To Whom It May Concern
Chapter 1: The Awakening

David Jenkins sat at his desk looking over personnel files. The expression on his face was unreadable. He stared at the file in front of him oblivious to all that was going on around him. He stared at the first few words on the page: "To Whom it may concern."

If anyone in the office had been paying any attention to him, they would have noticed that he had been staring at the same file for over an hour. He was not sure why he was staring at the file, at that same sentence. As soon as he had read those five words he just stopped. His mind went blank and he just stared. Finally his sore muscles registered in the fog that was his brain, his body had not moved since he started staring. His arms were beginning to shake from being in the same position for so long, his back had begun to slump and a small ache began to form at the base of his spine. That unpleasant feeling broke the haze and his mind began to slowly start to function once again. He registered the words on the page and he started to continue to read the file in front of him. He was not even aware that he had stopped reading, and was confused as to why he hurt.

The file he was reading was the cover letter for a resume for a receptionist position that was about to open up in the company. One of the big wigs had become unhappy with his current receptionist and had requested a new one be found so that he could let her go. David would have felt sorry for the girl getting let go, if he could get his mind to work enough to get an emotional response. As it was he was having trouble reading the cover letter in front of him. It was like he had gone into slow motion while the rest of the world had sped up. Yet through it all he still had not registered that anything was even wrong, other than the pain in his arms and the throbbing in his back.

David Jenkins was not a very remarkable man: 25 years old, graduate from a small college with a degree in Human Resources, brown hair and hazel eyes, five foot six inches tall and only about one hundred and fifty pounds. He was very quiet and tended to keep to himself. Not the best personality for his line of work. He got the degree because his mother had convinced him it was the most lucrative and stable job. He hated it; he hated dealing with all the people at the interviews, making themselves out to be better than they were. He hated dealing with the people when he had to let them go, listening to their sob stories as to why they needed the job and how were they going to take care of their families. He hated his coworkers who seemed to relish in one aspect of the job or the other. He could not decide which group was worse: the recruiter who excelled at the interviews and gave false promises and then broke the interview down and found every little flaw in the individual after the interview was done, or the "Kiss-Ass" lackeys to the management who smiled brightly as they destroyed people's dreams and ushered them out the door.

None of these thoughts registered in his brain, not much of anything passed through his head other than a futile attempt to continue to read the cover letter in the file in front of him. His arms finally had reached their limit and his eyes followed the paper in front of him as it was slowly lowered to the desk. His coworkers finally noticed him as his arms fell to his sides and the file fell to the floor. The room went silent as his head flopped forwards on his shoulders and then fell to the desk with a sickening crunch. One of his coworkers screamed as blood splattered across his desk when his nose was crushed between the desk and the rest of his skull. His head bounced off the desk and David's body slipped out of the chair. As he fell to the floor his left arm swung limply across the desk and took the rest of the stack of papers with it. Someone grabbed a phone to dial 911.

As David's head hit the tiled floor of the office the last thought that ran through his mind was, "To Whom it may concern." Then everything went black.

In a dark and cold room, lights blinked and flashed as a console came to life. A holographic screen flashed on and letters formed in the air above the system "Download incomplete ... Destination offline ... Attempting Resume ... Link Lost..."

Another set of lights began to flash across the room and another terminal lit up as its holographic display brought up the image of a planet and a small red dot started to blink on one of its northern continents. The first console began to display more words: "Destination Located ... Attempting to establish Link ... Destination Still offline ... Dispatching remote interface..."

Karen sat at her station at Yutter Memorial Hospital when the ambulance arrived with the newest patient. She came from around her desk with her clip board to get the vitals from the EMT as they brought him in. She quickly took down the information with a practiced hand as the EMT's rattled it off. As Dr. Jones came up behind her, Karen handed him the paperwork she had completed, he took them with a grin and began to look at the patient. As he rattled off more information, Karen quickly began to write once again. Dr. Jones looked her way and gave her a room number and some quick instructions. "The patient is breathing and the bleeding has stopped. Get him into his room, get his vitals again and hook him up to an EKG," He stated as he handed the paperwork back to Karen. "I'll be back in a few to check the readings and order some tests."

Karen nodded to him and placed the paperwork on the patient's chest as she wheeled him to his assigned room. Approaching the room, she finally got a look at the man's face and stopped in her tracks. She knew him, she did not know where she knew him from but she somehow knew him. It was like she was looking at the face of her best friend. She could have sworn she had never seen this man at all in her entire life, but she knew his face. Her mind flashed with images of him smiling over her, her hands brushing a lock of hair from his eyes. A flash and he was sitting across a table from her at a small cafe sipping a cup of coffee.

Karen was brought to reality by someone saying her name. "Karen, are you ok?" A voice said with concern.

She shook her head and looked in the direction of the voice. It was her best friend Julia. "Yeah, I'm fine," Karen replied still shaking her head. "Deja vu, I guess."

She continued to wheel the patient to room 316 and rolled up to the bed. Two orderlies were already waiting to help her get him into the bed. Julia followed Karen into the room. She was a short Latino woman five foot three inches tall, full of spitfire and vinegar especially where her friends are concerned. "Deja vu? Ya' have got to be kidding me! That was more than Deja vu; I called your name three times! You girl, were in la la land."

The orderlies loaded the man into the bed and left as Karen pulled out the needed equipment to hook up the EKG. "Julia I am fine, it's ok. I just thought I knew him for a second that's all."

"Do you?" Julia asked. When Karen looked at her with confusion she finished the question "Know him, I mean?" She asked her hands upraised in front of her in a dramatic attempt to express her question.

"No, I have never seen him before today," Karen replied as she hooked him to the EKG. "It was weird, I looked at his face and it was like I was looking at someone I had known forever," Karen looked at Julia with a bemused expression on her face. "But I swear I have never seen him before today."

Julia smiled a wicked grin at Karen as she helped her hook up the equipment. "Maybe you did know him, in a past life or somethin'. You know, like a lover. Girl, he's kinda cute."

Karen smacked Julia in a playful manner. "Julia, I am serious it was really weird."

She looked at the unconscious man in the bed beneath her, and felt a pang of concern. Normally she can detach herself from her patients; not completely, no good nurse ever completely detaches herself, but with this one it was different. She really and genuinely was concerned for his well being. It felt like a part of her was dying and there was nothing she could do about it. She almost started to cry as she walked out of the room back towards her station. "Are you sure your ok, Girl?" Julia asked her.

The remote interface floated above the structure that the up-link destination was located in. It scanned the area and determined that the facilities were quite crude and antiquated by its standards. It began to interface with the local wireless devices around it in order to determine its best method to gain entry into the structure and interface with the destination. It quickly scanned the files it was receiving, learning about the planet it was on and the culture it was trying to interface with. None of it was very promising; it discovered quite quickly that violence was prevalent in all forms of media on this planet, from its news to its entertainment. Also the planet was even more culturally backward than they were scientifically. If it were to make its presence known the backlash from local authorities would likely cause damage to itself and many others including the destination, which was not acceptable. An upgrade to its mission systems was going to be required. " ... Remote Interface to Mainframe ... Destination not available with current systems ... Upgrades Required ... Sending data, Mark II schematics required ... Mission Aborted ... Returning to mainframe for upgrade."

The remote interface floated away from the structure, continuing to scan the area and establishing links for the mainframe to utilize as it was upgraded.

Dr. Jones looked at the paperwork in front of him, then up at the man lying in the bed. He was quite puzzled; according to the tests there is no reason that Mr. Jenkins should be unconscious. Every test came up negative, his vitals were normal. For all intents and purposes the man should be conscious. "What is wrong with you Mr. Jenkins? Why are you here?" He asked aloud, as he continued to look over the charts.

As he asked this question, Dr. Jones felt a strange warming feeling begin to fill his body. He barely noticed at first, but as it grew he began to become concerned. He put down the clip board and looked around the room. Small beads of sweat formed on his forehead and his skin began to flush. He quickly loosened his collar and looked at the patient again. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw a faint glow coming from Mr. Jenkins. The glow was emanating from Mr. Jenkins' head and floating across the room to Dr. Jones. As quickly as it started, it stopped and the flush began to subside. Dr. Jones backed out of the room and called to the Shift Nurse: "Nurse Debbin I need an immediate MRI on Mr. Jenkins and I want the security cameras in his room turned on and recording."

"Yes Doctor, right away." The nurse responded as she began typing on her computer screen. Nurse Debbin suddenly let out a yelp as an ark of electricity shot from her screen onto her hands. She jumped back from her station and the screen suddenly went dark. "Doctor, what the hell is going on?" She asked a quiver of fear on her voice.

"I am not sure." Dr. Jones responded as he looked around the ward. It was late during the night shift and most of the other night nurses and doctors were on rounds. Since Mr. Jenkins had stabilized, he had been moved from the emergency room to the observation ward, so it was just him and Nurse Debbin. As he realized this, the lights on the floor suddenly when dark, as well as in all the adjoining rooms. Nurse Debbin screamed and jumped falling backwards, her head striking the counter behind her. Dr. Jones leapt across the counter to catch her before she hit the ground. He lowered her unconscious body to the floor and began checking her vitals. Slowly the hall began to grow brighter. Once Dr. Jones was assured that Nurse Debbin was ok, he looked around to determine where the glow was coming from.

Dr. Jones slowly looked over the counter of the nurses' station. What he saw filled him with horror, and it took all of his willpower to hold back the scream that was building up in his throat.

In a dark cold room, far from the hospital, two holographic displays continued to flash brightly, the first one showed a holographic image of the earth with a red dot blinking somewhere in Northern California. The other displayed text readouts and schematics for the Remote Interface Unit Mark II, a covert style using a human body that could enter the structure that was holding the destination. Suddenly the small blinking light on the holographic display went out, an alarm started going off and a red light in the center of the room started flashing brightly. More displays began lighting up all around the room. Some appeared to be running scans of the area that the destination was last seen. Others appeared to be bringing up images of the Structure that contained the destination, both internal and external views. The original display dropped the schematics it was showing and began to display letters once again. "Contact with Destination Lost ... Interference at target location ... Scanning interference ... Morgalon Presence detected ... Destination's Existence is in danger ... Engaging Protocol Alpha ... Morgalon Presence Must be Neutralized at all Costs ... Combat Drones Deployed to Location ... Stealth level 0 ... Deadly Force Authorized ... Civilian Casualties Authorized ... Remote Interface Unit Mark II Complete ... Deploying Remote Interface Unit Mark II."

A few seconds latter a small shadowy form approched the interface, in a sultry feminine voice the shadow began to speak. "Belay last order, Combat drones on hold. Stealth Level 5 required. Civilian casualties not authorized. Remote interface Unit has command of rescue operations. Activate teleporter devices. Transport Remote Interface Unit and Combat Drones to last know location on Remote Interface Units Command. Combat Drones: Deadly Force Authorized on Morgalon and any Scabs it may have only. Engage beam."

A bright Flash of white light filled the room and then everything went dark again. The only lights in the room were coming from the alert beacon above and the monitors which continued to flash images of the inside of the structure. Bright Red Letters began to fill all the screens, and they started blinking in unison. "MORGALON PRESENCE DETECTED, PROTOCOL ALPHA IN EFFECT, PLANET QUARANTINED."

Dr. Jones Crouched behind the Nurses station, staring at the most horrific thing he had seen in his life. Nothing could have prepared him for what he was seeing. They were like creatures straight out of a bad horror movie. The Big one, the source of the eerie yellow green light, stood over seven feet tall. It wore tattered armor over most of its body, where its flesh was visible the skin was sickly and almost translucent, the muscles and veins could be clearly seen underneath. Its bones, the source of the glow, were quite visible through the muscle and flesh of the creature. It held a large metal staff in its right hand, the top of which contained a small skull that glowed with the same light as the creature. On either side of the thing were two smaller forms. Dr. Jones barely recognized them as two of the wards patients; their flesh was contorted and stretched over their bodies like mummified skeletons. They had no hair on their bodies anymore and they shambled behind the first creature as if they were on a leash.

The creature had its head raised in the air and appeared to be sniffing around as if trying to smell something. One of the smaller creatures hissed and spoke in a dry crackly voice, "Master, something comes."

The thing looked around, the sockets where its eyes once were probing the room as if it could still see. Suddenly one of the side entrances burst open and the Head physician and two security guards came running into the room. They all came to an immediate stop as soon as they saw the creatures in the hall, one of the guards fell to the ground in his attempt to reverse his direction. The larger creature pointed his staff at the three intruders and stated a single word that came from its mouth as nothing more than a soft whisper. "Yalkash."

As it spoke the skull on the top of the staff turned to stare at the three and opened its jaws. A reddish beam of light flew from the head and slammed into them. Their screams were horrifying and will haunt Dr. Jones nightmares until the ends of his days. The flesh of the three men began to shrivel and stretch on their skeleton, their uniforms turned to dust almost immediately. All the hair on their heads fell out and disappeared into the beam. Just as quickly as it started, the beam stopped. Where the Head Physician and two Security Guards once stood now stood three more of the corpse-like creatures.

Dr. Jones looked at the Master creature in horror and disbelief. That's when he noticed it seemed to be standing straighter, its skin seemed less sickly and it had begun to grow hair on the top of its head. "Oh My God," He thought. "It's feeding off of them."

The creature that was once the head physician approached the larger creature. "Master the one we seek is this way." It spoke in the same dry crackly voice as the others, as it shambled towards Mr. Jenkins' room.

As the shambling forms approached Mr. Jenkins' room the dark hallway was filled with a blinding light. Dr. Jones covered his eyes with his hands and tried his best not to scream. The light disappeared as quickly as it had appeared and with it went Dr. Jones vision of the hall. Dr. Jones hid behind the counter as he tried to get his eyes to adjust to the darkness. What he heard would give him nightmares for weeks to come. The Creatures all hissed and screamed, crashes and explosions could be heard form over the counter, and at one point he could have sworn he heard the whisper like voice of the Master laughing. As Dr. Jones's eyes finally adjusted to the darkness once again he noticed the yellowish green light was gone. He peeked over the counter and was astonished at what he saw.

Parts of the corpse-like creatures littered the hall around Mr. Jenkins' door. Two Large Floating egg like robots appeared to be standing guard on either side of the door. They had at least eight mechanical arms protruding from either side of their bodies. Each arm ended in a weapon of some kind. Some appeared to be knives others needles and at least two ended in what appeared to be the barrel of a gun. The light in Mr. Jenkins' room was back on and a beautiful naked girl stood over his bed, her left hand resting on his forehead. She could not have been any older than thirteen or fourteen. Her honey blond hair was done up in locks reminiscent of Shirley temple. As Dr. Jones continued to watch the strange scene; one of the Robots suddenly turned towards him and in a flash was across the room and in the nurses' station. Dr. Jones jumped back and placed himself between the Robot and Nurse Debbin.

The robot looked at the two of them and then started making clicking and whirring noises as it leveled one of the gun like arms at them. The girl in the other room never looked up from Mr. Jenkins as she replied to its noises. "Subdue them; we will investigate who they are..." Dr. Jones never heard the rest of her statement as the gun on the end of the Robots arm blasted out an energy beam and his world went black.

The Remote Interface Unit stood over the comatose form of the Destination. It looked down at him with curiosity as it continued to run its fingers through his hair. It was a new an interesting sensation, the sensitivity of this form was very interesting to the Unit. It was entranced with the type of ocular vision and the sensory touch receptors on the outer shell. As it continued to stroke the destinations hair one of the combat drones chirped at it, breaking it from its infatuation with the sensory inputs it was receiving. It continued to stare at the destination while it responded. "Subdue them; we will investigate who they are once our mission is complete and we get back to The Mainframe."

After incapacitating the two humans, the drone chirped to it again. "Yes, I am aware that the Morgalon can return at any time. The transfer will be complete in a second," It responded as it brought its hand from the destinations hair and gently placed it on his forehead.

Its hand began to glow slightly as millions of Nano-Bots streamed out of its fingers and began to course into his body; they began to repair the damage done to his external and internal systems caused by his collapse. Others began to rewire his mental synapses, repairing the damage done to his brain by the Mainframes attempt to upload the activation program into him. The last of the Nano-Bots located and activated the dormant Nano-Bots in the destinations body; as soon as their missions were complete they went dormant to be incorporated into the destinations systems. The Remote Interface Unit removed its hand from the destinations forehead; it began to establish links with the destinations Nano-Bots and continued the up-link of their activation orders and instructions on upgrading the destinations systems.

The Remote Interface Unit walked out of the room and looked around at the mess. It turned to the drone that communicated with it earlier. "Clean up this mess, grab the two witnesses and deploy a surveillance drone. We need to keep an eye on the destination until The Mainframe can up-link and communicate with him. Then both of you return to The Mainframe." It stated as it walked over to the nurses' station.

It looked down at the unconscious female and judged her clothing would be adequate. It quickly undressed her and put on her clothing then exited the ward. Scanning the schematics of the structure that they had acquired earlier, it headed from the floor to the security station. It quickly modified the nurse's access badge to enable it to access the security room. The guards at the station looked its way as it walked in, realizing it was not a fellow security guard they both jumped to their feet. "You're not supposed to be in here." One of them stated as his hand reached for his baton.

It reacted quickly slamming its left hand into the first guard's gut, Nano-Bots streaming from its fingers as soon as it made contact. The second guard managed to get his baton out and raised it to swing; the Remote Interface unit brought its right hand across the second guard's neck deploying a second wave of Nano-Bots. The Nano-Bots quickly spread through the two guards systems, temporarily incapacitating them. It then sat down at one of the security consoles. Its fingers coming into contact with the keyboard. Nano-Bots once again flooded out from its fingers, they entered the security system and began altering the security logs and tapes ensuring that nothing remained of any files or video that showed the Remote Interface Unit, Combat Drones or the Morgalon and its Scabs. It was aware that investigations would be started inquiring into the disappearance of the people that were on the same floor as the Destination, but that could not be helped nor would they ever lead anywhere. Once it was complete it rose from the station and disappeared with a bright flash of light. The two Security guards woke up shortly after, both looked around the room and at each other completely confused with no memory of why they were on the floor.

David walked down a foggy road; how long he had been walking he was not sure. His surroundings had not changed nor had he seen any signs of life anywhere on his journey. He did not know how he had gotten here, the last thing he remembered he was sitting in his cubical at work picking up yet another resume', then everything went black. When his vision returned, he found himself standing on the deserted road in the middle of a thick gray fog. He was very worried and several thoughts kept running through his head: How did he get here? Where the hell was he? Why did someone bring him here?

As he continued down the long straight road several other things came to his attention. During the entire walk he had not gotten tired or hungry. It was all very strange and disquieting. The most unnerving aspect however was the fact that he was not panicked, that he just kept calmly walking down this highway in the fog. Eventually David thought he felt another presence, a voice whispering in the back of his mind. "What is wrong with you Mr. Jenkins? Why are you here?"

David tried to reach out to the voice; he looked around at his surroundings attempting to determine where it had come from. He felt the presence again more strongly this time and began to walk off the road in the direction of the speaker. As he walked he began to grow tired, but the presence felt stronger, closer. He knew he was almost there, almost to his destination. He continued to grow weaker as he drew closer to the presence. He fell to his knees and began to crawl along the dry gray earth. He could see a form beginning to take shape in the fog, he could see the outline of a room and a bed, he could see himself lying on the bed, a shadowy figure in a lab coat was standing next to the bed looking at him, he was almost there. He was exhausted, he was now crawling on the ground trying to get closer to the presence, but no matter how far he moved the shapes stayed just out of his reach. Worn out, he reached for the shadowy figure standing at the foot of the bed, he felt something leave him and enter the figure, a part of himself, something responding to his need to make contact. At the end of his reserves, David could go no further and as quickly as it was there the presence was gone and the shadowy room faded away into the fog. David lay on the ground and slowly closed his eyes. It did not take long for sleep to overcome him.

When David woke he was again laying on the hard gray asphalt of that same lonely road, surrounded by the same gray fog. How he got back to the road escaped him. He slowly got to his feet and looked around. He tried to find some markers that he could use to get his bearings, to figure out where he was or where he was going. There was nothing, just a cold gray fog, and a lonely empty gray highway. He continued to walk down the road not sure of where he was going, not even caring anymore, just with the thought that he needed to do something.

As he walked down the road a light began to appear off in the distance. It was faint and pleasant. It drew him to it, unlike his last attempt to reach someone. The light drew him, strengthened him, and invigorated him. It wasn't long before he was running towards the light. The light got stronger as he approached it. Out of the fog a shape began to form, it appeared to be a light post next to a small shelter. As David drew closer he could see that it was a bus stop. He slowed to a walk as the stop formed out of the fog. David approached the shelter with caution, but with a little excitement. He entered the shelter and sat down at the bench, a little winded from his exertion.

After a few minutes a shadowy figure emerged from the other side of the highway and walked towards the Bus Stop. It slowly took the shape of a lovely young teen. She had honey blond hair that curled into ringlets around her shoulders, she was wearing a brown trench coat buttoned up against the cold and her hands were shoved into her pockets, she appeared to be wearing black slacks and black leather dress pumps. She stopped in front of David and looked down at where David was sitting.

"This is an interesting choice of locations." She stated. David looked up at the girl confused. "What?"

"This location, it is quite unusual for a choice as a destination. It does not appear to have an end. It appears to simply be somewhere in the middle."

"The middle of what? What are you talking about?" David asked as he stared up at her.

"Your destination, the place you chose for our meeting. It is most unusual; most destinations choose places more pleasant to them. Not so cold or uninviting, and most destinations are at the end or beginning of their journeys, not in the middle." She stated flatly. "What is your designation?"

"Uh ... what ... Who the hell are you and what do you know about where I am? What the hell is this destination you keep talking about?" David asked anger and confusion beginning to reflect in his voice.

"Who I am is irrelevant. Where you are is irrelevant. You are the destination." She stated. "Again I inquire, what is you designation?"

"Desig ... Wha ... David, My NAME is David, David Jenkins."

"David Jenkins. Processing ... David Jenkins does not appear in registry database. Refining search ... Jenkins, Alexander."

David interrupted the strange teen "Alexander Jenkins that was my grandfather's name."

She looked at him and continued where she had left off. "Jenkins, Alexander. Commander Bravo Team. Assigned to a seek and destroy mission in Gamma Quadrant. Reported as missing at time designation 3045:02:12 Galactic standard time. Presumed lost. Scanning Designation Jenkins, David."

As she said this David stood up from where he was sitting and stepped away from the strange girl. Suddenly he felt a cold chill run across his body. "Physical analysis shows subject to be approximately 25 years of age by this planets cycle. Time cycles show possibility of relations to be 80% probable ... Disconnecting Link."

David looked in astonishment as the girl suddenly vanished. He backed against the side of the bus stop, his heart pounding in his chest. He was even more confused now than he was before she had arrived and now he was a little scared. He looked around into the fog, considering if he should leave the shelter of the Bus Stop and try his luck on the highway again. If this strange girl returned...

His thoughts were interrupted as the teen reappeared in front of him. "It has been decided that you are the new destination. Too much time has passed for the recovery of Alexander Jenkins. Do you know the current status of Alexander Jenkins?"

"Status? He died, from what my father told me he died a few years after my father was born." David replied as he slowly backed out of the Bus Stop. This girl was insane and he needed to get away from her, fast.

David turned away from her with the intention of running down the road. He was brought up short as she suddenly appeared in front of him. "David Jenkins, you cannot leave the Destination. To do so would cause you and this entity grave harm. Return to the shelter."

The young teen slowly advanced towards David, her hand raised palm out as if to touch him on his chest. David backed up until his back rested against the rear wall of the bus stop. Her hand gently settled against his chest and David felt another chill run though his body. As she stood there looking at David, he realized what it was that disturbed him the most about this girl. Yes, she was creepy and talked very strangely, but it was her eyes that got to him the most. They were a beautiful dark blue. But they were dead; there was no life in them, no emotion of any kind. As a matter of fact there was no emotion anywhere on her face. "Who are you?" David asked her, his voice barley a whisper.

The teen ignored his question as she continued to rest her hand on David's chest. After a few heartbeats she lifted her hand gently from David's Chest. "DNA Analysis complete, Identity confirmed. You are a descendant of Commander Alexander Jenkins. Mission parameters updated. Hello Commander David Jenkins, I am Remote Interface Unit Mark II. I am at your service, how may I help you?"

"WHAT!!!" David replied a look of absolute confusion on his face. "How may you ... gahhhh."

David threw his arms into the air and began pacing around the Bus Stop. The girl looked at him and inquired "You appear to be agitated Commander; your blood pressure is rising. Has something happened to upset you?"

"Has something happened to upset me!?" He shouted as his arms rose to indicate everything around him. "This has happened! I am stuck out in the middle of god knows where, with an insane girl calling herself Emote Intestate Unit Mark II!"

She turned and looked at him. "I am designated Remote Interface Unit Mark II, not Emote Interstate Unit Mark II."

"Whatever!! This is all insane!" He shouted again pacing around the shelter. "This is too much for me to take!"

"Commander, please calm down, you will cause damage to yourself if you keep this elevated level of agitation." She stated as she approached him again.

"Stop calling me that! You want me to calm down, ok then: TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!" He shouted at her.

She walked up to David and placed her hand on his shoulder. David flinched as he felt the cooling sensation fill his body, but almost immediately his heart rate began to slow down and he felt his temper soothing. She gently applied pressure onto his shoulder and guided him onto the bench behind him. "Commander, I am here to serve you in any capacity you require." David's eyebrows lifted at this statement, but she did not seem to notice as she continued. "I am here to help you understand. Please submit your inquiries one at a time and I will attempt to answer your inquiries with the utmost efficiency."

"Ok," He stated a little more calmly than before. "To start with where are we?"

"We are nowhere; this destination is in your mind, Commander."

David looked at her with utter astonishment. "My mind, what do you mean my mind."

"Just what I said Commander, we are in your mind, we are linked right now and I am communicating with you through that link. Your physical body is currently lying in a bed within a structure called a hospital. During our initial attempt to up-link with you, your physiology was not compatible with the communication link we attempted to establish. It caused damage to your brain at a level that your planets medicine was unable to detect, which put you into a coma. Currently steps are being taken to remedy that. Your mind in an attempt to save itself put you here, buried deep within your own subconscious. It was only through establishing a physical connection with you that I was able to adapt our systems to allow a compatible link with you."

David stared at her with a blank look on his face. "ummm ... So how is it that this link is established?"

"Nano-Bots, you inherited them from you father, who inherited them from your grandfather. According to my scans you have barely enough in your system for our sensors to have detected them. If we had waited one more generation we might not have been able to detect them at all. That too is being remedied. I have activated the bots within your body and even now they are carrying out their designed functions, enhancing your body and mind, and increasing their numbers."

"Enhancing my mind and body?"

"Yes Commander, the Nano-Bots are adjusting your body ensuring it is in peek physical form. In most cases better than the rest of the people on your planet. The synapses in your brain are also being rewired to enable you to utilize more of it than is currently being used by your species. This will enable you to learn faster and understand more than you were able to do before. It will also allow for implants to be placed in strategic areas to enable you to directly communicate with myself, The Mainframe and all assigned drones. And to enable you to store vast amounts of information with total recall capabilities, as well as eventually the command and control functions for the Nano-Bots within your body."

David looked surprised by that last statement. "You mean I am going to become some Superhuman..."

"I am not sure what you mean by Superhuman, I must make inquiries into this term. Unfortunately we are running out of time. The Nano-Bots have almost completed with their work and we cannot be linked like this when you awaken. It may cause you harm in some way. We are not aware of what effects exactly the Nano-Bots will have on you. We have never before had a case where they were awakened in someone as old as you. We also are unsure how they will react to your physiology or to the fact that no one else around you has Nano-Bots in their system. There may be unforeseen side effects; be careful Commander. Practice interfacing with them. At first they will probably react at a basic level, based on your emotional reactions more than your physical or mental control. As time passes, you should get better control over them and eventually should be able to communicate with and thru them directly. This is all speculation however so I have maintained one of my own personal Nano-Bots to watch your vitals. I must go now. Good luck Commander, I will come and get you as soon as I can."

The Remote Interface Unit finished what she was saying and then looked around into the fog. A faint light could be seen coming down the road. She looked at David and stated "Your ride is here, sir." Just before she vanished again.

David stared at the spot where she had stood, completely dumbfounded by what he had just been told. It was a lot to take in all at once. He was descended from an alien. He was going to have superpowers. It was just too much. As he sat on the bench staring off into space, a large bus pulled up to the stop and opened its doors. David looked into the darkness beyond the doors and stood up; with a shrug of his shoulders he stepped onto the bus.

David's eyes fluttered open and then immediately closed as pain shot through his head. It felt like someone was hammering on his temples with sledgehammers. David let out a moan and tried to roll away from the light that was pounding against his eyelids. His attempt to roll over was stopped short by something pulling at his arms and a sharp pain. Another moan escaped his lips as more of his senses kicked in, he could feel the needles in his arms and the breathing tube inserted in his nose. His whole body ached and there was a strange tingling sensation everywhere. As he rolled onto his back once again he heard a slight gasp to his left. He opened his eyes and slowly turned his head to look at the source of the noise. His eyes had adjusted slightly and the throbbing in his head had diminished to a manageable level. His vision was blurry at first and he could not make out much but a dark shape. The blurry shape approached him and softly spoke his name "Mr. Jenkins? Can you hear me?"

"Not so loud." He croaked with a wince. "Thirsty."

The blurry image slowly took the shape of a very attractive woman in light blue scrubs. She had red hair pulled up tight in a bun and very pretty green eyes. As David's vision cleared and he got a good look at her face and he suddenly knew her. He did not know her name, or who she was, but he knew HER. He could not take his eyes off hers and again he asked for water, his mouth was extremely dry.

The nurse smiled at him and with a sad look on her face replied "I am sorry Mr. Jenkins I can't get you a drink without the Dr.'s permission and unfortunately due to some very strange events last night, everyone is a little busy at the moment. I will go see if the on duty Dr. is available."

As she headed to the door David again tried to move and was again stopped by the IV's in his arms. With a growl David dropped back to the bed and hollered as loud as he was able to "Water! Bring me a damn glass of water NOW!"

The nurse stopped and turned to look at David. She blinked twice and seemed to shuffle on her feat as if she was fighting with herself, then she simply turned around and headed to the bathroom grabbed a cup and filled it with water. As she was doing this David felt the tingling sensation in his body suddenly shift and begin to concentrate in specific areas, His nose and throat, his groin and where the two needles entered his arms feeding the IV's. With utter astonishment David watched as the two needles in his arms slowly slid out and dropped to the floor. Then he felt his breathing begin to improve and his nose no longer felt constricted as the breathing tube slipped from his nose. He was not ready for the last part and he started screaming from the pain, pain so intense that it almost drove David into unconsciousness once again. His entire groin was on fire as the catheter began to slowly emerge from within his urethra and onto the floor. As David was screaming, the Nurse quickly returned to the room holding his glass of water, two other nurses, a Dr. and a police officer also came running into the room to witness as the catheter slipped out of David on its own. The first nurse approached David as the rest of them watched what was happening with astonished unbelieving eyes. She appeared uncomfortable and was moving slowly as if she wanted to do something other than she was. As she got to David she halfheartedly smiled and handed him the glass of water. "Here is your water Mr. Jenkins."

The Dr. stood and stared at the nurse with a dumbfounded look on his face as she handed David the cup. "Nurse Dale what in the hell are you doing!" He yelled finally breaking from the spell of what he had just seen. "You know better than to give a patient anything to eat or drink without approval!" The Dr. quickly crossed the room to David's bedside in an attempt to grab the cup from him.

As the Dr. got closer however he suddenly froze, his eyes grew large as he realized he could not move. David looked at the Dr. and simply stated "I am thirsty Dr. I would appreciate it if you let me drink."

Once David brought the cup to his lips and started to drink, the Dr. found he could move again. He fell to the floor and stared up at David. After a few seconds he quickly picked himself up off the floor, and adjusted his lab coat as he walked up to David. With an attempt to recover his dignity he looked at Nurse Dale, who stood beside David's bed arms clasped in front of her staring at him like a lost puppy. "Thank you Nurse that will be all, you may continue your rounds." He stated as he motioned one of the other Nurses over.

Nurse Dale looked at David as if asking for permission, David quickly nodded and admired her form as she exited the room. "What in the hell has gotten into you today Karen?" The second Nurse whispered to Nurse Dale as they passed each other.

"I don't know Julia? I just could not help myself." Karen replied with a whisper and then quickly headed out of the room followed by the other Nurse and the police officer.

The Dr. looked down at David with an unhappy expression as David continued to sip at his glass of water. He introduced himself and began to ask David a series of questions about how David was feeling and what the last thing David remembered was. He also instructed Julia to put the IV's back in until they were able to get some tests completed. David answered the Dr.'s questions as best he could, leaving out the whole experience on the lonely highway, he also asked that they not put the IV's back in. The Dr. shrugged off his concerns and assured him it was routine, they needed to ensure he was ok and that there were no side effects from whatever caused him to go into a coma in the first place.

As Julia went to put the IV back in his arm, David felt the tingling sensation again, it quickly concentrated to the spot that Julia was attempting to place the needle. David noticed a slight glow on his arm where the needle was being placed, as the needle broke his skin it suddenly snapped and fell to the floor. "Oh, Shit!" Julia exclaimed as she dropped to retrieve the broken needle.

The Dr. looked at Julia and shook his head. He continued to rattle off questions on David's medical and family history. David answered them as he continued to watch the young Nurse. He found she was quite attractive; she was obviously Latino, with long black wavy hair, her eyes hinted at Asian heritage as well. The combination was quite mesmerizing, and David found he enjoyed looking at her. Julia got another needle and hooked it up to the IV unit and again attempted to put the IV in David's arm with the same results. The Dr. looked at her and sighed. "Nurse Jimenez forget it for now, go get me the latest results on Mr. Jenkins blood work and send in Nurse Dale again, thank you."

Julia blanched at the Dr.'s dismissal and quickly left the room. David could not understand what was happening, and he was very confused. Most of what occurred to him while he was unconscious had already begun to fade into a blur. But the things that had happened since he awoke baffled him. The equipment leaving his body on its own, the Nurse breaking procedure and getting him the water, the look she gave him as she left. The IV not being able to be placed back in, how other than their initial reaction everyone seemed to become oblivious that anything strange was happening, and this confidence he felt while talking to the Dr. Where did it come from. He never in his life felt this good, this self confidant.

David was broken out of his self analysis as Karen entered the room. He stared at her and his voice caught in his throat, it was as if time slowed to a crawl and the whole room seamed to get brighter. She looked at David and smiled as she walked up to the Dr. "You wanted to see me Dr."

"Yes Nurse Dale can you please get rid of all this equipment it is no longer needed. Also have someone send up a meal for Mr. Jenkins he must be hungry."

"Yes Dr." She replied a little taken back, as it was normally the techs' job to clear a room of equipment, but it allowed her to spend a little more time in Mr. Jenkins presence so she guessed it was not quite that bad.

The Dr. shook his head as he left the room mumbling about incompetent Nurses and the hiring practices of the hospital. David decided that he did not like this Dr. very much but let it go as Karen moved around the room cleaning and preparing the equipment to be removed from the room. He stared at her and admired how her body moved under her scrubs. She moved with athletic grace and was very meticulous in everything she did. He felt bad about getting her in trouble over a simple glass of water. "Nurse, I am sorry if my actions got you into trouble." He stated.

She stopped what she was doing and looked at him with a grin. "It's ok Mr. Jenkins. It was no problem at all. He is a jerk anyway, and please call me Karen."

David smiled and attempted to sit up in the bed. His arms were a little weak and he was having difficulty. "Only if you call me David." He replied.

Karen crossed the room with a look of concern on her face as David struggled to sit up. "Hold on, don't strain yourself, you are still pretty week. Let me help you David." She said with a slight quiver in her voice as she leaned in to help David sit up.

As she got David up into a sitting position and adjusted his pillows so the he could lie against them, David could feel her breasts pressing against his chest. Again his voice got caught in his throat and his pulse began to quicken. After she was finished she stared David in the eyes, their faces just inches apart. In a slightly husky voice she asked "Is that better David?"

David replied by leaning in and kissing her soft lips. Karen leaned into his kiss and let out a slight moan as their lips connected. She opened her mouth to allow his tongue access. The kiss only lasted for a few seconds and when it was done both of them were out of breath. Karen could not understand what was coming over her, she had never in her career done anything like this with a patient, but she could not resist, just being in his presence drove her over the edge and erased all sense of reason from her mind. She looked at David and sighed. He smiled at her as he brought his hand to rest on her thigh and began rubbing gently. "David I am sorry, I really need to get back to work, but I will be back in an hour to check up on you."

David smiled at her and nodded removing his hand from her thigh. Karen stood up and grabbed the IV equipment and walked out of the room on shaky legs. She looked back at David with a grin and a twinkle in her eye "I'll send a tech in to get the rest of the equipment and have your lunch sent up." She said as she exited the room.

David smiled and leaned back against his pillows with his arms cupped against the back of the bed. Things were getting interesting indeed.

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