Ghost Lover
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A couple move into an old house where things go bump in the night and day...

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation  

"Where do you want this sir?" the scruffy mover asked me as he held the multi pattern lamp in his large hand.

"Be careful with that," I said to him. "It's worth more then you make in a year. Just put it there on that table."

The man rolled his eyes, uncaring to what I just said to him. That lamp was priceless, a symbol to my good fortune at the law firm I work in. I had been on a lucky role, won many high profile cases that netted me a nice sum of money and allowed me to upgrade my way of life. I bought a new house in the outskirts of New York City, gorgeous furniture and two new cars. Life had been good to me and all I could see was the top.

I walked through the dimly lit hallway and saw at the grand purchase I just made. I felt good about myself; I made it from a poor kid from midtown New York to a big time hotshot lawyer in the greatest city in the world.

Rain chattered on the rooftop; thunder and lightning followed as I walked through the house. I opened every door, peeked inside the rooms and saw what is in them. I made a mental note to myself to get furniture for them as I moved on the next.

I reached the den. Pair of large, hand carved wooden doors was locked. I remembered the key the realtor had given me and I dug in my pockets for them. I fiddled with it and opened the door.

It was immaculate. The room had stayed with its old 19th century furniture. Only the modern lamps were any signs of technology in it. I walked around, tried each of the five hand crafted lamps and only the last one in a far corner table turns on. I made another note to myself to get more light bulbs.

I walked to the large wall covering bookshelves. Classic books filled the shelves as I read the titles. I heard the rain splatter on the large windows. I walked over to them and looked out the rain-covered windows. A small patio stood on the other side of the large door like windows. I smiled and nodded, "I love this place."

The crackle of lightning lit up the room. I looked away and noticed a painting of a lady on the wall. I walked up to it and the lighting was not good enough for me to see who it was.

I went back to the working lamp to change the bulb. It was hot so I took off my t-shirt and unscrewed it. I walked back to the lamp nearest the painting and screwed the working bulb back on for more lighting on the painting.

She was gorgeous. I mean an exquisite looking lady. She had a rosy colored skin and lovely crimson red lips. Her eyes were a beautiful blue, piercing with a loving smile to soften them.

The dress looked from the early forty's and she was just an adorable woman. Her bosom formed into white globes, pressed together to form a magnificent cleavage. The light blue, like her eyes, dress fell just below her knees. It hugged her cello like figure perfectly. The eyes on the painting mesmerized me.

I caught myself as I stared at her, at the painting. Thoughts ran through my head, none of them made sense but I just shook it off as weariness. I was tired and needed to sleep soon. I turned the light off and walked out. Before I closed the door I looked back at the painting but the room was too dark to really see her lovely face. Lightning lit the sky and the room. It allowed me one final glance at her features. "Beautiful," I mumbled as I closed the door behind me.

The day had been long, all the furniture had been settled and all I had to do was unpack the boxes. I am too tired to continue so I decided to go to bed. I took a warm shower and enjoyed the hot water break up the tenseness in my muscles. I needed that shower, and I know my body and mind will welcome the sleep.

I walked out of the shower and opened the window a little to get some fresh air. The warm summer night was wonderful out there, no smog, no pollution, and no sirens blared like in New York City.

I climbed into bed, smiling at my good fortune. I turned off the lights and rolled over under the covers. I was fast asleep while the night breeze chilled the room. Comfortable.

"What the hell was that?" I woke up, standing straight up in the bed. A howling noise filled the entire house as I looked around the room. "Man! There aren't any wolves out here?

"There it is again?" I said to myself. I reached by my bed; I always kept an aluminum bat nearby. I raised it as I walked towards the door.

Slowly I opened the door, crept outside and looked down the hallway. "Damn I must've been dreaming. I am the only one here."

I chuckled at myself, jumpy like a scared woman. I walked back in the room and lay back down. I crawled under the covers and began to fall asleep again.

"Who are you?" a soft womanly voice asked. "Why are you here?"

I opened my eyes, fear settled in my stomach. I lay there frozen, stiff as a board. I whimpered, "Who is there?"

"Who are you? Why are you here?" The seductive whisper asked again.

"Uh? My name is Ramon, what is your name?" I asked not leaving the false safety under the blanket.

"I am Delilah. I live here, this is my home."

I got up with that answer to see who the invader to my home was. I swung the covers towards the voice in order to trap the person; I missed atleast I thought I did. I looked around; the room is empty.

I shook my head. "I must be fucking dreaming."

"I am Delilah. Please to meet you Ramon. Why are you in my home?"

"Who the hell said that?" I yelled as I grabbed the bat and stood up on the bed. I searched around the room, looking for a woman to step out of the darkness any minute. No one was there and I felt my stomach turn with fear. I bounced on the bed with every sound the old house makes. "Show your self damn it!!!"

She appeared as a silhouette. Delilah, the beauty in the picture was a ghost. I stared in shock and fear. My tan complexion slowly turned pale, a sickening feeling took over me as I slumped to my knees on the bed. My eyes never left the flowing ghostly sight of her. She just hovered over me, smiling the way she did in the picture.

"What's your name handsome," she teasingly asked me as she glided closer to me with a hand ready to touch me.

My skin crawled as I see her approach closer. "Uh my name," damn I had forgotten my own name. "Ummm my name, yeah I am Ramon. Ramon Lopez."

"Nice to meet you Ramon," she replied with a wider grin. "May I ask what you are doing in my home Ramon?"

A puzzled look came to my face. I wasn't sure what she meant by her home, but I do know this is my home now. "I just bought this home. It's mine and I am moving in."

"You did now. I think you should know this house has been in my family for generations. We have lived here for over a hundred years. I was raised here, as were my children."

"Your children? What were I mean are your children's names?"

"Jonathan Junior and Maria Thomas."

I giggled as I grew accustom to the sight of her above me. "Jonathan Thomas IV was the guy who sold the house to me. I think your great grand children were the ones who sold the house to me."

"Did they now? I think they lost their way. This is a beautiful house."

"Yes it is," I said agreeing with her perception on the house. The neighborhood was great, near the beach and a large piece of real estate to have.

"You seem like a nice man Ramon."

"Thank you," I answered as I watch her float closer to me. I shivered and moved back in the bed while I tried to avoid contact with her. What a badass man I am, afraid of a sweet old ghost.

"You are very attractive too Ramon. I have always been fascinated with dark men. I've never been with one mind you, my family forbade it. But I always wanted one, had to know what it felt to have the heated passion my friends always talked about when I was," she paused for a moment, reminiscing of a time long ago, "alive."

I watched a tear drop. I never thought a ghost could cry, guess they have feelings too. "I promise to keep your home the way it is," I don't know why I said that but it came out and made her smile.

"Thank you Ramon. I ask for only one thing. The den, where my painting is, please keep it like it is. If anything I would hate to see anything happen to that room, it is, was my favorite."

I nodded, "I love that room. I will leave it as it is."

The next few weeks passed and the house was always immaculate while the den was left the same. Delilah and I spent nights talking about each other's pasts and dreams. We became closer, funny thing a human and a ghost becoming closer.

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