Gas Leak

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mind Control, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Interracial, White Couple, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Prologue - A gas leak in a gated community changes the life of a young maid and the entire community. The bestiality code is for two sentences in the story.

The town of Sherwood had recently enjoyed an economic boom thanks to the discovery of several deposits of natural resources recently found in this former tiny backwater town. The area was already known for its huge deposit of lead resting just under the surface and, for a while back in the 18th and 19th centuries, had once been a thriving boomtown until the bottom fell out of the lead market in October, 1929. It may have been just a coincidence, but only three days after the last mine closed, the stock market crashed causing the Great Depression. Not to mention, there seemed to be not enough lead left under the town to make water pipes for a single new house. Yes, they did use lead water pipes years ago. No one really understood how toxic lead was in those days, just as Asbestos was the perfect fire proofing material to use.

Sherwood was near an infamous hiking trail where every so often for over a hundred years, a group of travelers, usually an entire family, would disappear without a trace. The surrounding countryside had an extensive cave system with too many caves to accurately count or explore.

Then, a recent geological survey in 2005, found not only another rich lead deposit in the area roughly the size of Rhode Island, but that deposit had hid other vast deposits of natural gas, copper, gold, and tin, making the 14 families left in Sherwood five times richer than King Midas each. The town had a population explosion in the last few years so that the original 52 inhabitants of Sherwood in 2005 had by 2010 grown into a population that now reached 47,000, mostly mine workers and their families, and was still growing.

The original 14 families created the gated community of Forestt Hills soon afterwards with several more families moving in later. Forestt Hills became a town within the city with its own private school, mall and country club.

It had just turned 7 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning in Forestt Hills when Diane, a live-in maid in the Jenson household, started making breakfast for the family having just having just gotten out of bed less than an hour ago. She knew that they would soon prepare for another leisurely weekend of shopping, golf and hanging out with their friends, depending on who was doing the activity.

As Diane prepared breakfast in bed for her employers, she caught a brief report on the radio about a gas leak that had erupted in Forest Hills after last night's powerful, but thankfully short, earthquake. The reporter, Tanya Cromwell, was the city's premier anchorwoman among those that reported for the local radio and TV stations. The former Miss USA contestant came in runner up in the pageant just a few years ago. Thanks to her hard driving and hard ass attitude, she became Sherwood's number 1 reporter at the ripe old age of 27, even as her bitchy attitude made her hell to work with.

Diane carried her serving tray to the master bedroom where her employers usually slept in on Saturday morning. As she got to the bedroom door and knocked, she thought she heard Sheryl yell to her to "come in", she couldn't have been more wrong.

Mike and Sheryl Jenson where currently fucking their brains out and the bedroom looked like it had been the epicenter of last night's earthquake. Bed sheets were torn and looked sticky. Clothes, most notably Mrs. Jensons lingerie, were thrown in all directions. Furniture was turned over and some of it was broken, but most shocking of all to Diane was the state in which she found the Jensons themselves. Currently Mr. Jenson had Mrs. Jenson propped up against the front window. Mrs. Jenson was only wearing fragments of a, now unidentifiable, piece of lingerie with her breasts and pussy plastered to the window while Mr. Jenson was currently fucking her ass. With the ease in which he was going in and out of Sheryl, it looked to Diane that either Sheryl was using some kind of heavy duty lubricant to ease his passage into her, or they had been fucking constantly for hours. Diane suspected the latter as the reflection of Mrs. Jenson's pussy in the glass showed vast quantities of what could only be cum dripping from her wide open pussy.

It was evident to Diane that Mrs. Jenson didn't yell "come in" to her through the heavy oak door, but rather "cumming".

Diane was shocked beyond measure at their display. Although the Jensons were still very affectionate to each other, even after 27 years of marriage, never once had she caught them engaged in any form of sexual activity in her 4 1/2 years of working for them. Not only that, but the sheer abandonment in the way they were fucking, made it look as if they knew the beautiful 25 year old maid was watching them and they were enjoying the look of shock on her face, even though they currently couldn't see her directly.

Diane was more than shocked however, even though the maid was extremely beautiful, she was still very much of a prude after growing up in a strict Roman Catholic home and raised by her single mother. Her father left her mother when Diane was only 2 years old and since that day, her mother had been poisoning her mind against sex and men. How men were filthy animals who would practically rape a woman until she became pregnant and then abandon her to raise the child on her own. Sex in any form was forbidden. One time when Diane was only 14, her mother caught her masturbating for the first and only time in her room after her best friend Jessica taught her how. Her mother beat Diane to within an inch of her life, calling her whore and slut, permanently scarring her to sex for years to come. Not only was she was forbidden to ever see Jessica again, but she was sent to the strictest private Catholic girls school in the country, where the nuns were particularly good at handing out the most severe punishments for the slightest infractions to their antiquated sense of morality. They had an almost sixth sense when it came to knowing which girls were breaking the rules, so there was no late night finger play or giving another girl much needed sexual release. Thus, even though they grew to be extraordinarily beautiful young women, at 18 they had an entire lifetime's worth of hate and disgust for all things sexual rolling around in their heads. Because of this no graduate of the Our Lady of Perpetual Punishment convent and girls school has ever had a marriage last beyond the first year, much to their disappointment. Even though they tried to be good wives to their chosen husbands, the old convent training would always kick in. It never really came as a shock to many of the older nuns at the convent that the vast majority of the graduates became nuns at the convent sooner or later. Their only joy in life seems to be to take the old adage "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and fulfill it by making as many other girls as possible as miserable as they themselves had become.

But as Diane watched the 6'2", 210 pound mass of solid muscle Mike Jenson plow his massive 8 inch cock into his wife, she felt a slight tingling between her legs that she hadn't felt since she was a young girl. Mike and Sheryl were soaking wet with sweat, his wife's c-cup breasts flattened against the glass while her long blonde hair was plastered to her body.

Mike began thrusting his cock harder and harder into Sheryl screaming "Take it, take it all you horny little bitch" Sheryl was yelling to him "faster, faster" and with one last almighty powerful thrust, he shot yet a load of jism into her wide open ass. So much cum was leaking out of Sheryl's pussy and ass that it ran down her legs and dripped out to form a puddle on the floor.

Out in the hallway, Diane watched her employers frantic sex session in awe. She had never seen anyone have sex before, she remembered her mother's warnings about sex, as well as all the nuns in the convent school telling her how men were rampaging beasts who would rape a woman without caring about her needs, how brutal it was and how no woman could ever find pleasure in the vile act of "sexual intercourse" as they called it. How sex would always result in pregnancies and how no woman with any trace of decency could ever, EVER feel pleasure from the act.

But, could they all be wrong? Sheryl Jenson sure looked as if she liked it.

Then, to Diane's shock, she realized that she was rubbing herself between her legs on the part that the nuns and her mother always called "Her Hell Hole". The nuns claimed that if you ever used the nasty place for anything other than urinating, it was a one way ticket straight to Hell. But to Diane's utter shock; she had to admit to herself that the rubbing she was doing to her "Hell Hole" felt very pleasant indeed.

Diane suddenly shook her head violently as she shut the door to the bedroom. "Enough of this", she thought, "I have to get back to work, and Mr. and Mrs. Jenson are obviously not ready for breakfast right now." If the noises coming from the other side of the closed door gave any indication, the frantically fucking couple had just started another round of hot and sweaty sex. "I must go and wake the children for breakfast now," she thought to herself.

Diane walked down the hallway till she came to the staircase and climbed to the third floor where the three Jenson children slept. The first room she encountered belonged to the Jenson's 19 year old son Thomas, a fine specimen of a man that even Diane could admit to admiring.

Thomas had played starting positions in Forestt Hills Preparatory School, in nearly every sport they had, guaranteeing him a full scholarship to any college he could choose from. Twenty or so schools actively tried to recruit him for their teams and he would surely go pro after graduation, IF he didn't get injured before then. Forestt Hills Prep would surely miss their star athlete, as would the entire female student body. Thomas however wanted to take some time off from school for now to rest a little and enjoy an all expense paid trip to Europe. His parents had promised him one, for graduating Valedictorian, before he started the grind of college life. Not to mention there was all of the hot European pussy he could get his 9 inch cock into. It was more than enough to handle half of the girls at school, including almost all of the cheerleaders and quite a few of the female teachers as well, even some of the married ones. He had particularly favorite ones; the wives of his Headmaster and three of the coaches as well.

Thomas' door was open, the bed had been slept in but was empty. She tried his bathroom, but there was no one there either. Diane walked down the hall to the girl's room. Candy and Mandy were identical twins and even though they could each have their own rooms, preferred to room together.

As Diane turned the corner to the girls' room and stopped. If she was shocked by what she saw in the parent's bedroom, she was rocked to the core by what she saw in front of the girl's bedroom.

There, standing naked in front of the girls' bedroom, was Thomas. Thomas stood with his back to her, kind of hunched over, and he looked to her like he was hitting himself, over and over again between his legs. To Diane's still innocent eyes it looked like he was intentionally hurting himself while he peeked into the girls' bedroom. For a minute she didn't know what he was doing because she had never seen a man masturbate before. Then it dawned on Diane that Thomas was playing with himself while watching his sisters. But what could they be doing that would interest him so, she thought, and why is he watching them? Thomas could barely stand being around his sisters before. For one thing, except for being on the cheerleading team, they hardly ever ran in the same circles. The only reason he was around them with the cheerleading team was simple, Thomas had fucked ALL of the other cheerleaders EXCEPT his own sisters. But why should he be interested in them now? Thomas sure seemed to be interested in them now. Diane watched Thomas for several minutes while he jacked off peeking into his twin sisters' room until Thomas suddenly stopped, opened the door and walked into the room

Diane quickly and quietly ran down the hall to the bedroom, thankfully Thomas hadn't shut the door all the way. As Diane peered in, she got an even bigger shock than she did when she spied on the parents not ten minutes ago.

Candy was lying back on her bed, her legs hanging off the edge, naked as the day she was born with her legs spread open wide. Her sister Mandy, who was just as naked, was kneeling on the floor between Candy's legs with her mouth practically glued to Candy's "hell hole", licking, sucking and tonguing Candy for all she was worth. As she watched the sisters together Thomas crawled onto the bed removing his t-shirt, his last item of clothing, as he did so. He knelt next to Candy's head, with it even with his crotch, and as Diane continued to watch Candy took Thomas' penis into her mouth with an enthusiastic in and out motion.

What's going on here today, Diane wondered. Before today Thomas and the girls could barely stand to be in the same room with each other and now they're fucking each other like it's the most natural thing in the world to do.

"Fucking? I've never even used that word before. Is whatever happening to them, happening to me as well?" she thought. Sometime later, Minutes? An hour? Diane wasn't sure anymore, Thomas removed his cock (?) from Candy's mouth, got off the bed and moved behind Mandy. He knelt and rammed his huge dick into her pussy and began pumping her for all he was worth.

Outside in the hallway, Diane gave up all pretense of modesty and pushed her pants and panties down and began rubbing her pussy furiously for the first, uninterrupted time in her life.

"OHHHHH GAAAWWWWDDDDD, it's happening to me too," she thought. And while the passion of the Jenson kids reached a crescendo, so did Diane, who had the first ever mind blowing orgasm of her life.

When Diane's heart rate finally slowed down enough that she could look back into the room, she saw that the kids had changed positions. Candy was lying on her back lengthwise, flat on the bed with her legs pointed towards the headboard while Thomas was between her legs shoving his big cock in her pussy. Mandy was sitting on Candy's face allowing Candy to eat her pussy and Thomas' cum that was leaking out. She was leaning back so that Thomas could reach around her to play with his sister's tits while he licked her neck and ears and occasionally Mandy would turn her head around as much as she could so that she and Thomas could kiss frantically.

Eventually Thomas noticed Diane in the doorway, on her knees with her pants and panties pushed down as far as she could get them so that she could rub her pussy and stick her fingers inside herself. Thomas tapped Mandy on the shoulder and pointed to the door. As soon as Diane noticed them, Thomas and Mandy crooked their fingers to her, beckoning her to come and join them. With the last bit of her reserve Diane stood up on shaky legs, pulled her pants and panties up and closed the door and ran downstairs to the front door trying to find help. When she flung the door open, she knew all hope was lost to her.

The street outside, the whole neighborhood, was the scene of one vast orgy in progress. Gas company trucks, police cars, fire trucks and ambulances were everywhere but the people that came with them weren't doing their regular jobs. Everywhere she looked people were fucking, on the lawns, across the hoods of cars, in the street, everywhere. A burly white naked fireman, wearing just his helmet, was slamming his cock into a hot little female cop who was only wearing her bra pushed down onto her flat stomach and the tatters of her police shirt. A sheen of sweat glistened off her skin which was the color of dark chocolate and the rest of their clothes was scattered around them. "I know him," Diane thought. "That's Keith Jackson, he's a racist. He would never be caught dead with a black girl, let alone fucking her in public." A gas company man, still wearing his hard hat, was plowing his cock into the ass of old Mrs. Whittaker. The retired 66 year old school teacher was screaming her head off in passion as he slammed into her. Neighbors were fucking neighbors, children were fucking their parents, and about 400 yards away some unknown woman was on all fours with something smallish, black and brown on her back. "Is that a German Sheppard?" She wondered. "Naw, it couldn't be, no one would willingly fuck an animal, would they?"

At the center of this chaos was a large hole was in the road with a slightly brownish gas emitting from it.

The longer Diane stood on the front walkway of the Jenson home, the more overcome she was by feelings of lust until finally she couldn't take anymore and ran back into the house, up to the 2nd floor to the master bedroom, and flung open the door. What she saw inside hardly surprised her after all that she had already seen today.

The whole Jenson family was there fucking each other. Thomas had his mother pinned to the wall fucking her from behind, Mike was fucking Mandy doggy style and Mandy was eating out Candy who lay on the floor. The trio was facing the door when Diane burst in.

Diane shed her clothes as she ran to Candy who pulled away from her sister and father. As the two women met they went down into a 69 position. The family and maid fucked the rest of the day until hunger forced them to stop.

After a late dinner the six people retired for the night, pairing up for more sex games, AND they didn't stay in the same beds all night. The Jensons and their maid switched off for more fun with different partners and different combinations all night long.

The next day, the 6 of them finally ventured out of the house. The hole in the road was still there, as were all the emergency vehicles which were empty. Front doors all over the neighborhood were wide open and, if you listened closely, screams of passion could be heard from within. Occasionally someone would come out of a door naked and run into another house and the noises would start again.

With an unspoken agreement, Diane and the Jensons ran to different houses, ready for more fun and games.


At the TV station Tanya Cromwell, the station's lead anchorwoman, was bothered. The news crew that was sent out to Forestt Hills to cover the gas leak that resulted from yesterday's earthquake hadn't reported in since yesterday morning. A second news crew was sent out this morning and was scheduled to reach there in about fifteen minutes to set up their equipment. Other crews have also been sent out to report on gas leaks that have opened up all over the city as a result of aftershocks from last night.

As Tanya was bitching how Maria and her crew were taking so long setting up out there in Forestt Hills, she didn't even give a rat's ass that Charlie Johnson who hadn't reported in for most of the day yesterday. Men were useless in her opinion since they were just men. Tanya herself wasn't a lesbian by any stretch of the imagination, she just believed in the superiority of women over men.

Finally, the first live feed was coming in from Maria over in The Hills, and the other crews were almost ready to report in from all over town.

"This is Tanya Cromwell reporting from KTTA in Sherwood about the gas leaks reported from all around town from yesterday's 4.2 earthquake and its subsequent aftershocks" Tanya said into the camera with an extremely fake, but sincere look of concern on her face. "We now go live to Maria Storms at Forestt Hills, the site of the first gas eruption yesterday morning. We here at KTTA apologize for not reporting in earlier, but our last crew failed to follow up after their first report Saturday morning and we don't know why yet. Are you there Maria?"

The camera switched over to a live view from the field. The scene showed Maria Storm, lovely brunette reporter, getting fucked by the recently missing Charlie Johnson. His big black cock was going in and out of her pussy while another man, with remnants of the sound tech equipment, was pounding her big round ass and a young redheaded girl shoved her pussy in Maria's face.

"We're sorry about that folks; we seem to be having some technical difficulties with Maria Storm. Lets switch you live now to Sherwood High School and Jack Baker." said Tanya.

"What the hell just happened out there with Maria and Charlie?" she wondered.

The scene at the high school showed the same chaos as Forestt Hills with Jack fucking a senior girl who looked to be young enough to be his own daughter. That screen quickly went blank also.

At the mall, the hospital, the grocery store, everywhere the camera turned there were scenes of wild abandonment going on, but the most disturbing was at St Francis Catholic Church. Father McGuire was energetically plowing up a young nun's "Garden Of Eden". She was still wearing the traditional headgear of the nun habit while all the priest wore was his white "dog collar" around his neck. A little distance away the Mother Superior was sucking the cock of a young altar boy, showing how Superior her fellatio was to a boy young enough for her to be his Mother while another young boy was worshiping at the older nun's "alter" at the same time. Sunday Mass would never be the same again.

The entire studio was frantic trying to figure out what to do. They HAD to report the news, but how could they show any this on TV?

With the entire calamity going on outside no one noticed the crack that had opened up in the ground outside of the studio. Next to the rifts that had opened up all over town, this one was tiny in comparison, and the amount of gas released by it shouldn't really have affected anyone. But this crack happened to be located beside an intake vent to the central air conditioner. The force of the vacuum was sucking up vast amounts of the gas and it was currently pumping it into the TV studio and all the rooms in the building.

Tanya first noticed the effects on the crew in the control room. At first she thought that her director was attacking the rest of the crew, but then everyone started to tear their clothing off and Tanya knew that whatever was happening throughout the city had reached her studio. The last thing anyone saw on their TV screens, if anyone was still watching TV which at this point they weren't, was the frigid, asexual Tanya Cromwell taking off her clothes and running for her cameraman Ronald, who she had always hated before. He couldn't stand her superior attitude, but there was no denying that she was sexy as hell.


A few days later the exhausted city of Sherwood was recovering from their ordeal caused by the gas escaping from the ground. The airborne chemical had completely rewired the morality of everyone who had inhaled it, making them permanently open to any sexual coupling they could think of with no sense of guilt or remorse for what they did over the last few days, or what they will do in the future.

While they didn't need to breathe in the gas anymore to get the same sexual buzz they first received on that fateful day, the effects of the gas was addicting. No one wanted to go back to their old lives after this.

It was decided to cap all the sites of the gas leak and to tap them so that anyone could freely acquire more gas whenever they wanted, even though no one needed the gas to continue fucking whenever, however and whoever they wanted. Anyone who moved into town or even stopped for awhile was exposed to the gas so that they wouldn't be shocked by the new behavior of Sherwood's residents. This made events such as family reunions much, MUCH more fun.

Needless to say, anyone who moved to Sherwood never wanted to leave it, even when offered higher paying jobs outside of the city.

Over time, the people learned that by experimenting with the chemical, other formulas were discovered which could affect short term memory so that people who didn't stay to live in Sherwood, would forget what happened to them while they were there. Although they weren't nymphomaniacs anymore once they left, they were much more open to their sexuality than they were before and more open to different sexual practices as well.

After six months, no one who used to live in Sherwood could recognize the people who lived there anymore. The general consensus was that everyone took better physical care of their bodies, both to become more sexually appealing to potential sexual partners, and to have better stamina for longer and more passionate encounters. Clothing tastes changed too. Skimpier clothing, barely there hemlines, sheer fabrics and see through materials were worn by women. Tight clothes, to emphasize their bulging muscles, were worn by men. Not surprisingly, no one needed products like Viagra anymore, but the sales of various birth control methods went through the roof.

Eventually the beautiful brunette maid Diane had decided to go on vacation for awhile to visit her mother, as well as her old Alma Mater at the Catholic girls' school. She decided to take a few containers of the raw, undiluted gas with her when she went to her former home town. She also took a few "special items" with her that, before Sex Day as the event was now known, couldn't be found anywhere in town but were now the biggest industry outside of mining.

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