Teacher's Pet
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Science Fiction, Furry, MaleDom, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Teacher/Student, School,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He raped her, but she liked it. Now, she's in his class. Can a wolf truly love a fox?

Ivy knelt to pick some berries off a bush along the trail she was walking. She was headed home after going to the city, a massive jungle of concrete and steel, filled with almost all werewolves. There were a few badgers and a leopard, an otter, and even a doe who was a very nice secretary, but Ivy was amazed at how many wolves lived on this planet. It was suppose to be an "un-marked" world, were all monoshifters could live, but it seemed the wolves had nearly taken over with their numbers.

Putting the large juicy berries into her mouth, she continued on her way. She waved to a werehorse as he leaned into his load, dragging the heavy cart behind him, while a weremoose ambled along behind, waving back to her with a friendly smile. He pushed the cart from behind, but was obviously slacking, and the werehorse snapped at him to push harder and snorted with effort.

Ivy soon came to a stream, where she stopped on the bridge and looked down into the water. She ran her slender, padded fingers through her long auburn tresses which spilt down her slender shoulders and her smooth back. Her small muzzle and light red fur, large fuzzy ears and long luxuriously furry tail made her a very attractive were vixen. She stared down at her reflection and smiled; her warm brown eyes stared back at her.

She continued down the trail until she reached a smaller path that V-ed off the main trail. She turned down that way and skipped down the path. As evening approached, she hopped across a small stream and dropped her pack. It would take her another day to make it home, but they weren't expecting her for at least a week. She'd been accepted to the university, and it wasn't starting for another month. So she figured she didn't need to hurry, and this was a good place to set up camp. The moss was soft and cushioned her slender, petite form as she sat down to pull a granola bar from her pack. She gnawed on it as she started a small fire. Leaning back, she stared up at the darkening sky. It was starting to get chilly and she shivered, pulling her blanket out and wrapping it around her furry body. She didn't wear clothes, at least not usually. She hated the thought of living in the dorms, especially because she was so used to snuggling up with her family in a single room and everyone keeping everyone else warm. Her parents had saved every copper to get her to school, and she wasn't going to waste it.

Rustling caused her to come out of her thoughts. She leapt to her feet as two tall, dark colored wolves came out of the bushes. Ivy backed away, closer to her fire at the sight of them. She barely reached their chests, and the darker one was bugling with muscle. The leaner one had several piercings and a white blaze across his face, a strange marking.

"Well, well, Gra, what do we have here?" The giant one's voice was like stones grinding together. "Gra" in ancient wolf meant "streak," an aproppriate name for the leaner wolf.

"I think it's a lone vixen, dear brother." Gra took a step toward Ivy, who trembled and backed further away.

"Leave me alone! I've nothing of value!" She hoped that if she had nothing valuable the rogues would just leave her be. Instead, the big one laughed. "Well, you'll have to pay with something. There's a toll on this trail!"

Ivy pulled the blanket around her body tighter. "There was no toll when I came down this way last week!"

The big one drew closer to her. He was easily three times her size and four times her weight. "Well, bitch, there's a toll now, and you have to pay." He was very intimidating and she had no doubt he could easily make most people pay the toll.

Ivy backed away until she hit a tree trunk. She looked about desperately, hoping to find something to defend herself with. "I have nothing. Please, leave me be. I'll bring something next time." She decided to try to talk her way out.

Gra came up close to her, until she could have reached out and touched him. "Well, dear, you'll have to pay with something. And it seems to me, the only thing of value you have is ... yourself."

Ivy's eyes widened and she pressed against the tree, trying to shrink away as the big one drew closer, cutting off all exits. He grinned cruelly, reaching out for her. "Come here, bitch. Let's see what's under that blanket."

In desperation, Ivy bared her small teeth and snarled. She hoped she could seem fierce enough to make them think twice. Then her head was swimming and she lost her balance. She hardly noticed that Gra was holding her up and stroking her face were his brother had struck her. "That was not necessary, Brigad."

"The little bitch snarled at me! Now don't hog her. I've always wanted to know how much of me a vixen could take."

Gra's hold on her tightened protectively. "Not after that you won't!"

Then it seemed to Ivy that the night had closed in and there were no stars or moon as everything went dark.

Ivy woke to the pounding of her head. She tried to move but her hands were bond behind her back. Even her muzzle had been bond. She whimpered quietly, trying to open her eyes, but her head hurt too much. Then she felt a cool, moist rag against her face where Brigad had struck her.

"Don't worry, little one," Gra's voice penetrated her fog gently, his voice low, when she whimpered and cringed at his touch. "My brother won't hit you again."

Ivy looked up cautiously at the brown wolf. He had the most piercing blue eyes she'd ever seen. But they weren't cold in the slightest. He raised a brow at her. Then she felt his fingers through her thick hair, stroking her gently. He slowly stroked her back, and ran his hand over her wonderful curves, resting his hand at the tip of her hip bone.

She was just beginning to relax when Brigad appeared over Gra's shoulder. Immediately, Ivy tucked her thick tail between her legs, laying it against her soft, creme colored belly. She whimpered in fear and tried to squirm away. Gra looked up at his brother. "Back off, Brigad." The large grey wolf growled but backed up a bit.

Gra's hand moved through her thick fur, and slipped under her tail. Ivy looked at him in fear but his eyes held hers and when he touched her intimately, sending a shudder through her body, she couldn't tear her eyes away. His rough padded fingers moved slowly and gently, bringing a whimper of pleasure from Ivy's throat. She'd never been touched this way, at least not by anyone else. She felt her ears burn in shame and fear, and she tried to squirm away from him but his eyes held her still somehow.

His fingers worked her expertly, his other hand reaching into her fur and finding a tightening nipple. Without her wanting, her hips moved slightly towards him. He smiled smugly at her. She whimpered in shame, trying desperately to resist the sensation creeping up into the base of her belly. She could feel herself growing wet, and she could barely believe her body could betray her like this.

Gra took his hand away and looked at his fingers with that smug smile of his. "Foxes are easy." He looked back at Ivy and licked his fingers. She swore steam was rising from her ears they burned so much. Then Gra gently pushed the base of her tail to the side and she watched with wide, unbelieving eyes as he dipped his head to that place between her legs. The hot sensation of his tongue sent a violent shudder through her body and she moaned loudly, trying to pull her legs together, but Gra put his hand on one of her thighs, keeping them apart. In fact, he even spread them further and Ivy would have screamed had she not been muzzled as his long, strong tongue slipped into her burning slit.

Ivy then found herself on her knees without really knowing how she'd gotten into that position. She still had her tail firmly planted against her belly, but Gra so easily pushed it out of the way with only two fingers, slipping them into her, his claws retracted. For a moment, Ivy stiffened and whimpered in pain. Gra immediately stopped and waited until she relaxed again before moving his fingers inside of her again. "Well, well, well. This little vixen has neither been claimed nor enjoyed." Gra chuckled, his fingers rubbing a spot deep inside Ivy that made her whimper in pleasure and squirm against her bonds.

Then his fingers were gone. She lay there breathing hard, not quite sure what to do or what was happening. Just when she thought that Gra had had his fun, she felt something hot and hard push past her tail and slide into her dripping slit. She gave a muffled yelp of both pleasure and pain as Gra's thick rod stretched her. He slid his entire length into her, giving a deep growl. She felt his fingers curl around her hips as he pulled her against his body until she felt his sack slap against her clit. A shudder ran from the base of her tail to the base of her skull as Gra started to slowly move out until just the tip of his throbbing member stayed within her, then she screamed as he rammed back into her. He did it over and over again, first slowly, but he soon began to speed up. He moved his hips in different ways, making her whimper and moan as orgasm after orgasm tore through her body. She was not naive to the sensation of release; she had pleasured herself enough times during her heats but they had never been this intense.

Then she felt herself being raised to her knees. Gra was still deep within her, making smaller movements, keeping her moaning and shivering. She looked up at Brigad who got down to his own knees just so she could be level with his massive throbbing cock. He removed the bond around her muzzle and grabbed her thick wavy hair, pulling her face up. "We can't let that pretty little mouth of yours go unused," he chuckled, and she felt the head of his shaft press against her lips. She felt her ears burn again, and she laid them down, looking up at Brigad with wide, unbelieving, humiliated eyes. But then Gra thrust hard and deep, making her give a small cry. Without any hesitation, Brigad slipped his dick into her mouth, pulling her head forward until he hit the back of her throat. Ivy whimpered, suddenly feeling extremely humiliated and used.

Brigad used his grip on Ivy's hair to move her head back and forth, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. At the same time, Gra continued to pound her, but his hands left her hips, one traveling to between her legs, rubbing her clit insync with his thrusts while the other traveled up through her fur, finding a furled nipple and rolling it gently. Despite her shame, Ivy couldn't stop the moans and whimpers or the orgasms that continued to shiver through her.

It seemed like eternity had passed when Gra gave a low growl and thrust deep into Ivy, shuddering against her. She felt his knot grow inside of her, stretching her even more. The sensation of his seed filling her, unable to escape, caused the most powerful of her orgasms, making her scream with Brigad's cock still in her mouth. Gra continued to stimulate Ivy, rubbing her clit and nipple as he waited for his knot to get small enough to remove. He made small thrusts, keeping her pleasure at a peak.

When at last his knot had reduced in size enough to pull out, he slid out of Ivy, and she felt his hot seed flow out of her and down her legs. She felt both ashamed and turned on by the sensation.

Brigad let go of her hair and pulled his cock from her mouth, letting her gasp for breath as he pulled her to her feet. He leaned her over a large rock and forced her legs as far apart as he could. Pulling her tail out of his way, she gave a cry that filled the woods as he slipped into her dripping cunt, so large that he stretched her even more. She felt him deep inside her, pulling her against him, just barely able to fit his entire length inside of her. He gave a chuckle as she shivered, whimpering and squirming in pleasure. "Look, brother, she was able to take all of me. Most she-wolves can't sheath all of me."

She gave a whine of shame, but Brigad quickly started to pound her. His heavy balls slapping against her clit made her shudder, moaning loudly. She felt Gra's hands find their way under her and play with her nipples. Ivy didn't know how much more she could take, the pleasure so completely taking over her mind.

"Hey, Gra, do you think she can take my knot and my load?" She could barely hear Brigad through her own ragged cries of ecstacy. Gra chuckled. "There's only one way to find out."

Brigad's knot swelled inside of Ivy and his hot load filled her. The pleasure of the sensation nearly overwhelemed her, and she barely noticed when he finally slid out of her, his seed mixing with his brother's on her legs.

Exhausted, Ivy slipped to her knees, gasping, her clit still throbbing, her nipples still hard and swollen, protruding through her fur. She barely remembered the rest of the night, only that she was made to suck off both of them again and was pounded over and over until there was the grey of dawn in the sky.

When Ivy awoke, she groaned in pain as she stretched her aching muscles. Her arms hurt badly, cramped since they were still bond. Her fur was covered in gobs of the brothers' seed and her legs were almost stuck together.

Before she even opened her eyes, she felt powerful arms wrap around her, holding her close to a lean, strong body. She looked up into Gra's smiling face. All of the night came back to Ivy, and she felt more humiliated than any other time of her life. Not even the time when her father caught her masturbating in the woods could compare to this. She looked away from Gra's piercing blue eyes and whimpered helplessly.

"Please, I-I paid the toll, please leave me alone." She didn't want to be so used again.

Gra raised a brow. He rolled on top of her, lifting himself with his knees and elbows. Before she could beg him not to use her again, he stroked her hair and spoke softly into her ear. "This is not part of the toll." He raised her legs until her ankles were on his shoulders, lifting her hips to meet him. His eyes caught and held hers again, his expression gentle and kind. She was frozen by his stare until she felt him slide into her. It was different somehow than last night. She gasped, still unable to tear her eyes from his, feeling him slide all the way into her.

This time, his movements were slow and purposeful, much gentler than last night. He groaned as Ivy's walls contracted around him, smiled as she shivered and moaned in orgasm. This, too, seemed somehow different than the ones she had had last night.

It didn't take long before Gra's knot stretched her. She moaned, panting as she shivered. Gra let her legs fall back to the ground as he settled his weight comfortably on top of Ivy. He stroked her, holding her tightly against him. She could feel his heartbeat, hear his breathing, smell his musk.

And then he was gone. Ivy realized she had dozed off. She sat up, her arms free finally. Looking around, she saw little evidence of the brothers. Her thighs were still wet, so she knew she hadn't been sleeping long. With a quiet, sad whimper, she got to her paws stiffly and limped over to the creek. If she went home like this then her parents would not allow her to leave home again. They would be so worried they probably wouldn't even let her leave the house!

Sliding into the knee-high water, she shivered as the cold water went right through her fur. She scrubbed at her body, making sure that nothing remained of the brothers. When she was done, she got out and shook off as best she could before putting all her things away and slinging her pack over her shoulder. She was still very sore so she went slowly, picking her way carefully. It was nearly night by the time she made it home, and felt utterly relieved to be in the arms of her huge family.

Ivy dropped her small pack onto the ground of her room. All she had was a small bed, a dresser, a small desk, and a bathroom. She had not wanted to be roomed with any strangers considering this was enough of a terrifying experience. Her whole life she had lived in her tiny village, made up almost entirely of her own family. Now she was surrounded by people she didn't know.

As she got around to unpacking her few belongings, there was a rap at the door. She perked her ears and curiously cracked the door. A tall, young doe with gorgeous long hair and giant brown eyes gave her a wide, friendly grin. "Hi! I'm Maren! I live right next to you, and thought I'd see if you were settling in well."

Ivy smiled shyly back. "Oh, um, yes, thank you. That's very kind of you. I'm Ivy."

"Nice meeting you, Ivy. You're new, aren't you?" Maren reached out her hoof-tipped hand to shake, a hold-over greeting from when all monoshifters were human.

Ivy timidly offered her hand back. She was still somewhat unsure of everything. "Yes, I just got here. This will be my first quarter at school. I've never been in a school before."

"Oh?" Maren perked her ears. "You must be from one of the villages. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll soon fit right in. If you need to know where anything is, just ask me. I've been here for two years now. What classes do you have?"

"Well, I have Geography, Math, and Ancient Earth History..."

"Oh! I have that same class! You'll like that class. Professor Surleen is amazing. I've had him for several other history classes. He makes sure you get it. But let me tell you, Professor Balk in Geography is really tough, so you gotta stay on top of the homework from the very start." Maren then gave a big grin. "Are you hungry, Ivy?"

Now that she mentioned it, Ivy was kind of hungry. Luckily, the school offered food to those who lived in the dorms. "A little, yes. Where's the cafeteria?"

Maren offered her arm. "I'll show you a short cut. If we hurry, we can beat the kitties. When they get the munchies, there isn't much left for anyone else."

Ivy closed and locked her door before accepting Maren's arm. She barely reached Maren's shoulder. "What do you mean?"

Maren laughed. "The cat folk. You do know of a strange little plant from Earth called 'Catnip, ' right?"

Giggling a little, Ivy got her hint. Maren led her through several halls, a courtyard, and down another hall, all filled with monoshifters of every creature, even some not from Earth and certainly not of human decent. Finally, they made it to the cafeteria. There was all kinds of food; a few things Ivy was familiar with, but most of it made her jaw drop.

As she picked up a plate and started to place some things on it, she heard some snickering behind her. Turning, she saw several young males- two bucks, an otter, and a leopard- looking at her and Maren, grinning and speaking softly amongst themselves. Maren noticed that Ivy was distracted and turned to see what she was looking at. She gave a small chuckle. "Don't worry about them, Ivy. They think they're studs. I'll bet they've never been laid."

"What was that, slut?" the leopard yelled at Maren.

"Oh, nothing much. Just telling my friend how you're all a bunch of basement virgins in college only because your daddies got rich by fucking the right women." Maren didn't even turn to look at them as she said it, reaching out for a sweet roll.

One of the bucks, his antlers only just starting to protrude from his head, leapt to his hooves. "C'mere, bitch, and we'll find out who's the virgin!"

Maren gave a humored snort. She still didn't face them. "Only virgins feel the need to prove they are experienced. Those who are experienced know they have nothing to prove." Several people nearby burst out laughing, nodding in agreement.

Ivy's ears burned. What was Maren doing? What if the males tried to fight her, or rape her, right there in the cafetaria? And other people were starting to stare.

The buck grunted angrily and stomped a hoof. He started toward Maren, but stopped when a long, gangly arm was infront of him. He craned his neck back to look at the were-giraffe. Unlike other monoshifters, the giraffes still walked on all fours since their front legs are so long and their back legs are so short. However, their front arms have hands, though the fingers end in thick hooves rather than nails or claws, like all hooved shifters. The giraffe bent his head down, glaring at the buck.

Cowed, the buck quickly retreated. Everyone knew not to pick fights with giraffes. Not only were they the tallest of the Earth monoshifters, but they were tough. One swipe of those thick hooved hands could take a head off. And if they bent their heads down, they could swing it like a club and send you flying.

Maren finished getting all her stuff on her plate and went over to the giraffe. "Thanks, Grualkin, but there was no need." The giraffe shrugged as he eased himself back into a specially made chair. He crossed his legs, leaning back and looking down at Ivy who had nothing else to do but follow Maren. "Who's your shadow?"

"Oh, this is Ivy. She's new, so I thought I'd show her around. She's from a village, so she's kinda shy. Be nice. Ivy, this is Grualkin. He's a good friend. You two should get along well." Maren pulled up a seat and dug into her food. Ivy sat down, timidly glancing up at the giant. He smiled down at her.

"Well, I won't bite, so you might as well eat your food while it's hot." Grualkin grinned, showing a line of thick, flat teeth. Smiling back, Ivy dug into her food as well. She didn't care to think of what an odd crowd she had fallen in with, she was just happy she had made some friends.

It was the first day of school. All of her classes had gone well thus far. Like Maren had said, she had already gotten a four page essay to write by her geography teacher. He was an old bison, very bitter. Her math teacher had been a sweetheart, a young tigress with much energy and lots of passion for the subject she taught, and she wore clothes, which wasn't so odd for monoshifters that lived in cities, but was a bit strange to Ivy.

Now she was meeting up with Maren to go to the one class they shared. She hurried to the class and managed to find Maren standing on the other side of the massive hall. She smiled warmly at Ivy. As Ivy had discovered, she was a very warm, friendly person but was not afraid to defend herself by any means neccessary. She'd already kicked a young antelope who had made advances on Ivy. She knew how to make people too afraid of her to tell on her. Ivy felt lucky to be on her good side.

"Hey, let's get in early and look like the perfect students before Professor Surleen gets here! In his last class, I was such a smartass, so now I want to surprise him." She giggled and vanished into the crowd to get to the class. Ivy waited for an elephant to amble past before diving in after her. Fighting her way through the between classes stampede, she entered the class and sat down at a table next to Maren. They looked at each other and giggled. Maren loved to play with people's heads.

So Ivy opened her book and started reading as she waited for the class to start. Everyone around her was talking and sitting on the tables and goofing off as she and Maren sat quietly, reading their books. A few minutes later, the class went silent and there was a great shuffling of chairs as everyone scrambled to get into them.

"Why, Maren, I didn't realize you could read. Or are you just looking at the pictures?" A shudder ran up Ivy's spine. The fur all over her body stood on end at the sound of that voice. She began to tremble, gripping her chair lip tightly.

"Of course I can read, Professor Surleen. You forced me to learn with your last history class. Although the pictures are so pretty! Look how well they colored it!" She held up the book.

Ivy hadn't looked up yet. The teacher walked toward Maren, his musky wolf smell wafting around her. Ivy's eyes grew wide, and she immediately tried to shrink into her chair.

"Yes, Maren, they certainly are well colored. And a good thing, too, since we'll be needing to look at them quite a bit during this class. There are many things about Earth that simply can't be described. Like this, for example, on page 12..." A brown furred hand reached out and took Ivy's book from her. He held it up and showed it to the class. There was much shuffling of papers as everyone pulled out their books and looked at the picture of a rose, a plant only found on Earth and not able to grow on any other planet. Then her book was placed back on her desk. That hand then wrapped around her chin and lifted her head. For the split second she stared straight into those piercing blue eyes, she remembered that long night not so long ago. The white blaze across his face was brilliant in its cleanliness unlike that night. She felt herself growing weak and an odd, somewhat pleasant twisting sensation made itself known in her belly. Then Gra smiled warmly. "There'll be no sleeping in my class."

Then someone came in through the door and slid into a chair as quietly as he could, but he could not escape Gra's attention. He turned to the newcomer, leaving Ivy to try desperately to compose herself before anyone noticed she was uncomfortable. "You're lucky I haven't called roll yet, Mr. Parkus. Don't be late next class."

Class was finally over. It had been an agonizing hour and a half. Ivy quickly got all her papers and book together and tried to quickly hide in the crowd that started to shuffle out, when she heard his dreaded voice right behind her. "Miss Sypress, could you stay for a few moments?"

Shivering, Ivy stopped, allowing everyone to go past her. Maren leaned in and whispered, "Don't let him pick on you. Every quarter he finds someone new to tease. It was me last quarter, so just tease him back. It's a sport to him." She gave Ivy a reassuring wink and grin as she made her way out the door.

Ivy breathed hard, fear making her heart pound. She felt his warmth brush past her as he closed the door. The click of the latch made her heart skip a beat and a shudder run through her body. And then Gra was in front of her, his hard body blocking all hopes of escape. In fear, Ivy backed away.

"For the whole month before school, your scent wouldn't leave my fur. Your voice wouldn't leave my ears." His voice was low, gentle, firm. Ivy backed up against a table, but before she could get around it, his hands were on her hips and lifting her. He set her on the edge of the table so quick she didn't have a chance to close her legs. Now she couldn't as his hips were in the way. Feeling his cock sheath against her crotch made her whimper. His arms wrapped around her. She felt her book and folders slip from her arms as he placed them on the table next to her. His eyes held hers like they always did, and she felt his hand stroke her hair.

"All month I had been tempted to find your village and stalk around. I had fantasies of finding you out in the woods, deep in heat, helpless, wanting," he whispered in her ear, his hot breath sending shivers through her body and making bumps rise on her skin. "I could imagine you trying desperately to please yourself, I could hear your moans. And then I would reach out," his hand traveled down and she felt the pads of his fingers rub against her throbbing clit making her gasp and moan quietly, her small hands gripping his fur, "and show you what it really meant to be pleasured."

And then he was sliding himself into her silken recesses, unable to hold back any longer. As he drew her hips toward him, slipping all the way into her, he groaned. Ivy gave a loud moan, but then she pushed against him. "Please, no..." His hand slipped around her muzzle.

"Hush, dear. Too long I waited to sheath myself in your warmth again. What wonderful god dropped you into my class I will never know, but I will always thank." He started moving in her, bringing a lustful whimper from her throat. Clutching handfuls of his fur, she couldn't understand why she wasn't fighting him, why she was just giving in so easily to his will. She should be screaming, fighting, biting, calling for help. But she could only lean her head back and moan and pant. All thought that they could get caught left her mind.

It wasn't a few moments later that Gra growled and stopped. He could feel himself about to knot. He didn't care so much about himself getting fired as he cared about Ivy getting expelled from school. Already his scent was rubbed all over her body. Almost in agony he pulled himself from her hot, moist recesses. She looked up at him with glazed eyes, her tongue hanging off to the side as she panted. He ran his fingers through her long, thick hair, burying his nose into those auburn tresses. "I'll know where you sleep."

Taking a moment to gather herself, she looked away from him. "And if I say no?" she asked quietly, scared.

She felt his hot tongue lick her forehead, a gesture both reassuring and affectionate. "Then I would understand ... But I hope that you do not fear me so much that I can never gain your trust."

Not quite sure what to say, Ivy squirmed her way to the ground, grabbing her book and papers. Without meeting his piercing eyes, she brushed past him, her head down, her book clutched tightly to her chest. Just as she was at the door, Gra's voice stopped her. "I won't touch you again if that's what you wish." Ivy's hand trembled in mid-reach for the doorknob. She could hear the genuine yearning and sadness in his voice. But she couldn't forget her humiliation; how he had used her body.

He was right behind her, his scent all around her, intoxicating. She felt his fingers under her chin, lifting her head back so he could look into her eyes. It was like something about Ivy had possessed him, and he couldn't bare to let her slip from his grasp now that she was in it. Ivy felt herself warring inside. His touch set her on fire, his scent alone could make her wet, but she felt that if she gave in, he would use her as long as he wanted and then throw her away.

She felt his other hand on her hip, drawing her close to his body. Her heart pounding, she tore away from him. "No," she whimpered as she threw open the door and hurried away down the hall. Gra wanted desperately to go after her, to call to her, but he knew it would alert people and he did not want trouble for either of them. Closing his eyes with a sad sigh, he packed up his things and headed for his office.

Ivy quickly got to her room and locked the door behind her before tossing herself onto her bed and breaking into tears. She didn't understand the power he had over her body. She didn't know why he set her on fire, why he made her tremble, how he could make her melt with those eyes. She felt helpless in his presence, and for some reason it turned her on. She simply couldn't understand it. Not to mention what her parents and family would think if they ever found out. They had wanted her to court a young handsome male fox from a neighboring village, had been hoping for grandkits as soon as she was done with school. They had always told her how werewolves weren't like the old wolves of Earth that picked one mate and stayed loyal for life. The monoshifter wolves loved to use and leave. And it was those lessons that made her hesitate. She didn't want that for herself, no matter how wonderful it would be to give in, to feel him inside her all the time, to feel his knot stretch her...

But he had not knotted inside her this time. Now that she thought about it, he had been careful and pulled out before he relieved himself of his seed. It could have been he just didn't want to leave any evidence in case she went and called rape. Or it might have been because he didn't want her to get in trouble. He had said he wouldn't touch her again if she didn't want it. And he hadn't tried to force her to tell him where her room was, even though he probably could look it up. But somehow she felt that he really would respect her wishes.

Sitting up, she wiped her eyes. Looking out her small window, she realized it was late. Maren had told her if she wanted the good food she needed to get to the cafetaria quick before the catnip addicts got there first. Catnip was not illegal among the cat folk, but it was banned in the school, though it was hard to enforce and most cats got away with it. As long as they aren't seen smoking and eating it in public, they were usually left in peace.

Cleaning herself up as best as she could, she hurried down the halls. She got in line behind a jaguar that sneered at a calico who reeked of catnip. Not all cat folk approved of the plant.

Once her plate was full, she looked around, hoping to see Maren or Grualkin, but seeing no one she knew she instead found a corner to sit alone. She stared out the window at the view of the mountains as she thought about home and what her parents would do if they found out.

"Did you start it or did he?" Ivy jumped as Maren silently slipped into the chair next to her.


The look in Maren's eyes told Ivy she knew what had happened. "Somehow I doubt it was you. You just don't seem the type to seduce teachers. Besides, it's the beginning of the quarter, most people wait til the end before trying that trick."

Ivy's ears laid back and she looked away quickly. She stared down at her food for a few silent moments before she felt Maren's hoof-tipped hands touch her arm gently. "Did he force you? You could get him fired for that..."

"No!" Ivy felt scared. If Maren told the dean, even if she told him that it was Gra's fault, Ivy would never live down the humiliation. And she didn't want Gra to get in trouble. By Monos, it really seemed like he genuinely cared about her. She glanced up at Maren before saying very quietly, "At least, not really this time."

Maren's eyes widened. "'Not this time?' Ivy, dear, you need to tell if he's raped you before..."

Ivy glanced around. Even though Maren's voice was very low and the massive cafeteria was starting to get louder and louder as more and more people filed in, it still seemed to her that Maren's voice echoed and everyone could hear what she was saying. "It- it happened a while ago. It-it's hard to explain. Mr. Surleen and his brother..."

"Brigad? Oh, that pig of a wolf. I always knew he was going to be a bad influence on Gra. Whenever he comes by, Gra has to keep reminding him to keep his hands to himself. They are only half brothers. And Brigad has no respect for females of any type. Don't tell me they both... ?" When Ivy gave a small nod, Maren wrapped her arms around her. "Oh, Ivy. If I had known he was going to do that I wouldn't have let you be alone. I just thought he was going to tease you because he thought you were asleep. You have to tell on him. I know you're scared, but you have to stand up for yourself."

Ivy looked at Maren. "But ... but I don't know if he forced me or if I let him. Whenever I'm around him I feel ... I don't know. I feel warm and tingling and strange. When his brother and he found me out in the woods, they didn't hurt me. Well, Brigad did, but Gra was so gentle, and he made sure his brother didn't hurt me anymore. And today he told me how much he had wanted to find me and how happy he is that I ended up in his class. I don't want to get him in trouble. I don't want to get in trouble."

Maren patted Ivy's arm reassuringly. "If you don't want me to say anything, I won't. But I don't want to see you get hurt. If Gra forces you or hurts you, you just let me know. I'll deal with him."

Ivy smiled and hugged Maren. The doe was a better friend then any she'd ever had. "Oh goodie. I need some popcorn." They both looked up at Grualkin's wide grinning face. Maren just laughed at him. "Go lick your nose, Grualkin; let the girls entertain themselves."

"Only if you record it."

Maren's hands slammed down onto his desk, her hoof slamming his door shut so hard the hinges groaned in protest. Her eyes were narrowed dangerously, her nostrils flared.

"If you EVER touch her again, I swear to Monos I'll neuter you with a rusted steak knife!"

Gra raised a brow. "Obviously I'm not the only one to take a liking in Miss Sypress." He stayed calm, going back to grading his papers.

"Don't you dare act like you care about her..."

Gra's hands slammed down next to Maren's and he raised himself from his chair, his nose barely an inch from her's. Those piercing eyes of his narrowed and burned. "This is as much an act as yours. I see how you look at her. I know very well your feelings for her. And the fact that you hide it from her but take out your frustation on me is both admirable and dispisable. At least I have the balls to let her know how I feel." Then he became calm again, standing up and looking out his window to the courtyard below. "And if it makes you feel any better, I did tell her I wouldn't touch her again unless she asked for it and I intend on keeping that promise."

Maren stood straight as well, still glaring at the big brown wolf. But she couldn't help but hear his words. He had long ago discovered her secret after finding her and a girlfriend in one of the side halls. He had hardly been fazed, which was rare among monoshifters. He'd promised he'd never tell without asking for the same from either of them. And he had kept his word. It was the only reason she had come to him first rather than going to the dean. He had done a favor for her, and even though he had not asked for one in return, she was repaying him.

"You really care about her?" Maren didn't know how she felt. She'd come to like Ivy so much, but she knew Ivy wasn't like her, or Grualkin. Even though the giraffe acted as straight as he could, it sometimes was obvious his real orientation. Unlike humans, who had long ago given up their prejudices against those who were different, the monoshifters had taken steps backward in that respect.

Gra turned to Maren, but for the first time couldn't look her in the eye. "I wish I could hand her my soul. I could barely sleep since I first met her. I spent night after night outside, wishing I could slip away and go look for her. I don't know why or how, but from the moment I laid eyes on her I just wanted to take her home to my bed and do whatever it took to keep her happy and satisfied." He sighed. "I have no idea how I'll concentrate on my class with her sitting right there, looking at me."

Maren nodded to herself sadly. "I know how you feel."

Gra turned and looked at her. He gave one of his reassuring smiles. "Why not give it try. I doubt she's the judging kind. At the very least you won't feel so awkward around her. It's about time we monoes start catching up with our human ancestors. To think we think of them as barbarians and yet they have long passed us in acceptance. They even accept us, if we would only accept them."

Thinking for a moment, Maren nodded. Then she waved a finger Gra. "You keep that pig away from her, you hear me, or I'll be neutering him with a rusty steak knife!"

Gra laughed. "Don't you worry about Brigad. I'd help hold him down for you if he did anything to her."

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