Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Mind Control, Cheating, Cuckold, Humiliation, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story of Terence, who tries to rise above the humiliation of his high school bully in his life after high school.

Terence looked over to his wife sitting next to him in the car as she shifted and pulled at her skirt to try and stop it from sliding up to far. He put his hand on her thigh to stop her. She looked up and they smiled at each other.

"It's too short," She giggled. "And too tight."

"You have such incredible legs," Terence said. "I want to see as much of them as possible. And I want everyone else to see them too!"

Amy did have incredible, long, and toned legs. She had the body of a professional model and might even be doing that as a job if Terence had not provided for her so well. Instead, she spent her time exercising and taking care of her body. As much as Terence sincerely cared for her, she had no illusions that her fantastic body was the reason he gave her the lifestyle she wanted.

Not that exercise was the source of her good looks, they were just maintenance and a little tweaking. She had been blessed with the genetics most women would kill for. Her hair was tawny blond, thick and full. It went down past her shoulders in easy waves. Her eyes were almond shaped and her skin just a slight golden shade of tan. Of course, most men would zero in on her huge breasts, large, firm, and big enough to see from behind her.

In her three inch high heels, she stood just a little higher than Terence. Tonight she was wearing a pearly white dress, that had a subtle shine to it. It had tasteful black lines around the seams that accentuated her curves without being obvious. And, of course, it was low cut, showing an expanse of cleavage that made it all but impossible to not be rude by staring directly at her chest.

"You know you're not just a trophy wife to me," Terence said. "But ... tonight ... just this once, I want to be the guy everyone envies."

It was true. Terence thought the world of Amy. She was his fantasy all through his senior year of high school, but while he masturbated to her constantly for so many years, he simultaneously feared that if he ever got to know her that she would be a dull airhead. How could anyone be that beautiful and also fun and easy to get along with? She looked too good to be anything but a selfish bitch, or completely stupid.

It turned out, though, when he met up with her again at twenty three, that she was full of life and laughter and fun to be with. She wasn't stupid by any means. She was smart and did reasonably well at school. But he was vastly more intellectual than her, as he was with almost everyone he knew, and while some people would think that would mean they had nothing to talk about, she had a curious and enthusiastic nature that made it easy for him to talk to her. He would tell her things he knew, and she would listen and ask questions, and he could hardly believe that she was genuinely interested. But she was - she found his enthusiasm for knowledge and the things he told her about entertaining.

Terence knew he had struck gold, that no other woman could possibly come close to having all the qualities she did, so he went out of his way to care for her every need, with no extreme too far. In this way, their relationship had a balance. She knew how much he valued her, and she knew that she was onto a good thing.

"Don't worry sweetheart," Amy said. "You've earned this moment."

Terence was the stereotypical story of the nerdy kid in high school who rose to financial success afterward. His studiousness and mild manner made him the butt of many jokes and the target of a lot of bullying. But in university the situation was almost immediately reversed, as his intellectual gifts were appreciated and respected by people who also aspired to be as smart.

In his third year he made connections with two other like minded entrepreneurs, and the three of them formed a company that made an innovative software for managing warehouses, shipping, and tracking products. By the time Terence was graduating, one of the partners had dropped out, but he and the other partner were already making six figure incomes as their product spread. He was well on his way to becoming a millionaire one year out of university.

It wasn't just financial success that Terence enjoyed. The supportive environment of university helped him get out of his shell, and he started to exercise. He took up martial arts to further build his confidence, along with some weight training. He wasn't great looking, as he was already showing the first signs of balding, and had a large nose that he was self conscious of. But he wasn't bad looking either, and with his new fitness, he was passable.

He remained shy around the women, though. Partly it was just habitual awkwardness, gained after many years of being a social outcast. But also it was because none of the women he met ever measured up to the woman of his teenage daydreams: Amy.

At twenty three, he decided to call the woman of his dreams, almost as a suicide mission. He had convinced himself that she must be a completely horrible person in some way another, maybe completely vain, maybe a spoiled bitch. But no matter how much his head tried to forget about her because she was probably still out of his league no matter how successful he got, his cock became rock hard every time he thought of her.

The only way to get it out of my system, he thought, is to call her up, find out what she's really like, and maybe the reality will finally sink in deep enough to kill the fantasy.

But the plan went differently. She turned out to be very nice. And she happened to be single. It seemed like it was fate. Terence knew he had one chance to make it work, and he put all his resource into seducing Amy. After a year, they were married.

Terence had it all. And he did it by working hard, treating everyone around him fairly, and all the while maintaining a sense of humility and appreciation for his good fortune. He was genuinely a nice guy.

Didn't he deserve just this one time of reaping the rewards of his hard work? Just one night of showing everyone he went to high school with that were mean to him that he had come out on top? Just a little payback for all he endured in high school was surely justified, wasn't it?

Terence especially wanted to show up Todd.

As you would expect, just like Terence fell into the role of the nerdy kid, there was also that all-American athlete and popular kid at the school, and that role was filled by Todd. He was good looking, extraordinarily fit for his age, good at all sports, and charming.

Charming to everyone in his peer group, that is. Like every high school, there was a hierarchy, and Todd and his friends bullied and tormented people like Terence, just for the fun of it. They flushed his head in the toilet, stole his clothes after gym class, and, their favorite activity, regularly locked him in a particular dumpster in the back of the school. Especially on hot days when the cafeteria left overs would be at their most pungent.

All of which Terence could handle. He was smart enough to see that high school was a small pond and he would rise above it all. But as rational as one can be about such matters, some things cut on a deeper level.

Todd was Amy's boyfriend. She was two grades younger than Todd and Terence, but developed early. When she entered the high school in grade ten, she immediately was the target of every boys masturbatory fantasies. Todd snatched her up right away, and they stayed together for all of Terence and Todd's senior year.

Todd knew that Terence lusted after Amy, not only because every boy did, so it wasn't exactly an insight of any kind, but also because Todd seemed to have an uncanny knack for catching the moments when Terence would be staring. That's when Todd and his henchmen would administer wedgies, or hurl some sticky piece of cafeteria food at his face, or knock his books out of his hands and scatter his work everywhere. People would look and laugh, even Amy, and that humiliated Terence.

He was able to forgive Amy for being just another part of how the social order in high school works. But there was something targeted about Todd's efforts when it came to catching Terence's longing glances at Amy that earned special resentment from Terence. Todd was spoiled with the good fortune of being born good looking, and instead of being grateful, he indulged in sadism.

After high school, Terence wanted nothing to do with any of it, so he lost touch with everyone and everything to do with high school. But he found out later that Todd got an athletic scholarship and had to move out of state, which ended their relationship. Amy started dating others in high school and college, up until Terence called her.

Now Terence wanted nothing more than to see the look on Todd's face when he walked in with Amy. Nothing would need to be said, but the message would be clear: "In the end, Todd, you're the real loser, I'm the real winner, and Amy chose me, not you."

Terence parked the luxury sedan in one of the very few parking spots left in the high school parking lot. They were a little late, but that was deliberate so that Terence could make a big entrance with Amy. It was warm, but she wore a light jacket, again deliberately chosen so that there would be that moment when she took it off, like a gift being opened.

There was a dark and foreboding feel for Terence as they walked up the steps to the front entrance. All the lights were on, but as a public school, it just didn't have good lighting, so it was dark. It was more the emotions inside Terence that made it feel a little scary. Like returning to the scene of a crime. The last time he was here, there was nothing but constant tension and trying desperately to make it through a day without being humiliated.

Amy, by contrast, walked in with an easy air, neither particularly excited nor reminiscent. Everywhere she went she was treated well on account of her looks, so high school was not that different a place for her.

The hallways seemed deserted as they made their way to the gym. Everyone was already gathered there, so when they made the last turn and found the entrance to the gym, there was suddenly a huge blast of noise, color, and people. A long, hand painted, paper sign over the door read "10th Anniversary Reunion, Class of 2000".

There wasn't one moment when everyone turned to look, but as Amy approached, first the people at the folding table handling tickets noticed her and pointed and whispered, then a couple people just inside the doors, and from there it spread. Terence didn't have to hear them to know exactly what they were saying. "Wow, Amy looks even better than she did in high school. So glamorous! Who is that she's with? He must be rich ... is that ... what's his name? That nerdy kid ... Terence? It is! It's Terence! Holy cow, he must be a billionaire to have landed her!"

When the two women working the door recognized Amy, they jumped up and squealed with glee, causing some people to spill out from inside the gym to join in the greetings. There were hugs and warm greetings, and Terence was left to the side. He didn't mind, though. Eventually they acknowledged him, and even though they didn't remember him that well, their expressions made it clear they were impressed, bewildered, and shocked that Amy was here with him. When Amy showed them her wedding ring with its huge diamond, the ripples of gossip went through the crowd at double the pace.

It was all Terence had hoped for. When Amy took off her jacket, there was actually an impromptu moment of silence as people were simply awe struck. One guy said, just barely loud enough for everyone to hear, "Damn..." Terence beamed with pride.

Amy took it all in stride. She knew the attention she was getting, but she got that kind of attention a lot. Maybe not quite so dramatically, but it was hardly new.

Amy stepped into the gym, which was decorated in streamers and bathed in the minimal club lighting of a portable event kit. A DJ played tunes from the late 90s and early 2000s. A crowd of people followed her in, chatting and gossiping together. Terence followed behind, with a couple people attached to him, asking him the expected questions of how did he hook up with her and what was he doing now that he could manage landing everyone's dream girl.

Terence was just in ear shot of Amy, and he heard her casually ask, "Is Todd here?". The question surprised him a bit, because although they had talked about showing her off, he had never specifically mentioned that they should seek Todd out. Terence just assumed that in the small gymnasium that they would naturally encounter him. In fact, Terence avoided mentioning Todd because he felt that if he allowed himself to be too concerned about Todd that would mean he hadn't moved on. Ironically, what he wanted most to show Todd was that high school had become insignificant because of his current situation. It meant wanting to show off that he didn't want to show off, which was tough to do.

However, Terence figured that Amy was trying to save Terence from that catch twenty two by seeking out Todd for him. She would know that of all people, Todd would be the one Terence wanted to show off most to. He had confessed to her in late nights of pillow talk about how much Todd had belittled him, and how a lot of what drove him to success was to rise above those high school torments. That must be the reason she asked for him, Terence thought.

Amy was led with Terence in tow over to a table where three men and two women sat. The women were quite beautiful as well, one Korean woman, Vicky, and the other a brunette, Kate. Both had large breasts and good bodies, and if Amy weren't in the room, they'd be considered the best looking. The men were fit, and good looking too, one with reddish hair, Jeff, the other with short black hair, Taylor.

The third man at the table, Todd, stood up when he saw Amy approach. Once Todd did, so did everyone else at the table. They were the jocks and cheerleaders Amy used to hang out with. The ones that tormented Terence for all those years in school.

Terence was disappointed to see that Todd hadn't been reduced to some caricature of past glory, with a pot belly and a comb over. He was still tall and strong. He had gained some weight, but it made him appear more sturdy instead of less in shape. He still had a full head of sandy brown hair, and judging by his clothes, he wasn't too bad off.

"Holy shit! Amy!" Todd said with a big smile and hugged her. She hugged back, and then there were hugs all around and squeals of delight from her former cheerleader friends.

Then there was a moment of silence as they looked at Terence. You could see on their faces all of them taking the few moments to look back and forth at Amy and Terence to work out that they were married, that he was well to do, and that he was someone from high school though they couldn't quite place him at first.

"Beak-boy?" Todd said, using the nickname they had used whenever they tormented him in high school, which was the only time they ever referred to him at all. Terence bristled visibly.

"Sorry..." Todd laughed a bit too deliberately to deflate the tension. "I mean, Terence? Is that really you?"

"Surprised?" Terence said, enjoying his moment.

"Are you Amy's butler or something?" Todd joked. Everyone laughed. Even Amy shyly laughed a little under her breath. Terence fumed. Trust Todd to ruin even this.

"Hey hey ... just kidding around. Like old times." Todd said. Terence was genuinely puzzled. Was it possible that Todd really did just see the past as harmless joking around? Could he be that oblivious to all the pain and frustration he caused Terence?

"Here, sit with us a bit," Todd said, and as he did, He smoothly ushered Amy around the large round table so that she was beside him, with her two girl friends on her other side. "I'm sure these girls have a lot of catching up to do!" Todd said, as if that explained why he was sitting beside Amy on the other side of her friends. Terence wanted to object, and tried to think of some smooth way get Amy to come sit beside him, something along the lines of saying that a wife should be beside her husband. Before he could get the words out, though, the other two men sat on the other side of Todd leaving only one space open at the table. Now it would be too awkward to start insisting everyone start moving around.

Terence sat down, and looked across at Amy. She looked so stunning. He caught Todd glancing down into her cleavage now and again, and in a small way that made him feel a little better, knowing that Todd was lusting after Amy. Terence figured it could only make it more satisfying to know that Todd would spend all night not getting what was right beside him, just like Terence did for a whole year sitting beside Amy in biology class.

The conversation quickly eased into reminiscing about old times, which everyone at the table enjoyed. Except Terence. All their anecdotes were about dances he never went to, games he never participated in, parties he wasn't invited to. They had a high school life that was rich in experience. The more they talked, the more it highlighted in Terence's mind how his high school life was lonely.

Terence had a few friends back then, equally socially out-casted. But theirs was a mere simulation of friendship because they all knew they were together because they couldn't be with the people they wanted to be with, whether it was the dispassionate art crowd, the over enthusiastic drama kids, the "bad" kids who smoked behind the cafeteria, and all the other groups who at least had some kind of social standing within the whole high school social order. Even here at this reunion Terence knew they wouldn't seek each other out because it might be more painful to relive their desperate attempts to create a social life than to simply try and pretend they were somewhere in the background of everyone else's.

While Terence listened to everyone around him enthusiastically talk about their memories, he kept a close eye on Amy, and Todd. She was unusually quiet, and not drinking the glass of red wine poured in front of her. She never even raised her hands from her lap.

Todd was obviously trying to get closer to her, and he was deliberately leaning across Amy, supposedly to hear what the two ex-cheerleaders were saying, but obviously so that he could have every excuse to linger in front of Amy, brush against her chest. Eventually he had settled so that he was almost in a permanent lean, with one hand on the back of Amy's chair though not quite around her - that would be just a little too bold - and one elbow on the table in front of Amy. Bastard was really trying hard, Terence thought.

It was from that position that Todd turned and spoke to Terence. "Wow, remember we used to throw you in that dumpster after school all the time?"

Terence felt an anger rise in him. He had no intention of answering. He hoped that Amy might step in and object, but she shyly looked up and was trying to hold back a smile. Terence wondered if, like Todd, she really didn't understand how horrible those times were for him.

"Seriously, though ... What would you do in there all that time until the janitor let you out?" Todd pressed. The rest of the table all looked at Terence expectantly. Terence let out a breath to try and keep cool. This wasn't going at all like he wanted. They were just talking at him instead of to him. Why were they not taking him any more seriously in light of how much he had changed?

There was a long awkward pause. Terence wondered if they were seriously expecting him to tell them what it was like to be trapped in a dumpster. Todd shifted in his seat as if he was agitated a little. Terence wondered if Todd was moving that way because he was aware of the social tension he was creating.

"Maybe he masturbated to thoughts of Amy," Vicky said. Everyone at the table had the same reaction which was to start to laugh and then try to suppress it. Kate nudged Vicky and told her that was rude. Terence turned bright red, and he looked at Amy, who looked downward, amused. Terence wondered if on some level Amy was flattered by that, because he couldn't understand her reaction otherwise.

"Hey, Hey," Todd said as if was in charge or something. "Don't get mad, Bea ... Terence". There were muffled giggles as Todd almost slipped and said Terence's hated nick name. "I masturbated to this girl before I got with her too... , though, of course, not for as long." Terence was about to finally say something but Todd kept going and blocked Terence from interjecting. "But hey, it's all good ... you got her in the end, so you finally got what you wanted."

Terence forced a smile. Finally, he was getting some acknowledgment for his accomplishments, but the way Todd said it made it seem diminutive somehow.

The conversation went back to the lives of everyone else at the table, and Terence was actually a little relieved. But not for too long. Over the course of the next forty minutes, Todd would come back to Terence now and again, and bring up some moment of embarrassment that would make Terence squirm. Sometimes, Todd would suddenly jerk as he turned to face Terence, as if an idea of what to ask Terence about had physically sent a jolt through him. Sometimes Todd would seem a little distracted after he asked Terence a question. It was strange behavior, and Terence assumed it was because Todd was desperate to squeeze in digs at Terence to make up for his jealousy over Amy being with Terence.

All the while Todd got closer to Amy so that she was pressed between Todd on one side and Vicky on the other. Vicky had her arm around Amy, and if it weren't for the presence of Todd, it would be quite the sexy scene. Vicky and Kate kept exchanging glances and giggling while looking back at Todd and Amy.

Terence's patience grew thinner and thinner, and finally he resolved that he had let Todd get close enough but now it was time to pull the plug.

Just before he spoke up, though, Todd spoke first.

"Hey, remember this song?" He said as he straightened up. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair. "We danced to this at prom." Then he swiftly stood up, and led Amy to stand up as well. "Let's go have a dance!"

"I'd like that!" Amy said, suddenly returning to her good natured manner. The whole thing happened so swiftly that Terence almost didn't have time to object.

"Hey, I think the husband should get the first dance..." Terence said.

"Oh, honey," Amy said, "You get to dance with me all the time. I'll just have this one with Todd." As she turned to the dance floor, she winked at Terence. It was a wicked wink, so Terence couldn't immediately understand the meaning. Then he realized that Amy must be trying to indicate that she was doing it for Terence, perhaps to tease him that much more.

"Oh, okay..." Terence said. Relieved.

As the song played, Terence tried to keep an eye on Amy and Todd. They were slow dancing, and talking, but it was hard to keep a clear view because people kept getting in the way. Also, it seemed to Terence that for some reason the other four people at the table suddenly wanted to talk to him, as they kept asking him questions, forcing him to turn his head away from watching Amy. They asked him about his work, and how he reunited with Amy, and all sorts of other questions, though they only half listened to the answers.

The song ended, and Terence craned his neck to try and see Amy and Todd. He didn't see them for a few moments and a bit of panic rose in his throat. Then he saw them, and they were dancing, though a little faster. Amy seemed to be shaking her chest for Todd, giving him, and almost everyone else on the dance floor, an ample view of her huge tits.

The others from the table got up to dance, leaving Terence alone. He looked around for someone he might dance with, but didn't see any likely prospects. People he only barely knew in high school that it would just feel awkward to talk to them now.

He tried to keep an eye on Amy and Todd, but it got harder and harder to see through the crowd. And the house lights got dimmer and the modest disco lights moved faster, making it even more difficult to keep track.

The next song was also fast, and Terence had almost completely lost track of Amy and Todd. He sat there for a while because it just wasn't in his nature to jump up and take action. He felt so awkward at the prospect of pushing through the dance floor and then demanding to have his wife back. Besides, shouldn't she want to pull him into the dance floor.

He strained his eyes to look into the dance area, and suddenly his eyes widened. Even though it was a fast song and there was lots of motion, it looked like Amy and Todd were slow dancing. And then for a brief flash of light, it looked like they were kissing.

Terence bolted up, and he would have marched immediately to the floor, except that he lost sight of them again. He squinted to see, and then he saw another couple that might have been the ones kissing. Was his paranoia getting the best of him?

Still, he had had enough. He pushed through the dance floor, although not quite forcing people out of the way as much as he wanted. He got bumped and jostled.

When he reached the center of the dance floor, Amy and Todd were nowhere to be found. He found an empty space where it seemed like they should have been. He spun around looking in all directions but couldn't see them anywhere.

He turned to a dancing couple beside him. They were a black couple, and he thought he recognized the wife as a member of his class, but the man was probably her husband who wasn't a former student.

"Excuse me, do you know Amy?" Terence shouted to be heard above the music.

"Amy? Of course. Why?" The woman answered.

"She's my wife ... I'm looking for her."

"She's your ... Oh..." The woman answered. She smirked as if she realized something funny and glanced at her husband who wasn't sure what was going on. "No, I don't know where she went." The woman replied.

"Thanks anyway," Terence said absentmindedly as he immediately turned to another couple. As he did, the black woman whispered something to her husband, and he looked like he got the joke. As Terence asked a few more couples, word started to spread around the dance floor.

Terence distinctly felt like people were starting to look at him with sinister laughter in their eyes. It was the same look as back in high school when he would be bullied by Todd and his friends, and everyone watching would be laughing at Terence, but not out-loud because no one wanted to get involved. There was a sort of pity mixed with indifference mixed with amusement.

Terence turned red as he felt a shame and embarrassment he hadn't felt in years. He started to push frantically through the crowd. He knew he had no reason to feel this way, that as an adult he should be past this, and that he had done nothing more than ask the perfectly reasonable question of where his wife was. But old feelings were hard to suppress, and part of him was slipping into old pains. He started to feel claustrophobic from being seemingly the only one in the room not in on the joke.

Finally he found Vicky dancing with Jeff.

"Where's Amy?" He practically demanded, assuming they would know.

"Oh, they're not here?" Vicky answered. But her tone was so deliberately innocent that it all but shouted that she knew exactly where Amy and Todd were.

Terence wanted to grab her and shake her, but Jeff would easily put a stop to that. Even though Terence was fitter now, he was still shorter, and just lacked the instincts of a fighting man.

He pushed past Vicky and Jeff and went out into the hall.

Suddenly it seemed dark and quiet. The music and crowd from the gymnasium could be heard behind him, but as the doors closed, the noise faded from importance in his mind.

"Amy?" He called out and his voice echoed just a little bit.

He started walking down the hallway into the darkness. He looked into a bathroom at the end of one corridor. Then up some stairs and down another. He looked into bathrooms and listened at doors. It seemed silly that she would be in a dark room with no sound, but he didn't want to miss anything.

He searched and searched. Some rooms had lights on and he ran up to them, but Amy was not to be found. The building was largely empty.

It was on he way back to the gymnasium as he passed the boy's locker room that he heard a sound. Not much, just a muffled sound of a voice in a distance. It was echoing around on the flat concrete walls, which made the words unintelligible, but it seemed like a man and a woman talking.

Terence was not stupid, and at this point he had some idea of what must be happening. Something intimate was happening between the two of them. They did used to go out, so maybe there were feelings that Terence had not known about or considered. He was uncomfortable at the idea that they were reminiscing together about more romantic times, but part of him couldn't help but think that it was important to gain information. Information was how he made his career, so it was natural for him to want to know what was going on before rushing into a situation.

Instead of calling out to Amy, he cautiously stepped into the boys locker room, trying to listen and make out the words as he got closer. He expected to hear confessions of feelings or maybe Amy saying that she missed Todd but she was married now, or something along those lines. Some kind of conversation that would justify why they went off to have it in private, but he couldn't imagine it going further than that.

What he heard when he finally got in range to make out the words made his heart sink into his stomach in a way he was completely unprepared for.

"I knew I had to fuck you the instant I saw youmlph ... glk ... mmmlph ... glp ... glrk"

It was Amy's voice. And as soon as the sentence was done, her mouth was clearly filled, something had been pushed in before she was expecting it. And while she was choking on it, she wasn't making noises of resistance, she was making loud slurping, sucking, wet noises.

"I know slut. I know that look in your eyes when you need my cock. Haven't seen it in years, but it's just the same."

It was Todd.

Terence froze. He just had no reaction. He had no idea what to do.

"God ... that's sooo good. I love watching you stretch your mouth to try and get it all in," Todd said.

"Mmmmmlph ... Mmmmmlllgk ... Mmmmmmllnn" Amy was making noises of agreement while keeping her mouth moving up and down Todd's cock.

"I can't believe that stupid schmo sat there like a dumb-ass while you stroked my cock under the table," Todd said.

Amy giggled while licking the tip of Todd's cock.

"God, there were so many times I thought I was going to lose it and just tit fuck you right there on the table, right in front of him". Todd said.

"You want to see my big tits?" Amy asked coyly, and then went back to sucking Todd's cock.

"Fuck yeah, slut! Take that dress off," Todd said, in a commanding tone.

"Oh baby..." Amy said, catching her breath a little after the popping sound made by taking Todd's cock out of her mouth. "Let me just unzip the front a bit ... this dress was made for tit fucking."

There was the sound of a zipper, and some shuffling movement. Todd said almost under his breath "lay down here", and then there was the sound of skin on skin slapping.

"Oh fuck ... that looks so hot!" Todd said.

"I remembered how much you like tit fucking me, so I got this dress especially for you." Amy said.

Terence's eyes widened in horror as her words sunk in.

"You came here for my cock, huh? Did that dope buy this dress for you?" Todd said.

"Mmmm hmmm," Amy said with Todd's cock in her mouth.

"Hah hah hah!" Todd laughed. "That's perfect. Then I'm going to soak this dress in cum and fucking ruin it! I'm going to mark my territory!"

"You're so mean!" Amy said with a laugh.

"I'm mean?" Todd said in a fake questioning tone. "You're the one who jerked me harder under the table every time I made fun of that little faggot."

Amy made a laughing sound with Todd's cock in her throat.

"Mmlph ... glph ... no, I ... mmllph ... gllp..." She tried to object, but Todd kept thrusting his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, you fucking loved it, slut. Don't deny it. You know your husband is a fucking pussy, and it turns you on to compare him to a real man," Todd said.

Amy giggled as much as she could while sucking Todd's cock.

"Oh yeah, that's it ... squeeze those huge tits together on my cock!" Todd moaned, "Oh yeah ... see ... you know your place is on my cock, as my slut. Your husband is nothing. He's a fucking wimp. I bet he can't even get you off in bed. Has he? Answer me slut!"

"mmlph ... mph ... no ... no, he can't ... glph..." Amy said.

"Say it slut! Tell me the truth! Tell me about your husband!" Todd commanded.

"Mmmmmmmlph! Mllph! He ... mlph ... the only times I barely managed to cum was when I thought about your cock!" Amy said.

"That's it slut..." Todd said "You need to be fucked by a real man."

"Oh god, yes!" Amy squealed. "It's been too long!"

Terence had collapsed to his knees and he was shaking. He just couldn't believe it ... it was all a lie. The whole marriage. Everything. She was never satisfied with him. She was waiting until she could see Todd again.

He knew that they had had an intense relationship, so much so that when Todd left on his athletic scholarship they decided they would have to break off completely. They both knew as attractive young people they would have many opportunities and didn't want to worry about what the other was doing. They hadn't had contact in years. But while Terence thought that it meant that she had moved on in life, it now seemed like it was left unfinished. She had been waiting for this reunion to see where her feelings were with Todd. And apparently it was revealed within a heartbeat of seeing Todd.

And Todd ... Todd was his sadistic self, relishing in fucking Terence's wife. Enjoying her betrayal. And she certainly wasn't denying her enjoyment of the betrayal. Could she really be as sadistic as him.

No, Terence resolved. There was no way. He knew his Amy. Todd must be forcing her, manipulating her. He might even be raping her. I need to save her, Terence thought!

Suddenly the moment seemed like it could be the culmination of the intention of the evening. Could there be a better way to finally overcome all your teenage bullies than by saving your wife from them? To be the hero in that moment, knocking down the villain and leaving with the girl. Terence was fitter now, he knew some fighting moves. He knew he could do this, and when it was all over, he would have the satisfaction he had been dying for.

He got up and stormed around the corner of lockers, and what he saw shocked him for a critical moment.

Amy was on her back on a bench in between two rows of lockers. Her dress was unzipped in the front and her huge tits were out, and she was holding them up to squeeze Todd's cock. Her face, hair, and tits were covered in pre-cum fluid.

Todd was fully naked, straddling on top of her, his knees bent a little to get his cock down to the right level.

What shocked Terence was the size of Todd's cock. Even though Amy's tits were huge, his cock went all the way up between them to reach her mouth with plenty of length for her to take deep. It was rock hard and rigid, with huge veins bulging, and the head, which Terence saw as it slipped in and out of Amy's mouth, was bright purple. Terence always felt his cock was around average, maybe a little less if he was being truly honest. But seeing Todd's huge cock made him suddenly feel well below average.

Amy and Todd had barely noticed Terence, and Terence intended to use that to his advantage. Regaining his composure after his moment of shock at the scene in front of him, he balled his hands into fists and made his first step into a charge that would have been only two or three steps before reaching Todd.

But before he got any further, he was suddenly knocked off balance by a force coming from his side. Terence was slammed against a locker. Before he even really knew where he was, he felt a kick in his groin that sent a wave of sickness up through his stomach and into his head, making him dizzy and disoriented. He got punched in the side of the head, then punched again somewhere else. As blow after blow struck him, he lost track of where he was being hit, and how often and how hard.

When the beating eased up, Terence was picked up and forcibly placed on his knees facing toward Amy and Todd. As his head cleared, Terence took in the situation.

Todd and Amy were in the process of changing positions, nonchalantly, as if what happened to Terence wasn't enough to distract them. Amy was now bent over, her legs straight and straddling either side of the bench, and her hands on the bench to balance her. She was facing toward Terence. Todd was behind her, slapping his huge cock against Amy's perfect ass.

It was Jeff and Taylor who had issued the beating and were on either side of Terence, holding him in place. Vicky and Kate were leaning against the lockers on one side, looking at Terence and giggling.

"Fuck me! Fuck me, Todd!" Amy was whining and begging.

"Not yet..." Todd said. He had a huge smile as he looked directly at Terence.

"So, Terence," Todd said, "This turned out differently than I thought. I thought I'd fuck Amy behind your back for a while before making her dump you. But it looks like you've chosen to rip the band aid off, so to speak."

"Please..." Amy whined.

"Shut up slut," Todd dismissed her. "Terence, I think since you're here for the momentous occasion of when I start fucking your wife, it's only fitting that you give your blessing."

"What?!!" Terence shouted. "Never! Amy ... you're not being yourself! Snap out of it!"

"Oh, Amy is being herself for the first time in a long time!" Todd laughed. "She's my cock-slut, and always has been. You can easily see it's true, can't you, Terence?"

"Fuck you," Terence said.

"Admit it, Beak-boy. Say that Amy is my cock slut, and that you could never satisfy her like I can with my big cock." Todd commanded.

"What? No! You're insane! Why the fuck would I say anything like that. Amy ... tell him we're leaving..." Terence said.

Todd put his cock up against Amy's dripping pussy, and pushed just the very tip inside her.

"Yes ... Yes... !" Amy said. But then Todd stopped. "What... ? Baby please ... fuck me ... put it all the way in... ! I neeeeed it!" Amy said.

"Not until Terence admits that you're my cock slut, and that only my cock can satisfy you," Todd said with smug satisfaction.

"I'm not going to say anything like that!" Terence said.

"I think you will. Amy ... tell him. Tell him the truth," Todd commanded.

"No ... Don't make me..." Amy whined.

Todd began gently moving the tip of his cock in and out of her pussy, just a little.

"Oh god ... oh god ... please..." Amy whined.

"Tell him!" Todd commanded.

Amy looked at Terence, and she actually looked a little annoyed.

"Honey ... please just say what he wants..." Amy said.

"What?? A ... Amy?" Terence stuttered. "How could you ask me to... ?"

"Just fucking say it, you wimp!" Amy blurted out. Todd and the others laughed. "It will be easier if you just fucking say it! I'm going crazy!" Amy said. Todd moved his cock a little more, teasing her even more.

"Amy, please don't ask me to ... I know you don't mean it ... I know you love me..." Terence said weakly.

"I don't love you," Amy said quietly.

"Sorry, what was that?" Todd said in a joking tone. The others in the room laughed.

"I don't love you!" Amy screamed. "I ... liked you, and I thought you were okay ... but the sex ... it never satisfied me. The way you fuck is ... pathetic. I ... I ... just married you for the money."

"It's not true..." Terence said weakly. Tears started to well up.

"It is ... I'm sorry ... but it's true." Amy said, with a tone of almost giving up, as if there was no reason to hold back anymore. "That's why I've been fucking your business partner, your chauffeur, your friends ... if you can call them 'friends' ... everyone just uses you for your money, like I did."

Terence just looked shocked.

"Whoa! I didn't see that coming!" Todd said with a big laugh. But then he turned back to Amy and said with mock seriousness "He still hasn't said it yet, slut. You need to be a good little girl before you get my cock..."

"Goddamn it you pathetic wimp!" Amy was so frustrated she was coming across as angry. "Just fucking say it! Say it because it's true! I'm his cock slut! Your cock is fucking pathetic next to his. Next to anyone's! I've been fucking almost everyone you know to keep myself from going insane being with you!"

Terence broke down and started to cry. Vicky and Kate looked at each other and rolled their eyes and giggled.

"Oh my god, are you crying?" Amy said. "This is all your fault, you know. I was ready to move on, maybe even make something of our relationship. But all those times you confided in me about how Todd bullied you and how that humiliated you ... it got me thinking ... I didn't care so much at the time, but the more you whined about what Todd did to you, the more I thought about what a man he was. After a while, I could only even be turned on enough to have sex with you if I thought about how Todd owned you."

Terence stared in slack jawed silence. Was it true? Could it be that he had ruined his own chances with Amy by constantly reinforcing Todd's alpha status in her mind.

"You know the truth," Amy continued. "I am so out of your league and you know it. I need to be with a real man. A real fucking man with a real fucking cock. You can try to make up for it with all the money in the world, but you'll never deserve a woman like me the way Todd does! We're a different class of people. We're the ones who fuck, and you're the type who watches."

Terence was outright bawling.

"Awwww ... poor baby..." Amy sounded like a concerned mother, except there was sarcasm in her voice. It hurt Terence all the more to know that part of her probably was sympathetic, but it was being used to torture him by a side of her that was enslaved to Todd. She was losing her sanity as Todd kept tickling her with his rock hard cock. "I'm sorry this hurts so much dear, but I need his cock so bad. You need to stop me before I go on, because there's so much more I could say to hurt you ... things you can't even imagine ... Things I've done while we've been married..."

"You're Todd's cock-slut and I can't satisfy you like he can with his huge cock," Terence said weakly.

"I can't heaarrrr you... !" Todd said in a sing song tone. The two girls laughed.

"Amy is Todd's cock-slut and I can't satisfy her like he can with his huge cock," Terence said with his voice cracking and with short breaths as he was crying, but he managed to get it out.

As soon as Terence finished his sentence, Todd thrust his cock up into Amy. It looked almost like he was impaling her.

"Ohhhhhh GOOOOOOODDDD!!" Amy cried out. "YES! YES! I'm a slave to your cock master!"

Todd continued to fuck Amy for what seemed like forever to Terence. He had never seen Amy look so wild, so out of control, so completely uninhibited. She shuddered in orgasm time after time.

Every now and again she would look at Terence, and she would smile this evil smile, as if to say, "I guess now you finally see it. See the difference between you and a real man."

When Todd came, he pulled out, and shot long ropes of cum. It not only landed all over Amy's graceful back, and in her beautiful hair, but also shot past her and splattered on Terence's cheek and shirt. He was so crushed already though, that he merely winced. He was at even glad that having cum, it would be over.

However, he was wrong. Todd remained hard and after Amy licked his cock clean, he fucked her up against the lockers, making her huge tits bounce wildly, much to Todd's delight. Then he fucked her on the floor. Occasionally Vicky and Kate, who were making out with each other, would come over and passionately kiss either Amy or Todd, or lick the cum and pre-cum off Amy's face and body. It seemed to be part of a demonstration that Todd was the alpha male of this group, and while Jeff and Taylor were boyfriend and girlfriend with Vicky and Kate, Todd fucked them too.

After much fucking, they settled on Todd sitting on the bench, with Amy hungrily sucking his cock, her head moving so rapidly her tits bounced. The two men standing guard over Terence pushed his face forward so that he was a mere two feet away from Amy's face, forced to watch Amy lovingly worship Todd's huge cock.

"That's it slut! That's it slut!" Todd yelled. "I'm cumming ... I'm cumming ... don't swallow it though ... Oh fuck that feels good ... I want you to hold it all in your mouth."

Suddenly Todd spasmed and arched his back. Amy held onto his enormous cock with both hands to stop it slipping out of her mouth. It seemed Todd was pumping a cup full of cum into her mouth. Streams dribbled out the side of her mouth and down her chin, dripping into her massive cleavage. When he was finally finished. She obediently held it in her mouth and awaited further instructions.

"Take off your wedding ring," Todd commanded. Amy did so without hesitation.

"Now put it in his hand," Todd commanded. Amy turned to Terence and gently took one of his hands with both of hers, and placed the wedding ring into the palm of his hand.

"You know what to do next," Todd said. The two girls giggled.

Amy spit out all of the cum in her mouth into Terence's hand, covering the ring entirely. Then she closed his hand over the ring and the puddle of cum, and it squished through between his fingers.

Terence didn't want to have any of it in his hand, but he didn't know what to do with himself or the ring. Dumbfounded, and worn out from crying, he just held onto the ring and the cum drying in his hand.

Amy shook her head as if to say, "you're pathetic," and then she stood up to be cuddled under the arm of Todd, who stood in front of Terence. Todd's cock, even when only semi erect, was a hell of a site, and he deliberately stood in front of Terence so that Terence would have to look up at Todd's cock if he raised his head.

"Well you little faggot," Todd said, "I think you see now that things have changed. If I know my little slut, she hasn't just been fucking your business partners, but cutting some deals. She's more than a pretty face. I'm not doing too bad already, but I think my lifestyle is about to improve. Hmmmm ... what to do with you now, though?"

Todd already knew the answer, which was obvious from the tone of his question. After he and Amy towelled off a bit and got dressed, Jeff and Taylor helped drag Terrence out the back of the locker room and to the back of the cafeteria where the dumpsters were.

"Aw yeah ... the old dumpster is still here!" Todd said triumphantly.

Terence started to resist against being thrown in while Todd found a small rock to break the padlock off with.

"This ... this is assault... !" Terrence screamed.

"Yeah ... Probably..." Todd said casually. "I guess you have to decide whether or not you want to live your life with it being on record that as an adult you still get owned by your high school bullies. I think we'll just describe it as a prank gone wrong and we'll probably get off with a warning..." Todd opened the lid of the dumpster.

"I'll have my lawyers..." Terence started.

"You mean the ones I'm fucking?" Amy interrupted. Everyone laughed. Terence was deflated. He didn't resist at all when they tossed him into the dumpster and closed the lid.

As he sat in darkness, he heard them use something to fasten the dumpster lid closed.

"Don't worry," Todd called into the dumpster. "The janitors get here early in the morning before the students. Maybe they'll even remember you..."

More laughter.

"Terence?" Amy spoke softly into the dumpster. She didn't wait for a reply before continuing. "So, I guess this is goodbye. I just want you to know that I appreciate everything you did for me and a part of me really is sorry that this all had to happen to you. But ... well ... I think you know this is how things are really supposed to be. There's a natural order of things, and girls as beautiful as me will always end up with men who are superior to guys like you. We''ll be in touch, I guess, but I need to go with Todd now."

"Let's head back in for a few more dances. I want everyone to see me with you. Then we'll head back to Beak-Boy's place for me to ruin your dress like I said I would. I'm going to fuck you all over his house..." Terence heard Todd speak as his voice faded out.

Being back in the dumpster was more like the way it used to be than Terence expected. While he was obviously upset to be in the stinking, damp trash, what upset him more was how even though Amy had revealed herself to be just as sadistic as Todd, she was still so beautiful that a part of him wanted to forgive her and try to somehow get her back and make their relationship work.

As he lay in the darkness, he could vaguely hear the music from the gym and couldn't help but imagine everyone, especially Amy, laughing and smiling and having a good time. He wanted it to be him with her in there.

He cursed himself for not being able to hate her, and tried to go to sleep so that he wouldn't have to keep being confronted by his own weakness when he thought of her.

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