Alien Prize
Chapter 1

"Arhgggg my aching head. What was that blinding light." I thought to myself as I slowly awoke. I opened my eyes, and I suddenly thought that I had to be dreaming. I was in bed and the first thing that I noticed was that it wasn't my bed, this one was bigger, and far more comfortable than my own.

"How the hell did I get here, and where the hell am I anyway?" I sat up and looked around. I was in what looked like a very nice hotel room. The bed was a King size bed and the room had a large flat screen TV. There were two doors one looked like it led to a bathroom and the other looked like it went out to a living area of sorts. The first thing that I needed to do was drain my lizard so I got out of bed and headed to the bathroom ... I noticed that I was naked ... I wondered who had undressed me and who had sprung for the very nice hotel.As I did my business I tried to remember what had happened. I had gone to my retirement party and after having a few drinks, called a taxi to get a ride home.

The ride home was uneventful until I heard the driver yell "Oh Shit..." I saw a large truck and trailer out of the corner of my eye and then that blinding flash. I woke up here ... Oh well I would figure it out sooner or later. When I was finished in the bathroom I decided I would go to the other room and call room service to order breakfast. I came out of the bathroom and at the end of the bed was one of those movable clothes racks. Not seeing my previous pair of clothes I took some off the rack and put them on. They fit perfectly, like they had been made for me. The jeans had no label But they looked like Wrangler's. The shirt also had no label, but it fit just as well as the jeans.

I walked into the other room and I was stunned. I didn't know what to look at first, the 7 foot tall orange man in a suit or to look out the window. Seeing a seven foot tall man would make most people stop and gawk. This was a 7ft tall orange man. In a suit. In my mind I immediately thought ALIEN ... Then to look out the window confirmed the whole alien theory. Out the window I was looking at the earth with the moon just behind it. I walked over to the wall sized, window and just stared out and I was quiet. I wanted to scream "What the hell is going on here?", but my mouth just wouldn't work.

The orange guy walked over, and stood next to me and looked out the window. After a few minutes he said," Its beautiful isn't it?"

"Yes it is I replied." Hey my mouth is working again. I turned to him and said "So whats a guy got to do to get fed around here?"

"Follow me." He replied. What was I to do? Here I was on an alien spaceship standing next to an orange man. I followed him out the door. We entered a hallway. As we walked, we passed several other doors, some were open and some closed. Through most of the open doors I could see more orange people doing various tasks. Not that I knew just what they were doing. After a few minutes the orange guy turned into one of the open doors and we entered what was obviously a cafeteria of sorts. It had tables and chairs and what looked like a buffet set up.

"You may get something to eat here, the food is quite good, We offer a selection from four different galaxy's." He told me.

"Is it safe for me to eat?" I asked.

"All is safe." He replied. I went to the buffet and selected a few things that I recognized ... Pizza and buffalo wings.

After I made my selection I found my way to a table and sat down to eat. First I said my prayers thanking God for the food and asking his protection in whatever was happening to me. As I was eating I turned to the orange guy and said to him, " I can't keep thinking of you as the orange guy, Whats your name?"

"You can call me Frank."

"OK." I replied. "I figured out that I'm on a spaceship and that you are an alien, the question now is, 'What the hell is going on?' and 'Why did you bring me here?''

He looked at me for a second and said "Dean I always hate to be the bearer of bad news but just before we brought you here you were involved in a severe automobile accident."

"The truck ... what happened and what was that bright light?" I said.

"That bright light was us transporting you to our ship. The truck you saw was a fuel tanker that ran a red light and slammed into your taxi. It then exploded. Quite a fireball and much smoke." Frank said.

I thought to myself, "These guys saved my life". I said to Frank, "Thanks for saving my bacon then, but why?"

"Dean I have a story to tell and I want you to listen before you ask any more questions."

I said "OK."

Frank began a strange tale. "Dean." He said. "You may not believe me but I am from your future. About 1800 years into your future, actually. We are the Veri, and we are responsible for the destruction of your world. We come from a star system many light years from yours. Many thousands of your years ago we were testing a new Interplanetary Drive system on one of the outer moons of our system, when there was a failure in that system. The failure caused the moon to explode and one of the pieces of debris eventually impacted your planet.

By the time that we got our drive system operational it was to late. We watched in horror as your planet was almost completely destroyed. In the time since we have discovered that by adjusting magnetic harmonics of our drive system we can in effect travel through time ... both forwards and backwards. With this discovery and the subsequent fear that we would cause a paradox the use of time travel has been banned throughout our empire. Otherwise we would go back and prevent the explosion. It is not banned in your system though as it lies outside the Veri empire. With this in mind we tried many times to go back and divert the debris from the course of your planet. We failed to achieve this goal.

Now with your race facing extinction we have decided to go into your past and bring people to our time in order that they may help to save your race. What we will do is send you there with knowledge and information to help jump start your society. Although we believe that we are to blame for your planets current condition, our laws forbid us from interfering directly with your culture. That is why we only take those from the past that were about to die. Once we place you there there will be no further contact from us."

I asked "When is this going to happen ... or when did it happen? What are things like now?"

Dean replied "The event occurred on august 15 2012. Now 800 years later Man is on the brink of extinction. The event destroyed the surface of the earth and less than 20% of preexisting life was left, with only about 100,000 people surviving. With few resources and no leadership the human race quickly fell into a cave dwelling society, and of nomads. Only the strongest survived. Men soon learned that large groups of people simply could not survive together as they would soon strip all resources from the area. They quickly broke up into tribes of 30 to 50 people, and spread out in order to make the existing life sustainable. Soon the Tribes lost touch with each other. Now when they do meet there is suspicion and distrust. Often fighting breaks out and many are killed. Unfortunately in the 800 years since the event the level of technology has greatly declined. The wheel for the most part, has been lost and the most advanced weapon is the throwing spear."

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