Fuzzless Fuzz
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Lesbian, Heterosexual, White Couple, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story about a very reserved girl and her fairly less reserved best friend. Both are extremley intelligent and on the same career track.

When Alicia Stark was in elementary school she was a short chubby student and she thought she'd remain that way her entire life. As a way of gaining popularity she tried studying and became a good student but after achieving her academic goals she joined the junior highs tennis team. She started making friends through the team one of them invited her to join the track team and after a while partaking in both sports Alicia started losing weight. She was thrilled about this and guys were getting interested in her but her parents were strict conservatives adamant about not letting her date until she was 17. In a typical act of teenage defiance she'd tell her parents she'd be staying after school for a work out when the only work out she'd be doing was lip push ups with one of many guys.

Alicia Stark was a young, beautiful teenager. She had long dark hair that reached the middle of her back when she realized what she wanted to do with her life. She was just about finished with her middle school career. She was going to graduate from 8th grade in about 4 weeks. She decided she would become a large piece in the fight against crime. She decided to become a police officer. She was going to get her degree in criminology from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL then she'd go to the police academy and become a full fledged law enforcement officer. She wasn't going to let anything stop her or get in her way.

When she first came up with the idea she had just started to date but to stay on the right track she knew she had to break up with her boyfriend. She wasn't a good enough student to keep her grades up high enough to get in to Northwester and have a boyfriend. She really buckled down and worked incredibly hard. She got her grades up higher and higher until she was getting A's in all her classes like when she was in elementary school again. As a way to pad her application for college she even began tutoring programs at elementary and junior high schools in the area. She even did some tutoring at the high school level as one more thing to add to her college applications. Her grades were high she was getting better at track (faster too) and becoming a model student. Abut half way through her spring break she got a letter from Northwestern University saying not only had she been accepted but hat she had been awarded an athletic scholarship to run on the track team. She called her dad at work to tell him and was so excited she had difficulty getting the words out. After finally telling her father what was going on she went for a run and while running she was thinking about a lot of things. She ended up almost three miles from her house before she realized it. It was getting late and she was getting hungry so she started running home. She got home and her dad was not yet home so she decided to take a shower. The hot water running over her body felt great A short time in to her shower the phone rang and she was reluctant t o get it but she did anyway running from the bathroom with a head full of shampoo and completely naked she ran to the phone. It was her father telling her that he was sent out of town on a business trip to Las Vegas. She was a bit except when he told her he had to leave right away. She walked back to the shower slowly and finished up not even hearing when her dad returned home to pack and leave. She got out and didn't even bother to dress. She was gonna be home alone for a while. She decided why not spend the time alone naked? It's not like anyone was gonna come over and see her nude and even if someone did she Had nothing to be ashamed of. She sat and watched some TV and then got hungry and went into the kitchen to find something to eat. She couldn't find anything she wanted till she looked on the table and saw at least a hundred dollars with a post-it note from her dad. The note said, "Some money for some food Love ya Dad." At that point she started feeling bad because she missed her dad and knew it was going to be hard whether the trip was for three days, a week or longer. She decided to order a pizza and maybe give the pizza delivery person a surprise. She ordered it and they were on their way quickly. The doorbell rang and she got cold feet and tossed on a robe. She was still too hung up on her looks. Even with all those sports and the lost weight she still didn't like her body that much.

Finally 10 days later her dad returned home from his business trip and was able to talk to her about the acceptance to Northwestern and the scholarship and everything. Her dad was so proud and because when he was in Vegas he not only got three out of two possible contracts. He found one while there thus the three. He had also won big at a roulette table. He was gonna get promotion at work and a raise and a big bonus. He decided to reward his daughter with a car because he was so damn proud of her. He took a small slice of his winnings and the college fund that he had set up for Alicia (he wouldn't need that) and bought her very own car. When he brought it home and she saw it she was ecstatic. She loved it and asked her dad if she could go for a ride. He said she sure could but she surprised him when her first passenger was going to be him. They went for their ride and then she dropped him off a t home and then went out with a friend to visit the mall. She had recently had birthday and received birthday money from: aunts, uncles, her dad, friends and grandparents. She had several hundred dollars but that's the way it is with a total of 10 aunts and uncles not to mention a newly rich father and very generous grandparents. They went s shopping at several places including shoe and clothing stores and the Disney store. Both Alicia and Melissa (her friend) were kids at heart.

Melissa was also on her way to NU for her degree in criminology and then off to the police academy. They were going for the same degrees and hopefully jobs in the same police department.

In the meantime they were shopping. Melissa convinced Alicia to come into Victoria Secret with her. Alicia was nervous going in. She didn't like changing for gym class even after having doing it since 6th grade. Now some stranger was going to know what type of underwear she wore. She refused to buy anything there. Melissa tried to get her to buy some small thongs and/or g-strings but Alicia was adamant about it. There was no way she'd ever wear a thong much less a g-string. Despite Alicia's disapproving glare at Melissa she bought up at least 20 small pairs of panties. The really reason that Melissa bought so much underwear is so that she could finally talk Alicia in to wearing thong underwear because Melissa was so sick of her best friend wearing those same old bikini panties. Melissa tried to talk Alicia in to a thong and Alicia was still completely against the idea. She was convinced that wearing a thong would be like walking around with a constant wedgie. Finally after Mellissa assured that wasn't the case and Alicia still wouldn't even try one on Melissa gave up but she thought maybe just maybe if she left half her purchase at Alicia's house she might one day try one on. Melissa left to go home for dinner even when Alicia offered to make a dinner for her but Melissa had been at Alicia's all day and was kind of irritated with Alicia. Even though Alicia and Melissa were best friends they often times got on each others nerves.

In the next several days Alicia's resolve was weakening and her opposition to wear thongs was dissipating until finally one day she did it. She tried one on. She looked at herself in a mirror and didn't like what she saw. She did however realize that they weren't that uncomfortable. She looked great in it but she hated how her pubic hair stuck out the leg holes. She had heard and even seen girls that shaved or trimmed their pubic hair but Alicia was still too much of an introvert to try that. That was such a foreign thought to Alicia so she went back to her good old trusted bikini panties.

Both Alicia and Melissa left for Northwestern later that summer. Melissa was wearing thongs for the first time to school and as usual Alicia was still in her bikini panties. Melissa still tried almost daily to convince Alicia to wear thongs. Alicia wasn't going to tell Melissa that she had tried on a thong because then Melissa would flood her with questions that Alicia was to shy to answer even if the question s came from her best friend. Alicia brought the thongs with her to college but didn't let Melissa or any of her teammates on the track team know about them.

Alicia was excelling on the track team as soon as they started practice. Both her and Melissa were running all the time just to stay fit and keep ready to run as track stars. Even with the track team workouts and all the class work Alicia was doing extremely well in her academic life as well as her extra curricular activities. The classes she entered as a freshmen were all over freshmen classes she was in classes with sophomores, juniors and even seniors this was rare amongst freshmen that the passed through their freshmen classes as Alicia had. Melissa also ended up in some classes with Alicia but not all of them.

The following spring Northwestern's track team won a national championship with Melissa and Alicia on the team. Everyday after practice Alicia and Melissa would go into the locker room and shower and change. Alicia noticed that Melissa had made a change since the summer. She had started shaving her pussy completely. After a while Alicia realized that of the entire track team she was the only one with pubic hair is she decided to shave it that night in her dorm and she made it well known to Melissa. She didn't tell anyone else so that it would surprise her team. She'd do it in the shower after shaving her legs.

That night after studying and doing all her homework Alicia walked into her dorm bathroom and steeped into the rapidly heating up water. The cascading water felt good on her body and was quite a great feeling for her tired and sore muscles. She started by shaving her legs. She would always shave them against the grain. That way the shave would be closer and she wouldn't have to shave them as much. She brought the razor up to her pussy but just couldn't bring herself to do it. She wanted to but to her it still felt wrong. Even though her entire track team, her best friend and her room mate (her roommate and best friend where the same people) all shaved their pussy she felt that it was too taboo for her taste. She just deiced that that she'd keep her bush. It wasn't a big deal. Who cares if her entire track team shaved and her friends and several girls in the student housing she lived in did. She wasn't gonna follow suit. She was gonna remain with hair and she didn't care what anyone said. She got out of the shower and walked from the bathroom to her bed and just lay down. She didn't care if Melissa came in and saw her nude. It wouldn't be the first time and wouldn't be the last. Alicia was more tired than she thought because she feel asleep right there on the bed. She didn't bother to put on anything or even get under the covers. She just lied there on top of the covers asleep with her noticeable bush exposed to anyone who would come in the room.

Later hat night when Melissa entered the room she saw that her friend had not shaved lie she said she was going to do. Melissa went into the bathroom grabbed a pair of scissor and was about to start an impromptu haircut when she reconsidered. She figured if her friend was going to do it at all she'd have to do it on her own time and her own way. Even though Melissa was a bit anxious to se if her friend would ever shave it off she thought that she would have not have anything to do with it other than some not so subtle urging to follow the crowd. Melissa lay down and went to sleep.

She woke up early the next morning to for some reason get started on her homework. She felt like she was behind even though she and Alicia were the front runners in terms of grades and work done in the classes. Alicia woke up about 15 minutes after Melissa and walked in to the small kitchen and made herself a bowl of cereal. The she sat down to eat it all while naked. After finishing her cereal she sat down with Melissa to study still naked after about an hour Melissa couldn't take it anymore and she snapped begging Alicia to put on at the very least underwear and a bra something anything to cover up her nudity. Alicia went over to her room mate and best friend and kissed her on the fore head telling her to calm down. Melissa said she was sorry and said she didn't mind the nudity but that pubic bush was bugging her more than anything. That was another way of trying to convince Alicia to shave her pussy but it wasn't going to work.

"Why does my pussy bush bother you so much asked Alicia? It wouldn't look any different than yours or any of the girls on the track team. The only difference is that I'm a virgin just like you.

With that Melissa blushed because while she hadn't had sex technically she had given her current and first boyfriend a blowjob. She felt that because she was in college she should do something like that.

Alicia didn't know exactly what happened with Melissa but she feared the worst. She in a stunned voice asked in a whisper, "You aren't a virgin anymore?"

"I'm still a virgin pretty much but you know Chris I sort of gave him a blowjob. I mean we're in college and I think we're old enough to do that type of stuff."

Alicia didn't know how to take all this so she left and had to go to class. For the first time since junior high she was unable to answer every question asked by the instructor. She just wasn't herself she was very upset about what Melissa told her right before she left for class. She couldn't concentrate so she did something she never thought she'd ever do. She left class early. She took the day off from classes which she typically would never ever do. Despite the fact that she cut one day of classes her grade remained high. She took a while to get over the "sex" that Melissa had but she did and she returned to classes and returned to her normal self.

Alicia was ended up graduating after only two years with her A.S. and B.S. in criminology and then returned home to start her work as a police officer. She worked quite hard at this job to be the best officer she could. One day she returned home and received a message from Melissa informing her that Melissa was graduating just one semester after Alicia with the same degrees. Alicia took the day off from work to go out and celebrate with her best friend and they had a good time at a local bar and grill. Not all the news was good though. Melissa told Alicia that she and Chris had broken up. Alicia picked up on more that Melissa wanted to say but figured that if it was a big enough deal her best friend would tell her. Since Melissa didn't tell her Alicia decided not to pry. The real reason that Melissa didn't tell Alicia what else she was thinking was because Melissa was unsure of what exactly it was that she thought was going on in her life.

The one thing that Melissa was concerned about was not that her and Chris had broken up which Alicia thought might had been the case but rather why her and Chris had broken up. The truth was that Melissa had finally realized that had been in her all along and had been festering. It never really bothered her but it just got to the point where she had to get it out.

She went inn for a job interview to perhaps become the partner of a young cop named Alicia Stark and she of course got the job but her C.O. didn't let her know until the weekend whether she had the job. Both had the weekend off so Melissa would officially start Monday. She was informed that she would be working with the newest cop on the force a Miss Alicia Stark.

Due to the fact that Melissa and Alicia were the newest officers on the force they had to work overnight or the "graveyard shift." Alicia was not surprisingly excelling at her job as a police officer and Melissa wasn't doing badly either. They both liked their jobs but all they were getting were minor domestic disturbance or public drunkenness calls Truthfully they wanted a call for something big like breaking and entering or robbery. Alicia secretly wanted something really big like attempted murder or rape. Melissa really wanted to bust a drug trafficking ring. They never got any big calls so they considered their jobs kind of boring. They'd just decided to keep at it and hopefully one day they'd get a better shift and more serious calls.

One day Alicia was working out in the police gym and talking to a slightly more seasoned veteran on the force The veteran was named Carol Davis. She was telling Alicia all sorts of stories from her time on the force. Alicia loved hearing these stories and was asking about the resolution techniques that Carol had used to defuse the many situations. After hearing the many stories and doing what they considered enough of the workouts they went to the locker room to shower. They grabbed towels and they headed to the locker area and undressed they headed to the showers to clean up. When they got there Carol noticed Alicia's massive bush and made several comments about that had to go. Alicia had heard it all before but never really took it to heart. Alicia figured because someone above her in the ranks told her that then she had to do it. What she didn't realize is that Carol had no real power over her just more time on the force. Carol offered to help her cause she knew the first she did it she was scared and that she didn't want Alicia to cut herself like Carol had so many years ago.

Carol said, "Stay right here. I'll be right back with something that we'll need." Carol left her towel hanging in the shower room and walked to her locker naked. She reached up to the top shelf and grabbed a pair of scissors, a razor, a new blade and a can of shaving cream. She returned to the showers and asked Alicia if she needed any help. Alicia shook her head no but when Carol handed Alicia the scissors her hands were shaking so much that Carol insisted that she help. She began trimming away the hair and there was a lot of it to remove. She cut away more and more leaving Alicia's pussy more and more exposed. Alicia looked down and saw all the hair falling away and was really enjoying the newly emerging look. She had just about finished and then cut away the last of the long hairs. She pulled Alicia out of the water and applied a generous amount of shaving cream to Alicia's pussy. She began dragging the razor complete with the new blade down Alicia's outer labia and then did the same on the other side working her way toward the slit. After she finished that she lathered Alicia's pussy again and went against the growth of the hair. She told Alicia, "This keeps it smoother for longer." She finished up her handy work and rinsed Alicia of the shaving cream. She ran her hand over it to inspect it and check for any hair she may have missed. She was quite satisfied with the job she had done. They finished cleaning up and then went back to their lockers to dress. Carol told Alicia, "When you get home try masturbating it makes a world of difference." Alicia never having masturbated before just blushed and Carol noticed that. "Are fucking with me you have never masturbated? Not even once?" Carol asked "How the hell is that even possible? At least tell me you know how to."

Alicia shook her head yes and for the first verbalized what she was saying with her body language. "Yes I know how to masturbate." Even though Alicia had never actually done it she was still pretty sure she knew how to do it. She could always ask Carol next time she saw her if she realized she didn't know what to do.

Later that day Alicia went home and changed. She took off her old bikini briefs and for the first time wore a thong and liked the look. As she continued looking she realized she didn't like it she loved it. He r newly bald pussy was a true thing of beauty. She walked over to the toilet and had her first orgasm ever. Sure it was self induced but she finally realized why everyone of her friends enjoyed masturbating so much.

Later that night her and Melissa were on patrol and the got their first big deal call a robbery in progress they called it in and sped to the scene. Melissa got out of the car too quickly and was shot straight away in the upper thigh. Before Alicia was able to get out of the car she called it in and an ambulance was sent to the scene then Alicia got out of the car and shoot the shooter in the back three times killing him on the scene. She ran after the second suspect and tackled him. She hit him in the head with her knight stick then tazed him. She cuffed him and forcefully shoved him n the squad car. She remained there with her injured friend until the EMTs arrived. Before she took the suspect in custody down to the station to book him she Mirandized him. The paramedics told Alicia that Melissa would be fine and Melissa assured her of the same thing. They hurried off with Melissa and took her right in to surgery easily removed the bullet. Even though she was ok she still wasn't completely out of the woods so they kept her in the ICU overnight. The next morning at 6:15 Alicia came to the hospital and sat by Melissa's bed until she woke up at 7. They brought her breakfast and she ate it quicker then she had ever eaten anything before.

"What does it feel like? I mean does it hurt? Getting shot I mean." asked Alicia.

Melissa looked at Alicia in total disbelief and than answered sarcastically, "It feels great like a party right in my ass but in all seriousness it is by fat eh most painful thing I have ever felt.

An orderly came in to take the empty breakfast tray. He looked at Melissa in disgust. He just couldn't believe anyone would eat the horrible hospital food.

"Now that he is gone I have to show you some things," said Alicia She unbuttoned the police pants and pulled down the zipper. She showed Melissa that finally she was wearing a thong. It took Melissa a couple of seconds to wear one and took Alicia over two years to finally wear a thong. Then she pulled the thong down and showed Melissa that her pussy was shaved and that only took 8 years after all Melissa had been shaving since 7th grade.

"Finally I never thought either of those would ever happen but now I have to tell you something. I think that I am GAY and I know I LOVE YOU.

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