ABS Adventure
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Interracial,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Husband and wife go to an adult bookstore and the wife gets more than she anticipated.

My husband and I like to visit adult book stores, especially the ones that have peep booths with glory holes. We generally go when the store is least crowded, go into adjoining booths where I give him a blow job allowing him to cum in mouth and on occasion having him fuck me through the hole, depending on how clean it appears to be. This has been our little adult fun time since we started dating. I guess I should describe ourselves first. We are a white couple, been married 11 years now with one child. My husband is 38, 6 foot 180 pounds, a little overweight for his build and with a nice thick seven inch cock which I have always enjoyed. I am 36 5'8 140 pounds, a little on the chunky side myself but with a 38D chest, shoulder length dark brown hair and usually keep my pussy shaved. One of the many things my husband enjoys.

Anyway, back to my story. After 11 years of marriage our ABS adventures had dwindled considerably and our sex life had slowed some what but still enjoyable when one night while lying in bed my husband asked me if I was in the mood to go on one of our trips. It had been a while so I said yes and we made plans for the next week to go. As I said earlier we would go to these stores when they were the least crowded and this was usually during the weekday. So we agreed to take a day off work and head to the town less than an hour drive away that had a few of these stores and one we had been to before. With our kid in school we didn't have to worry about a baby sitter and would be back in time in the later afternoon.

When the day arrived, my husband and I both called in sick to work, got our kid off to school and then got ready to go. I put on my a pair of lace panties which were my husbands favorite, matching bra, denim miniskirt, and tight white shirt. We made the trip in good time talking about what we would do the whole time which got me turned on. We arrived in town and parked around back entering in through the rear entrance to the bookstore. I hadn't noticed any other cars and figured my husband and I would have the store to our selves. After scanning the movie selections seeing if anything caught our eye to purchase when my husband quietly asked if I was ready to go into the booth area. I just nodded and smiled and he went to the counter to purchase some tokens. I glanced around the store noting that we were the only people there except for the clerk behind the counter, an older, heavyset black man who looked bored as he handed my husband the tokens but when my husband turned around the clerk looked at me and gave me a little smile and wink. I quickly looked away and followed my husband through the curtain into the booth area.

We walked down the one aisle until we came to some booths we knew had glory holes and I went in mine and my husband went in his. I gave a quick look around the booth just making sure it was clean enough for me to sit on the small bench, then dropped tokens into the player. Just then my husband said he needed to go to the bathroom first and would be back soon. I was annoyed a little bit, why couldn't he have gone when we first went into the store. I was already horny and my panties were a little moist as my husband had been running his fingers over me on the drive down.

So after my husband left his booth, I just sat there and starting flicking through the movie selections playing until I settled on one of a real hung guy pounding away on a blonde slut. As my eyes adjusted more to the low light level I noticed for the first time there was an indent in the wall opposite the one with the glory hole. This other indent was covered with a piece of wood from the other side and I assumed it was from a repair to the booth wall and thought nothing of it, just went back to watching the movie. Now I was really starting to get wet from watching this hot couple have sex on the screen and eased my skirt up higher, pulled my panties aside, and started gently playing with my pussy. While running my fingers over my clit and enjoying the feeling, I heard a noise which seemed to come from the booth next to mine. At first I thought it was my husband and that he went to the wrong booth but this other person didn't leave the booth so I figured it was another customer. The thought of a guy sitting just a couple of feet of way from me and my husband turned me on even more as I continued playing with my pussy. I forgot how long I had been sitting there but I was getting restless waiting for my husband to return and really wanted to give him a blow job and also to be fucked through the glory hole.

I started rubbing my clit a little harder and closed my eyes feeling a small orgasm start to build. When it hit, I let out a soft moan then slowly opened my eyes, really wanting my husband to come back. I could hear another movie playing in the booth next to mine and wondered what that person chose to watch when I noticed the wall indent seemed to look different. Leaning forward a little to get a better view it dawned on me that the wood I had seen earlier was gone and that it was another glory hole. At that moment a hard cock slipped through the hole and into my booth. It appeared to be around the same length as my husbands but much thicker, beer bottle thick, and dark skinned, almost completely black with a large head. I couldn't believe it, I was staring at a super thick black cock just inches from my face. A part of me became concerned, wondering what my husband would say if he finally appeared, glanced through the hole and saw another man's cock in my booth, a black mans cock at that. But another part of me was curious about this strangers dick. It was the first black cock I had seen in person, not one of those over-sized porn ones but a real dick.

The next I knew I reached out my left hand and wrapped my fingers around this black mans cock while my right hand was still touching my pussy. Without thinking I started stroking his cock, watching my white hand glide up and down his dark shaft in the glare of a porn movie on the tv screen. The stranger then said something but it was muffled through the wall, so I leaned closer to the wall and leaning over farther replied "what was that?" He then replied "go ahead and suck it". Immediately I got on my knees, pulled my skirt even higher, and still holding his cock, licked the tip with my tongue. The taste of his manhood and my being horny removed any reluctance I may have had and tried to fit it into my mouth. But it was too big to get anything more than the head all the way so I started slurping my tongue all around the head and up and down the shaft. This went on for a little while when I heard my new friend say "time for that pussy you warmed up for me". "I can't, I'm married and your too big" I said, when he replied "I watched you play with yourself and now I'm going to fuck you". All I could say was "yes". I was horny, real horny, having only brought myself to a small orgasm, my pussy was soaking wet and itching to be filled. So I stood up, pulled my skirt the rest of the way up to my waist, slid my panties down around my ankles and stepped out of them. Turning back to that beautiful black cock sticking through the wall, I wrapped my hand around it again and slowly turned around until my ass was facing the wall. Slowly I eased back, holding this strangers cock and positioned it against my wet pussy then with a little push back its head slipped into me stretching my pussy like never before. As I slowly push back against his cock, having more of it go into my pussy, I felt that he was pulling back but keeping the tip of his cock in my pussy. Then when my ass hit the wall he thrust his hard black dick all the way into my eager and dripping pussy. The sudden stretching and filling of my pussy caused me to have an instant orgasm and left me feeling a little weak in the knees so I leaned back against the wall while my new friend started fucking me harder and harder. My moans of pleasure intermingled with the sounds coming from the movie playing in my booth and my neighbors.

I lost track of time and actually forgot about my husband returning, just enjoying the feeling of my pussy being completely stretched by that strangers black cock and am not sure how long he fucked me. But three or four orgasms later I felt his cock start to tense up and knew he was about to come when he slammed into my pussy one last time and shot an enormous amount of cum deep into me just as I was having another orgasm myself. He slowly withdrew his cock from my pussy with a loud wet plop followed by a large stream of cum, his and mine, which ran down my leg. I just stayed there leaning up against the wall, trying to catch my breath, not caring that if someone else went in that booth my pussy was exposed through the glory hole. I heard some shuffling next door, expecting to feel another cock enter in me but instead heard the sound of wood against wood when it dawned on me that this stranger was covering the hole back up. As I came down from my orgasm high I saw for the first time a role of paper towels in the corner of the booth along with a small trash can. Well that solved the problem of the cum dripping from my pussy and running down my leg. I quickly cleaned up as much as I could and was able to get my panties back on when I heard a soft knock on my door and my husband said that he was back. He went into his booth and not bothering to peak through the hole at me, just stuck his semi-flaccid cock through. From what I had just experienced, his hardening cock didn't do anything to arouse me like it would have. But being the loving wife I was, I stroked his cock, then got on my knees and proceeded to give him the best blowjob of his life with the result of having my mouth filled with his cum in a short period of time. Noting the amount he shot was nothing compared to that I had felt shooting in my pussy just a few minutes prior. When he was done he withdrew his soft cock, thanked me than asked if I was ready to go. Being satisfied myself, I replied yes, straightened my clothes out and exited the booth.

He greeted me in the hallway, asked if I had a good time and that maybe we should come back again. I just smiled and said I would think about it. As we were leaving, the black man behind the counter said "Have a nice day" then when my husband started to open the door the clerk gave me a wink and in a quieter voice added "Come again soon". I smiled back instantly realizing who my friend had been and said "Don't worry, I will".

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