real man's cock which was going to fuck you regularly and my own weedy cock was only fit for wanking into an empty glass; before I had to drink my own spunk!"

By the time they had confessed their inner most secrets, both had climaxed long and hard and now lay sweating and resting as the recalled their words. Just then Angela asked if Peter wanted her to arrange for it to be more than just a fantasy for she knew their mutual friend Roger; who was a dominant male and he had often commented on his desire to fuck her. Peter was too excited to answer but he did definitely nod his head most vigorously.

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