Family Fun
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, InLaws,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Things heat up with my sister-in-law

I have always found my sister-in-law to be attractive. Other than height and hair color she didn't look like my wife. She was older than me and her sister, slimmer, flatter ass, and smaller tits (but still 38C). Still, she was pretty and we got along real well. Now, she had married her high school sweetheart and as such he had been the only man in her life. Whenever friends of theirs would be over I noticed how just some innocent flirting from other men made her smile and giggle a little and she would get this sparkle in her eyes. I assumed she never dated much in school and my wife confirmed it when I talked about it with her later. She had noticed the same thing. I decided to take it up a notch as they say and see what would happen if I gave my sis-in-law more attention.

It started out small, a comment here and there about how she looked, her outfit, stuff like that. Then moved on to more physical things like placing my hand on the small of her back, a lingering hug when saying goodbye, sitting closer with our hips touching while in the church pew. She responded to my increased attention by doing the same and even started getting more playful. One day when we were over their house for dinner, she gave my ass a quick squeeze when he walked by in the kitchen. No one else was around or looking so I gave her a slight smile when she had turned back around to see what my reaction was. Later that evening, while she was putting some dishes in the sink, I saddled up next to her, making sure we were touching and asked her if she would like any help. She joked and said she didn't think I was any good in the kitchen and gave my ass a pat as she said it. I placed my hand on her ass, holding it there and gave it a long slow squeeze replying that I had my uses. She seemed a bit taken aback by my move but soon recovered herself as I walked away. Later as we were leaving, she hugged me harder than usual and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.

Things continued to progress along, lingering touches, more and longer hugs, pushing her breasts up against my arm, just general stuff like that, but we were never alone for any period of time for me to find out how far things could go. That is until one day when the stars must have been aligned just right. One weekday, her husband was out of town for a few days and the kids were in school, my wife was at work and said I had to drop a package of something or other at her sisters that day and since I work nights I was the one available to do it. So after I woke up, ate and showered I headed down to her place. It is only a 20 minute drive so I got there in no time. She greeted me at the door and gave me a big hug and I asked her where did she want the package. She said to place it on the dining room table, which I did, then asked me if I could help her move the dryer out from the wall and reconnect the vent hose. No problem I said and after that job was completed, she gave me a hug and thanked me for that so that now she could finish the laundry. My sis-in-law didn't let go, so I wrapped my hands lower around her waist and pulled her closer which she immediately responded putting her arms around my neck and pulling me towards her. I started getting an erection and being how close we were holding each other I knew she was feeling it grow. She pulled back slightly and looked at me and without a second thought I planted a firm kiss on her lips. My sis-in-law was shocked at first but immediately got over it and started kissing me back. Her warm, wet lips felt wonderful against mine then her mouth started to open slightly and our tongues met and started doing their own erotic dance together.

Our kissing started becoming more intense with soft moans coming from her mouth. I started working my hands under her shirt, feeling her soft skin, moving up her back and with one quick motion, unclasped her bra. Her hands went immediately to my waist band and she unbuttoned my jeans, ripping open the zipper. "I need you in me right now" she purred and with that I had unbuttoned her jeans and in no time she was stepping out of them along with her panties. My jeans and boxers were by then down around my ankles. I then grabbed her hips and spun her around so that she was facing the dryer and placing one hand on her back, bent her over just enough so that her ass now stuck out. With my right hand on my cock, my left ran over her pussy where I noted she had a thicker bush than my wife did, not that it mattered much to me at that moment. Then with a quick smack on her left ass cheek, not sure why they do that in pornos but it seemed right at the time, I placed my swollen cockhead at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. With both hands now on her hips I shoved my dick all the way in until my balls slapped against her. My sis-in-law let out a loud grunt followed by a long moan as I started pistoning in and out of her surprisingly tight pussy. Her sounds of pleasure mirrored my thrusts which turned me on even more.

After I got a nice rhythm going with her thrusting back some to meet my thrusts forward, I slid my hands up to her swaying tits, still held in somewhat by the unclasped bra. I worked my hands under the material feeling the weight of them then cupped them securely in my hands, lightly rubbing my fingers over her hard nipples. At this time she had her first large orgasm. Her whole body seemed to shiver as she let out a loud "OHHHH" then I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock as I kept up the tempo of the thrusts. After that one subsided, she returned to meeting each one of my thrusts with one of her own releasing a constant stream of "AHHH" each time I entered her. I still kept cupping her tits with the occasional tweak of a nipple here and there but when I felt my own orgasm building my hands moved back down to her hips. Her body started to tense up again and I knew she was about to cum again. My thrusts started to quicken when she let out another loud moan, just like the first one and I gripped her hips harder then shoved my dick hard into her as her pussy tightened around me and started squirting my hot seed deep into that pussy. I continued thrusting a little after that, making sure I completely emptied my load into her, eventually slowing down, then finally withdrew. My cock glistened and I knew it wasn't all from me. She just stayed where she was and I noticed a slight shiver in her ass. Finally she stood up and turned around, looking at me with a look of complete satisfaction on her face. I told her that we had better clean up and that I had to get going. After washing myself off and getting dressed and her doing the same we just stood in the kitchen looking at each other. I spoke first "I will be stopping by more often". "Ok" was all she replied, then I stepped up to her, wrapped my hands around her waist, sliding one hand down to her ass, and kissed her hard on the lips. She returned my kiss then without another word I left the house and drove home.

I thought about what happened during the drive home, replaying the events in my head, wondering what she thought about it, and would she let it happen again. When I arrived home, I checked my email, noticing I had a private message on my Facebook account. I logged into my account, and saw it was a message from my sister-in-law. The message just said "Until next time". And so it began.

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