The Id and the Ego
Chapter 1

This hull is becoming weaker day by day; soon I will need to find a new shell to carry my Ego.

I had been watching a group pf mentally retarded people on a day excursion to the local shopping mall. Over the years I have entered the minds of these poor unfortunates, sadly most of their ego's are just a tangled mess. How can I know this you ask? I have the ability to leave my body, what you might call 'out of body experience'.

One young man attracted my attention, he seemed to be well built although his body was starting to show signs of dystrophy due to his inactivity. I followed at a discrete distance and when his carers returned him to his home I made plans to enter his mind later that evening.


Arriving home I made my evening meal and settled back to wait for an appropriate time to 'visit' the young man. At eleven o'clock I took up a comfortable posture on my couch and willed my Ego to go forth.

Following my previously mapped out course I travelled to the house and entered the mind of the young man. What I found was as I suspected, his Id or basic instincts was intact but his Ego was totally absent. At last I had found a new hull. exiting his mind I did a thorough investigation of the household. There was two other people present, two females who, on later investigation turned out to be his stepmother and stepsister. I wanted to spend several visits to the household to make certain this would be a wise choice; a bit like purchasing an expensive item, evaluating the piece before committing to buy.

The young man's name was James Watson, the older of the two females was his stepmother Sally and his stepsister was Jennifer. Between the two of them they took care of his every day needs, once a week they had respite when the carers collected him for his weekly jaunt to the local shopping centre. Sally worked night shift at the local woollen mill, not a high paying vocation but sufficient to support James, or Jimmy as he was referred to and allow Jen to attend the local university.

Sally looked after Jimmy during the day while Jen was attending uni and the Jen took over the night shift. They both appeared to dote on Jimmy and although he was a huge burden, they took it in their stride.

On one of my night time visits I discovered that Jen had more than a sisterly interest in Jimmy. I had entered Jimmy's form and was acquainting myself with his being when Jen came in to give him his bed bath. Stripping back the bed covers and undressing him she commenced to sponge him down, this caused his Id to respond with an erection, I went along for the ride, pun intended.

"Ooh! is that for me Jimmy?" she cooed. "Just what I need lover." She manipulated his cock and then sucked it into her mouth. In my many lives I had never had a blow job to equal the one that I was experiencing at that moment. Jen was only wearing a shortie dressing gown which soon was discarded, she was a petite woman but every inch was perfectly formed, in other words she was beautiful without measure.

Pausing that wonderful blowjob, Jen straddled Jimmy's hips, wiping the head of his cock through her moist slot, she slid it in her. "Ahhh ... I've been fantasising about your cock all day sweetie, I only wish we could be like we were before your illness." She rose and fell squeezing his manhood in a delightful manner, I could feel the pleasure coursing through Jimmy's, soon to be my dick. As Jen rose she clenched our dick and milked it like a milkmaid, then plunged back down only to repeat the milking. All too soon we could feel the orgasm coming.

"I'm coming lover, come with me Jimmy, fill me with your spunk ... Oooh ... here it comes ... Ahhh, Oh Jimmy I'll always love you baby." Jimmy and I came together. Jen lay cuddling our form with tears in her eyes. "Will you ever come back Jimmy?"


The following afternoon I knocked on the door to be greeted by Sally.

"Good afternoon Sally, My name is Harry Parker, I wonder if you might spare the time to discuss Jimmy's future with me?"

"Are you from some agency Mr Parker?"

"No, but what I would like to discuss with you would be a benefit to James, Jennifer and yourself, there is no obligation if you don't like my offer."

Sally thought for a moment, sizing me up she could see a well dressed very elderly man, obviously no physical threat to her. "Very well come in please." "Jen," she called out, "Make sure you're decent, we have a visitor." Jen came into the room and I introduced myself again.

"What I have to say will probably sound a bit far fetched, so I'll ask you to bear with me. Once I've explained my mission I will give you positive proof of it's veracity."

"Ok Mr Parker, go ahead, you have me intrigued." said Sally.

"You can call me Harry if you like folks, I don't usually stand on formality.

"To start with, what you see is an old man who has reached the end of his useful life span, nothing uncommon. What is uncommon about me is that the form you see is the last in a very long line of forms. I have the ability to move from hull to hull as need be."

Jen made a sound of disbelief, "Surely you don't expect us to accept such a far out statement as that Harry?"

"If I was you, I would have to agree Jen, it is a far out statement, BUT it is one of fact. As I said, after I have explained I will give you proof positive."

"Ok, you will be hard put to prove something like that but go ahead."

"The human brain has two components, this explanation is a basic description. There is the 'Id' which we are born with, it is the portion that 'runs' the body, things like breathing, body functions and such. The motor management if you like; as we grow older the Ego starts to form, this is what makes up who we are, there is also a 'Super Ego' that could be described as your conscience. This is giving things basic labels, really it is a lot more complex than that, but for now it will do to explain what I'm about.

"Jimmy's Id is intact, that's what keeps him ticking over, his Ego is completely absent, you probably realise that, it won't come back but he will continue to live from day to day. How do I know that? I've taken the liberty to enter his mind and look around.

"Now comes the delicate part. Firstly I would like to prove to you that this is not some insensitive con. I would like then to discuss Your's and Jimmy's future and hopefully mine as well."

"So far you haven't convince me one iota Harry, but go ahead and give us some of this 'proof' you talk about."

"Thankyou Sally, that's all I ask for at this moment. What I need is to relax in a comfortable chair so I can project my Ego."

They sat me in a comfortable chair and dimmed the lighting. Taking a relaxing breath I drifted into the Ether and projected my Ego into Jimmy's mind.

"Sally, Jen, come and help me sit up" I called from Jimmy's form.

Jen gave a small shriek and Sally gasped "I don't believe it ... It can't be ... It's some form of ventriloquism..."

I had started Jimmy's form to rise up by the time they had entered his room. "Don't be shocked ladies, there is nothing here to harm you."

"But this is impossible, it can't be happening, what have you done to us, have you hypnotised us?"

"No Jenny, there is no trickery, this is how I explained it to you. If you help me lay down again I'll return to Harry's form."

Once I was back in my old shell we talked some more. "As you have seen, I can enter another form. What I propose, and I'd like you to really give this a lot of thought, is for me to permanently fuse my Ego into Jimmy's mind. If you agree it will be a one way trip because Harry will then cease to exist."

"Can we have time to try and come to terms with what you are saying Harry?"

"Most definitely Jen, this isn't something to make a snap decision on, I wouldn't want it any other way.

"Let us discuss the benefits of the transition before we go any further. I'm a wealthy man and I live in a more than modest home; I propose to name Jimmy as the beneficiary to my estate. That in itself would take any financial burden off your shoulders, I'm sure that trying to look after Jimmy and support Jen and yourself is not an easy matter.

"You both have dedicated you lives to caring for Jimmy, that is an immense burden for anyone. The transition would free both of you and allow you to live a more normal life.

From my point of view, it would give me a new lease on live which as you can see, I'm in sore need of."

"What I would like to do now is give you my card and allow you to consider my proposition, if you like, you can come and visit my home and discuss this further."

"We will most definitely give it a lot of thought Harry and I'm sure there will be a host of questions we will want answers to."

"At this point of time Sally, that's all I ask." With that I bid the good evening and returned to my home, confident they would accept my proposal.

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