Making a New Woman of My Mother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Incest, Mother, Son, Swinging, Water Sports,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dad catches me and my mother

"We should have known he suspected us" I said and my mother nodded in agreement,

"Yes, we've been very lucky"

"Lucky, how?"

"He's agreed I can have the house and a million in cash"


"Because darling have you any idea just how much damage the scandal would do to his career, yes we'd be prosecuted and yes we'd almost certainly go to prison, but his career would be over, who would trust a man as a government minister if he couldn't even stop his wife and son from screwing each other's brains out?"

"I'd better start looking for another job then"

"No hurry darling, he gave me the villa on the island as well, do you fancy a holiday?"

"Yeah, I think we both need one after all this"

She got up and walked over to the drinks cabinet to pour us both out a drink, silently I walked up behind her and slipping both arms around her waist I kissed the back of her neck, she giggled and leaned back against me as I ran my hands up underneath her blouse and cupped her braless breasts,

"No more creeping about mum" I whispered and squeezed both nipples gently,

"No more pretending"

"It wasn't how he said though was it Mark?, it wasn't dirty and sordid darling, tell me it wasn't"

I kissed her neck again and flicked my tongue into her ear,

"Mum you know it wasn't, it was beautiful, when we made love was the only time I felt really happy, I loved making love to you, I loved everything we did together and I want to do it again now"

"Will you, you know, will you kiss me there?"

"Only if you'll allow me the privilege of taking your panties off first mum"

She turned in my arms and kissed me, I felt her tongue sneaking through my teeth to find mine as she whispered,

"You can take my panties off anytime darling"

Upstairs she stripped down to her stockings and panties and came into my arms making those funny little whimpering noises I knew so well, I kissed each nipple in turn before slowly kissing my way down over her flat stomach and inhaling her aroma as I kissed the gossamer thin panties, slowly I eased them down and used my tongue to part the petal like lips of her naked pussy,

"Mark" she gasped, "Oh God Mark"

I scooped the nectar from her and swallowed it eagerly, she writhed and moaned and locked her legs around my neck, heaving her hips upwards to meet my mouth,

"Mark you're making me come, oh yes darling do it, I'm there, I'm oh God yes, yes, YES MARK I'M COMINGGGGGGGGGG"!

She was still in the throes of orgasm as I moved up and allowed my prick to home in on her fragrant little hole, I slid in easily and she sighed with pleasure as I felt my balls against her little rear hole.

"I want to do this every day mum"

"Yes" she sighed, "Oh God yes Mark, I love it"

We moved in perfect symmetry with each other, mum's legs wide apart and her hands on my ass,

"It's not dirty is it darling"

"You know it's not mum, it's beautiful, I'm making love to the most beautiful woman in the world"

"Say what you're really doing, you know"

I put my lips to her ear and whispered softly,

"I'm fucking you mum"

She gasped and clutched at me tighter,

"More darling"

"I'm shagging my mother's lovely little cunt"

"Ooh yes, do it harder darling, shag me harder and talk to me"

"Wait until we go on holiday, we'll go on a nude beach, you can lie there with your legs wide open, everybody will be able to see your cunt, we'll find a girl for you, one who'll lick you all over, I'll fuck her and you can lick my spunk out of her cunt"

"Mark" she gasped and I felt her vagina tightening, "Mark you'll make me come again"

"You can get your nipples pierced too and a silver ring through your clitoris"

"Mark I'm coming, yes darling, yes, OH FUCK YES, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKKKKKKK!"

Her eyes closed, her lips drew back in a snarl and she raked my back with her sharp finger nails, I felt my own climax coming and pushed myself forward savagely,

"I'm coming mum" I hissed and she arched her back,

"I'm going to fill you with spunk" and my prick erupted, She squealed and came again spraying my stomach with her juices as I spurted jet after jet of my seed deep inside her.

Later on after we'd eaten we saw her lawyer and had him draw up the papers for a legal separation, dad had already spoken to him and I was surprised that he'd given me an income of a thousand pounds a month, he'd signed the house over to mum as well as the villa and her favourite car, the Range Rover.

There were reams of forms to read and sign but thankfully no mention of why they were separating, the lawyer was mystified too but asked no questions and promised to keep acting for mum for as long as she wished,

"Phew" she gasped as we walked out from his office into the afternoon sunlight, "That was easier than I thought"

"He's been very generous mum hasn't he?"

"He has" she agreed, "But I always knew he would be, he's still extremely wealthy though and I suspect he's glad we've parted"

"Why mum?"

"Oh I think your father likes his personal assistant rather more than he should, but hey ho, I'm quite happy with the arrangements he's made, let's have a drink to celebrate"

We pulled into our local pub and took our drinks out into the garden where we'd sat two evenings previously thinking dad was away on business,

"All because of an old window" she laughed and I laughed with her as I raised my glass,

"Here's to old windows"

She was referring to an accident about six months ago when she'd been cleaning the windows upstairs, it was an old fashioned sash window and had dropped down on both her hands breaking several fingers and rendering her almost helpless.

She spent that night in hospital but even after she'd come home she could do very little for herself, dad hired a nurse of course but there were times when she wasn't around and I'd been only too willing to help her.

For the first couple of weeks touching anything caused her pain so I even had to help her go to the toilet at night, at first we were both embarrassed about me pulling her panties down but after a while we got used to it and I began to get an erection every time I did it, I noticed she was clean shaven down there and I often masturbated in bed thinking of her sweet little pussy.

One night when dad was away yet again, we sat having a couple of drinks but she looked uncomfortable and kept squirming,

"What's wrong mum?" I asked but she wouldn't tell me, I kept on though until finally she asked me to take her panties off,

"This bloody hair" was all she said, but it was enough and I offered to help her shave the stubble,

She refused of course, but two days later she finally relented and I found it to be the most erotic experience of my young life.

We'd both had a couple of drinks as usual and as I worked I commented on how pretty her pussy was, she was shocked but giggled anyway and said she was glad somebody thought so,

"I bet dad loves it" I said but she said nothing and just looked sad, that was when I bent down quickly and kissed it and the rest, as they say, is history.

It was another two weeks before we actually made love, but once we'd done it, we couldn't keep our hands off each other, she discovered my love of stockings and wore them every day after that and even after her fingers had healed I still loved to take her panties off and did so at every opportunity.

She changed from being slightly dowdy looking and rather serious into a lovely, bright eyed, confident woman, not to mention a very sexy one and I had an almost permanent erection around her.

I'd picked her up in the car from the hairdressers on the night in question and we'd called in to the pub for a drink before going home, unbeknown to us dad's official car had been involved in a minor scrape, so his driver had taken it to be repaired, left it and caught a taxi back to pick his own up, hence no cars in the driveway.

Mum had taken her panties off in the car and given them to me to hold them to my face as she gave me a nice long blow job, I pulled up outside the house and pushed the seat back which was when I looked up and saw dad looking at us out of the bedroom window!

"You'll need a wig mum" I smiled as we sipped our drinks,


"Photographers of course, it wouldn't do for the wife of a government minister to be seen showing all she's got on a nude beach would it?"

""Oh" she giggled, "I'd forgotten about that"

"I hadn't" I smiled, "I can't wait to see you like that"

"Still want me to have those piercings done?"

"Wow yes" I exclaimed and she smiled at my enthusiasm,

"Right there's a little place on the island, I'll have them done there"

"Yes I know it" I laughed, "There's a very pretty girl who works there isn't there?"

"Is there? I don't know" but her air of innocence was shattered when she laughed and went bright red.

"Well I might as well have my private bits touched by someone good looking"

"You should buy some short skirts too mum" I suggested but she snorted with derision,

"I'm thirty six Mark, not sixteen"

"Yes mum" I retorted, "But you look about twenty five, you've got a fabulous figure, legs to die for, nice firm boobs and that ass, wow"

"You're getting turned on aren't you?"

"I'm sitting in a pub garden, I'm with a beautiful, sexy woman talking about her sunbathing naked in public, of course I'm getting turned on, I could eat you right here and now mum"

"The landlord might not like it" she giggled, "But I would, save that thought for later, I'm going for a pee now"

I went into the pub with her and got us two more drinks while she went to the ladies room, she was smiling when she came out and handed me her panties,

"I didn't wipe myself darling" she whispered aren't I naughty?"

"Oh God mum" I moaned and shifted in my seat, my prick was starting to ache, she moved closer and I felt the pressure of a soft breast against my arm,

"You'll have to wipe me when we get home darling, after all mummy can't have a dripping wet pussy all day can she?"

"I'll use my mouth mum"

"Ooh you dirty, dirty boy" she put her mouth to my ear and said softly, "You like licking mummy's cunt don't you?"

"I love it mum" I smiled, "Especially when it's wet"

"It's always wet around you darling" she said softly but added coyly, "It can get a lot wetter though if you want"

"I'd love that mum"

"We'd better finish our drinks then hadn't we?" and she giggled sexily as I downed mine in one go.

She was as horny as me and we fell into each others arms behind the front door, we kissed hard and she grabbed my groin.

"He said it was dirty, but it wasn't, THIS is fucking dirty"

It was too, she leaned back against the door and even as I hiked her skirt up over her thighs, she was doing it.

Dropping to my knees, I clamped my mouth over her sweet little jewel and swallowed, it was very slightly acrid but I loved it, I gripped her buttocks and used my mouth like a vacuum cleaner while she writhed sensuously against me. I felt her anal rosebud under a finger and she screamed as I pushed.

Her flow eased and I lay back to pull off my jeans,

"Dirty, dirty boy" she smiled as she took two steps forward and stood with one foot on either side of my head,

"Oh Jesus" I moaned, "That's incredible mum"

Little droplets of urine were clinging to her slit, she ran a finger slowly in between her pussy lips and asked if I enjoyed her golden offering.

"Beautiful mum" I answered truthfully, "I've never done that before"

She took her finger out of her pussy and licked it sensuously,

"Mmm, it's quite nice isn't it?"

Then she used both hands to hold herself wide open, "What about the view, do you like that as well?"

"Come down here and I'll show you" I growled, but she stayed as she was and unfastened her blouse and bra,

"I want it in my other hole" she smiled,

"Oh God yes"

Slowly, with her eyes fixed on mine, she lowered herself down until I felt my prick nudging gently against her tiny puckered hole,

"Do you think I'm a slut darling?" she asked as if we were having a normal every day conversation,

"No mum" I replied honestly, "I think you're a woman who's just discovered that she's a woman"

"I've just discovered how much I like sex" she said, "And how dirty it can be"

I watched fascinated as her anus expanded to take my prick, her eyes were closed and there was an expression of wonderment on her face, then suddenly with a little plop, I was in and she moaned softly,

"Oh God Mark, oh my God this is beautiful"

I had to agree with her, my prick felt like it was gripped in a velvet glove and her beautiful little pussy was on full view, the sensations were incredible and we moved together like we'd been doing it all of our lives.

"Sit on me mum" I urged, "It'll go really deep then"

She did and she squealed as all seven inches slid into her clutching rectum,

"Mark I'm coming darling, yes, oh fuck yes" I gripped her hips and lunged upwards, she screamed and spurted her juice out over my chest and stomach,

I knew I would come soon as well as the tingling feeling began in my toes and quickly spread to my groin,

Mum screamed again as she felt my spunk jetting into her, she clenched her cheeks to hold it in and together we rode out the most powerful orgasm we'd ever had.

Two weeks later the blazing heat of Gran Canaria hit us as we stepped off the aircraft and smiled at each other,

"Four weeks" I laughed, "Four whole weeks of bliss"

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